Harry sighed as Sharptooth smirked. "You are having way to much fun," he commented to the Goblin.

If anything, the goblin's smirk got bigger. "What do you expect?" he said, pushing more sheets of paper that needed to be signed in front of the wizard. "You've basically left the day-to-day operations to me. And it's a stressful job. I have to get even somehow."

"By trying to kill me with paperwork?"

"Hardly," Sharptooth spoke. "It's not my fault that there are things that you have to approve of. Maybe if you'd come in more often, it wouldn't build up so much."

"And why can't you just send it to me. It's not as though there's no such thing as magic," Harry said sarcastically, as he signed his name for what seemed to be the thousandth time.

"Where's the fun in that?" Sharptooth asked.


"Your sure you still want to do this?" Demona asked. "Being my personal assistant won't be an easy task, especially if my employees mess up."

Angela nodded. "Of course, it's not like there's anything left to hide from the clan," the younger gargoyle pointed out. She sighed. "Besides, after being stuck in stone sleep for so long, everyone except Anna is treating me as if I'm made of glass. Frankly, it's getting annoying."

The red-haired gargoyle chuckled. "I suppose it would be. That reminds me, there's something I'd like to ask you," she said, turning serious.

Angela looked at her mother. "What?"

Demona grinned. "As you know, Harry and I are having a mixed Gargoyle/human/fae ceremony. I'd like it if you'd be my Maid of Honor."

Angela smiled and hugged her mother tightly. "I'd love to."


Titania, in her guise as Anastasia, sat across from Fox as the two enjoyed a dinner out.

This night was not going as the Fae Queen had hoped. There had been little conversation, and Harry had ducked out completely, using the excuse of catching up on paperwork at Marauders as an excuse. Knowing how much her son hated paperwork, she knew it was just an excuse.

Even if he was forced to actually do the paperwork.

Fox was a little more forgiving than Harry. She had at least shown up, and tried to participate in a conversation but...

When had it become so awkward to talk to her own daughter?


Lexington was worried for Anna.

Ever since their trip to the Labyrinth, when they had heard of Jackal's escape, the female had seemed distracted and distant. And while he was happy that she was open to his romantic advances, he had actually received a peck on the cheek when he had given her a rose in an attempt to cheer her up, her attitude was worrying.

He just wished he knew how he could help her.


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