Edward's POV

As I made my way to Bella's house, I got the strong pungent smell of the shape shifters that lived across the border. Anxious as to why there was a shape shifter there, I accelerated. I hope nothing is wrong. However, as soon as I pulled up her driveway, I noticed Bella and Charlie, her father standing in the driveway with the 2 members of the Quileute tribe.

The man was in a wheelchair and the other was a boy, who looked like he was around 16. Can't be too dangerous, I thought.

Feeling eyes on me, I got out of the car. When I met the eyes of the man in the wheelchair, I felt his distaste for me and his thoughts rang of swear words and I caught the word 'leech' about 20 times. I nodded at him when I finally placed his face in my mind. Billy Black, one of the elders of the Quileute tribes. I focused on the younger boy. He was still human-not a wolf yet. But, he was close. I could smell wet dog on him. That's why I was alerted. His long hair blew in the wind and his smile got tighter when I approached. I nodded at him too when I finally reached my girlfriend. Slipping an arm around Bella's waist, I greeted everyone with a simple hello.

Charlie grunted, Billy ignored me completely, Bella gave me a smile and the boy locked his jaws. He was upset. He hated me. Already? He's not even a wolf yet. Confused, I dug his mind for hints.

Ah. Bella. He liked Bella and in turn, hated me-the boyfriend.

"Edward, this is my best friend, Jacob. Jacob Black," said Bella with a smile gracing her lovely face, " Jake, this is Edward Cullen, my boyfriend." Blushing as she said the words boyfriend, she looked up and gave me a small smile.

"Jacob and I grew up together. We'd always play on the reservation when we were little," Bella explained.

"How'd you meet?"

" Through Charlie and Billy. They're best friends too. And, when I was born I usually hung out with Jake's sisters. Until Jake came around at least."

"Jacob, let's go," came Billy's voice as he eyed me. He was uncomfortable that I was around his son, who could phase at any time. Being around a leech infront of humans was dangerous. I agreed. I didn't want this wolf around my Bella.

I watched as Jacob Black pulled Bella into a bear hug and shook hands with Charlie and helped his dad into the car. After folding the wheelchair and putting it in the trunk, he took the driver's seat and pulled out of the driveway, and made their way towards the reservation. But, before he left, he stared at me. His thoughts showed me that he was trying to appraise me. If I was good enough for his precious Bella. I narrowed my eyes at that.

The Blacks. I had a feeling I would see more of them.