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Note: I wasn't actually planning to put a second chapter, but my stupid friends kept nagging me so yeah. ^.^ I guess you're probably wondering, WHY WILL! Simply because I dislike will ^.^ I guess you could probably tell by him getting raped continually. Anyway, Jack has another shot at poor Will, and Davy Jones and Jack have a fight for him.

"Will, my darling sweetie. Wake up." Will eyes shot open; he stared at the thing before him. It was Davy Jones, his green slimy tentacles caressing his cheek.

Will tried to move, but from the previous night of hot tentacle sex, Will's rectum was permanently damaged. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!" Will cried. Davy chuckled putting a tentacle to Will's lips, "Nothing my love, but if didn't stop struggling it wouldn't hurt so much."

Davy's eyes suddenly came alive, "How about an afternoon quickie my little…toy boy." Will's eyes shone pure shock, "No, please!" Davy smiled and slowly unbuttoned his pants. Will tried to scream but his mouth was muffled by a smarmy tentacle. Davy Jones smirked, "Suck it boy!"


Jack awoke on the hard bar floor. What had happened last night? He stood up and looked around; next to his feet were some handcuffs his eyes narrowed. A scream of Will echoed through his head, at that moment it all came back to him. Jack smiled evilly to himself, he would have and taste Will, if it was the last thing he ever did.

Jack shot out of the bar doors, slowly he took in his surroundings. He grinned when he heard a scream. Uh huh! That's my Will! Jack edged a bit closer to the beach, were he had heard the sound. Jack's eyes narrowed when Will came into sight, Davy Jones was….was RAPING WILL! THAT'S MY MAN! Jack thought to himself, I will fight for him! Jack ran at lightning speed down to the beach, where poor Will was been molested.

"Ay! Davy Jones, Stop what are doing to my Will!" Davy looked up from his molestation. "Ay, I am doing nothing Jack Sparrow. Only taking what is mine!" Jack frowned, "If you didn't know Davy Jones, Will Turner here is my love bunny. So you, Davy Jones, get your disgusting tentacles of my prize!" Davy smiled, his voice thick with an Irish accent, "Nay, I shall not Jack Sparrow. You owe me so much, I will take Will as a payment." Jack frowned and crossed his arms, "I shall fight to the death!" Davy got up slowly and spread his legs into an aggressive stance, "Prepare to die." Davy cried as he jumped forward bowling jack over.

Will tried to move, tried to scream as the clashing of swords echoed in his head. He could distantly hear muffled cries of Davy and Jack as they slashed at each other with their swords. Abruptly Davy fell to the ground, Jack smiled, "Now Davy, I shall kill you."

Davy's hands shot up covering his slimy face, "No please Jack! I know a way we can settle this!" Jacks eyes came alight with realisation, Davy smiled, "THREESOME!" They both yelled, their voices exactly synchronized. Will eyes went wide and he shook his head vigorously, "No! No, no! Please don't do this!" Jack just pursed his lips and unhooked his handcuffs from his belt, then he slowly unbuttoned his pants, "Now lad, don't take this seriously. It's just a pirate world."


That night all that could be heard were the cries of Will and the pleasurable moans of jack and Davy, and even Barbossa. He found them and jumped right in.

Will recovered but unfortunately he died of tentacle AIDS two weeks later.

Note: I thought that was a fabulous ending, as I said 100% joke, if you flame I warned you! Of course that would never happen but in my sick twisted imagination it probably could, plus Davy Jones is badass.