For you, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Capri or any of its characters.

Golden sands,

Beneath my feet,

Beauty in the way,

The air, itself, moves,

In the rush,

Of water to the land.

This island is my home,


My heart is at peace,

Though there may come turmoil,

Strife and toil,

This land will keep me safe,

And sound until all harm has passed.

Island of my heart,

I know I will always love you,

And I know you will never,

Push me away;

Island of my heart,

Look how beautiful you are,

At sunset,

Or sunrise.

You can cure all my ails,

I hope,

I can do the same for you;

I will take care of you, too.

Island I love,

I hope you'll always be this way,

I hope you'll always be here,

For me,

And I'll always be there,

For you.

I'll never leave you,

You know,

For long,

I'll always come back,

To you;

I'll always come back,

For you.