Hanratty hung up his phone and physically covered his mouth in an attempt not to scream; unfortunately he had been saving this scream up for a long time. This was not the kind of scream you could hide with your hands . . . this was the kind of scream that causes six FBI agents to run into your office with their guns held up.

"What's wrong?" One of the agents quickly asked confused.

"I just got a call from Frank Abagnale, he escaped," Carl explained.

"He escaped? How did he just escape?" Carl's superior was yelling.

"I don't know," Hanratty lied.

"Oh I'm sure you don't," His boss said sarcastically. "If you don't get him back then your ass is fired! Now get the hell out of here and start looking! We'll make sure that his face is on every news station around the globe."

Carl Hanratty quickly got into his car and rushed over to the airport where he had last seen Frank.

He walked over to the worker at the desk where they had been selling tickets for his flight and flashed her his badge.

"I need to see your records of ticket buyers," Carl told her then went onto explain for which flight and that the man he was looking for would have paid by check.

"There's only one man who paid with a check," The woman told him. "A Carl Hanratty."

"Of course he would have used my name," Carl murmured to himself. "And where was that flight going again?"

"International flight A333 is now boarding," a voice said over the intercom.

Carl quickly ran to catch his flight.

Meanwhile Frank was laying on the bed in his hotel room looking at the classifieds in a local newspaper. He had decided that he wanted to make an honest living this time and to always pay in cash in the hopes that he could remain free.

He circled one in a red marker, then got up and walked to the washroom.

He had grown to love his long hair, but he knew that it had to go. He grabbed his new electric razor and turned it on to begin the process of shaving his head.

When he had finally finished he looked in the mirror thrilled by his results. He knew that he would not be recognized looking like this and was glad to see that it made him look a few years older as well.

Carl Hanratty got off of his plane and asked an employee in the airport where the most expensive local hotel was located, figuring that would be the first place to look.

After he was given directions and a name he exited the airport seeing a sign welcoming him to London, England.

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