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Chapter 1

Harry James Potter watched the rising sun from his hotel window. The twenty-seven year old wizard had just arrived in America, Manhattan to be more precise. And he had yet to find a home he liked. Sure, he could by a home and magically expand it like the Blacks did with Grimmauld Place, but he wanted someplace where he could entertain muggles, as he was trying to get away from the wizarding world.

He sighed. He remembered when he had first discovered he was a wizard. He had seen the wizarding world as his salvation, a place he could get away from his horrid relatives, a fresh start. By his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he knew that it was the opposite, and if he had any doubts they were dispelled during the years after his graduation. Every year until his seventh, he'd had at least one, sometimes even more, attempts on his life. When he had defeated Voldemort at the end of his sixth year, he had thought he could live a normal life finally. No more heroics, no more life or death situations. He could build a life, surrounded by family and friends.

But as he learned in his seventh year, that was not to be.

Harry pushed those thoughts out of his mind and pulled an old and worn pocket-watch, it had once belonged to his father and grandfather before him, from his suit pocket to check the time. He figured he might as well get some work done before the various meetings he had to do today. He had meetings with three different CEO's today after all.

Harry smirked when he realized that neither of the three co-operations, despite their size, had gone public. His first meeting was a Ms. Dominique Destine of Nightstone Unlimited, with whom he was having lunch with. Afterward he had a meeting with Mr. Halcyon Reynard of Cyberbiotics. And finally, he had an informal dinner meeting with Mr. David Xanatos and his family.

The only reason he was speaking to these companies was because he was starting his own, Marauders Security, in the muggle world. After all, he needed to tell people something when they asked what he did, and it would preferably be something without magic involved, at least directly. All three companies had robotics divisions, and he was wondering if any of them would be willing to manufacture his designs. Granted, whatever they installed in his business would only be set up temporarily and he was showing designs that, although seemingly sophisticated, were essentially useless without magic (it helped having goblins on ones payroll). But he needed some-type of security for his manufacturing facilities until they were up and operational, not to mention manufacturing machines as well.

Hell, if he didn't need to blend in with the muggle world he wouldn't even need those machines as the illusions they were. But since he did plan on blending in, he needed those illusions for any workers he hired.

As much as he hated jumping through all these hoops just to create a necessary lie, something he detested on principle and loathed after graduation, he was still bound by the International Statute of Secrecy. So it was that unless one already knew about magic, or they were a member of his immediate family, he could not break the law or else he faced time in a wizarding prison and a hefty fine.

Of course he reasoned that he could just as easily not open up his company. He had inherited both the Potter fortune, from his parents, and the Black fortune, from his godfather, which were enough that neither he nor his great-grand kids would ever need to work. But he did want to do something with his life And that's what this was.

As he went over his papers he decided that he was defiantly going to change and stretch his wings tonight.


Demona, in her human guise of Dominique Destine, sat at her her desk in Nightstone Unlimited. She was doing one more review of the papers Lord Black had sent for her to review in preparation of their meeting at lunch. As she scanned the designs for the manufacturing machines, she saw no problems. But when she came to his security measures...

To someone who did not pay close enough attention, they looked fine. But anyone who looked close enough would realize that they were useless. The things were completely useless, they wouldn't, couldn't work. Even with several different modifications they wouldn't.

The immortal business woman wondered if Lord Black realized this. If he did, why order them? Demona was intrigued. Either this man had no idea what he was doing, or he had something up his sleeve.

Her eyes glanced at another folder setting on her desk. Knowing nothing about Lord Black when he first contacted her, she had hired an investigator to find out as much about the man as possible. The results surprised her in their lack of anything. Especially since the people she went too usually found several pages worth of material.

All they had found on Lord Black was his name, date of birth, and his current address at the Hilton Hotel. That and the picture they had taken of him were all she had. She had no idea were he was from, were he went to school, family, anything, and it frustrated her. She didn't like not knowing whom she was dealing with.

She picked up the picture of Lord Black. His long black hair was tied back in a pony tail, not unlike Xanatos'. She admitted that he was a rather handsome specimen, for a human. She continued to study the face and her eyes were drawn to his forehead, where a distinctive lightning bolt shaped scar rested. She idly wondered how he had gotten it.

He was smiling in the picture, but when she looked at his eyes, even in the picture, they unnerved her. Piercing emeralds were so much like her own eyes, but they held a pain and knowledge of life and death she knew all to well. She only knew a few people with such eyes, herself and Macbeth were two of them. Hudson was another. A twenty-seven year old human shouldn't have that look, not unless he had seen many horrors already.

As she looked at the clock, she found herself actually looking forward to this meeting. Lord Black may be human, but he was certainly an enigma, one she. for some unexplainable reason, found herself interested in.


Harry arrived at the restaurant a good hour early for his meeting with Ms. Destine. He wanted to make sure the restaurant had headed his reservation for the dining room. Not to mention he wanted to arrive before the businesswoman, and he had no idea if she would be early or not. As he handed the keys for his black Mercedes to the valet, he desperately wished he could of driven Sirius' old motorcycle here. But with valet parking, he couldn't risk it, the valet might accidentally engage the motorcycle's flying charm, and that would be a disaster. Perhaps he'd take it to one of his other two meetings. Neither one would involve someone else riding the motorcycle for parking.

He mentally shrugged as he stepped through the door. It was something to think about.

The Maître d' smiled at him and asked, "Can I help you sir?"

Harry smiled back at the man. "Lord Black, I don't suppose the private dinning room is ready?"

The Maître d' simply lead him back to the empty room, were three long tables ran along three of the walls. A smaller, circular table had been set up in the center of the room. "I hope this is to your liking sir?"

"It's fine thank you," Harry said as he sat down.

"Your waiter shall be with you shortly," The Maître d' said before exiting the room.

A few moments later a young, blond woman came into the room and set a glass of water in front of him. "Good afternoon sir, I'm Laura and I'll be your waitress this evening. Would you like something else to drink?"

Harry smiled. "I don't suppose you have raspberry lemonade, do you?"

Laura smiled. "As a matter of fact we do."

"I'll have a glass of that then."

Laura left and returned a few moments later with his drink. "There you are sir. Now would you like a menu now, or do you wish to wait for the rest of your party?"

"I'll wait thank you."

Harry took a sip of his drink before leaning back in his chair to await the arrival of Ms. Destine


A quirked eyebrow was the only outward sign of surprise Demona showed as the Maître d' led her the private dinning room. Clearly Lord Black wanted privacy and was willing to pay for it.

She was actually more surprised that the human was already present, as she herself was a good forty-five minutes early.

The human smiled and stood up as she sat down, before sitting down himself. "Good morning Ms. Destine," he said politely. "And thank you for meeting with me."

Demona smiled. "The pleasure is mine Lord Black. I hope I can convince you that Nightstone is who you wish to deal with for your equipment."

"Please, call me Harry, I don't like my title much," the man sighed. "But my assistant constantly feels the need to make sure everyone I do business with knows it."

"If I am to call you Harry, then please call me Dominique," Demona said.

In a few moment's the waitress, a girl named Laura came in and handed them both menus before asking what she'd like to drink.

"I'll stick to water, thank you," Demona said, before opening her menu.

The two of them stared at their menus in silence until Laura returned to take their orders. Then the two of them began to talk.

"So, Harry, I wonder if I might ask you a question?"

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Go ahead."

Demona narrowed her eyes slightly. "Do you realize that the security devices you'd like built won't work?"

To her surprise, he smiled. "You mean they won't work as is."

"No, I mean they won't work, period."

Harry sighed. "What would you do if I told you that that's exactly what they're supposed to do."

"I'm afraid I don't follow."

"Do you play poker Ms. Destine?"

"I know how to play, even though I don't."

"So you understand the concept of bluffing?"

Demona nodded. "Of course. I use it all the time in business. Are you telling me that these 'devices' are merely bluffs?"

The man smiled. "Precisely. Any one attempting a break-in will naturally try to get past these false measures. In doing so, not only will they waste precious time, but they will also activate the actual defenses, which I already have the means to create. Most people jump to the obvious conclusions, when the actual problem is hiding beneath the surface, or not even there to begin with. But in order to fool someone, it must not be obvious that you are fooling, it must seem like the truth." He chuckled. "Tell me, did you figure out my little bluff on your own, or did one of you engineers catch it?"

Demona snorted. "My engineers all told me it was sound. It was only when I actually examined them myself when I discovered they were, as you called them, bluffs."

Harry shrugged, "Well my chief designer will be glad to here that. He was confident that none of the engineers would figure it out. Although he will be a little put out that you managed to figure it out. But no matter. I am curious however, what reveled it?"

Demona smiled. "Simple, your wiring crossed too much. It was hard to follow one wire through the designs. When I payed close enough attention I realized that none of the wires went where they needed too, although it appeared that they did."

"You must have very sharp eyes, and a quick mind, on top of your beauty."

The gargoyle turned human took a sip of her water. "Flattery will get you no where with me Lord Black."

"Even if it's the truth," he smiled.

"Even then," Demona confirmed. "So tell me, I've never heard of Lord Black, what exactly are you lord of?"

Harry sighed. "It's a hereditary title. My godfather was the last of the direct line. It should have gone to the closest male, which isn't me, but because I was a distant relation, and there were no more male Blacks, my godfather was able to pass the title to me when he passed. It's simply a title. In some circles, it carries great weight. But none of them are present." He smirked.

"So, how did the closest male react when he found out?" She asked smiling.

Harry frowned, and sighed. "Not well. But...luckily, he died shortly afterward."

Demona was about to ask another question when the waitress came in with their meals

After Laura left, Harry opened his mouth and asked a question. "So, Dominique, do you have any special men in your life?"

Demona's eyes narrowed and her eyebrow raised. "I don't see how that would be any of your business."

To her surprise, Harry chuckled. "It is if I wish to make an attempt to hit on you. But, not only do I have the worst luck with women, it would be pointless if you were involved with someone else."

"And if I said I wasn't interested?"

Harry shrugged. "At least you'd be being honest with me. Of the three women I've been on dates with," he held up his fingers. "One, only dated me because I saw her ex die in front of me and she wanted to know what happened. Two, only dated me because she was being payed to, with money stolen from my own accounts. And three, was only interested in being with my title and money, not me. So you turning me down, and being honest about it, would be ten times better than any of them."

"You've seen someone killed?"

Harry frowned and sighed. "Unfortunately. And more than once. They're not experiences I like to remember."

"I'm sorry."

He waved her off. "It's no big deal. You had nothing to do with it after all."

The rest of the meal was spent discussing the various benefits of Nightstone Unlimited.

Throughout the meal, Demona couldn't help but feel drawn to this man. He excluded a confidence and air of nobility without seeming haughty or at all snobbish. There was also a dangerous quality to him, a sense of lethality and strength. She kept trying to remind herself that he was a human, and she despised humans. She hated them.

But she liked this one.

She was actually attracted to this one, truly attracted.

As Demona stood up to leave, she turned to face Harry. "What if I said I was interested?"

"Pardon," Harry asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Demona smirked at Harry. "Earlier you asked if there were any significant men in my life. The answer is, aside from my three ex's, no."

Harry smiled. "Then I would ask if you are free this weekend?"

"I am."

Harry's smile widened. "Then I will try and find something for us to do. Any particular no-no's?"

Demona smiled. "During the day please. I like to be in bed and sleep at night." She handed him a business card. "If I don't answer my office phone you can leave a message with my assistant."

"Don't have a phone at home?"

"You haven't earned that yet."


Halcyon Reynard was impressed, and he was not a man who was easily impressed.

He had just finished his meeting with Lord Black, Harry Potter. The man had been honest and upfront when he explained that he had already discussed this same contract with Nightstone Unlimited and had another meeting tonight with Xanatos Enterprises. The man had been polite, and entertaining. Halcyon liked the boy, he genuinely hoped that the boy wouldn't end up like his son-in-law when it came to business ethics. It would be a shame if such a promising young man were to become tarnished as such.

Potter had also surprised him with his own knowledge about Cyberbiotics. And one of the questions he asked was if Fox Xanatos would inherit the company from him. And he had done it politely and with the grace that showed he meant no disrespect by indicating the old man's age and health. When Reynard informed him that yes, Fox would inherit the company, he politely said that he was unlikely to go with Cyberbiotics over Xanatos Enterprises as they would likely merge in the future, and it would be better for his company to develop a working relationship with them in that case, just in case they had any future needs that Marauders Security would be unable to fulfill themselves.

Halcyon understood the young man's logic perfectly, and held no grudge about it. He would probably have done the same thing himself if he had been in the young man's position.

They had spent the rest of the allotted meeting time discussing life, and morals. The old Businessman had to admit that the boy was a honorable and decent man. He had even told the boy that should he need any business advice, or just a friend in the city, to give him a call.

Halcyon Reynard desperately hoped his son-in-law did not mess up this deal. It would to the man good to work with someone with ethics.


Fox Xanatos smiled at the man Owen led into the dinning room at the castle. His first impression was that he looked like a younger version of her husband, only with black hair and green eyes. Though she supposed their similar hairstyles had something to do with it.

She watched as David walked over and shook the man's hand. "Good evening Lord Black, I'm glad you were able to join me and my family for dinner."

"Please, Call me Harry Mr. Xanatos, I'm not a big fan of my title. And the pleasure is mine, even though I personally think it's a bit early for dinner, but that's beside the point."

David chuckled. "Unfortunately, this is usually the only time I get to spend a lot of time with both my wife and son. Speaking of which, allow me to introduce my wife Fox, and our son Alexander," he said as he gestured over to her and their son in his high chair next to her.

Harry nodded his head in her direction. "A pleasure to meet you Ma'am." He smiled and walked over to Alex. Fox watched as he waved his hands around and appeared to pull a plush black dog out of his sleeve. "And I think you could use another toy." He smiled and turned to face Her and David. "A child can never have to many toys."

David laughed. "Too true."

"If I may ask," Fox interrupted, "where did you pull that toy from, it's obviously too big to fit into your jacket?"

Harry chuckled. "A good magician never reveals his secrets." He smiled and turned towards Alexander. "This is Padfoot. Keep him with you and he'll protect you, just like he protected me."

David arched an eyebrow. "That was your toy?"

Harry shook his head. "No. But I use to have a dog just like it called Padfoot. He was one of the best things to happen in my life." He turned and looked at his host. "but enough about me, let's eat what I'm sure will be a wonderful dinner. Then we can get onto business."


Owen escorted Harry too the elevator twenty minutes before dusk. Then he walked back to Xanatos' office, were he found his employer and his wife watching their son play with his new toy.

He walked up to them and said, with little emotion, "You must be careful around Lord Black Mr. Xanatos."

"Any particular reason Owen," Xanatos asked. Fox was also listening attentively.

"You remember Lord Black's little magic trick?"

"Of course," Fox said. "And Alex seems to love the gift."

"It was no trick," Owen said simply. "He used real magic and created that toy out of nothing."

"Fox cast a worried glance at her son. "Is it safe for Alex to play with it?"

Owen nodded his head. "I sense no other magic emanating from the toy, although I will examine it further if you wish, just to be safe."

"Do that Owen," Xanatos said. "I don't take any chances when it comes to my son's safety. Also I want you to find out as much information as can on Lord Black. If he is a potential threat, I intend to have every advantage."

"Is he a Fae?" Fox asked.

Owen shook his head. "I don't know I'm afraid. The magic felt odd."

"What do you mean?" Xanatos asked.

"Frankly sir, it felt like he was using both."


Upon his return to his hotel room, Harry found Sharptooth waiting for him.

"I trust your meetings went well?" the goblin asked.

Harry snorted. "I've narrowed it down to Nightstone or Xanatos. I think we'll go with Nightstone however."

"Any particular reason?"

Harry smiled at his assistant, "Ms. Destine was the only one to call our bluff."

Sharptooth's eyes widened. "That's impossible. Only a magic user would be able to see that. I spelled those plans myself so that the muggles would be able to build them, but not know they didn't work."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "So you're telling me that Ms. Destine has some magical ability."

"She must," the goblin explained. "It's the only way she could have realized that the designs were duds."

Harry chuckled. "It would seem that I'm not the only one keeping secrets," he mused aloud. "Did you manage to find me anyplace to live yet?" he asked turning his attention back to the goblin.

"I've found two perspective properties," Sharptooth said as he handed Harry a black folder. "One is a penthouse here in the city. It would meet your needs, but I don't suggest it. The second is a manor in one of the less crowded areas. You'd have a rather long commute, but it is the ideal place."

"Why don't we get both?" Harry asked as he looked at the pictures of both properties in the folder. "I can 'live' at the penthouse and simply apparate between the two. Then I'll be able to use the manor for entertaining if I have to."

"I'll make the offers then. Any special instructions for their setups?"

"Yes. The manor is two stories, Make sure I can entertain on the first floor. I want nothing magical there or in the penthouse. The second story will be my actual private home. I want my office and library to both be there, along with my potions lab and workshop. Turn the manor basement into a physical fitness, and muggle recreation area, again for entertaining. I believe you already know what styles I would like. Also if you get put in an indoor pool and hot tub with windows so it feels like being outdoors, I would appreciate it."

"And your house-elves?" Sharptooth asked.

"I'll give directions to them directly."

Sharptooth nodded. "Very well. The last matter of business is that our bid on the properties went though, it's ours to do with what we wish."

"Good," Harry said. "The tower will have to be built by a muggle construction crew. Once it's done you and the other goblins get the bottom three basements, you may furbish them as desired. Make sure that no muggles can get down there. The top five floors are to be reserved for the muggle portion of Marauders Security, The top floor is to be another private apartment for me, the floor below that, the executive offices, including my own. You can figure out how best to distribute the rest of the workforce over the other floors and what to do with all the other floors. Also, I want the ground floor to have store fronts we can rent out, as well as our walk-in store for public customers."

"I'll find a construction company, and construction will begin within the week," Sharptooth assured him. "If all goes as planned, everything will be up and running within six months."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that a little fast, especially for muggle construction?"

Sharptooth smiled. "I assure you, the muggles won't know a thing, and the building will be finished in time."

Harry sighed. "Very well. As soon as the equipment we're ordering is ready, we can begin working at the warehouse. In the meantime, make sure the building is ready to receive the equipment and begin production."


Demona glided over the city, staying high enough that the humans hopefully wouldn't see her. Of course she also hoped the clan wouldn't see her. She actually had no desire to fight with them tonight, she simply wished to relax.

After her meeting with Harry, she kept thinking about him. She actually found herself wondering what he would come up with for their date. She was shocked to find herself waiting for his phone call, a disappointed when it didn't come. Of course she reasoned that she had only met him today for lunch, and that he needed time to find something for them to do, but she was still disappointed.

"What is wrong with me?" she asked herself. "I shouldn't be feeling this way about a human, especially one I just met."

Demona landed on a rooftop which gave her a clear view of the castle, which the clan had returned too after the events during the Hunter's Moon several months ago. For the first time in hundreds of years, Demona was glad her plans had failed, if they had succeeded, she never would have met Harry.

It confused the hell out of her.


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