Logia Luffy: Goro edition


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The central HQ of the world government's law enforcement agency and beacon of hope and justice to the people of all seas that they need not fear the wickedness and lawlessness of the criminals that stalk the sea. That they were safe from the evils of the world.

Except their own that is.

The marines were as rotten and corrupt as any pirate. No they were more so because while a pirate made no excuse for their evil the marines hide under the banner of absolute justice. They believed that they could do whatever they wish as long as it was for the greater good of the world.

They permuted slavery of not just pirates but of civilians, innocent women and children whose human rights have been stripped simply because some bubble headed slime thinks they are above humanity and have the freedom to do as they please.

They raised towns, tore apart families and even killed children for the crime of being related to a pirate.

It was because of this that a child, an infant was condemned to die even before birth. All because he was the son of the greatest pirate ever to roam the blue.

The boy grew up bitter and angry, all those who knew of the connection hated him for what his father had accomplished, saying he never should have been born and more often than not they tried ending his 'unlawful' existence altogether. Like his father before him the adversity did not break him, instead it made him stronger. He grew stronger to fight against those that would try to end him.

The boy grew and eventually left the harsh words behind. Setting out to be remembered as something other than 'that mans' son.

He tried everything to forget the reason he set out to sea. He plundered and pillaged, brought chaos down on the very government that had condemned him, even finding someone he was actually proud to call his father. No matter how much you run the past always catches up to you, he was eventually captured and finally brought to his apparently long overdue execution.

Dark clouds stretched from horizon to horizon on the day of Portgas D Ace's execution. Rain spattering the hundreds of marines and pirates as they were locked in a battle the likes of which the world had not seen since the legendary Jolly roger pirates defeated the Golden lion Shiki's entire armada.

Cry's of rage and pain echoed for miles as the Whitebeard pirates and their allies fought the Marines. Fighting against seemingly impossible odds with both sides gaining advantage over the other then almost immediately losing it. The crew of Edward Newgate pushed ever forward towards the execution platform holding their 2nd division commander, this being the sole reason they were here and completely willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of him.

Likewise on the opposing side, most of the marines were willing to give their lives to end the era that these pirates were the last link to. Those that weren't willing were given a choice. Fight and have a chance to live another day or run away and be killed by the ruthless Admiral Akainu who clearly had no life outside the marines.

On one side of the battlefield Boa Hancock, Shichibukai and queen of Amazon Lily fired her mero mero beam, turning however she hit to stone and not caring if it was pirate or marine, men were all the same after all.

On another side the defected shichibukai Jinbei tore through the enforcers of justice like (pun intended) wet paper. Effortlessly toppling the shadow thief Gecko Moria and continuing onward as though he had never been their in the first place.

Emporio Ivankov, the Queen/ King of the Okamas was locked in a battle to the death with his old friend Bartholomew Kuma. Who had given his very soul to a government he had despised for some unfathomable reason, and was now a mindless killing machine. Ivankov unleashed his 'Galaxy wink' to counter the flurry of Kumas own rapid air pressure attack coming at him, neither side gaining advantage over the other.

From on high on top of the execution platform Sengoku stood beside the kneeling form of Ace, all three being pelted by the increasingly heavy rain. The boys adoptive grandfather Monkey D Garp sitting at his other side and looking like a kicked puppy.

"Why didn't you become a marine like I told you to." Said Garp sadly, looking down on the slaughter of a battle.

Ace didn't even look at the man who had raised him. Sengoku spoke up "We all know he never would have done that Garp. The call of his infernal blood is simply to strong. It wouldn't have mattered if he had followed your wishes and became a hero rivaling you, this would still be his fate."

"You would have killed him anyway!"

"Yes." Sengoku replied without hesitation. Leaving Garp disgusted.

"This is the end of the golden era old friend. What happens here today will determine the shape of the age to come. And I intend for justice to make it, not the words of a dying scoundrel."

The Whitebeard pirates were having mixed results in this, the battle of all battles. For every precious inch they gained in one area they lost in another. They were the most feared armada of outlaws that ever sailed since the jolly Rogers disbanded all those years ago, yet not even they with their overwhelming strength could just breeze through the bulk of the entire world naval power.

They had thrown everything they had into this battle, every last commander in their ranks was present and each one of them was as powerful if not more so than a vice admiral. Kizaru the living laser rip off of an admiral was fighting on equal grounds with Marco the Phoenix, with neither combatant being able to injure the other. The sad thing being the last two of the three great powers hadn't even entered the fray yet.

They all knew it was a battle they could not hope to win. The marines had yet to bring their full force against them, the Shichibukai on their side sorely outnumbered the single one they had, even with Gecko Moria being unable to call on his horde with the weather working against him he was still powerful enough to take out multiple non former pirates with minimal effort. The prisoners they had managed to recruit from Impel down when they tried freeing Ace from there were a great help but hardly enough to turn the tide of battle in they're favor The only ace they had left was the Yonkou himself. While that was a pretty big ace in the hole not even White Beard himself had any thoughts about coming out of this alive.

He looked up to the sky, the rain lashing down on them like spears, the clouds rumbled like a novice playing drums. As loud and fast as possible with the next roar immediately after the other.

'This is no ordinary storm.'

Sengoku looked over the battle, surveying for anyone who would come an inch further than he felt comfortable.

He turned to face the only two men who truly needed to be up on the execution platform at the moment, the executioners.

"Kill him now."

Garp's head shot up from his palms. "What did you say!"

Sengoku answered "We kill him now and not only do we guarantee the end of Roger once and for all but the morale of every pirate here will drop like a stone. It will be too easy to take care of them then."

"Or maybe they'll fight ten times harder!" Shot back Garp. Edging closer to his adopted son.

The fleet admiral seemed to consider it for about three seconds "Possibly. But either way the world will be rid of any trace of that eternally grinning fool once and for all. Men!"

"Aye sir!" They moved right behind Ace, whose look told everyone that while surprised he accepted his death with a smile. Like all others who dare the name D.

"Sengoku...!" Garp got up and made for one of the marines holding a spear, but a hand around his wrist from his old friend stopped him.

"Stop this and you know what will happen Garp. Will you throw away the last scraps of what your family can call justice just to save this boy?

Garp pushed against the man who was his equal "My son is the most wanted man in history and wants nothing to do with me. My wife is buried and I wish I had my grandsons body to say the same about him. I have nothing left 'but' this boy!"

"Very well." Sengoku's arms began to bulge and swell.

"Gramps!" Said Ace calmly. Tears spilling from his grinning face "Please, don't."

"A-Ace!" Garp's strength left him. Letting Sengoku release him from his grip. Sengoku signaled once more to the executioners who stood behind the boy.

"Best hurry." Murmured Sengoku as the ever growing waters and winds drenched him. "A tall structure is not the best place to be during a lightning storm.

"Pops our den den mushi's have just picked up the message the marines are passing. They're planning on killing Ace right now!"

The enormous man turned to face his 'son', chuckling as if the man were only a child tattling. "Is that so. Well then theyres only one thing for it."

"Yes pops. I'll signal to..."

"Have everyone fall back."

" Yes every one...what!" He gaped in shock. "Pop that's insane! If we don't get up their in the next minute Ace is dead!"

Th human giant looked down at his 'son, who immediately backed away from the semi glare "Ace will be fine. It's the rest of you I'm worried for"


Whitebeard returned to staring up at the sky. The storm fogging everyone's vision and lightning striking down as much as the rain.

On the battle field a less than graceful and glorious fight was going on. A literal waterfall fell from on high. Not drops but sheets of water buckets down soaking every last person in Marineford to the bone with sea water rich rain. Ordinarily a little rain would not effect a devil fruit eater much, it would cause minuet stiffness of movement and barely reduced ability, but it rained so much and so hard that it rendered any and all devil fruit powers nil. Men and what women on the field started freezing up as it soaked through their clothing and permeated their skin. The only unnaturally powered ones left who could move even a little were those wearing waterproof clothing, or had used they're powers to shield themselves like two of the admirals with covers of they're own element.

The battle was now almost completely in the hands of the non powered, which the marines outnumbered the pirates at least 3 to 1 even if you didn't include the giants.

Up on the platform the spear holders drew their weapons back, just as the almost completely immobile Sengoku managed to take out another transponder snail, this one connected to the loudspeakers so he could speak out over the rain.

"-Let those who no longer believe in justice witness this! The end of Gold Roger, and his glorious golden age!-"

He signaled to the executioners, who drew back, and plunged forward.

"ACE!" The whitebeard pirates called out almost as one.

"ACE-KUN!" That was Jinbei.

"Ace!" A beautiful young woman in the Sabody archipelago gasped as she watched the monitor, keeping quiet so no one around her would guess her intent.

'Sabo. I'm coming.' The last thoughts of Portgas D Ace right before the blades touched his back.

The world exploded in a deafening roar.

No one dared move, no one dared breath. I don't think anyone even dared blink at what they'd just seen.

The execution platform, The sight of the end of Rogers bloodline was destroyed! Hit by a massive bolt of lightning. The wooden frame exploded outward and fryed everyone one it! The two nameless marines were incinerated almost instantly and everyone of note on it was flung from the risen platform with great speed.

Sengoku since he could barely move in the first place was sent spiraling towards were the battle was were he landed in a flaming heap, while Garp had grabbed onto Ace and had managed to leap down just as the bolt hit. It was times like these he was glad he had never eaten that thing they gave Akainu.

"You alright Ace?" The slightly charred man coughed. The boy he was holding groaned a little, smoldering and now having two small entry wounds in his back but otherwise fine.

The hero laughed "Good. Ha ha I guess Sengoku was...right." He paused as a curious feeling washed over him. His Haki fueled senses picking up on something that shouldn't be.

He turned to face Whitebeard's direction, or rather above were the Moby Dick was and watched in fascination as they clouds over there, 'only' over there began to part leaving only one which began to rapidly descend from the heavens.

The whole world watched the lone cloud descend. It was as white as new fallen snow in a dark sea. It drifted as slowly as a feather in the wind ever downward until it's bottom drifted over the mast of the yonkou's flagship, annoying the enormous man to no end because unlike everyone else in Marineford he couldn't see what he was supposed to gape at.

Then he heard a voice call out from above.


Fluffy white streams shot out of the clouds like arrows. Expanding like shaving cream and creating solid white paths of cloud out across all the base.

Ah, it was one of 'those' clouds.

The gaping faces of Marine and pirate alike here beginning to bother him so he decided to sate his curiosity. So he crouched down, then with one almighty leap the man of seventy lus was up in the air like a rocket. He thrust his bisento out in front of him to pierce what he new was a fossil cloud and managed to break through all the way to the top were he landed won the marshmallow like surface.

He almost immediately found cannons and arrows pointed at his face.

8 dozen... no 9 maybe more men and women surrounded him. Not the least bit intimidated by the Houshoku haki he was hemorrhaging. The group was quite diverse, some had what looked to be marine uniforms only with berets instead of caps and cloud patterned pants. Others were dressed more like a tribe yet were the ones pointing the guns and other more modern weapons at him.

The last group for the most part had strange goat like features and wielded swords and spears. However what they all had in common was that each and every one of them had wings just jutting from their backs. Not big enough to fly mind you but they were definitely part of their body's.

Except for one that is.

A fairly muscular brat in uniform inched closer to him. An arrow pointed between his eyes. "Who do you think you are! What gives you the right to come so close to Kami!"

'Kami?' The worlds strongest man scanned the crowd for anyone who looked like such a brazen title would fit. Then he noticed that several of these soldiers seemed to be gathered around the wingless one. Surely not him?

The ones aiming at him noticed his stare and immediately jumped to conclusions. "WE WON'T ALLOW YOU TO..."

"Enough McKinley."

The words died on the now named mans lips. He turned face and immediately made to stick his hand behind his head before catching himself and simply saluting.

"Yes Kami-sama!"

The one behind his guards nodded and turned to face the still literally and metaphorically frozen battlefield. "Everyone get ready."

At his words the warriors moved to battle stations. Letting Whitebeard see him for the first time.

A red Chinese style shirt covered him, the golden yellow togs meant to tie it together were left unused giving the world a view of a well defined if slightly scarred 6 pack. Thick golden bracelets adorned his arms and legs and looked far to heavy to not dictate any level of movement. His pants were semi loose and made of black and red silk patterned in eight horizontal stripes and held up with a yellow silk sash. Upon the back of his shirt was a symbol made of three tomoe with a unique symbol in each that Whitebeard noted was worn by each respective group. His feet were bare, with one resting on the cloud while another rested against an ornate seemingly solid gold staff.

The boy stood overlooking the battle field, standing on one leg while his left foot was planted on the staff on his right side. He used his free hand to scratch to lift up the thin (take a guess what it's made of) band around his head and scratch giving him all the appearance of an expensively dressed primate. His eyes seeing past the ungodly downpour and locking with Ace.

The world narrowed between those two points. Frazzled and in shock Ace was able to see just as clearly through the rain, his eyes growing wider and wider, misting up as he realized what he was seeing was real.

"Is that! N-no way!" He rasped out.

Garp hefted him up. His own eyes not breaking away either "Yes way Ace. HA HA YES WAY!"

'Kami' looked across the battle field. His grip on his staff tightening. "SKYPIANS!"

The berets tensed their weapons.


The tribe hefted their cannons.


Weapons of all sorts were raised.


"YES LUFFY KAMI-SAMA!" They cried out as one.

Then with a clap of thunder and a streak of electricity. Monkey D Luffy. The lightning king and the god who rules the heavens above stormed the battlefield.

Whitebeard watched after him and smirked, this new generation was indeed interesting.

End prologue

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