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Summary: What would have been happened if Kudo Shinichi had never known that she was indeed Miyano Shiho until the very late time?Can something have been changed between them?

Author's Note: The first part of the chapter is based on the fan-translated of File 8: Codename Sherryof Meitantei Conan Vol.18 by Aoyama Gosho

The Changing Point

Detective Conan Fanfiction

By: furin-a

File 02: Haibara Ai

+ ? +


The gun in the girl hands was shot to the window, closing to the lady in black's face. The woman who was almost killed sank to the ground with a white stone face. Her eyes widened with fear and shocked. Everyone except the shooter looked at her in shocked. Everyone except the shooter looked at her in shocked.

Except Conan, he slowly whispered her name, "H – Haiba…ra?"

"What's happened?" The police who heard the gun noise from his station shouted, followed by his partner.

Soon, they started explaining what had happened in there.

While telling the story, Conan secretly looked at the calm girl who looked away. His eyes were full of suspicious to who she really was.

+ 20 minutes later +

Inspector Megure had finally arrived at the spot where the accident happened. Everyone was captured and Toshiya-kun's older brother was helped.

"You should confess everything especially about your supporting organization." Conan told the woman. He eyed her proudly. Finally, his case would be finished soon.


He smirked at her. "Don't act as an innocence! You have a codename, right? Jin? Vodka?"

However, she still looked confused at what the boy was talking to her, "Jin? Vodka? What're you talkin' about, boy? I haven't touch alcohol for years."

His eyes widened in shocked, "Eh?"

While Inspector was explaining to him, he listened with both confused and disappointed. Kudo Shinichi in a body of a kid frowned. Damn it. All is for nothing. He thought and snickered at himself. However, behind his back, the girl with strawberry blond hair was grinning secretly. She smirked slightly and whispered a soft word, "Stupid…"

"This time, with the usage of the gun, you'll go to jail for sure. I'll make sure of that!" Megure grinned.

"What? I didn't use it but the brunette girl over there…"

All of them turned to Haibara who suddenly looked around nervously.

"What?" He quickly walked to the girl and started shouting, "What were you thinking doing that dangerous thing?"

"But…But…" the sobbing sound was heard from her and then, she released it loudly, "Huaaaa…"

"Sorry, sorry, Oji-san is the one at fault…"

Heh…a brat is still a brat…

2nddepartment, Beika +

"Cut it out! Stop crying…Your home isn't far from here, right?"

However, Haibara was still sobbing.

Damn. What a day. After the disappoint of dealing with the fake "Black Organization," I still have to walk this crybaby home… Conan frowned and started finding a way to run away. "Hey, I think you can go home by yourself from here. See you!"

"Don't you wanna meet Prof. Agasa?" She said suddenly, making the boy quickly turned back again.


"Heh, no time for shocking with stupid news, foolish detective. You have a brain of a goldfish. I told you, didn't I? That my present residence is at #22 2nddepartment in Beika. It's next by your true house. You know where is it?" She smiled innocently and started looking evilly when the boy had finally realised where it is. "Yeah, Prof. Agasa' house. He said he wanted you to meet him. Thus, I ask again: don't you want too, Kudo Shinichi-kun?"

"Haha, who's Kudo Shinichi? My name is Edogawa Co -"

"Sadly, I've already known." She grinned, "Prof. has told me everything."

"W – What the heck?"

"Nah, he didn't mean too but I secretly found out." Haibara smirked.

"Damn him."

+ Prof. Agasa's house +

"Wahh, sorry, sorry! I didn't mean for her to know but she found my recorded phone call. Remember? The one with me talking to you and Ran-kun shouted you name?" Agasa looked guiltily. "So...you know what would happen; Ai-kun asked me eveything until she finally satisfied."

"I'm home," Haibara who took care of closing the gate said.

"How is school, Ai-kun?"

"Quite enjoyable," and turned to Shinichi, "So, Shinichi-kun...How come you don't know my home address?"

"How am I supposed to know? I certainly never sent you any letters even my Happy-New-Year congratulation card is always given personally." He scolded and turn away to Haibara, "By the way, who's that girl?"

"Huh? You didn't ask her?" Prof. looked shocked. "She's my faraway niece from my mother's side. Her parents were dead so she was sent to live with me. Odd, I didn't say anything since she had said she would have told you by herself."


"You should tell him."

"Professor, think first." Shiho in the small form said, "It he knows who I really am, what do you think he will do? As a detective, he'll ask me more about the organization and risk more of his life. My situation is worse than him. I'm a betrayer, not a victim like him. When I was found out, his secret would as well for sure but not his to mine so it should be this way. Morever, if he acts as a victim, he'll see me as his enemy and won't agree to help me anything in research. Thus, receiving his help is useless even I tell him too."

"But I think Shinichi-kun'll help you for sure. I'm sure he'd like to be back to his old self."

"That's why I won't tell him." She sat down on the chair, "Being his old self will make him as the no.1 mark on their list so it's very dangerous. Thus, knowing me as an elementary school kid has no danger..."

"Your reason is undeniable..."

"I promise that I will make an antidote to him to pay for my failure and my burden of being here in your house. I will never go out as I please for no apparent reason too. For the antidote, you can tell him that you've tried to make it by yourself from researching and helping or whatever you want but not from me, so please don't tell him anything especially the antidote. We don't want him to have a fail hope, right?"

"But, what about your parents' safety?"

"Don't worry. My parents were members of the organization too. They've died because of an accident not long after I was born."

Still, Agasa did not give up, "So, the family of yours..."

"Only two persons, my sister, who I rarely meet, and I ..." She looked down, "Unlike me who studied overseas because of organization's order, she lived in a normal life in Japan...yet still under their observation. To take me out from the organization, my sister was deliberately involved in the organization's activities...But she still attended school normally, made friends, and went on vacation normally...Until she was killed by them."

Prof. Agasa nodded his head finally. "Okay, I'll help you...but I still feel guilty about keeping a secret from Shinichi-kun who I've always seen as my child."

"I'll be the one who takes the blame when the time has come. You can tell him that I've threatened you so you don't have to worry about it." Shiho stated, "One thing: I'll tell him that I know who he's." She turned away to the kitchen, "I don't want to treat him as a kid. It's annoying. Let's have a dinner and continue about our planning to cover the story...Yeah, cover enough from that stupid detective's eyes."

End of Flashback

"I see..." Conan nodded. "Still she didn't suppose to know about me. It's dangerous to her."

"Kudo-niichan, don't worry! I won't tell anyone," Haibara smiled from her magazine.

"Err...Just Shinichi-niichan is fine too." He said slowly, "Ai...chan? But I'll call you Haibara at school, ok?"

She nodded.

"Ai-chan, look a bit unlike when you're at school?"

"Err...I'm nervous to my new school so..."

"Ah...That's okay. There's nothing in school you have to worry about," Conan ran his fingers through hair, making it messier than normal. "Professor, what're we going to do next?"

"Ask me? You're clever than - "


"I'll get the phone!"

Conan looked after her, unintentionally smiled a bit, "She's a nice girl eventhough when her parents were died."

"She has a big courage." Agasa nodded slowly. He smiled nervously...To act in front of the detective and still gets no suspicious nonetheless. I should give her name for the competition in an Oscar's Award.

"Shinichi-niichan, someone named Mouri Ran wanna talk with you," and handed him the speaker.

"Err...Hello, Ran-nee -"

"Conan-kun, where're you? Why do you come home late without telling me anything?" A teenager's voice was heard along the line.

Ow, I've forgot to tell her. He laughed nervously, "S - sorry, Ran-neechan, Prof. showed me the new game and I forgot to call you."

"Anyway, you can stay over there. Oto-san has a crime calling at Prof. Hirota Masami's house."

"Prof. Hirota Masami?" The name sounded so familiar. Let's find out why! Conan quickly cut Ran off,"I wanna go too! Prof. said he had a business to do outside! I don't wanna be alone, Ran-neechan!"

"Really? then come as soon as you can then. See you, Conan-kun."

"Hai, Ran-neechan!" and placed down the phone. He turned around and met a teary Haibara.

"Err... Ai-chan?"

"I wanna go too! I've never seena scene before!" She said poorly and added some puppy dog's eyes, "Please, Shinichi-niichan! I'll be nice."

Shinichi, finally could not say no to the poor little girl, sighed, "Fine but you must not touch anything or disturb the police."

"Yay, thank you, Shinichi-niichan!" She smiled and ran to the door.

"I'll take her home after this."

"Thanks, Shinichi-kun."


While Shinichi was talking with Ran, Shiho quickly turned to Agasa, "I'll go with him. Hirota Masami is my sister's teacher. He may have my lost floppy disk. It contains the data of the drug and I think I unintentionally sent to him along with my sister's disks in the past."

"You mean it may give us some data?"

She nodded and quickly walked to Shinichi to act as a little girl who wanted to go with him.

End of Flashback

I'd surely give that woman an Oscar if I were its managing director... He sighed, "Good Luck, Shinichi-kun. I hope you can deal with her."

+ Conan and Haibara +

She smiled and turned to him, "Wow, Shinichi-niichan, you're quite good pretending to be a kid..."

"Haha..."He laughed nervously. Not as good as you who can feign a cry to come with me...

+ To be continued +

Author's Note: Wow, I double its size from the last chapter *lol*

I won't write any case in comic or it'll be very boring, right? Just an important part of it is enough for me. In this story, Shiho is caring as usual (but more openly). Still she did it to make herself safe too. Can't say that she is an angel who only gives, not takes.