The Edge


The party was a rousing success and Gustavo took all the credit, as usual. A hundred guests were being treated like royalty with mountains of caviar, free flowing imported champagne, and any kind of food imaginable. All the guests were content and happy to be celebrating Big Time Rush's 3rd multi-platinum selling album. It was hard to believe that only two short years ago, the boys had been just another aspiring band trying to conquer the music world. To Gustavo Rocque, success was indeed the best revenge against those who doubted him and his Dogs. He grabbed a flute of champagne and walked over to where the boys had gathered along with Kelly, Jo, Camille, and Kendall's family – their intimate little group.

"Monkey Dogs!" Gustavo yelled as he approached them. This yell was different. It was a genuinely happy shouting that escaped the big man. "I want to propose a toast. Everybody get a glass!"

"Woo hoo!" James shouted. "I'll drink to that!"

"He hasn't said anything yet, Bro! Chill!" Carlos picked up two glasses and handed one to James.

The talk immediately ceased among the small group as they shifted their attention to the Big Dog. They all took a flute, except Katie who protested when her Mom handed her apple juice, and waited for the Boss Man to make his toast.

"I just wanna say that, in my heart, I always knew that one day we would be standing here with the music world at our feet. I worked you boys hard because I knew you could take it and because that's what it took to be the best, which is what Big Time Rush is. You guys made this happen. You deserve everything and more. Kendall. Logan. James. Carlos. May success and happiness always be in your life because you all deserve it and you have earned it. You are my lucky charm and I am so grateful to you all. TO BIG TIME RUSH!"

Almost in unison, the close-knit little group repeated, "To Big Time Rush!" They all clinked their glasses together, smiling and laughing, and drank.

"Oh, wow! What are those? They're beautiful!" When their glasses made contact with hers, Kelly's sharp eyes had caught sight of matching platinum rings on Kendall and Logan's fingers. "Let me see those."

Both boys held up their hands so Kelly could examine the rings. She took their hands in hers. Tentatively, she whispered to them, "What are these for? Do they mean anything?" She smiled at them already guessing at the answer.

Kendall and Logan exchanged glances before breaking into laughter.

"Should we tell them?" Kendall asked Logan. Logan nodded his head, trying to contain himself.

"Well, Guys, I guess Logan and I have an announcement of our own to make." He paused and looked at the faces of his family and extended family. These were the people that loved him and would support anything that made him happy. He knew that Logan would feel the same way about their little group.

"Logie, let's sit up here on the counter while we tell them the news."

Logan hopped up and sat down beside him so that he could look down at everyone all at once. He was nervous but more excited and happy.

"What's going on, Guys? What're you up to?" James picked up another glass of bubbly, eyes narrowed.

"We know that you all care about us and would support us if what we wanted to do would make us happy. Right now, only one thing would make Kendall and me happy – happier than we already are, that is!"

Kendall took Logan's hand and held it gently. He saw a couple of people widen their eyes and smiled at them. "Last night, Logan asked me to marry him!"

"Oh my God! Are you serious?" Carlos was wide eyed.

"It's about freaking time! I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop on this drama for a while now!" James took a swig from his glass. "About freakin' time!" he repeated, lifting his glass, slurring a bit. "Haaaaaaaa!" He emptied the rest of his champagne.

"Kendall!" his Mom exclaimed. "How did he ask you?"

"Well, we were at our place and he did the whole dressed in a tux, down on his knee, champagne, candles, and rose petal thing. It was so very touching and romantic I wanted to cry!" He looked at Logan who was blushing a little, but smiling so big at him.

"Well, don't keep us in suspense! What did you say?" Kelly could barely contain herself.

Logan jumped in. "I'll tell you what he said! After I asked him to be with me as my husband, you know what he did? He acted like he'd just scored the winning goal in the Stanley Cup. I'm there kneeling in front of him when he stands up, throws his fists above his head, and yells 'YES!' I thought he was going to high five me!"

Kendall looked sheepish as he recalled the events of the previous evening. He laughed in spite of himself and squeezed Logan's hand. Logan joined in the laughter, touching his head with Kendall's.

Kendall's Mom, Katie, Jo, Camille, and Kelly all screamed at the same time. They were obviously happy for the boys as they raced up to them full of hugs and kisses.

Carlos and James both hugged their buddies and expressed their solidarity and support for them. They would be there for them no matter what. Of course, the competition for Best Man would be rough!

Gustavo seemed to be the only one who wasn't exactly ecstatic about the idea of two of his boys going off into the sunset together. What a public relations nightmare this was going to be for Big Time Rush!

Kelly saw the look on her boss' face and made her way to his side. "Gustavo, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about the PR fallout of this when it reaches the press. I thought about that, too, when the boys told us about themselves last year, after all the drama. It'll work out, Boss. This could be our new gimmick. You just have to spin it right. And if anyone can make this work, it's you!"

Gustavo rolled this around in his mind. "That's true. I can sell anything to anyone anytime I want. I'll find a way to make this an advantage!" He looked at the two boys perched on the bar and decided that he could do this – for them.

Kendall and Logan saw the intense conversation between their boss and his assistant. They knew that there would be concerns about their marriage – Civil Union, actually. They were worried that Gustavo would cut them from BTR but that was a chance they were both willing to take. It was a small sacrifice to make for a lifetime together, living out in the open, true to themselves and their loved ones. That's all that mattered.

Gustavo walked to where the boys were sitting.

"Is everything okay, Boss?" Logan asked. "Is there a problem?" He glanced worriedly at Kendall who returned his concerned look.

"No. Everything is not okay! Not at all!" He looked around in mock anger. "Why in the heck hasn't anybody toasted the good news? What a shame!" He chuckled as he saw the expression on the boys' faces change from worried to happy in an instant.

Kendall giggled as he good-naturedly punched his boss on the shoulder.

In a booming voice, Gustavo raised his glass and said, "To Kendall and Logan! May their happiness last forever and then some. Congratulations on your union!"

Logan and Kendall drank from their flutes and exchanged a quick kiss. Logan leaned in to whisper into his fiancé's ear. "Kendall, I feel so happy – So Happy I Could Die!"

"Not so fast, Baby. We're just starting out. There's plenty of life that we have in front of us and I intend to spend it with you. Only you!" Kendall felt Logan give him a quick peck on the cheek and rest his head on his shoulder.

Sensing an intimate moment between the boys, Gustavo and Kelly both shooed the others away and told them to continue to mingle with the invited guests, press, and VIP's.

Gently, Kendall nuzzled close and sang softly, lovingly into Logan's ear. "So young and full of running all the way to the edge of desire. Steady my breathing, silently screaming: I have to have you now…"

And the celebration continued…


Author's Note: So there it is! I hope that you enjoyed reading The Edge. It was great fun to write and also cathartic in some ways. I've heard it said that beginning writers should write what they know. I decided to do just that and use Kendall and Logan as alter egos. Hopefully, the dialogue in the story rang true for you. It should have. Some of those words were actually spoken by my best friend and I when I told him I had feelings for him. Unfortunately, things worked out better for Kendall and Logan than they did for us. That's okay, though. It was a learning experience and a life lesson that has served me well, in spite of the pain it caused at the time.

As for the story, in the final chapter (Chapter Seven), I wrote an erotic episode for that section but decided that it would be too long and take away from the story of love and discovery of feelings rather than discovering the physical act of love. However, I hope I conveyed that the two did make love when Kendall finally opened his eyes and saw Logan as his soul mate.

I took a chance by doing an inner dialogue with Kendall (Chapter Five). I wasn't sure exactly how to proceed. I hope that the method I used and the meaning was clear to everyone. The reason for the inner argument was obvious to me. After all, who hasn't argued with oneself at one time or another? Or whose brain hasn't battled their heart because of someone special? We are all of two minds when confronting monumental decisions. I hope that came across to everyone.

Lastly, I'd like to sincerely thank those of you who stuck with me, read the entire story, and watched the videos on YouTube. Every time I got an Alert for a Review or Fave Story or Fave Author, etc., it touched me. I am extremely grateful to all those that took some time and wrote a comment or two for me. It was very much appreciated! I hope I can count on all of you when I post my second story. Until then…

Manny 101

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Disclaimer:I do not own Big Time Rush, John Mayer, or his song, Edge of Desire. I am, however, thankful for the song that inspired the cover version by Kendall Schmidt & Logan Henderson. Without it, this story would have never been written.