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Normal talking

animal summon/demon in true form

normal thoughts/telepathy

animal summon/demonthoughts

After thinking hard (for Naruto, that is) for about five minutes, Naruto had finally made his decision on what to do. It was simple, really: first he would use is bloodline to hypnotize a girl, than use his new summoning skills to get another one afterwards; as stated before, simple. Now we stumble upon Naruto going to find a girl for the test run. After a while he bumped into Hinata. Looking at her, his training from his previous month kicked in and made him realize just how beautiful she was. At that moment, Naruto knew to use his bloodline on her, so he did. His eyes shined quickly for a second, and Hinata's eyes mirrored the action, before becoming clouded over.

"Yes, Master?" Hinata inquired.

"You are to meet with me at training ground 26 at 3:00 P.M. sharp. Am I clear, Hinata?" Naruto commanded.

"Yes, Master, I understand and will meet you again soon." and with that, Hinata's eyes returned to normal, to hide the fact that she was under hypnotic suggestion, even from herself(1). From there, Naruto and Hinata went their separate ways; Naruto to his house to get the items necessary for later that day, and Hinata to... well... wherever she was going to in the first place.

Once home, Naruto got some rope, a couple of viberators, a ball gag, one of his special collars, a leash to go with said collar, a blindfold with seals put in it that would deactivate any eye/hearing abilities that would let the wearer see around him/her, an Icha Icha Violence book, a pair of leather ankle cuffs, a pair of leather wrist cuffs, some locks to go with them, and a bit of chain to top it all off. Once he finished putting all of this in a duffle bag, Naruto went off to where he would meet Hinata.

Once there, Naruto went into a tree, took out the Icha Icha Violence, and read the book while he waited for three o'clock to come, and Hinata with it.

A few hours later, 3:00 came, and Hinata showed up, precisely on time. Not seeing Naruto up in the tree, Hinata sat down, closed her eyes and waited. Naruto, of course saw this and after putting his book away, hopped down to Hinata.

"Hello, slave", said Naruto, getting in front of her.

Seeing this, Hinata got on her knees, bowed her head, and opened her eyes, which were now clouded. Still looking down, Hinata simply responded with "Hello, Master".

Naruto grinned seeing this, and decided that this was simply the best thing ever to happen to him, after finding ramen, of course. Next he had Hinata stand, spread her feet a bit, hold her hands behind her back, hold her head up, and close her eyes. As soon as Hinata was set, Naruto put the blindfold, ball gag, and collar on her, then added the cuffs and locked them shut, locked the wrist cuffs together, locked the bit of chain he brought in between the two ankle cuffs, and finished all the fun by attaching the leash to Hinata's collar.

Now that all that was done, it was time for the real fun to begin. Giving a gentle tug on the leash to get Hinata moving, Naruto began to lead Hinata to a secret training field that was about 1/2 of a mile away and looked eerily like training ground 7. The fact that it wasn't said place was something that did not need to be told to Hinata. Having arrived, Naruto led Hinata to a nearby tree and hung a few very, very long ropes from a very thick branch and then proceeded to undo the lock holding the wrist cuffs together and also undid the lock on the chain in between the two ankle cuffs. Now Naruto cut a hole in her clothing over her pussy and another one over her ass, inserted the vibrators in the holes, turned them on low, and made a rope harness using a few of the hanging ropes, making sure that there was a tie going over her pussy and ass. Then, Naruto had Hinata lay on her stomach while he tied together all of the cuffs using another one of the hanging ropes, and then went and started to lift Hinata up until she was about 2-1/2 feet off the ground.

Now Hinata was starting to struggle, but stopped when Naruto went up to her and whispered in her ear, "I'll be back in a while, Slave, so stay here while do some stuff, OK?". Hinata then began to cry and thrash around while Naruto left the clearing.

Once out of the earshot, Naruto made 50 kage bushin and had them go into Konoha and henge into random men that they see, and meet back in an hour.

An hour later, we find Hinata pretty much broken, but not quite all the way yet. She had stopped crying, but still had streaks from all her tears and was now humping the crotch rope with a vigor and moaning quite a bit. Naruto saw this nearly busted his pants' seams with his erection. Once he got his hormones under control, Naruto went over to Hinata and undid the crotch tie and pulled out the vibrators, much to Hinata's displeasure, and then undid the ball gag and blindfold. Initially, Hinata was disappointed about losing the feeling of fullness, but once she took a good look around, all she felt was awe and a slight bit of fear, for surrounding her was 50 random people and 1 Naruto. Seeing her panic a bit, Naruto decided to say something to lessen her fears.

"Hinata, I brought some friends with me to have some fun. They aren't here to hurt you. I want to know if you would allow them to have their fun, ok?"

Still not thinking completely straight from being restrained and pleasured to an entire hour, all Hinata could do was nod vigorously and start drooling at the mere thought of being used by all these men. Taking this a cue to begin "having fun", the disguised shadow clones all began letting out their massive members, along with Naruto, and began the advance, which was more like a stampede. Within seconds, Hinata was being fucked every way possible, and all at once, too.

As the dopplegangbanger (lol bad pun, I know, but I couldn't resist) continued on, Naruto would occasionally join in, fucking some random hole, or getting a hand or tit job, and leaving a huge load before hanging back for a bit to recover.

After a while, Hinata noticed that there were less men around, and started carrying out her jobs more vigorously, in hopes of continuing the pleasure that all these men were bringing her. This succeded for a while, but the shadow clones soon felt that they were running low on chakara, and would dispel soon, and thus procceded to leave, so as not to blow their cover.

Once the last clone left, Naruto walked over to Hinata, and upon seeing her completely broken state from being through so much sexual activity in one day, decided to bring her back to his place to get her cleaned up.

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