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Chapter 3: Destiny Islands

"Bye mom, bye dad! See you later!" yelled two voices at the same time as rushed footsteps were heard heading to the door, one voice was male the other was female, both very young.

"Be back by dinner time, or else you two!" yelled a motherly voice as she peeked out of the kitchen just in time to see her two children run to the door.

One had brown hair and blue eyes, he wore a red one-piece shirt combo short outfit, he had on a black and white short sleeved jacket and a crown necklace was around his neck, he also wore yellow shoes and had white and blue gloves on. He quickly looked back to see his mother and grinned before opening the door and heading out. She smiled back softly before her eyes quickly traveled to the other child that was running out the door.

This time it was a girl, she had long golden hair that seemed to curve around her face it was also tied up in a orange ribbon, in her hair was a small hairclip that looked like a Paopu fruit she used that to keep most of her bangs away from her face, she had deep blue eyes and tan skin. She wore an orange and blue jacket, the sleeves were rolled up to her elbows, under that jacket was a long sleeved black shirt, she also wore orange pants that were also rolled up. She had on black and blue shoes, and around her neck was a small crystal necklace.

Just like how Sora quickly looked back, Naruto did the same. When mother and daughter looked at each other Naruto smiled brightly and bolted out the door.

Aozora smiled softly and sighed as she watched the door shut close. Oh how she loved her children. She shook her head softly and headed back to the kitchen hoping to finish up what she was doing, when she turned around she looked to find her husband reading the newspaper at the kitchen table, he glanced at her and said "The kids ran off to the Islands again?"

Aozora nodded "Yup, more or likely going to meet up with Kairi and Riku again. Ever since school let out, almost all the children of our little Island have been heading out there."

With that said Aozora grew quiet as she thought, her eyes grew soft as she said "You know, it seems like yesterday when Sora and Naruto would beg you to take them out to the Islands. Now they can row themselves out there…"

Yozora looked at his wife and gently folded the newspaper onto the table; he then said a little amused at his wife's reminiscing look "You miss them when they were small, don't you?"

He watched as his wife blinked as if he just pulled her out of her memories and stare at him for a moment.

Then she chuckled and said "Not fully, I really couldn't handle all the times those two ran off without warning but I do miss parts of them just playing simple games, laughing at really nothing, watching me cook, you know all the things that they were amazed to see even though it was simple. Nowadays Naruto and Sora want a grand scale adventure…"

Aozora stopped for a moment before she continued a bit sadly "You know, I overheard Sora and Naruto a few nights ago, talking about leaving Destiny Islands one day, to see the rest of the world or something like that…They both spoke as if they really wanted to go and leave…"

Yozora was silent as he looked at the face his wife made, it looked like she was very sad that her kids wanted more than a simple life like they had, he sighed softly before saying hoping to reassure his wife "Its properly just a phase, kids have phases, they'll get over it sooner or later…"

Aozora smiled a bit worried but soon stopped when she began to think more about the matter of her children, specially her little Naruto, wanting to explore the world.

"Yozora… Do you think it's time to finally tell them? About… Naruto being adopted?" she spoke softly, so softly that her husband almost didn't hear it. He stopped and stared at his wife as she looked down and said, her voice almost breaking "W-What if they do go, you know how they are once they have something they have set on their mind they'll do anything to reach it. S-So what if they somehow go on that adventure and find out? I… I don't want Naruto to hate us for never telling her… Do you think it's the right time?"

Yozora sighed and looked down, thinking hard about what his wife said, he knew it was true, he knew how determined his kids could be sometimes he knew it was only a matter of time before his kids found a way to their adventure and then they might find Naruto's hometown where they would discover the truth, and that could lead to some trouble within the family.

He sighed again and nodded softly as he said "I think you might be right Aozora… We should tell her, now. Not later, but now. She's still old enough to understand but still young enough to forgive us for keeping it a secret for so long, same goes for Sora he'll understand that Naruto really isn't his sister but he'll love her all the same. I'm still amazed she hasn't been told by now, I thought for sure Riku might have said a thing or two to her, Sora I can understand because he was only two at the time…"

Aozora picked her head up and said "Well, honey, Riku was only three at the time; he might not even remember it either…"

Yozora nodded in understanding before he reached for his cup of coffee that was sitting on the table, he took a sip and pulled it away. After a while of no talking, both parents stared at each other and nodded softly.

Yozora then said knowing it was only a matter of time "Alright… It's settled then… Today when the kids come home for dinner, we'll tell them…"

Aozora nodded softly, knowing it was the right thing to do…


"Hey Sora… Do you really think there are other worlds out there?" Naruto asked as she stared up to the blue sky above them. Both brother and sister had finally stopped running and decided it was best to walk the rest of the way down to the beach where their family's boat should be waiting for them to take and head to the small Island across the waters.

Sora thought for a moment before he nodded, as he placed his hands behind his head and said "Yep, why wouldn't there be? I mean where else do you think Kairi came from?"

Naruto seemed to roll her eyes a bit before she said blandly "Oh I don't know, how about a few towns over or something?"

Sora just laughed a bit but then said "Oh come on Naru, there has to be other worlds out there. Don't you remember those people that came to Destiny Islands a few years ago and told us those stories?"

Naruto gave him a look before she said "Sora… I was two when those people came. Besides I was mostly sick that year and I had to stay home whenever those people appeared remember?..."

Sora made a frown on his face as he remembered that year, it was true, for some strange and scary reason his little sister got sick in the middle of summer, even though he was four at the time it scared him to the point where he could remember it clearly even now.

At first it was just a little summer cold, the doctor told them it was, but every time she got sick she would say very softly that it felt like her heart was doing something weird. But the reason why it was mostly scary because one day both siblings were playing in the front room of their house when Naruto suddenly had stopped and she began to cough, she coughed so hard and dangerously that she fell onto the floor before she passed out.

Sora had panicked so bad that his parents had come to see what was going on, when they had noticed their daughter on the ground breathing heavily they panicked too and rushed her to the hospital. It took a while but the doctors finally got her breathing under control and said that she had slipped into a comatose state for some strange reason and that it might take days or even years before she could wake up.

But within the next few hours everyone got the shock of their lives when they went into her hospital room and saw she was wide awake and sitting up with a confused look on her. The doctors checked her over and over but they couldn't find anything on how or why she woke up.

Sora suddenly was snapped out of his memories when he saw Naruto wave a hand in his face.

"Yo, anyone home in that head of yours?" she asked jokily.

Sora blinked before he heard her say "Dude, you've been standing in the same spot for a good twenty minutes, help me push the boat into the water… If we don't hurry up Riku and Kairi will be mad that we're late again…"

Sora then looked around and finally noticed him and his sister had somehow made it to the beach and that he had stopped moving when his sister ran off to go find their family's boat along the shoreline where most of the other families' boats on Destiny Islands were.

When Naruto had found theirs she rushed back carrying it above her head with ease though when she came back she had noticed her brother still lost in his own mind. Sora blinked again but then nodded to his sister who smiled at him, he then went over and helped push the boat off the shore and into the water.

Ever since that day twelve years ago when Sora found her in the storm, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, renamed Naruto Kashoku after her adoption, things had changed in the Kashoku household. Naruto grew up in a loving home where there were ups and downs in her young life; she lived the life of any normal girl with any normal family…

Though there were a few things that made Naruto a little… Not normal…

There were moments where in Naruto's voice, and face where she seemed to sound and look much older than what she was, someone once pointed out that the look she had the way her voice sounded was like she had experienced something very bad when she was a baby but properly didn't remember it. Sometimes it would be a look in her eyes, those deep bright blue eyes would suddenly turn stone hard as if it had seen so much in their lifetime, a look that only a solider once in a war should ever have.

Then there were moments in Naruto's young life where she seemed to somehow catch onto things quicker than others, sure she was no super genius but she was still able to speak in almost complete sentences before she was even four, most children her age only babbled words and said real words once or twice. Another strange thing was that she was strangely gifted with fighting, she was much quicker than beginners and she was able to keep up with Sora and Riku on her first day of fighting with them with wooden swords, even though she lost to Riku in the end she was still able to land a lot of hits on Sora and a few Riku.

There was one more thing that only Naruto knew was really strange, something she never dared to tell to anyone about because she feared to be taken away from her family. She would notice every time that if she ever got hurt, either it be just a paper cut or a bruise, anything really that caused her physical harm, her body would heal it quickly. She first noticed it when she was five and had fallen out from the tree she was climbing; when she hit the ground frontward and rolled onto her back she had a large gash on her knee.

Sora had panicked and ran off to get his parents while Naruto was on the ground starting to cry. She had sat up and stared at her knee that was bleeding down to her leg with a deep red color; she was going to crying again but stopped when she noticed something strange begin to happen.

Her knee… Was healing, it was making some weird almost impossible to see soft smoke appear as it healed up too… She was so stunned that she had stared at her knee in shock, she didn't even notice her brother returning with their parents nor she notice when they asked if she was alright.

Naruto knew she wasn't normal when it came down to her healing ability but she always tried to push those thoughts out of her mind whenever they appeared and so far it's been her well kept secret.

"Alright, it's in. Come on we better hurry up." Sora said once him and his sister had finally pushed the boat into the water all the way out to where they could still get in but was away from the beach. Sora held the boat still so his sister could climb in first, Naruto did and soon enough Sora jumped in too. Naruto bent forward from her seat and pulled two oars from under her and handed one of them to Sora.

Sora smiled and Naruto smiled back, both knowing they'd make it to the islands in no time…


Naruto reached over carefully, she knew that if she failed it would end badly.

"Almost…" she muttered under her breath.

"Naru!" Kairi yelled from her spot on the ground, as she yelled up.

Naruto jumped in her spot on the tall palm tree and had let go of the tree, the only reason she didn't fall was because she had her legs tied around it tightly. Naruto waved her arms around to regain her balance and lunged back to the tree to hug it before she could fall down. After a few moments of deep breathing from her panic, Naruto let out a soft but deep sigh from her spot.

Naruto turned her head downwards and said with a look "Kairi, did you really have to scare the daylights out of me?"

Kairi just giggled a bit into her hand but said with an apologized look "Sorry, didn't mean to."

"Okay, yeah, sure you didn't. Now did you need something?" Naruto asked with a small grin knowing how Kairi was like. Naruto watched as Kairi think over why she came to find her best friend but then her expression changed to an annoyed look.

"Yeah, where is that lazy bum you call your big brother, he was supposed to help me find supplies for the raft." She scowled said as she looked around hoping to see him nearby but frowned when she couldn't.

"Have you tried checking the other side of the island, you know near the boat docks? He might be snoozing down there." Naruto asked as she thought over where her brother could be, knowing him so well she wouldn't be surprised that he was sleeping at this moment. Naruto watched Kairi think it over before she nodded to herself.

"Yeah, I'll go check there. You want to come with me?" Kairi asked as she looked at Naruto.

Naruto gave her a wide grin before saying "Sure, let me just get down and we'll head over there!"

Naruto then turned away from looking down and stared at where her hands tightly held onto the tree, for a moment Naruto closed her eyes and slowly let go, she pushed herself back and soon her legs that were tightly around the tree let go too. Naruto fell back, heading headfirst downward and as she freefell near the bottom of the palm tree she quickly opened her eyes, did a flip in the air, and landed on the sand gracefully with both her knees bended upon landing.

Naruto stood up and dusted herself off for a bit before she looked back at Kairi who seemed to be watching her with awe, amusement and a small bit of envy.

"How do you do that Naru? I wanna do that too…" Kairi asked as she gave her friend a smile but there was a hint of 'want' in the redheads tone. She wanted to learn how to do that, but she never could get the hang of doing tricks like Naruto could.

Naruto shrugged and said with a wide grin "Don't know, just naturally flexible and great reflexes I guess…"

Naruto blushed a bit at the awkward silent between them both after she had said that before she pointing outward and spoke "Come on, let's go find my lazy bum of a brother."

Kairi nodded and soon both girls walked away from the palm trees, they walked and talked all the way across the small playground and training area that every child on the island loved to play with. Soon enough they had reached the doorway that lead to the tree houses and the docks.

Both girls continued to talk all the way down the beach until they reached the docks, they looked at the shoreline and saw Sora was indeed sleeping in his normal napping spot.

Kairi grew a smirk on her face as she quietly creeped over and Naruto couldn't help but roll her eyes and hold back a giggle knowing her friend was going to scare her brother for sleeping on the job. Kairi stopped when she was close enough but out of his eyesight if were to wake up.

They watched as Sora woke up for a moment and sat up to stare out to the sea, he yawned before laying back down ready to sleep again, only instead of seeing the blue sky he saw Kairi staring down at him because she had leaned forward to look at him.

"Whoa!" Sora yelled out in panic as he quickly jumped in his spot and twisted around to face Kairi.

Kairi just giggled at him and said "Sora, you lazy bum! Looks like Naru was right when she said you might be snoozing down here."

Naruto laughed loudly allowing her brother to know she was also there, Naruto walked over and stood next to Kairi, and Sora cast his sister a small annoyed look before turning back to look Kairi.

"Hey Sora, had a nice nap?" Naruto asked out.

Sora then tried to explain something "No! This huge black THING swallowed me up! I couldn't breathe, I couldn't…" but before he could finish Kairi popped his head lightly as he gave out an "Ow!"

"Are you still dreaming Sora?" Naruto couldn't help but ask out, giving her brother a smile as she folded her arms at him greatly amused.

Sora pouted at his sister but still tried to explain "It wasn't a dream Naru, it was real… Or was it? I don't know…" he sounded unsure when he said that.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her brother as she saw the look of uncertainty on his face as he questioned it. He seemed to really think that whatever he dreamed up was real. Naruto couldn't help but feel like her brother was telling the truth but she couldn't understand why.

Sora sighed a bit to himself as he muttered out loud "What was that place? So bizarre…"

Kairi just gave him an amused smile and said as she started to walk out to the shoreline of the beach "Yeah sure."

Sora watched as Kairi walked down to the shoreline and couldn't help but ask "Hey, Kairi… What was your hometown like? You know, where you grew up."

Kairi didn't turn back to look at Sora, all she did was look out to the open sea but she did answer with a hint of laughter in her tone "I told you before, I don't remember."

Naruto blinked; to her it always seemed strange that Kairi couldn't remember where she came from and had to ask "Nothing at all?"

"Nothing." Kairi responded.

"Do you ever want to go back?" Sora asked as he continued to stare at Kairi.

"Humm… Well, I'm happy here…" she finally said after thinking it over as she placed her hands behind her back and carefully rocked herself back and forth on the sand.

Sora smiled before he said not sure "Really..."

Kairi seemed to stop rocking where she stood and kept staring out into the ocean; Naruto knew Kairi only stayed quiet when she thought things over.

Then Kairi said "But you know… I wouldn't mind going to see it…"

Sora blinked before he turned his head to Naruto, Naruto noticed she was being stared at and turned to her older brother, she blinked at him before smiling, they both nodded at each other before they turned to look back at Kairi.

"We'd like to see it too. Along with any other worlds out there! We wanna see'em all!" the two siblings said at the same time keeping in perfect timing with each other. It was a common thing those two would do, so most of the people of Destiny Islands was used to the twin speak despite the fact the two weren't twins.

At the end of their speech the two snickered a bit while Kairi laughed along.

She turned around and smiled at her friends before she said cheerfully "So what are we waiting for?"

"Hey!" shouted a voice at them, and the three turned all the way around to stare behind them.

Standing there with a log under his arm was Riku, who seemed to have a smirk on his face as he said "Aren't you guys forgetting about me? So, I guess I'm the only one working on the raft."

"Riku!" Naruto chirped out with a grin.

Both Kairi and Naruto giggled as Riku walked over calmly before throwing the wooden log at her brother who barely had time to catch it.

Riku smirked lightly at the two girls before he said "And you both are as lazy as he is."

Naruto pouted and was about to argue back saying she wasn't lazy but stopped when she heard Kairi giggle with a blush at Riku and said as she moved her red hair behind her ear "So you've noticed."

The way Kairi said it and looked made Naruto bit her tongue, it was no secret between the two that Kairi liked Riku, after all childhood best friends told each other their crushes in secret when the crush and brother was away, and it had been Kairi who first said she had a crush on Riku. Naruto never gained enough courage beforehand to tell her best friend that she too had a small little crush on the sliver haired boy mainly because she didn't want to ruin their friendship over some petty crush.

Naruto frowned lightly to herself but ignored what she wanted to say instead she decided to sit next to her brother who was still sitting on beach, as she opened her mouth to speak with her brother she suddenly felt someone sit on the other side of her, turning quickly Naruto found Riku sitting in the spot next to her, the two stared at each other for a moment before they smiled.

"Okay than, we'll all finish the raft together, come on I'll race you!" Kairi said as she stared at her three friends. The three turned to her with raised eyebrows.

"Huh?" Sora asked out, wondering if she was kidding about the race.

"What, are you kidding?" Riku scoffed with a wave of hand.

"No way…" Naruto said with a grin, knowing she'd beat them all hands down.

Kairi giggled at her friends but kept going "Ready? Go!"

For a moment the three stared at each other, not sure if they were really going to race or not but the moment passed when the three shot up and began to run with Kairi running behind them due to her late start.

For a bit the three were racing at the same speed until Naruto began to pull up ahead. If there was one thing she knew she could beat both her brother and Riku at it was speed.

Naruto turned back around to see both Riku and Sora on the same speed as they smiled while Kairi just laughed as she tried to catch up with them.

Life on Destiny Islands was as it always was for the four best friends.


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