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Bumblebee stared in a mixture of fascination and horror at the sink piled high with bubbles. Sari gave a frustrated sigh as she shook her arm above the sink, trying in vain to dislodge the rainbow sparkling clinging for dear life to her arm.

"Come on Bee! The bubbles don't bite!" The teen groaned in exasperation, Bumblebee shook his small helm and tightened his grip.

I'm not so sure about that!

The constant popping of bubbles sounded more like an ominous hiss to his sensitive audios, and of course the mass of bubbles were always shifting on their own accord, as though it were alive. An angry, moving blob of detergent bubbles that he didn't want to be near. Suddenly, the pile of bubbles collapsed in on itself with a mighty hiss. Bumblebee whimpered fearfully and scrambled further up Sari's arm.

The techno-organic gave up trying to coax the difficult sparkling into the sink; instead she grabbed a firm hold of him with both hands….

and shoved him in.

Bumblebee shrieked in horror, and clawed at the edge of the sink, trying desperately to escape the noisy bubbles, only to find the foamy mass was clinging to his armour. Suffocating him slowly with its weightless, tickly grip…

What the frag?

That wasn't right… The sparkling stopped writhing in terror, and poked at a foamy blob perched on his forearm. The blob slipped off the edge of his armour plating and hung upside down, with a finger sized hole in its centre. Bee sighed in relief, it wasn't alive.

"See, it's harmless" Sari stated, her arms folded across her chest. She had gotten soaked when Bumblebee started flailing around in the sink, and was not impressed.

A sheepish giggle escaped Bee's vocalizers, and he carved a smiley face into the mountain of bubbles before him. A smile tugged at Sari's lips as she watched Bumblebee mess around with the soap suds. The mechling felt tempted to fling some at her, but figured he was in enough trouble, so it was probably better to resist the temptation. Sari grabbed a scrubbing brush and began the tedious chore of scrubbing away the layers of paint that coated Bumblebee from helm to pede.




Bulkhead's shoulders slumped in exhaustion, the rec. room was spotless, the only evidence of their game was the empty barrels of paint, and of course, the paint splattered all over himself. With a sigh, the heavy swat vehicle lumbered off to the wash racks. A pressurized spray and strong solvent got rid of the paint easily, Bumblebee's small and fragile frame meant that he would not be able to handle the same treatment, so he had to have a slower and gentler method; a 'bath' is what Sari had called it. He wondered what it was like being so small and fragile, he would have asked Bee, but for some odd reason he doubted that he'd get a serious answer, even if the mech could suddenly start speaking again.




Optimus glanced up from compiling his weekly report to the Magnus in the console room in time to see Sari stomp in, dripping wet and covered in soap suds. Her sneakers squelched loudly on the cement floor as she stalked up to him and promptly dumped a clean, dry and smug looking Bumblebee in his lap.

"You" she said pointing a finger at the red and blue fire truck sternly "look after him, while I go wash up."

With that the teenager turned on her heels and marched back out the way she came in, a trail of soap suds and water droplets followed behind her.

Bee watched her leave with a tilted helm, wondering if he had really pissed her off that much. It wasn't like he could actually resist the temptation to splash her for very long anyways. He then noticed that he was sitting in his leaders lap, he hadn't really been paying too much attention at whose lap he was rudely thrown onto, just that Sari's behaviour up until the point where she left the room had been highly amusing. He smiled meekly up at the Prime, who gazed warily back at him as though he wasn't too sure what to think about this predicament. He then noticed the data pad Optimus held in his hand and the subtle frown he wore on his lips. Bee concluded that he must've been doing something important, but so boring that he didn't outwardly protest to Sari interrupting him for babysitting duties.

Probably a report. Ugh, I hate reports. Maybe I should leave Bossbot to get his boring-important stuff done…

With those thoughts in mind he clambered down Prime's long legs, ignoring any protests and raced off.




Optimus sat in a stunned silence, Sari had been gone barely a minute and Bumblebee had already run off to do Primus knows what. What kind of leader was he if he couldn't even keep tabs on a sparkling? He groaned in dismay and stood up to start looking for the troublesome sparkling.



When Bee had made it into the hallway, he slowed down, unsure of what he should do next. He paused outside Jazz's room and peered in, and found that it was empty, as usual. The white ninja bot was always out and about, a stark contrast to the other resident ninja, Prowl, who seemed to pretty much live in his room and avoid everyone. Bumblebee had always made it his business to drag Prowl out of his room and have some fun every once in a while. It was too bad Prowl didn't seem to have the same notion of 'fun' as he did; camping trips were certainly not one of them. After that incident in the forest, Bee had gone all anti-nature. But Jazz always seemed to find things that suited Prowl's interests better; it must be a ninja bot thing.

ninjabots. Where the slag are they hiding now?

Bee decided, after checking in Prowl's room and finding them both meditating on the floor, that they were very bad at hiding from him. And thus, he also decided he was in the mood to stir up a room full of ninjas. Using his newfound stealth, he snuck in quietly, and then sat on his aft with a noisy (to his audios) thud, between them. Jazz, who was inexperienced with the how-far-can-I-go-with-this-before-you-snap-out-of-your-meditative-state-and-yell-at-me game, jerked out of his meditation at the sudden noise and snapped his helm in Bee's direction. Bee grinned and waved cheekily to the slightly confused ninja, who was now wondering how Bee had managed to get that close without him noticing it. Much to Bumblebee's disappointment, Prowl hadn't even twitched, he knew this game too well, and it was starting to become a major challenge to get Prowl to react.

Bee arranged his legs so that his pose imitated that of the black ninja beside him, in a mockery of Prowl's deepest meditative state, and just to piss the black ninja off, he closed his optics and hummed.

Jazz sniggered beside him, causing Prowl to turn his helm (knowing that Bee had his optics closed) and glare at the white ninja for encouraging him, unaware that Bee's finely tuned audios had heard him move.

Bee's optics snapped open and he grinned triumphantly up at the black ninja, who looked momentarily stunned, before he schooled his faceplates back into his 'serious face' mask.

Well. It was a better reaction than what he usually got.

Maybe next time I'll try permanent markers…

"Bumblebee, what do you want?" The dark cycle-bot asked coolly.

Bee just grinned cheekily, flashbacks from yesterday's tree climbing adventure filling his processor. Particularly the part where Prowl had gotten stuck in his own tree...

That was pure gold, I am NEVER going to forget that… EVER

Prowl noticed Bumblebee's stupid grin didn't fade, and his optics looked distant, as though he were remembering something…

His neutral frown deepened into a scowl, he knew exactly what Bumblebee was thinking of.

At that moment, Bee sorely missed being able to talk. How could tease Prowl if he couldn't speak?




Optimus walked down the hallway, watching the ground carefully, particularly the shadowed areas where a child sized Bumblebee could be lurking. He passed by Prowl's room without even checking, until he heard what had become a familiar sounding warble. He backtracked to find his quarry sitting comfortably between the two ninjas, with a sigh of relief his strode in. All three mechs turned to look at him as he entered, Prowl looked mildly relieved, Jazz smiled in greeting and Bumblebee looked downright disappointed.

The prime chuckled good naturedly at this "I'm sorry Bumblebee, but Sari has put me in charge of supervising you for now, not Prowl or Jazz"

He paused a moment in thought after he had picked up the small transformer "I can't honestly be that boring now can I?"

"…." The straight line of the yellow mechling's mouth said it all.

"Hmm… Apparently I can"

He nodded politely at the ninjas before exiting the room with Bumblebee in his careful servos.

By the time he had returned to his console, Bee had gone into recharge, carefully placing the peaceful mechling onto his lap, he resumed writing up his weekly report to the Magnus.

Just as he was sending the document off, Sari bounced in, all clean and tidy, blue eyes sparkling in the wake of a 'brilliant idea'.

"You know what! Now that Bee's small enough to fit inside my room without breaking stuff, we should have a sleepover at my place!"

Optimus stared at her, stunned into silence.

The only sound that could be heard was Bumblebee's snoring from Prime's lap.

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