Woody Pride

It had been a rough week for Andy and his mother having to bare the unexpected death his father. They were still recovering from the heartbreaking funeral from the day before. She became worried about her son growing up without a father. However, she didn't know how to explain to Andy why he wasn't here anymore, but at some point it had to be done. Her head was spinning in every direction. She decided to put it off until she was done cleaning out some of the boxes from of the basement. Andy was behind her playing with his Mr. Potato head toy and Piggy bank aka. Ham. His mother began crying and her son placed his toys on the ground so he could comfort her. As they were grieving over their huge loss, Andy saw something.

"Mom? What's that in the box over there?" He asked with much curiosity.

"Um...I'm not sure, honey," she replied as she wiped away her tears. Then she squinted her eyes trying to figure out what it was. Andy walked over to the box and opened it up.

"Oh, wow! It's a cowboy!" Andy yelled with excitement. Once he held it up in the air she remembered.

"You know, that used to belong to your dad?"


"Yeah. It was his favorite toy growing up. They don't even make those anymore." She couldn't believe that she had forgotten all about it.

"He's so cool! What should I name him, mom?" He asked as he held the cowboy and studied it.

"Well, he's already got a name. Woody Pride. But you can call him Woody for short," she said with a smile. Andy's mom couldn't help but stare at her only child and witness how much joy a simple cowboy doll had already brought him. He'd only been playing with it for a few minutes and instantly became hooked. Andy took off up the stairs with Woody and his other toys. She could hear him storming up the steps in to his room and yelling Woody's name. From that day forward Andy wouldn't go anywhere with his new toy and best friend. It was the beginning of something amazing. A old fashion toy from the 50's had unexpectedly eased the pain for both of them.