Dearly Beloved


A two year old Sora finds a baby crying in the rain, when he shows his mother and father they do the right thing and take care of the child. Now twelve years later, join Sora and the gang on their Kingdom Hearts adventure but there's a twist, Naruto's going along for the ride!



Somewhat good Kyuubi

Big brother Sora

Kingdom Hearts Video Game, and Manga vers mix

Alternate Universe somewhat

Swearing and Fighting


More or likely Sora x Kairi

Riku x FemNaruto

Others later on



"Look, storm over now…Wanna see?"


"Found him crying on beach! He getting wet, I keep him dry"

"Floating Riku, in basket! He was in ocean, but storm pulled him to beach! I pulled him from big wave coming! Keep him dry from rain!"

"He called me! Told me to help him! That's why I run Riku!"

"He needed help mommy…"

"What you talking about mommy?"

"I like it mommy!"

"We get to keep baby?"

"Riku! Riku! Look I'm big brother now!"

Chapter 1: It Began With A Letter…

A young boy sat on the beach as he watched storm clouds disappear across the ocean sky. The brown haired boy was drenched in water from head to toe, next to him was small basket that was almost as drenched as the boy was. In his arms was an orange blanket that was wet too but not as much as the boy or the basket.

The young boy peered down to the blanket and said as best as he could "Look, s'orm ober now… Wanna see?"

"Sora! Hey Sora!" a voice called suddenly out to the now startled brown haired boy. Sora looked behind from where he was sitting once he realized someone was yelling for him and saw a silvered haired boy running over. Sora's eyes widened a little and said surprised "Reeeko!"

The boy 'Reeeko' stopped running when he reached his two year old best friend, 'Reeeko' placed his arms across his chest and said with a pout on his face "Sora, my name is Riku, not Reeeko."

Sora blinked and titled his head not understanding what he had gotten wrong but then said with a large smile "Reeeko!"

Riku sighed at that, already knowing it was impossible to get the two year old to say his name right for now. Riku looked at his year younger friend who asked "Why here Reeeko?"

Riku seemed a bit surprised by the question but then remembered why he was out looking for his friend so late in the day and said with a hint of anger in his voice "Why?! Well how about the fact you ran off in the rain without telling your mommy or daddy, your mommy was so upset she called up my mommy and daddy to come help look for you, that's why I'm here!"

Sora put his head down in shame and muttered out a sad "Sorry Reeeko…"

"Sorry?! Sorry! Your mommy was crying Sora! Tell her sorry, not me!" Riku said in an angry voice but stopped when he heard a sound that did not come from his friend, it was far too young to sound like Sora and it sounded like… whimpering?…

Riku looked down to his friend's arms and saw the orange blanket the only thing strange with it was the fact that there seemed to be something wrapped in it, he blinked surprised and asked "Sora… What's in the blanket?"

Sora's eyes widen in surprise this time but then his eyes lit up with joy when he remembered what he was holding, he raised up the bundle in his arms a bit and said with a smile "Found 'em cr'ing on beach! He geting wet, I keep 'em dry!"

When Sora pulled the blanket off of the head of whatever was in it, Riku's eyes widened when he saw deep sky blue eyes staring back at him with wonder.

It was a baby, a small baby no older than maybe a few months with a small patch of blonde hair on top of its head and sun kissed skin that looked soft. The baby's lips were the color pink and so was 'his' cheeks, but also on each side of 'his' cheeks was three identical whisker like marks. The baby was tightly wrapped up in the blanket and was looking around 'his' surroundings in question now that the yelling was over.

"Sora… Where'd you find him?" Riku couldn't help but ask as he sank down to the sand in order to get a better look at the baby in his friend's arms.

Sora looked to the basket at his side, inside it was a damp pillow that the baby had been on before Sora had taken 'him' out and a clear glass bottle with paper inside. Sora then said with a grin on his face "Floa'ing Reeeko, in baaske'! He was en ocea', but s'orm pulled 'em to beach! I pulled 'em from big wa'e coming! Keep 'em dry from 'ain!"

"You mean you found him in the water in this basket and a wave brought him to shore?" Riku said as he blinked confused for a moment on what his two year old friend had told him but realized what he meant Sora nodded a 'yes' as Riku continued "And a big wave was going to pull him back into the water but you ran and pulled him away from the shoreline?" Sora nodded again.

"And you've been keeping him dry?" and again Sora nodded with a huge bright smile on his face now.

Riku looked down to the baby when he heard giggling, as if the baby found the entire conversation between the two friends funny. Riku stared into those deep sky blue eyes and then a small thought ran in his head, he looked back up to Sora and asked "How'd you know he was out here?"

Sora smiled, somehow even brighter than before and said proudly "He 'alled me! 'old me to 'elp 'em! 'hat's why I run Reeeko!"

That made Riku blink with wide eyes at his friend, it was a strange answer due to the fact he knew for certain a baby couldn't speak yet so how on earth did a baby call to Sora for help…

"Sora! Riku! Answer me please!" a woman's voice called out, interrupting the two boys and the giggling infant.

"Sora, Riku! Come on out please!" a man's voice was clearly heard next.

Riku looked behind him to see his parents and Sora's parents calling for them from the sidewalk near the beach that would lead into town. It took a moment for one of the female adults to look over to the beach but once she did she yelled out to get the others attention "Aozora, Yozora, Kohan-Koi! I found them, they're on the beach!"

Riku and Sora watched as the adults run quickly down the ramp that lead to the sandy beach and over to them. Sora's mother and father come running as if there was a monster at their heels, which is a little hard to do on sand to be honest, while Riku's own parents were jogging behind them. Sora, knowing his mother was going to hug the living daylights out of him had placed the little baby back in the basket and got up from his spot, he had dusted himself off and turned around to face his parents just in time to get hugged by his mother who sank down to his level on the sand.

"Sora, sweetie! Please don't ever run off like that again! You had me worried sick baby!" she cried out as she held onto her son, Sora hugged back and looked up to see his father relieved but with a hint of anger under it, Sora couldn't help but mutter out a "Sorry mommy… Sorry daddy…"

"Riku… You found Sora didn't you?" Riku's mother asked once both she and her husband had finally reached their own son, Riku nodded and his mother took a breath in relief, his father smiled softly and ruffled his head saying with pride "Great work Riku…" Riku smiled at the small praise from his father.

"Sora… Why'd you run off like that?" Sora's mother asked once she pulled away and was about ready to scold her son for running out of the house during the middle of a storm, they were both lucky that the storm didn't last too long.

However whatever she was going to say died the moment her son pointed at a basket not too far from them and said "He needed 'elp mommy…"

Everyone stopped and stared at the basket, and at first the adults were all very confused on what Sora meant but before they could ask him what did he mean a sudden noise, almost like a giggle came from the basket.

Sora's mother's eyes widened in shock when she looked into the basket and saw the baby looking up at her and the rest of them. The baby blinked a few times and started to fuss around in its spot and the orange blanket it was wrapped in mostly because it had gotten used to being held started to become undone. Riku's mother covered her mouth with her hands and muttered out "A baby? Out here in this weather?" and Riku's father stared wide eyed. Sora's father seemed stunned silent to see a baby in a basket outside without its parents anywhere in sight.

As everyone stared at the small baby in wonder, Riku in hopes to help his friend out of any punishment Sora's parent was going to give him had spoken up saying clearly "Sora found him in the water during the storm! The basket was pulled to shore and Sora took the baby away from a wave that was going to pull him back in! Sora saved him! That's why he ran away during the storm!"

This made the adults gasp and eyes widen more when they heard that. Sora's mother quickly looked at her two year old son and instantly knew that if her son did not come to save the child from the wave, the baby would had died from drowning. It was a miracle that Sora just so happened to reach the beach to see the basket during the storm…

Sora's mother slowly reach over into the basket and pulled the baby out who stopped fussing when it was finally held again, only this time in stronger and bigger arms than the first one. The baby soon found itself face-to-face with a woman with light brown hair and soft sky blue eyes. Both of them stared at each other for a good moment, as if the infant was deeming her safe, before the baby pulled its arm out of the blanket and tried with all of its might to reach out to the woman while it smiled and giggled at her.

Sora's mother Aozora just stared in wonder, amusement, question, a bit of fear, and hope. She looked up to her husband Yozora as he joined her on the sand and looked at the baby too. Once the baby noticed him it stopped trying to reach for Aozora and began to stare at Yozora this time, once again staring as if it was deeming him safe too, before trying to reach out to touch him instead. Yozora humored the child a bit and reached his own hand out to the baby, once the baby felt Yozora's finger in its palm the baby's small hand held on and the child began to almost shriek with laughter.

Yozora seemed surprised by the sudden laughter and tight grip from the child, and for the first time in a while he was the one who broke the silence with a smile "You're quite the strong one aren't you? You have quite a grip there kid…"

Aozora looked from the baby to her husband for a moment before she looked to Riku's parents right when Kairiku spoke in anger and horror "Who would leave a baby out in that terrible storm? Much less, who would leave it out in the middle of the ocean?"

Kohan who heard what his wife said in horror growled out "I don't know but if I ever find out who, I'm making sure they get locked away forever!"

Aozora looked back to Riku who was staring back and forth from his parents in confusion by what they meant, and then she looked to Sora who was now making funny faces for the baby who once again began to laugh. She smiled softly as she saw her husband make cooing noises at the baby, and then she looked at the child itself. The baby was giggling and moving its legs around, its small hand that still held onto her husband's finger moved slightly from its giggling and its other arm was coming out from under the blanket it was tightly wrapped in.

To Aozora… Something about this scene, something about her holding the small baby, her son making funny faces so the baby could keep laughing, and something about her husband fawning over the baby seemed… Right, so right in her mind as if this was how it was supposed to be with her family, that her family was finally complete now…

Aozora had always wanted another child, she always did. Only problem was after she had Sora, some problems rose up in her body and the doctor said that the strain of another child inside her would either kill her or the baby, so she had never tried to get pregnant again in fear of dying and leaving her husband and son alone or even the possibility of killing her own baby, but she never did give up on her dream of wanting another child.

Aozora stopped her thoughts when she noticed something in the basket. She blinked and stared it, it was a clear bottle, and inside the bottle was a rolled up paper. She looked from the baby in her arms to her husband and asked "Yozora, can you hold the baby for a moment please?…"

When her husband heard that, he blinked surprised but nodded before taking the baby out of his wife's arms and placed the child in his own, cradling the baby as he watched his wife take hold of the bottle from the drenched basket. Sora noticed his mother reaching into the basket and taking the bottle out, and he tilted his head sideways in wonder why the bottle intrigued his mother. Kohan, Kairiku, and Riku watched and questioned what Aozora was doing too.

Aozora opened the top and poured the paper out onto her open hand, she looked at it and noticed that the reason the paper could stay rounded was due to the fact it had a red wax seal, with a strange circle design as the stamp, keeping it in shape. She slowly removed the seal and opened the paper, when she unraveled it Aozora stared at message that was written in black ink, but the odd thing about it was at the bottom of the letter, taped to it was a crystal blue necklace that shined brightly in the sunset.

She stared at the letter before taking a small gulp and reading out loud so everyone could hear.

"To anyone who finds this child and message…

Please, whoever you are, take good care of this child.

Many problems had arisen from where the child once lived and if I did not take the child away from her home she would had been killed by some unsavory people.

Her name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, the only one left of her bloodline and I sadly must write that her mother and father died the day she was born because of a certain bastard Uchiha that had almost killed the poor darling just moments after her birth…

I know this seems a lot to take in, hard to understand, and maybe even horrifying to know that some people have no problem with killing a baby only a few hours to a few days old but please if there was anything to let her know, let her understand that her parents died saving her life that night. They had loved her so much, despite just being born, they willing gave up their lives to make sure she lived."

Aozora stopped reading for a moment and felt tears begin to gather in her eyes, to know that this poor child's parents perished only a few hours after the baby was born was both heart wrenching and so humbling. She could feel her throat closing up from trying to hold back a sob and looked to her son who just seemed confused at what she was saying, and out of the corner of her eye she could see her husband hold just a bit tighter to the baby as if to protect it from anyone trying to harm the little girl and shift his way closer to Sora who was next to him.

She knew her friends were affected by the letter too, from hearing Kairiku gasp in horror and from the way Kohan moved a bit closer in front of his own son as if to shield him from anyone to start attacking him too.

For a moment she stared at Sora, wondering what she would had done if it had happened to her when she had given birth to him, but it didn't take long for her to know the answer, because she remembered when she had first held him she would had done everything in her power to save Sora even if it meant her own life. Taking a breath and willing away any tears Aozora started reading again.

"She has no one else to look after her and I promised a certain someone that I would take her away from the danger and place her someplace safe. If she was placed somewhere not safe… Sorry… That was my fault…"

Everyone around could almost hear the person say that with a very uneasy voice and a sweat drop on his/her head. Aozora's eye twitched and her mind screamed in rage, her sadness for the child gone for a moment upon reading such a lame excuse 'OH YEAH! THE OCEAN IS THE SAFEST PLACE FOR A BABY THAT PROBABLY ISN'T EVEN A YEAR OLD YET! OH IF I EVER GET MY HANDS ON YOU!' but she continued reading out.

"Anyways… As I written before, her name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. She was born on October Tenth, and loves the color orange, just to warn you she does not like the color pink she really doesn't… She seems to like the smell of ramen a lot, I've seen her trying to take mine when I'm not looking. Naruto also seems to like foxes and toads from how she tries to reach for them whenever we would pass by and see them.

Oh I nearly forgot! The necklace taped to the bottom of this letter was something her… 'Grandmother' wanted her to have, it's a symbol of a promise that was kept and however it was also said that its cursed and that whoever wears it will die but so far she's been able to disprove that myth. Also word of warning, do not try to hide the necklace from her, once Naruto see's it she'll cry for hours and won't stop until it's placed around her neck. I know you'll worry about the 'curse' but I do not believe it'll affect the child at all…

From, a friend

P.S: She might not be the sharpest kunai around, you'll understand what I mean when she's older, but she's one of the strongest and slyest."

When Aozora finished reading she stared strangely at the last parts of the letter, but stopped when she heard the baby making odd sounds. Everyone turned and saw the child 'Naruto' reaching for the necklace that was slowly untaping itself from the letter due to the weight. They watched as the child tried harder and harder to get to it, before she finally realized it was too far, soon her lip quivered in sadness, and then the pout she had started to turn wider and her eyes stared to tear up as well.

Then, very loudly, the small baby began to cry. Sora and Riku jumped by the sudden burst of crying and they covered their ears in surprise but their parents was used to a baby's cry from their own son's didn't, though they had to admit it was kind of louder than what they dealt with.

Aozora was then debating if she would give the child the so called 'cursed' necklace. She, unlike her husband, believed in superstition and the supernatural so she wasn't thrilled to give the baby something that could kill her. But still, it was to make the child happy and she hoped she wouldn't regret it, Aozora slowly pulled the necklace off the letter, also taking the tape that was around it off too. She stared at the necklace in her hand for a moment before slowly turning to the baby that was still wailing up a storm.

She took hold of the string that kept the necklace together and slowly put it down the child's head and placed it around her neck, the necklace didn't fit since it was big around her. But once Naruto felt the necklace around her neck she stopped crying in a near instant and stared down at it, her small hands took hold of the crystal and she raised it up to her face as best as she could.

A small smile spread across Naruto's face and she giggled happily as she played with the crystal in her hands.

"Now that's something you don't see every day, normally babies put whatever stuff they have in their hands in their mouth almost instantly you know…" Kohan said. His eyes watched the child move the crystal around in the air as if amazed that it shined such a pretty color because of the now setting sun.

No one said anything for a moment as they watched the baby play in her own way with the necklace, which was until Kairiku spoke "Now what? We can't simply leave a child out here on a beach can we? And we can't take her back to her home if what that letter said was true… Wherever she came from must have been dangerous, and to think someone is willing to kill a newborn…"

Her husband nodded at that, and so did Aozora and Yozora.

Aozora bit her lip and glanced at her husband who was now staring down with a smile at the child in his arms, she blinked at the image before her and without any other prompting, asked him "Darling… Do you think… C-Can we keep her?"

This question made the other adults turn their heads quickly and stare widely at her in surprise. Yozora just looked at his wife his smiled had faded to a neutral look, taking in her hopeful and pleading expression and remembered when she had asked a few weeks ago if perhaps they would consider adopting. Aozora looked down to the baby in his arms when he felt a small tug on his shirt, he could see she had gotten a hold of him now that she no longer wanted to play with the necklace around her neck. For a moment, both sky blue eyes stared at each other, as if the little one was trying to say 'please take me in' and he knew from the moment the child smiled up at him he knew his answer.

His face grew a soft smile and he said confidently "You know Aozora… We might just do that, but you do know I'll have to call the police, the hospital, and an orphanage tomorrow morning… After all the police need to know about how the child was found, the hospital so we can get her a check up and make sure she doesn't catch a cold, or anything else bad from the storm she was in and the orphanage so they can give us adoption papers so she can legally be ours…"

Aozora eyes lit up at his answer. She smiled brightly and was about to tear up from it but nodded at him, letting Yozora know she agreed with him.

Sora and Riku looked at each other a bit confused on the words 'Orphanage', 'Adoption', and 'Legally'. They knew whatever the adults were taking about was big but they didn't understand what was happening. In a head tilt Sora couldn't help but ask "Wha you alking abou mommy?"

Aozora just smiled at the boys and said "Sora… How would you like to be a big brother huh?"

Sora blinked confused at the sudden question, but soon enough a smile went across his face and said with glee "I 'ike it mommy!"

Aozora smiled at her son before reach for the child in her husband's arms, she took the child carefully placing the baby in cozy spot and as she faced her son she said "Sora… Meet your new baby sister, Naruto…"

Sora's eyes widen at the announcement his mother made and he looked down to the baby that stared right back at him.

"We ge' 'o eep baby?" he asked and when his parents nodded at him, across Sora's face a large charming smile broke out and he happily yelled out "Cool!"

This caused the others to laugh softly at Sora, who looked to Riku and said in pure joy "Reeeko! Reeeko! 'ook I'm 'ig 'rother now!"

Riku couldn't help but softly smirk at his friend's excitement.

Kairiku and Kohan smiled softly at the two boys but Kohan had to ask his friends in concern "Are you sure you guys want another kid running around Yozora? Not to be mean or anything it's just, another child is a lot of work…"

Kairiku nodded along with her husband and said "It's hard enough just taking care of one child under the age of five… Do you think you both can handle two so soon?"

Aozora and Yozora looked at each other and nodded softly as both rose from the sand. Yozora dusted himself off and said confidently "We'll just have to see… If we are then we are. If we're not we'll just have to learn…"

Aozora held softly onto the child in her arms that had started to stare out to the swaying ocean water, Naruto's eyes blinked a few times before slowly starting to close, soon enough she yawned out making an adorable sound come out and this caught everyone's attention.

Aozora smiled and gracefully moved the baby to an even better spot in her arms before saying "Looks like someone is tried huh?… Honey we still have Sora's old crib set up right? We can use that one until we can get her a different one later on…"

Yozora nodded and said "Yeah, I'll just pull it out from the spare room when we head home…"

Kairiku and Kohan smiled at each other, knowing that maybe perhaps their friends will be okay with taking in another child, and Kairiku said "How about we help out too? Why don't you guys take the kids back home and Kohan and I will head to the store and get some diapers, a dryer blanket, a pillow, a few clean clothes, and some food for the poor thing okay?"

Sora's parents nodded and looked down to the child that now slept peacefully in Aozora's arms.

Yozora looked behind him to the basket on the ground, the letter his wife once held was inside it and so was the bottle Aozora had placed back in when she given the baby the necklace it had wanted. He bent down and picked the basket up carefully.

Once the items were in his arms, he looked back to see his wife carefully rocking the baby to make sure she had some time to sleep, his friends Kairiku and Kohan asking her what else would the baby need, while Sora talked quickly to Riku, excited that he was now a big brother. Yozora nodded softly to himself and said "Alright, everyone lets head home before it gets too dark. Honey, when we get home can you get her out of those wet clothes so she doesn't catch a cold please? I'll change Sora, don't want him to catch a cold either."

Aozora nodded when she heard that and so did the others. As everyone started to head back to town, Sora looked at his now baby sister and couldn't help but smile again…


The two mother's giggled as they watch their sons Riku and Sora play 'Save the Princess' with the newest member of Sora's family. Sora's father was the 'Evil King Yozora' and Riku's father was the 'Evil Wizard Kohan' of the game while Sora and Riku were the 'hero's' as they tried to save the young 'princess' from her 'prison' who was now wearing new, warm, and clean orange onesies pajamas, which said 'princess' was also giggling madly now that her nap was over and she was awake.

Kairiku laughed as she watched her husband was 'defeated' by the hands of the two boys who teamed up to beat him. She looked to Aozora and said softly "Is it me or is this how it's supposed to be? I mean I remember them playing this game before, but they normally saved a doll from our husbands. It just seems… Right… That they are really trying to save Sora's new sister…"

Aozora smiled at her friend and said "Yeah it does… I don't know why but I felt like something was missing from all the times our boys would play this game but now that missing something is filled up…"

Kairiku smiled back and said "Let's just hope it stays that way, I'll pray for you guys tomorrow when you go to the police, hospital, and orphanage okay… But if I was you I wouldn't worry, I'm sure they'll let you keep the kid no matter how much paperwork…"

Aozora nodded already knowing that after tomorrow, they would be signing paperwork, after paperwork, contestant trips to the hospital, visits from the police, social workers come in to see if the place would be fit for a child who was find in the middle of a storm…

Right when she looked over to the others she saw her son and Riku work together to get the crib gate down, Sora was sitting on Riku's shoulders in order to reach it, right as Naruto laughed loudly now that she was no longer confined in her 'prison'.

Aozora smiled again before saying "Yeah… I don't think we'll be have any problems with paperwork…"

Aozora knew that no matter what, everything was going to be just fine now that they had Naruto in their family…

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