A/N: Okay guys and girls, this is the new replacement second chapter as I was unhappy with my original ending. If you read the first you'll see that the storyline has the same plot, it's just written much much better haha. Please give some feedback as I plan on continuing this fic and encouragement is always lovely. Thanks so much!

The White

A steady beep throbbed through Arthur's ears as he attempted to add sight to sound. The bright light of wherever he was caused him to suck in a small, sharp breath and close his eyes again before attempting a squint. Absolutely everything he could see was white. Except for that thing hovering above his head somewhere...

A small black square with little red and green dots on it was attached to the white washed wall above whatever Arthur was lying on. He noticed with a small pang of annoyance that it was what continued to emit the methodical beeping and that other little bits and bobs of wires and buttons were also above him on the wall. All white, blasted white like the rest of the wall.

Arthur narrowed his eyes and turned his head a little, feeling the brush of string or elastic against his cheek as he moved. With slight confusion he decided to remedy that in a moment, first continuing to examine his surroundings. A white wall to one side, white ceiling, black box on the white wall behind him. White, white, white. Arthur gave a frustrated huff and went to lift his head, coughing in shock as something thumped hard into his chest and left its steady weight there.

"Oh god, Arthur!" a tired and slightly choked female voice drifted towards him from the far corner of the room and Arthur finally opened his eyes all the way, forcing himself up and reaching for whatever it was on his chest, "Arthur, you're awake."

Blonde hair fell into his eyes as he leant down and met the sight of a small mop of black hair attached to the ten year old currently residing on his chest, "Mordred?"

Arthur's confusion deepened as he saw his boyfriends little brother clinging to him like his life depended on it, particularly considering that the lad had made it entirely clear that he did not and never would like Arthur in the slightest so long as he was obliged to be aware of his existence, "what's on my face?"

He raised one hand away from the boy he was hugging back and removed a plastic monstrosity from his face, noticing the itchy scratchy feeling of elastic had now left his cheek. The beeping once again reached his senses and with slight bewilderment as he reached back down to hold Mordred his eyes met the surroundings of a hospital room.

"I'm sorry, but what?" The blonde noticed a twinge in the muscles across the back of his shoulders as he continued to hold the sobbing boy against his chest, focusing on the figure of his mother Hunith in the corner, "Hunith?"

"Oh darling," Hunith seemed teary again as she started forwards and brushed the fringe away from Arthur's eyes, "you've been in an accident."

An accident, Arthur turned the thought over in his head for a minute as Mordred pulled himself away from his shirt front and stared up at him with wide, red rimmed eyes, "I thought you were going to die! You can't die Arthur! What will Merlin do without you now?"

At the sound of his partners name Arthur suddenly whipped his head around the room again, ignoring the twinge from his temple as he did so. Hunith was shaking her head beside him and beginning to tear up in her own red rimmed eyes again, "darling you've been asleep for a while. Merlin is awake, but I'm afraid..."

The poor woman broke into sobs and her son stepped gingerly off Arthurs' bed to guide her to a chair, looking every inch as old as Arthur and his brother and nothing like the admittedly weird ten year old he was, "Arthur there's something wrong with Brin."

Arthur continued to stare at Mordred in a slightly intimidating manner, not even softening at the sound of Mordreds' childhood nickname for his brother – Brother Merlin; Brin. Unconsciously Arthur's hands had fisted themselves in the sheets beside his body and as he waited to hear whatever bad news he knew he was to receive the confounded beeping in the background grew faster and faster.

"The- the red car that hit you," Mordred was obviously trying to remain strong for his mother but his words still shook as he tried to force them out of his mouth, "Merlin can't walk anymore!"

As the words rushed out of Mordred the wind once again rushed out of Arthurs lungs as the boy launched himself towards him and hid his head once again in Arthur's chest. Merlin can't walk, kept throwing itself this way and that in Arthur's head trying to figure out what it meant, because obviously it can't be... it can't be, Merlin can walk! Merlin CAN walk. Merlin walks all the time. He dances and walks and sings to himself in the kitchen. Merlin can walk. Obviously.

And that was really all Arthur could remember of those first few days waking up in hospital. He remembered white, so much white. And a stupid beep that made itself faster and slower and at one point almost drove him into madness if Morgana's account could be trusted. Obviously the concussion he had obtained has messed with his memory a bit, and the medication he was on for his pain had knocked him out for a fair majority of the next week... But sometimes, Arthur could remember Merlin. Merlin sitting in a chair beside his bed, eyes red rimmed like the rest of his family and shocking black hair plastered to his forehead. He remembered him saying the word sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry all over again.