Logia Luffy: Goro edition

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Chapter 6: Where angels dare not tread

Upper yard. Of all the places he could have landed he had to pick upper yard. He could have just sailed right off the edge of the white white sea, dived into it, hell he could have stopped, at least then he would only have to worry about a horrible agonising and probably gratuitous bloody death.

It's ground had been used as gods domain for centuries, and an almost constant war ground when they're wasn't one. He was stranded, weapon-less and had...


...Luffy with him

The older man wiped the fear sweat from his brow. "Luffy would you please calm down, I'll find us some food later. Right now we have to make sure we'll be safe."

"But I'm huuuuungry." He whined.

"You ate before we got on the wavers...'which' was two hours ago." He added before the boy could say any more. With that out of the way he turned to more urgent business. Since this island was just one big eternal battleground he needed to make sure he and the boy weren't caught up in anything. Telling Luffy to stay put then immediately telling him to stay right behind him and be quite and finally picking him up and covering his mouth he sneakily began his trek. Moving briskly but sticking as close to the trees as best he could, watching his every step for twigs or dried leaves that may alert anyone or anything to his presence.

All around him were the sounds of nature. Wind whistled, birds sung and leaves rustled. All he could hear where was the quiet ambiance of nature.

Absence of noise always fell infinity louder than the greatest of dins.

He waited for it. Not a breath, not a squeak, because he refused to believe that he stepped on holy soil without immediately alerting someone!

A frigid chill ran the length of his spine and back again, a painful buzzing in the back of his head, and a voiceless voice screaming at him to...



The tree he had been leaning against feel in a dramatic fashion, the spot where his head had been parallel to was reduced to wood chips as that entire section was crushed by a tremendous force

Payaga followed the direction the shot had come from, but had no time to make out details as another jet propelled cannonball fired at his stomach.




He felt like a cross between a ballet dancer and an Olympic sprinter by this point. Pirouretting and plieing out of the way all the while making sure never to trip of disturb any of the forest critters fleeing along with him. Earth exploded, trees timbered and more than one passing bird was blasted right out of their feathers as the deadly shower followed him, all the while never taking his hand away from his young charges mouth less he suddenly desire 'not' to continue dodging.

The trees blurred more and more as he pushed himself harder and harder. Death raining down on his heels, he continued his deadly dance as best he could. Until the unfortunate eventuality occurred for a man who had never had need to be so nimble before.


He performed a very impressive mid air somersault, worthy of a bronze medal. It would have been gold but his landing was horrible. His foot touched down on a large patch of damp moose...mouse...stuff that grows on trees. He did yet another mid air somersault, only this time he lost his grip on his cargo and tossed the boy a good 20 feet away.

Pagaya groaned and pulled himself into a sitting position, spying his young charge doing the same.




Like veteran actors the two danced across the battlefield. Looking for all the world like little more than a low rank marine and a no bounty nobody, sneaking ever across to their target location in the most ingenious way possible. By acting like suicidal idiots. Who would ever suspect the two blown away by every cannon blast, knocked down by every punch and made little effort to dodge whatever 'special power/ technique' that was sent their way were in fact using the distance they were being blown away as a crafty way to cross the dangerous war zone.

Their greatest chance came when Whitebeard himself had finally taken to the field. Unleashing a mighty quake wave that sent everything in it's path flying. The faux pirate and marine pair had caught what he had been about to do, and rather than try to avoid the unavoidable attack like so many others, they deliberately got in range while looking like they were still clashing.


They and around fifty marines where swept up in the hurricane winds. Everyone was far so concerned for themselves to even notice the rather dull looking pirate mixed in with them.

Marine managed to get his legs round pirates midsection. "Ready?" He chirped happily.

"Ready!" His partner mimicked.

Okay them



"NOW!" The said as one before twisting their form. The violent force pushing at then caused this single twist to turn into a spin. A spin which allowed them to veer of the dangerous path that all the other victims were on and to discreetly fly out of the veritable cyclone and far into the abandoned streets of Marineford.

They plummeted towards the stone streets below, turning at a speed that would certainly smash them to paste if the pirate hadn't released a small blue ball where they would land. It bounced before expanding madly until it was 20 feet across. They smashed into the massive squishy sphere with a loud 'whump' sound, springing them back into the air for a moment then immediately shrank back down to it's original size.

"There that should be far enough from the battle to vacate without suspicion." The pirate said.

"Not a moment to soon. Our schedule must not be delayed by more than a minute." The marine said.

"You know where 'you know what' is?"

"Did I spend the last 10 years as the epitome of a forgettable nobody just so I could fail?"

"I certainly hope not. 'He' gets mad when you say words he doesn't understand." The pirate gulped.

"Then lets hurry. The sooner we do this the sooner it will all be over."

The four other supreme leaders of the world stared at their youngest counterpart, who had butted out his cigarette and instead pulled out a cigar. Not just any cigar either. The kind ass holes smoke when there sure their plan that will make them an even bigger dick than they already are have succeeded.

The Gandalf like ruler spoke up. "What have you done?"

The not completely grey haired man rolled his words out past his smokes. "Initiated the end game."

"End game?" Rabbi mirrored.

"The last battle, the final plan, the ultimate solution for wiping out crime across the world so utterly that a hundred years from now that no one will even know what the word 'pirate' means."

The Buddhist shakes his head "How arrogant you are. Do you know just how grand a feet would be required to do even a fraction of what your suggesting. To even make a tenth of those under the skull and crossbones lower it you would have to..."

"...Commit the greatest show of might ever recorded and make sure that the entire world was watching?"

The room was silent for a moment before the mega moustachioed one spoke. "The 'greatest force' is already concentrated on Marineford and willing to lay down their vary lives to destroy the army of Edward Newgate, and are being driven back. If you are saying that you are responsible for 'any' actions taken within the war without unanimous agreement then you will suffer the consequences!"

The youngest of the took the super sized death stick from his mouth and blew a ring of smoke.

"You misunderstand me. I did no more to do than what any of you would do..."

"...I simply made sure to think a little further ahead."

The two made their way down the deserted streets. Ducking through every deserted alleyway for the off chance that they would be caught. Ducking into shadows and diving into trash cans every time lightning cracked or more fighters flew over their heads (whether by their own violation or not didn't matter)

"How much farther...Marine?"

"Not much...Pirate?"

Both stared at each other for a moment. "Really wish they would at 'least' give us code names."

"Code names imply you have something to cover up. Now come on it's through there." Marine said pointing to a rather inconspicuous building. Which was rather odd since because it wasn't a very noticeable building made it all the more noticeable. While it was a very small and plain building, roughly the size of a large equipment shed it was surrounded by buildings designed by architects who wouldn't know what simple was if it ran up to them, kicked them in the testicles and did a funny little dance before buggering off.

The two men had no time to voice such opinions. They just hurried over, then with a twist of the lock they clambered inside. Not even bothering to close the door which slowly closed behind them with a creepy 'creak'.

"Mmm well that's not something you see everyday."

"You sure you can kill this kid?"

"I never miss." A calm, almost robotic voice replied.

"He asked if you can kill him you cross eyes s*&t!" A distinctly unfeminine female barked.

"I will hit him. It's left to fate to decide if he'll die because of it."

A spindle fingered hand wrapped around the spear before it could pierce Van Augers brain.

"Good enough. Just hurry up and do it! Sooner we take care a that brat the sooner I get what's mine!"

"Aye captain." The blackbeard marksmen muttered quietly while lining up for the shot. Waiting for the living lightning bolt to stop even for an instant to make his sure mark.


Luffy's staff met Aokiji's sabre. The ice of the blade being so cold that it was harder than steel. Easily cutting into the mere gold on the ring pole.

"Big mistake Admiral."

"You'd think that wouldn't you."

Luffy grinned wickedly, then lit up like a Christmas tree, followed immedialty by his icy opponent.

A dome of viciously crackling energy flashed into existence as hundreds of millions of volts raced between Luffy and his target. Yet to the sky gods shock Aokiji pushed forward with his sword setting Luffy of balance and giving him the chance to tag the boy in the chest.

"Ice time!"

Ice blossomed from the slender man's palm in the space of an eye blink. Almost completely covering the boy before he once more activated what powers he could use with Aokiji's haki trying to suppress it. The heat of the energy melting the ice almost fast as the admiral could make it.


"Kizaru's has not needed to fight seriously for a long time. But your own grandfather taught me never to go into a fight against a powerful opponent with anything less than all my cards on the table to begin."

"F-f-funny yu yuh you said t-that." As the ice crept up his chest Luffy turned his gaze up just as a massive blue bolt crashed down on them.

Aokiji may have cancelled out Luffys own channelling of electricity but a bolt straight from the heavens is another thing entirely. Since this wasn't something he was producing himself Aokiji couldn't stop it. The ice shattered and fell away, breaking Luffys contact with the admiral and giving him time to get away.

"I prefer to keep a few cards up my sleeve."


The cool gold very rapidly heated up until it was almost molten slag which allowed it to reshape according to Luffys whims. The ring staff suddenly shot forward at blinding speed. Sacrificing it's girth and decoration to extend it's range. Smashing the ice man in the chest and into a million pieces.

Luffy sighed in relief but then raised his hand crackling with power towards the already reforming chunks of ice. Just as a glowing blue orb had formed underneath his fingers his other hand darted up to his head.

The orb vanished the instant something very fast and very deadly made contact with the logia users skin. He almost collapsed onto his knees before dropping it to the ground. Showing a dull green bullet at his feet.

"Sea stone?" He wondered aloud. Tracking the bullet back to it's point of origin he spotted a faint glint.

His eyes narrowed. "Hold this for me." He said before kicking over the power draining pellet right into the left nostril of Kuzans already regenerated head, halting any further reforming.

Luffy grinned like his family's namesake before vanishing in a flash of light.

"YOU MISSED!" The not very beautiful woman had to be restrained to prevent her from killing her crew senior.

"I don't miss."


"I don't miss. It simply was that his fate was not do die by my hand." Van Auger said in a tone that sounded like he was lecturing a child like adult.

"Grrr do you have 'any idea' what he's going to do when he finds us."

"This." A voice atop Van Augers rifle perch said. Giving the hidden Blackbeard pirates just enough time to see a pissed of god king right before the world went blue.

End chapter...in a minute

Pagaya stared blankly at the large crater just inches from where his groin used to be. Eternally grateful to whatever deity decided he could give his daughter siblings still he decided the best way to honour them is to make sure he wouldn't rely on their generosity twice.

"PAGAYA!" Not even checking first the Skypian ran in the direction of the voice, picking up something small and squirming from within the dust cloud and praying it wasn't an angry pygmy.

"Your ok!" The voice happily declared.

"No time to celebrate my boy! We dodged death once and I'm not trying for twice." He accelerated as much as he could. Until whatever was chasing him could no longer see the man.

However it was not because he was faster than this entity. No this was because it was otherwise preoccupied.

A long lobed man dressed in a formally pristine white rob coughed up blood violently, the dial weapon that allowed him to fire those destructive shots falling to the direst below. He shakily turned his head to see the face of the owner of the spear he running through his stomach.

"How?" He rasped out.

The Shandorian smiled cockily. "It's easy when the guy your after is tearing apart the jungle like a great snake with trying to hit a few lost Skypians with a very loud gun. You really should have worked on your aim, then maybe you'd have hit them sooner and I wouldn't have been able to sneak up on you."

Gods warrior gritted his teeth "You won't get away with this. Our god..."

"Is a two tonne walking heart attack who'd rather have others make decisions for him while he sits around stuffing his face. He won't give a crap what happens to a nameless idiot like you."

"MY NAME IS...!"


"I don't care." The goat like man dropped when his killer pulled his weapon back. The Shandorian gazed into the forest in the direction the two others had ran in.

"Mmm They're heading in the direction of the ruins. Now what would you two be doing here." His curiosity peaked the tattooed young warrior took of after the boy and man. His weapon held tightly and ready for anything that might occur.

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