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Chapter One

Return to Hogwarts

Hermione shut her eyes, letting the tears roll down her cheeks as her fingers gently caressed the bruise on her hip. She let out a low hiss of pain and her eyes snapped open.

She backed away from the mirror and walked into her room. There was a cot in the corner of the room and a smile graced her face as she saw a small form curled up in it. She approached and peered in.

A baby girl of one was asleep, her soft black hair falling into her eyes. As Hermione watched, the baby moved and woke. She saw her and let out a giggle, reaching up for her.

Hermione smiled and scooped the child out of the crib, hugging her as tight as her bruises would allow. "Hello Mia." She cooed.

Mia threw her small arms around Hermione, a smile on her pretty face and her chocolate eyes shining.

Hermione spun round, her eyes wide, when the door creaked open. But she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw a four year old boy standing in the doorway. "Mummy, Grandpa says I have to go to bed. I want you to read me a story before you go back to school tomorrow. Do you really have to leave us with Grandpa again? He scares me." The boy whispered.

Hermione held out her free arm and the boy ran over and hugged her. "I know, Dan, I know. But it won't be for long. I'll be home before you know it." She replied soothingly, stroking her son's also black hair.

They stood there for a while before the door opened again. Hermione gasped and tightened her hold on the children. She handed Mia to Dan. "Take care of your sister." She whispered.

"DANIEL! You should be in bed!" A middle aged man roared from the doorway.

Hermione glared at him. "Dad. He wanted me to read to him. He was just going." She told the man.

Frank Granger hissed and slapped her across the face. "Don't. Call. Me. DAD! I'm NOT you're father. We told you that from the beginning, you were ADOPTED!" He roared.

Hermione flinched and Frank began the usual punishment. Kicks and punches rained down on her. The only sounds in the room were the sickening sounds as Frank's fists met his 'daughter', Hermione's occasional yell of pain, Dan's soft sobs and Mia's whimpers as the two children watched their mother being beaten up. It was over as quickly as it all started and Hermione slipped into the pain free realm of unconsciousness.

Frank glared at the children cowering in the corner. "Daniel, Get. To. Bed." He growled.

Terrified, Dan placed Mia back in her crib and ran from Hermione's bedroom, not even glancing back at the bloody mass that was his injured mother.

Hermione felt someone stroking her hair and could faintly hear Mia's soft whimpers. She blinked open her eyes, wincing at the sudden brightness.

"Mione, oh my darling. You're awake." Maria Granger gushed as soon as she saw her adopted daughter's eyes open.

"You need to get up Honey. He didn't break any bones last night; you're just a bit battered. You should be able to cover it up." She added, looking at her daughter's face.

But it wasn't there that was bruised; it was the rest of her body.

"Mummy? Mummy, are you awake yet?" Asked a soft voice from her door.

"Daniel? Are you okay?" Hermione called, worry for her young son building.

The door creaked open and the small boy walked in. There was a small bruise on his cheek, nothing major. "Dan, when did he hit you?" She asked softly, pulling her boy into a hug.

"When I got back to my room. He said it was because I disobeyed him and it was a warning." Dan sniffed, burying his face in his mother's jumper from the night before.

Hermione tightened her hold on her son and kissed his abnormally black hair. Frank, the children's biological father and adopted grandfather, had brown hair, as did she.

But Hermione didn't mind. It stopped any awkward questions as many assumed the children were her siblings.

"Darling, go get ready. We leave in two hours, after Frank has eaten." Maria told Hermione, taking Mia and Dan out of the room and downstairs with her, leaving Hermione alone again.

Hermione dragged her trunk down the stairs into the kitchen where her adopted parents and the children sat.

Her bruises on her face were now hidden by makeup and the bruises on her arms and legs were hidden by the long sleeved top and jeans she wore. Her long brown curls hung down her back, coming to rest just before her bottom.

Frank eyed her before nodding in acceptance. It was enough so that no-one would know.

Hermione glanced at her son and bite her bottom lip. "Dad?" She began attentively. She didn't know what mood he was in and, if he was in the wrong one, he would beat her if she called him that.

She was lucky, he let it slide. "I'm going to take Dan upstairs and put makeup on his bruise to hide it."

Frank only answered with a curt nod. Hermione picked up her son, balancing him on her hip in such away he wasn't touching any bruises, and walked out of the room, heading to her en-suite.

"There. All done." Hermione grinned.

Dan touched the place where his bruise was now hidden. "Thanks Mummy. I don't like wearing make up." He said, pulling a face.

Hermione laughed and kissed the top of his head. "I know sweetheart. But when you get home you can get Grandma to take it off."

The boy hugged her tightly. "Don't go!"

Hermione hugged him back. "I have to baby. I'll be home soon. Be brave." She replied.

The car ride was quiet, no-one saying anything. Hermione had hugged and kissed her children as much as she could without angering Frank before she had to get out of the car.

Now, the family were walking through the barrier onto the platform. Hermione's trunk vanished, causing Mia to giggle in delight and Dan to look around for it. Even though he had seen this many times, it still intrigued him.

Hermione pulled him in for a hug, kissing his cheek. When she let go, she gently took Mia from Maria and hugged the infant tightly.

"Be good." She whispered to the two children. She handed Mia back to Maria and hugged her adoptive mother tightly.

"Be safe, please stay safe." She whispered, giving Maria a squeeze, careful of the many bruises both held.

"I will." Maria promised, releasing her daughter.

Hermione then turned to Frank. To keep up appearances, she hugged him. He hugged her too tightly, on purpose, and her bruises stung.

"If you tell anyone that can take you away, I'll kill the children and your mother." He hissed, before kissing her cheek for appearances.

Tears sprung into her eyes and she nodded before drawing back quickly. The train let out a whistle and Hermione walked over to it, waving quickly to her family. She boarded the train and sighed happily. She was finally free for a while. She was home.

The four friends, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione, were sat in their usual compartment.

Ginny was perched on Harry's lap and Ron and Hermione sat opposite. Ginny and Harry had begun dating over the summer and now one was rarely seen without the other.

Hermione grinned at the two, but it never reached her eyes. She felt lonely. Everyone had someone. Ginny had Harry, and vice versa, Ron had Luna, hell, even MALFOY had someone, even if it was the Slytherin slut Pansy Parkinson.

But she was alone.

Well, not alone as such. She had Mia and Dan, but on the romance front, she had no-one.

She rested her head on the window and began to think, using the alibi of being asleep. 'I wonder if Dan and Mia are okay. I miss them. I hope Dad won't hurt them, I hope Dan doesn't give him reason to. I hope Mum will be safe. Please, keep her safe.' She prayed silently, tuning out to her surroundings.

Finally, the four friends were seated at the Gryffindor table and were digging into the wonderful food that had appeared after the sorting. Hermione listened to everyone's tales of the adventures they had endured during the holidays; some were of mourning loved ones lost in the war that had gotten worse last year.

Harry had found Voldemort's Horcuxes and was waiting for the time to kill him.

Harry then turned to Hermione after he had told the tale of his summer. "So, what has our brilliant Bookwork been doing this summer?" He asked, a playful edge to his voice.

'Raising her children, taking their beatings for them, being beaten, being raped. My usual summer.' She thought bitterly.

"Oh, nothing. Just studying." She commented.

"Hey, was that your brother and sister I saw on the platform?" Dean asked.

Hermione sighed. "Yea. Dan and Mia."

Ginny and the boys frowned. She had never mentioned Dan and Mia before.

They didn't have time to question her as Dumbledore stood. "Now, after that lovely meal, I'm sure you're all tired. First Years follow your prefects and the rest of you will be told the password by your portraits. Our Head Boy for this year is Draco Malfoy and our Head Girl is Hermione Granger. I wish to see them after please. But for now, Good night." Dumbledore announced.

The students began to leave the hall, a few people congratulating the two new Heads.

Draco walked up to Dumbledore and watched as Potter clapped Granger gently on the back to congratulate her.

She winced, but he didn't seem to notice.

But Draco did.

It was the same wince his mother used to do when someone touched a painful spot on her after she was, well, he didn't want to dwell on it. Draco shook his head.

'She probably had an accident, it's nothing. Granger's life is picture perfect.' He told himself, sneering as said girl walked over.

Dumbledore told them their duties and led the duo to a portrait of a beautiful woman sat on a white stallion with a wolf sat next to it.

"This is Gretchen Zabini, a distant ancestor of Mr Zabini, she will guard your quarters. The password is Shadows." Dumbledore told them, casting a tiny, barely noticeable wink at Granger.

Draco noticed and rolled his eyes. 'She was always his favourite.' He thought bitterly.

Hermione entered the room and shot past into her bedroom, deciding to take a shower and apply the glamour in the morning.

"What's the matter, Granger? Don't want to be in the same room as me?" Malfoy sneered, but she ignored him and shut her door.

She sunk onto the bed and was asleep in seconds.

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