Hello! Just a quick note to explain that this is not only my first DBZ fanfic, but that I didn't really discover the story until just recently. Of course, I've heard of the series, but I never thought I would like it until I was show the DBZ abridged series by TFS on Youtube. After watch all the episodes I really started to want to know the characters, and that's when I found this couple. Now…I am sadly and completely hooked (as my boyfriend will testify) and just HAD to write something. So if the characters are a bit OC, please forgive me, for I am ignorant and a fool! Thank you so much for reading and please enjoy!

-Disclaimer: I do not own much, least of all DBZ.

The Wager

Chapter 1: Chocolate frosting and bets beginnings

"I love you and…would you marry me?"

"Oh Pete, darling!"

"Lucky prick." Bulma growled through a spoonful of chocolate icing. It was late and she was sitting on the couch, looking quite miserable with red eyes, the icing container and a spoon. She had just broken it off with Yamcha a few hours ago after she caught him making out with some girl in a restaurant. The girl was thrilled to see her and gave her some trash that Yamcha was in love with her now and to back off, while Yamcha tried his best to explain that 'it wasn't what it looked like'.

Like it ever was with him.

"I see you are getting fat again."

Bulma rolled her eyes and continued to stare at the chick flick she was watching; completely ignoring the Saiyan Prince standing at the door way of the living room. When had he come in anyway?

"How long have you been standing there?" She asked, stabbing her spoon back into the small container of icing.

"Long enough to be thankful that I have more important matters on hand then eating sweets and watching stupid stories." He answered with a smirk. This time she glared at him. He was wearing his workout shorts and his toned body was glistening from sweat. She wasn't surprised; she hadn't seen him since 9:00 am, three days ago. Bulma was surprised at how little she actually saw of the Saiyan. When she had invited him to stay at her place until the androids came, she was at first worried that she would have to deal with him twenty-four-seven, but in the past five months she had seen him only when he was commanding something of her. Otherwise he seemed to avoid everyone in Capsule Corp.

Except when there was a good opportunity to pick on her that is.

"Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood." She whined, shoving the frosting into her mouth and went back to watching her movie. She wanted comfort darn it, not to deal with a bratty prince!

"Oh yes," He mused, crossing his arms and leaning against the door frame. "How silly of me to not have realized that you are mourning the emotional loss of that scar-faced mate of yours."

Genuinely surprised she looked up at him. After a moment of staring at that smirk of his, she swallowed the frosting and cocked her head to the side.

"Who told you?"

He scoffed, "Don't be stupid woman, no one did. You do this every time you 'break up' with the weakling."

Bulmas face heated up to a nice blush, which she quickly covered up in anger. "Oh like you would know!"

"You usually end the conversation with him, using the word 'Jerk'." Vegeta started with a roll of his eyes, "Then you either slam the door, or throw your phone against the wall and start cursing. A half an hour later you break down into tears and listen to music. After this does not satisfy you, you head to the kitchen and take your chocolate fat and a spoon then you sit down here and watch some forsaken story about two humanoids confessing their love for one another. After which you then proceed to fall asleep, where your mother finds you and brings you to your chambers for the remainder of the evening."

She stared blankly at him for a good minute before she realized her jaw had dropped. Quickly fixing herself, her blush came back with vengeance and she curled up in the couch defensively.

"Creeper." She muttered.

"I am Vegeta, prince of Saiyans, I do not 'creep'." He answered her matter-of-factly, "You humans are a creatures of habit. This is the fifth time since my arrival that you have done this activity of yours."

"Whatever." She said with a sigh, closing her eyes. "This time will be the last time. I'm really through him Yamcha now-"

She was suddenly cut off by Vegetas strong laughter; making her already tattered pride start to become violent.

"What are you laughing at?" She snapped.

"You, what else?" He said, still chuckling.

Enraged, Bulma shot up from her spot on the couch and stormed over to the prince, stopping about a foot away from him. She absentmindedly wished she was a little taller so she didn't have to look up at the prick.

"And what exactly is so funny about me?" She nearly screamed. His smirk widened and gave her a smug look.

"You? Completely detaching yourself from that sorry excuse for a warrior? Please, give it a week, you'll be back in his arms giggling and spouting all sorts of nonsense about weddings and children. I guarantee it. Then a month or two from now you'll be sitting in the exact same spot you were a moment ago, getting fatter by the second."

Unable to believe what she was hearing she screamed, "How DARE you-" only to be cut off again by the Saiyan.

"Not that you deserve anything less." He mused aloud again, suddenly becoming interested in the doorframe. "After all if you picked a low rate clown as your mate, you deserve the punishment for such a poor decision."

"Oh, because there are so many better options!" She yelled, her hands flying up into the air in exasperation.

"Why yes, take me for instance."

She froze in mid word as his words sunk in. They both stood there, staring at one another, before Bulma broke the silence.


Nearly doubling over in laughter Bulma couldn't believe that, of all people in the universe, Vegeta believed himself to be more romantic then Yamcha. Trying to recover from the fit of laughter, she saw through her tears that his proud smirk had vanished and was replaced with an un-amused frown.

"Did you find something humorous, pest?"

She slowly righted herself, holding her hands to her stomach and tried to breath.

"Y-you? Seriously…?"

"Of course me!" He growled, his humor completely gone now. She noted that he was standing now, and at his complete height. Her scientific mind told her he was showing the 'back off or die' signs and that she should probably leave. But her pride told her that his stance meant she was getting to him.

She sighed with a smile and shook her head, "Oh PLEASE Vegeta, we both know you don't have a romantic bone in your body. You couldn't get to first base a woman you paid for, let alone anyone with a personality. You are as romantic as a pit bull with rabies."

"Are you doubting my ability to win a mate?" He asked, his voice dangerously low and his glare intensified to rage. Ignoring the flashing lights and red flags that were telling her to flee for her life, she laughed and poked a finger into his chest.

"Oh buddy, I think 'doubt' is an understatement."

"I will have you know," He said, his eye twitching in anger and his hands tightening into fists, "That I was considered one of the most wanted mates on many planets, not including the women under Freezas command. I had hundreds of women at my beckon call-"

"Oh? And how many of them did you date?" She asked, cutting him off with a smirk. Vegeta opened his mouth, then paused and snapped it shut, looking away. That's what she thought. Her pride satisfied, she was about to say so when she saw a smug smirk began to spread across Vegetas lips.

Confused where this new found smugness had come from she cocked an eyebrow at him. He then chuckled and his body visibly relaxed from his stance.

"What?" She spat, her pride starting to fear for its footing. His dark eyes locked onto hers for a moment, before he closed them.

"Let us play a game." He said. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"What like Uno?"

"It's more like a wager." He purred, opening his eyes and taking a step towards her. "I bet you that in one years' time, I can make you fall madly in love with me."

She laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of the idea, "Oh, right, like that's ever-"

"There will be no restrictions as far as you're concerned." He continued, "You may even get back together with that scar-faced buffoon of yours, I honestly could care less. But do not be surprised when, at the end of the year, I have you begging on your knees for me."

His last words silenced any rational thought in her brain as her pride cried out for vengeance. Her body planted itself in reaction and she tilted her head up in a smug fashion.

"Not even in your dreams, jerk."

He smirked, "No your right," he stepped right up to her, their faces barely inches apart, "but you will be in yours."

"What's the stakes?" She asked, ignoring his last comment. She was better than him, she was Bulma Breifs for goodness sakes. He would NOT get to her.

"If I win, you must do everything I command, exactly when I say it." He answered, dropping his hands from his chest down to his hips, "No more of this refusing to come when I call or pushing the GR repairs later because of your silly work."

"Fine." She answered shortly, "And if I win you never boss me around ever again. And you will call me by my name."

"Your terms are agreeable." He said, his smirk growing. "It is a game then?"

"Oh you bet, it's on now princey." She hissed. She turned to leave when she suddenly found herself pushed roughly against the far wall of the living room, Vegetas hands wrapped around her small wrists. She couldn't help but gasp as he leaned in close to her, so they were staring eye to eye. It was then she saw the amusement dancing in his dark eyes. He then leaned in and at first she thought he was going to kiss her, but he moved towards her ear and whispered with a smile,

"Good. Because if I'm not mistaken (and I rarely am) I win this round."

With that he let her go and left without another word. She stood there, completely stunned, and then realized that because she was stunned, he was right. Growling in frustration, she grabbed the half empty container of frosting and went to return it to the fridge.

What had she just signed up for?