AUTHOR'S NOTES: Since my first foray into the 'Supernatural' fanfic world went over well, I thought I'd try my hand a a multichapter crossover story. And just for fun, I tried to do the little recap they do for the actual show.

STORY SUMMARY: While on a job in DC, Dean finds out more about his family and why Sam's back from Hell.

SUPERNATURAL: Not All Family Is Blood

(NCIS crossover)


Dean: "How long have you been back, Sam?"

Sam: "About a year."


(Dean holds out the keys to the Impala.)

Dean: "She should be hunting. Take her."

Sam: "Thanks. Really. But I already got my car set up the way I like it."


Lisa: "I need you to go."

Dean: "You're saying 'hit the road'."

Lisa: "If there's some rule that says this all has to be either/or… how about we break it?"


Stella Monroe wasn't technically a hunter but she knew enough to know something was wrong with the man who'd just walked into her mother's diner. Way too stiff, way too formal…

Everything about him seemed to scream 'federal agent'.

That was just the first thing that made Stella uneasy.

What made her every instinct go on full alert was the lights flickering. Stella watched as the man ordered a large black decaf, pay, and leave without another word. Finishing her own breakfast, she got up quickly and threw a few bills down onto the table before heading outside, only to find that the potential demon was gone.

Sighing, Stella headed across the street to the auto shop she worked at with her younger sister and her uncle.

NCIS Headquarters

After the first tiny sip to see how hot the coffee was, NCIS Director Leon Vance hissed in pain and tossed the whole cup in the trash. Apparently the family of hunters who ran the place were making sure to only use holy water to weed out demons. Vance would have to find a new coffee place now.

It was a shame. The Monroe Family Diner made some of the best coffee he'd ever had. But as Vance stared at the coffee cup in his trashcan, his eyes went completely black. Quality of his morning caffeine was the least of his problems. Right now he had to deal with a family of hunters knowing what he was.

Sitting in the passenger seat of the '67 Impala felt familiar and strange at the same time Sam Winchester thought as he and Dean headed down the road towards Washington, DC. So far the two had taken a few 'light' hunting jobs just to help ease Dean back into things after his year long hiatus. But now they were heading to DC to track down a demon that their grandfather, Samuel Campbell, had reported might know something about Sam's return from Hell and Samuel's return from Heaven.

Sam and Dean hadn't spoken for a while when Sam finally asked, "You okay, Dean?"

"Well, let's see," Dean replied, not looking at his younger brother. He'd stopped calling Sam his 'little' brother ever since Sam had sprouted three inches higher than Dean when he was 15. "Uh, I went a year thinking that my brother was dead. Then twice I almost died from djinn poison. My girlfriend said I'm better off hunting than brooding at home and my grandfather's back from the dead. Oh, yeah. I'm doing just freakin' peachy, Sammy."

"Okay," Sam sighed. "I guess I walked right into that one." Looking over at Dean, he added, "I know you called Lisa and Ben last night. I just wanted to know if—"

"How about this?" Dean suggested, a bit of a snap in his voice. "Lisa and Ben are my personal life. Hunting is my professional life. I don't talk personal stuff at work, okay?"

"Fair enough," Sam muttered, wondering when this tension between them would start to let up. Looking over that the Impala's fuel gage, he said, "Gonna need to stop soon."

Dean nodded and looked at the road sign coming up. "Nearest gas station is 15 miles." Looking down at the gage, he said, "Cutting it close."

Spotting a highway exit sign, Sam pointed and said, "Turn off here, man." Catching Dean's look, Sam smiled. "Trust me. I know a place."

Dean shrugged and made for the exit, following the road until he came to a fill-up joint. As he got out, he stopped as a car in the auto shop across the street caught his eye. Tossing Sam the key, he said, "I'll be right back, Sam."

Sam watched Dean walking away and smiled before turning back to fill up the gas tank.


The car was a blue '66 Ford Mustang and Dean grinned as he walked around, admiring the car. He'd just reached out a hand to touch the hood when a voice came from the floor.

"Touch the car and you'll be pulling back a bloody stump."

Dean jumped back as he looked down, seeing a young woman looking at him from beneath the car. "Sorry. I was just admiring," he said, watching the woman slide out and stand up.

"No one's allowed to touch my baby without permission," the woman said, narrowing her eyes at Dean. "Sorry."

"I understand," Dean replied with a nod. After making a show of putting his hands in his pockets, he walked around the car, taking in all the features. And giving the car's owner a once-over at the same time. "I've got a '67 Impala. Even rebuilt her after a car crash. Wouldn't let anyone else work on her till she was good as new."

At first the woman's gaze had been scrutinizing but at the mention of Dean's car, her gaze softened and she looked across the street. "You're Sam's brother," she deduced.

Dean smiled and held out a hand. "Dean."

The woman smiled as well and wiper her hand off on her jeans as she replied, "Stella." She was about to say something else when a yellow and black Dodge Charger pulled into the repair bay and stopped. Stella shrugged at Dean and replied, "Duty calls."

Dean waited while Stella talked with the older man who'd been driving the Charger. After a few minutes, though, Stella beckoned Dean over.

"Dean, this Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS," Stella said, making introductions. "Agent Gibbs, this is Dean Winchester."

"Winchester?" Gibbs asked, studying Dean. "You're not related to John Winchester, are you?"

Dean frowned a bit as he met Gibbs' gaze. "My dad. You knew him?"

Gibbs nodded, thinking back to when he remembered showing John pictures of Kelly as a newborn and John showing him pictures of his son, Dean. Holding out a hand, Gibbs said, "Nice to meet you."

"You, too, sir," Dean replied, shaking Gibbs' hand. "So…"

Seeing that Dean wanted to know what was going on, Stella spoke up. "Dean, Gibbs thinks his director is… evil."

"As in…?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow. When Stella nodded, he just nodded in return. "Right."


After promising to meet Gibbs later at NCIS, Dean and Stella met up with Sam and went to the diner kitty-corner to the gas station and ordered burgers while Stella gave Dean a rundown of her background. "Dad's a hunter," she said, after taking a sip of her soda. "So are my two oldest brothers. My little brother is at college studying art. My sister works the books at the auto shop. My uncle and I do the actual work on the cars. And my mom runs this diner."

"So how do you two know each other?" Dean asked, looking from Stella to Sam.

"Sam is hopeless with car problems," Stella explained. "He was in town and he called Bobby Singer for a recommendation."

"So you're not a hunter," Dean said in a tone that made it clear that it wasn't a question.

"Well, I know my way around the territory," Stella replied, shrugging. "But I'm not a full time hunter, no."

"So how'd you know Sam was a hunter?" Dean wanted to know. It wasn't as if he didn't trust Stella. Actually, he trusted her more than he trusted his grandfather right now.

"When he dropped Bobby's name," Stella explained as her mother, Rosanne, brought out the burgers and fries. "I figured it was a safe bet."

"So what about this demon you were talking about?" Sam asked, starting to chow down on his own burger. Looking at Stella and then Dean he added, "Think it could be the one Samuel told us about?"

"Dad's coming back tonight," Stella supplied. "You can ask him then if you want."

"Sounds good," Dean replied. "Know a motel where we can stay for a few days?"

Stella smirked as she leaned back in the booth. "I think I can do a little better than that."