Fandom: Transformers Bayverse
Author: gatekat and femme4jack on LJ
Pairing: Jazz/Prowl/Miles
Rating: NC-17 for mech/mech/mech
Codes: Death, Supernatural, Xeno (human/mech), Sticky, Mechsmut, Sparksex
Summary: You know what Ma-Le always said about sex with gods...
Notes: Written in the Dathanna de Gray fanverse (community .livejournal .com/ tf_socket_fics)
"text" translated Cybertronian.
"text" Organic languages translated via socket software

Full Circle 7: Immortal Passion

"Where the slag are we now? This wasn't what ah was expectin'," the one said.

"It appears to be Earth, circa 2025. Costa Rican coast if I'm not mistaken. We came here once with Miles," replied the other.

"Why in the pit are we on Earth? Wasn't it swallowed up by Sol like ten thousand vorns ago? And where's the ginormous star-like spark and Primus' big ole audacious voice?"

"There is a 99.89% probability that I do not have enough data to make an accurate assessment, love."

"Ah thought you left that battle computer back with your frame."

"Which is why the probability is so high that I do not have enough data."

"Hey Prower?"

"My designation is Prowl, my spark."

"Why do we still look like us? Didn't we leave our frames behind?

"I just noticed that myself, but if you would turn your attention that way, down the beach, you will note that someone is approaching."

"If that little runt is Primus, Ah'm goin' t'be very disappointed."

"It is Miles, Jazz."

"Oh. Guess we really are in the Well then, but If we have to spend eternity on Earth, Primus and I are gonna be having words."

"I am sure He wishes to avoid that," Prowl didn't hide his amusement.

A young man with shoulder length blond hair was strolling their way on the beach, a knowing smirk on his face that erupted into a long-missed cheesy grin.

"Dudes! I'm so psyched I got to see you first! I really had to call in some favors ... well actually I had to give some favors, but you know what Ma-le always said about sex with gods. So fucking worth it. You know Primus gets a charge out of us energizer bunnies, too? Who would've guessed?"

Jazz shut his open mouth with a click, earning more amusement from his bonded and the first socket he'd fully loved. "Ah can't say ah would have. What's with this," he motioned around them. "Nice memories, but ah hope it's not forever."

"Naw. This," he gestured around him," is a figment of my imagination. We can do stuff like that here. Somewhere else you'd rather be, dudes? Or can you spare your little kitten some time?"

"We can spare you as much time as you wish," Prowl smiled and sat down on the beach, offering his lap to Miles and his side to Jazz. "I do enjoy those who enjoyed my lap."

"To sleep on or sit on," Jazz rumbled as he sat next to his bonded and pressed close, enjoying the feel of touching him again, and having that strong arm holding him.

Miles scrambled up and made himself cozy. "I love napping on it, and I really enjoy what's underneath these plates," he said, wiggling his ass against Prowl's interface panel. He wasn't disappointed with the rumble or quickly increasing heat he induced.

"So, I guess you could say I am here to give you your orientation to eternity. I'm the official newly arrived spark and soul education coordinator, or at least I am today," he winked. "You dudes have any questions before I molest you?" Miles wiggled his ass again for good measure.

"So if you're in Primus' domain with us, are you a spark now?" Jazz asked, not even trying to hide that he had something in mind he was planning to get to.

"Pretty much. Still some differences in the energy because it was created by different gods and shit like that, but it doesn't really make a difference here. The only real difference is that all of us former organics can charge the big dude's spark, make him stronger than his brother. He didn't even know that when he adopted us. It was a very pleasant surprise. You know your hedonistic side, Jazz-man? You didn't inherit that from the dark dude, that's for sure."

"That I figured out when we went back last time," the sleek mech chuckled and reached out to stroke Miles' back. "I was more amorous if anything."

"You definitely were," Prowl rumbled, leaning slightly to claim a fierce kiss. "But I never discouraged you once I surrendered that first time."

"Mmm," Jazz lost his train of thought briefly. "But that means we can molest you," he focused on Miles, "in ways we never could before."

"I do like those ideas," Prowl shivered slightly. "You always were the creative one."

The human shivered and found his toes curling in anticipation, his cock rising to attention at the sound of their voices just as it always had in life. "That is exactly why I wanted to be your welcome wagon. I've been looking forward to some mutual molestation with my dudes ever since I got here, though I'll be the first to admit I've never been bored."

"So, our first energizer bunny," Jazz purred deep in his chassis as a few cables snaked out to stroke Miles' exposed skin teasingly. "What do you want for our first reunion overload?"

Miles closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure, drinking in the long-missed touch. "Well, I thought this might be fun."

Suddenly the human who'd been sitting in Prowl's lap was human no longer, but a lightly armored amethyst colored mech, slightly smaller than Jazz, with graceful white sensor wings and a white chevron.

The low whine that escaped Jazz as his EM field flared hot and hungry towards the new mech with the familiar spark took both his lovers by surprise. "No fair reading me."

The small mech grinned, and it was, somehow, just as familiar as the grin that appeared on his human face. "Couldn't help myself. I've had a long time to plan this moment, you know. Do you like the colors?" he asked, running clawed fingers along the white sparked and amethyst sparked mechs' chest seams, flaring his own EM in excitement.

Prowl rumbled in appreciation, but he leaned back as his bonded pressed into the touch. A growl echoed up from Jazz's engine and he lunged forward, knocking Miles to his back on the sand and pressing their mouths and interface panels together hard. Despite the friction that nearly made them overload right then, Miles was struck by just how badly Jazz wanted to merge, to bond, to claim Miles as he had every other spark he'd loved in his too-long life.

Miles wrapped his legs around the beloved, fiery mech, kissing him fiercely, his panel sliding open to reveal a fully pressurized spike and an untouched, valve even as his chest plates parting to reveal a sunny, golden shine of an organic spark with hints of amethyst and white. He was still in tune with the bonded pair from the eons ago that they had claimed him and changed his soul's energy forever.

~Takemetakemetakeme,~ was all that came across a bond that was closer than it had ever been in mortality, and it was clear that Miles desired to be claimed in every way possible.

~Mine,~ Jazz growled and thrust into the slick valve, finding his rhythm quickly before lowering his own open chest and fully exposed spark to touch Miles'.

Even though he wanted this so badly it hurt, all three felt Jazz focus every bit of his formidable will on controlling the merge, on not hurting the spark that was clawing at his for admittance with all the innocent desire of a virgin. Passion, desire, and no clue how badly it could go wrong.

Miles' head was tipped back and Prowl's mouth was against his. ~Try to relax and let him lead,~ gentle, calm concern flowed from the larger mech. ~He knows what he's doing.~

Miles melted into the kiss, frame trembling and fans straining to keep his circuits from melting. Even as he met Jazz's rhythm, he relaxed, trusting the two he loved and belonged to completely.

~I saved this for both of you. I...I didn't know if you would want to, but Primus told me you would. I've watched over you, your kids, every socket you've claimed.~

~I hope you approved,~ Prowl murmured through the kiss, reaching out across both bonds to weave himself into the experience.

~Always,~ and it was clear that Miles was not just responding to Prowl. But also that he always would belong to the two of them. Always would do anything for either of them, in life and in death.

Jazz shuddered, wanting to let go as he could with Prowl but knowing he had to hold back and control this. Memories, desires, needs, passions all began to flow as they opened up to each other. Miles couldn't hold back even if he'd wanted to, but he was coherent enough to realize just how much Jazz was, both in intensity and quantity.

If he had been in his human flesh, Miles would have been sobbing in relief as his memories, desires, even his experiences since his own death flowed freely into Jazz. He gave himself fully, as he always had, but now could give so much more. To finally get the thinest taste of what his mechs had when they merged, to merge with Jazz rather than simply feeding him was the greatest bliss he'd had in eternity, greater than everything save sharing with his adoptive god.

~This is only a taste,~ Jazz purred, half apology, half promise, and claimed Miles' mouth. ~I won't hurt you like I have others.~

~Fuck, Jazz. A taste from you is enough to keep me going for the next million years. I...I love you both so much.~

Miles relished the claiming glossa, spike, and most of all the powerful presence that was carefully, almost tenderly merging with his virgin soul.

Any coherent thoughts he had were interrupted by the first true merge overload he had ever had, that he had waited for far beyond the lifetime of his solar system. It crashed through him as he lost awareness of self and became us in a way he never had before with a created being.

When he cycled back on his vents were still gasping, fans cycling frantically, and the biggest grin was on his faceplates that had been seen on a mech in generations.


Prowl had shifted back to his haunches, regarding Jazz's anything-but-sated expression and the buzz of ideas along their bond.

Jazz leaned forward to kiss Miles again, more slowly and very completely. ~Just how bound by physics is this place?~

~Dudes, we can do anything we want here. This ain't a physics type of dimension. It's totally real, but not bound to those rules. We don't even need to have a physical form, though it tends to be more fun. I can be in any form you want, and we can still do what we just did. I also don't think it is possible to hurt me,~ he added, having noticed both of their concern for that.

~You're still a spark,~ Jazz kissed him again and rolled over, pulling Miles on top of him without pulling out. ~It is possible to damage a spark.~

He returned the kiss vigorously, still such a kid at heart, or soul, or spark. The amethyst mech's anxious, trembling hands caressed Jazz's sensory horns, reveling in the whole world of difference between sensors and nerves. He was still fully addicted and undone by anything that felt new and alien.

~Oh. Yeah. Hadn't thought about that. I guess it could be damaged...I mean I could be. Primus could fix me but...~

He didn't need to say that if anyone was aware of the damage that could be done to a spark, Jazz was.

Prowl shifted, rubbing against Miles' back as he caressed a flared sensor-wing with one hand. ~Jazz had to hold back with me for vorns before I could take the full force of him unchecked.~

The lithe mech's only response was a loud moan at his first taste of such skilled fingers to his new hotspot.

"So," Prowl deep baritone rumbled through his sensor wing. "His valve or his mouth?"

Under Miles Jazz shuddered in anticipation as his bonded suggested all kinds of kinky, lewd things they could do with Miles firmly between them and fewer cares about physical limitations.

~I can't wait to feel what you two decide,~ he responded cheekily, giving them the sense that he had been having lots of fun experimenting with the lack of physical rules in eternity, but was excited to know what they would come up with. To give them a sample, he reached behind him and impossibly was able to stroke and caress his favorite pair of sensory wings with fingers that had been trained by Jazz in the art.

~I'm stretch man,~ he mentally giggled at his own utterly geeky nature that had never gone away.

Jazz snickered with him, them hummed into a growl at the expression Miles' touch created on Prowl's features.

Somewhat unceremoniously Prowl pulled Miles off of Jazz, causing his bonded to whine at the abrupt lack of contact. With strength he did have in real life, Prowl settled on his haunches again and brought Miles up to straddle his lap, the small mech's back firmly pressed against the broad red and white chest.

"Don't let yourself slide," he whispered in Miles audio, his optics on a pouting Jazz as the gleaming silver mech curled forward and crawled up to them.

"Such a sexy sight," Jazz's vocals trembled with desire as he looked up at his loves.

Miles pushed himself into the strong, broad mech behind him, a place that in life had always given him a sense of safety and stability, as well as being so fucking sexy. He revved his engine and growled at the feeling and the sight in front of him.

"Frag yes, such a sexy sight indeed," his own vocalizer said in a static tone, golden optics devouring the mech in front of him.

Jazz gave a devilish grin and crawled right up to him, his hands in the sand between Prowl's legs, and by extension between Miles'. With a rumble of his engine, Jazz nuzzled the hard amethyst spike before him, chuckling as he noticed that it had white stripes down the sides. "I think this needs some attention, love," he spoke towards Prowl. "But where's yours? I can't believe you haven't sunk into that slick, hot, tight valve yet. It's delightful."

Behind Miles, Prowl's engine revved hard. A soft click and the mech felt the large white spike slide smoothly into him.

~So tight,~ Prowl moaned as Miles whole frame began to quiver in desperate desire for the large spike to move in him. Prowl obliged, pulling out before hilting again in with the fullness of his strength.

The former human's intakes worked furiously as Prowl began to move in earnest. He squeezed his valve around the thick white spike that was moving deep inside him across hyper-receptive sensors.

Then the most skilled glossa and intake in the history of mech-kind began to work on Miles' throbbing, needy spike.

"Oh frag, being a dead energizer bunny is even better than being a living one."

~Good,~ Jazz purred smugly, but behind that was grief from several angles. ~We've missed you so much. It was so hard to claim a technorganic, knowing it wasn't you. Knowing how long she'd live and how little I could offer compared to some. Just couldn't bring m'self to sparkbond with someone when we hadn't been able to share that with you.~

~You made her very happy, and she understood. She had a wonderful life with both of you. What you did give her was still more than she ever could have dreamed of, and she was able to bond with others of her kind.~ Miles said, serious for a moment, needing to sooth Jazz's grief. ~What you gave me was beyond imagination, and still is.~

~Good,~ Jazz reached out, openly grateful for the reassurance.

Very suddenly he froze, then moaned deeply around the spike going down his intake. ~Babe...~

~Nice to know that works,~ Prowl rumbled with definite satisfaction as he watched a shadow of himself drive his spike fully into Jazz's valve. ~I could grow to enjoy all the extra possibilities here.~

Miles laughed aloud. ~Oh, that is a wicked tactic. I have to remember that one.~ At the moment, however, he had no desire to be anywhere other than where he was, in between two perfect lovers whose bond was the subject of song among the living and the dead.

Even as he began to keen and lose any ability think, it crossed his mind, like it had thousands of times in life and countless times in eternity that he had to be the luckiest human being ever. After all of these thousands upon thousands of vorns, he still couldn't quite fathom why the two of them had chosen him.

~Because you wanted us,~ Prowl murmured before thrusting harder. The sound of his chest plates opening seemed impossibly loud, but the sudden increase in his steady, calming presence, so different from the wild fire that was Jazz, flooded Miles as their sparks reached out for each other. ~Because you love us. Because Jazz was ready to love a socket.~

~Always. Always love you both. It has only grown stronger, here, just watching you.~

Miles felt himself open completely to Prowl who through the impossible physics of their plane of existence was merging with him from behind. He trusted him, trusted them completely. He let Prowl take the lead, guide him, throwing his head back against his shoulder, running his clawed fingers over the fine sensors on the wings while grabbing Jazz's sensory horns with a very useful second set of hands that appeared. He began to thrust into the unmatched mouth with abandon as he came to the cusp of overload.

Suddenly Jazz went from a dim echo coming through Prowl to fully in the merge, greeting his bonded with an ecstatic caress before pulling Miles even closer to them.

~Let go, lover,~ Jazz moaned against Miles' mind, himself only just holding back so all three could overload together. ~Let go and join us.~

The illogic of it didn't matter. Not in this place. Jazz somehow continued his devastating attention to Miles' spike, and yet the little mech was also also sandwiched between the chests of the two greatest lovers in the history of their kind as they merged around him and with him and through him.

When he had been a socket, he was able to be part of their merge from a great distance mentally, physically and spiritually, and yet it had been spectacular. Now they offered him so much more, to let go of himself and experience his first true taste of what they had with one another. There was only the briefest of glimpses at the depth he had always known but now felt of what was between the pair. It bled into a longer time as he became their focus, their feelings for him, their desire for him, their joy that he was finally able to be with them fully as an equal and not just a socket they had to be so careful of.

Jazz lost control first, his pleasure spiking the energy between the three sparks and gleefully dragging them all down with him, filling the beach with the sounds of their pleasure and laughter.

One lovely thing about eternity is that no one has to be in a hurry. What is another vorn? What is another ten thousand vorns? They lived in a dimension in which time was simply different, not bound by the same rules just as they were no longer bound by the rules of physics.

So after what might have been an orn, or a vorn, or ten thousand vorns of giving the first socket Jazz loved a lifetime of what they wished they could have given him in life, Prowl found himself with a purring Miles on his lap. Their first human socket had taken the form of a particularly cuddly cougar for the day. Jazz was exploring on his own.

~Jazz is getting restless,~ Miles noted, grooming himself. ~Means my time is up, this go around,~ he explained, sounding satisfied. ~Primus is even getting anxious, and he is notoriously patient. Says as much as he has enjoyed watchin' us as a passive participant, he wants to merge with his little spark dudes. Not to mention everyone else who wants to be with you again.~

~We will have more time with you soon,~ Prowl smiled and stroked him affectionately. ~An anxious Primus is not a good thing.~

~An anxious Primus is actually a fun thing, Prowler dude.~

At that moment, a smirking Jazz emerged from an unearthly forest with a strikingly beautiful, large Bengal tiger. Miles jumped off of Prowl's lap in an instant and ran up to romp with the splendid creature.

"Ma-le, my goddess! Did you miss me?" he said as he playfully wiggled his cougar ass and attacked her like a kitten at play.

"Not really, my pet," She responded, easily pinning him and beginning to groom him to show her dominance. "I was sharing my myi with Kuhn Primus the whole time. But he grows tired of waiting for his little gods, and sent me to find you and distract you from them. But I decided to find Kuhn Jazz first and have a bit of fun."

"How are the Twins?" Prowl asked as he stepped up to the group, giving the two large felines space to play. "It has been a long time, for us."

"Is Starshine still happy?" Jazz added.

Ma-le paused in her grooming, but still holding Miles down. "Arun Shwe and Mvkang's sparks can be either one or two in this place, and are as mischief making as ever. They are currently off causing havoc for the Unmaker. Even now, they find their true joy in battle. Arun Shwe is still sore that Primus insists that he refer to me as his little goddess, though Mvkang and I have found ways of convincing him to do so." She growled and bit Miles affectionately, before letting him up and walking over to rub her scent against Jazz's leg.

"Somehow, I am not surprised," Prowl chuckled. "They are ever predictable within parameters."

"Which is his way of saying he's happy for them," Jazz chuckled and reached down to stroke Ma-le.

"Your beautiful creation is happy, Kuhn Jazz, very much the Seeker," she rumbled into his touch. "Vain and completely self-assured, just as one would hope. His trine as well."

"Good," he smiled at her, a bit of the ache in his spark for his offspring who'd grown old long before he had easing. "He hated growing old so much."

"Growing old is very difficult for those whose vanity and strength is a primary source of their joy," she commented wisely.

"So, Kuhn Jazz, my first lover, do you believe that the Shaman of my village right about you?" she asked, as she purred. "For long I believed it was so, but I am no longer certain." In life, the village shaman had named Jazz as Xo-Po, the spirit of death whose name could not be uttered.

"As I stand now, not really," he admitted with just a bit of discomfort at no longer being what he had thought of himself for so long. "While I lived, yes." He paused when Prowl stepped up to him and wrapped him in a comforting embrace. The silver mech let a soft sound of relaxing contentment escape him as he leaned back against the solid, warm strength he'd come to love so much. "By Unmaker or training, it has always been my place in the universe."

"But you have always been a source of life as well," she countered, rising so that her paws were on his shoulders and she stared into his optics. "For your creations, for your bonded, for your sockets and lovers. You have always been, amid everything else, the child of Primus, and the source of improvisation and so much change and growth for your kind. Even in defying you and the one who robbed you of your freedom, they grew. You are ever a source of new songs, Kuhn Jazz." She rubbed her face against his own, marking him once again with her scent glands.

"Perhaps," he consented as Prowl hugged him a little tighter. "It has never been how I see myself."

Prowl chuckled and tapped her head gently with a claw, though he made no effort to stop her. "No matter how much you mark him, my scent will soon cover yours."

She growled playfully, then rubbed her scent on Prowl as well. "That I know well, Kuhn Prowl, though there have been many times since coming here when my scent has been strong on you socket. Though now I sense your scent on him has become much stronger than even in life. I doubt I will be able to distract him from you for long." She marked them each one more time for good measure, and then gracefully jumped down and walked majectically toward the alien jungle.

Turning her large head as she walked, she pontificated, "Here, Kuhn Jazz, you have the freedom to define yourself however you wish. We never stop changing, even as we stay the same. For instance, I have decided that here I am the goddess. Come along, my little pet, I'm ready to be worshiped," she looked toward Miles and purred, swishing her tail seductively, then continuing on, not bothering to notice if he followed.

Miles panted, jumped up on each of his lovers and rubbed his own scent on top of Ma-le's, purring and nuzzling them. "See ya soon, dudes. I've got a goddess to please."

Jazz snickered and turned his head up to nuzzle a kiss from his bonded. "I suppose we should go greet Primus, mmm?"

"I suppose," Prowl rumbled, honestly wanting to drag his bonded to a quiet room somewhere and molest him until there was no one else's mark on him.

Miles stopped and turned back toward them, ignoring the threatening growl from Ma-Le who was walking five paces in front of him.

"Primus can wait, dudes. Go enjoy one another. It is what you are best at, and what he enjoys seeing the most. Dude's a big old sex-addicted voyeur. Worse than Red Alert."

The tiger roared at him and he cowered playfully, then bolted after her into the jungle.

Prowl pulled Jazz in for a more heated kiss as his fans kicked in.

~What creative ideas do you wish to indulge in this time, now that we only have each other and a voyeuristic god to please, my spark?~

~Something I've always been curious about,~ Jazz grinned wickedly as he grazed his claws down Prowl's chest before turning one hand over to press against the interface panel just below his chin. ~Just what does it feel like to be on the other side of our size ratio?~

Prowl chuckled, then shrank himself (or grew Jazz, it wasn't clear which) until his eyes were level with the sleek silver mech's interface panel.

"I must say that I enjoy the view from here. Perhaps you should give yourself a set of sensor wings that I can molest," Prowl leaned forward to slide his glossa along the every-so-conveniently placed panel. "No wonder most Intel mechs have 'facing on the processors. The entire world is a sea of interface panels for you."

"Something like that," Jazz drew in a sharp vent of air as he looked down and really grasped what he looked like to the average sized mech. A deep rumble escaped his chassis and he willingly pressed into his lover's touch as his frame shifted to add the sleek, swept wings of their Aerial offspring.

His visor bright, Jazz kept his optics on his bonded as he stroked the now-smaller mech's chevron and sensor-wings.

"Enjoy it, love," Jazz whispered. "I'm going to take you like you did me after my first rebirth. I'm going to pin you down and fill that tight valve until it feels ready to burst, claim your mouth so every moan goes right into me, slide into your spark and drive you to overload so hard you can't think anymore."

"I...that..." Prowl's vocalizer gave a static whine that in life would have been a prelude to a logic glitch collapse. The white sensory wings quivered, and Jazz could feel the tacticians servos trembling where the were pressed against his aft. Unable to produce words, was reduced to begging through their bond. ~Please, my spark.~

Jazz growled, a deep feral sound he remembered hotly from the orns in question. He grabbed Prowl's wrists and used an extra arm to lift him up so they were spark chamber to chamber and leaned down to claim a feverishly hot kiss.

Another memory flickered between them, that of Prowl taking Jazz against the command center's corridor wall not long after they'd claimed Miles. Jazz shifted his lover down a bit and pinned him against the wall behind him. Demanding entrance, Jazz rocked his hips, sparking friction between their panels as both their frames shivered in desire.

To have Jazz large enough to fully dominate his body the way he could dominate his processors and spark left Prowl rumbling and begging in sounds rather than words. His panel instantly slid back, his legs gripping Jazz's waist, slick valve and hot spike grinding and rocking against the silver panel.

"So hot, so needy," Jazz purred above him and obliged. With Prowl's wrists pinned over his head by one hand, his back against the wall, Jazz eagerly slid his panel back and slammed into his beloved's body in a single thrust that left him hilted fully in the slick passage so much tighter than it had ever been before.

"Primus!" Prowl growled, filled as he had never been before in all of his lifetimes loving Jazz. He squeezed his bonded's hot spike with his needy valve and rocked his hips, wanting nothing more than to be pummeled by his mate, sensors demanding to be scraped in that perfect way just before pleasure became pain.

~Now ya know why I love it so much,~ Jazz growled against his mind, eagerly indulging in the new treat and the new taste to Prowl's pleasure. He shifted a bit, angling his hips to drive his spike in even harder with only seconds left before his overload.

Prowl bellowed as his bonded's full, throbbing spike slammed sensors in his valve that had never been touched, overload hitting him so hard that without the now large arms supporting his weight, he would have collapsed. Even as electric ecstasy poured through his systems, he did not feel relief, but rather only a deeper hunger and desire for more. He reached blindly for the newly sprouted silver avian wings with a pair of hands not pinned, grasping to pull his lover even closer as his chestplates slid back and his spark chamber spiraled open.

~Primus, Jazz. Take all of me.~

~Yes,~ Jazz shuddered and felt his chest and spark chamber follow suit. He continued thrusting deeply as their sparks, Prowl's pure white of a pre-programmed and the soft blue-tinted amethyst of Jazz's, reached for each other eagerly. After so long bonded, their sparks barely had any ability to merge slowly anymore, but both tried to hold back, to draw out the ecstasy of their experiment.

For a fraction of an nanoklik, Prowl lost his ability to hold on to his perceptions of their visible, physical forms. He saw only the blazing amethyst spark, the most beautiful, desirable object in his universe, reaching for him, to both consume and make him whole. His whole life, the purpose of his existence, in a single blazing star.

~Mutual,~ Jazz managed to articulate as they blended, abandoning any effort at physical forms as the pureness what merging could be in this realm swept them away.