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As nature probably would have intended, death took Ducky next.

That was almost seven years after Tony's death.

In meeting Tali David and Shannon and Kelly Gibbs, and being reunited with Tony, Kate and Jenny, the long-time scientist was fascinated by this process one goes through at death.

Of course, now that there were no cases for the deceased to solve and the dead had no need for sleep, Ducky's stories made the nights more interesting. At least for Kelly and Tali. Sometimes Jenny would listen in but Kate and Tony usually kept to themselves.

Kate watched Tony watching Ziva, and knew he would never, ever love anyone else. It hurt him to see her with others, but he knew that those relationships weren't too serious, and even though they had loved each other, what's done is done and he couldn't expect her to never move on.

And the one thing that kept his heart strong: she never once removed her ring. Not in her thirty years of life after Tony died.

Death took Ziva at the age of fifty-nine, by cancer.

It had been excruciating for everyone around her, especially those who couldn't be with her; a group that was growing steadily. In three decades they had been joined by Jackson Gibbs, who could do no other than to watch over his only son, whose death came three years after Ducky's. Abby and McGee eventually decided to give things another try, especially with Gibbs no longer with them to enforce his rules. They were lucky they did not have to grieve for the other; death took them both in a car accident twenty-five years after Tony's death.

When Ziva finally joined the group, which everyone loved being part of so much that no one had ever left, she was returned to a younger, more healthy age. It was said that they were taken to the time they had been most happy. McGee and Abby had never been happier than when they were together, so they were taken back about twenty-two years. Gibbs was the age he was the day Kelly was born, so it was a little odd seeing him so young-looking, but they adjusted. Jenny had been taken back to the day she and Gibbs were reunited. Tony had been taken back a few years, no one was sure of the date exactly, and Ziva had been changed to who she was that one night she spent with Tony.

Although it was something Gibbs and some of the others probably didn't want to see, Tony and Ziva's lips met in a passionate kiss the second they were reunited.

They let go for air and let their foreheads rest together. Her hands were around his neck and his on her waist.

Feeling his breath on her cheeks only made her want to kiss him again. They had been apart for so long, and Ziva hadn't stopped loving him for a second. All those years of frustration and loneliness couldn't possibly be poured out in one kiss. But she settled for a simple 'I love you'. A kiss could wait.

After all, they had forever.

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