Summary: At the end of the final battle Harry Potter was no longer a wizard nor was he human. Burdened with immortality he's passed in and out of lives trying to retain some humanity and find pieces of happiness. Now with Earth dying he travels to a new world in hope of survival and pure curiosity.

(NOTE: YES, READ ME! I'M NOT JUST HERE TO BE PRETTY: My Harry has slight split personality, when he's playing at being normal human he uses the name Evan Granger[so sick of him ending up Harry Black or Harry Evans even though I'm guilty of ti as well], when it's his true self thinking/speaking he'll be referred to as Harry. Hopefully sans everyone won't be too lost.) I'm also aware that some of the background information has been changed slightly but hopefully no one has too big a problem with it. Lastly not sure how great the plot is going to come out. I'm writing this mainly to get back into writing so my original stories start making progress again and because there should be more Avatar fics. I did start this a while ago on my livejournal which you can find a link to on my profile, just thought I would share this story here as well. Thanks!



Evan Granger walked across the Schriever Military Base with a binder over-flowing with notes, packets and diagrams held in both arms and tight to his chest. The military had a rule-of-thumb that for every hour out in the field, the troops had to deal with four hours of lectures, demonstrations and practice runs of scenarios in the hope that someone wouldn't do something stupid and get killed, or get someone else killed. And though Evan was looking forward to exploring this new planet he knew already that many hours of his day once he arrived planet-side were going to be consumed with sitting in another metal room, probably with no windows, doing the same thing he was doing on Earth.

The only other downside to this trip was that he would be leaving his current roommate behind. Jake Sully had been his roommate for 3 years now, eight months for which he hadn't had use of his legs. Jake had been out in the field when an explosion went off, not too near him, but it was the shrapnel that easily flew 100 yards that was the issue and resulted in the loss of his legs.

Jake was a strong man who never gave up, refusing to be deemed useless by the military, and continued fighting. It was one of the many reasons why Evan was glad to have him for a roommate, and sad to leave. Jake would be fine remaining here on earth, he had always been a great shot and now helped the arms master of the base to train the new recruits. It was only ironic that he would be trading one Sully for another.

Jake's twin would be on the same ship to Pandora as Evan and, though he'd never meet Jake's twin before, he had promised Jake he would keep him safe on the new planet. If nothing else, Evan took his promises seriously.

There were very few people on Earth that Evan cared about and even fewer who knew he was alive. Evan Granger had once been known as Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, the savior-of-the-wizarding-world, he-who-has-too-many-titles. It was during the final battle that two things happened. One was that Lord Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle, was killed at last, taking with him all who bore his mark. The second was that Harry Potter became immortal. The last desperate act of magic that he preformed had quite a different result as to what he expected. The spell called for a sacrifice to destroy this evil. With the death of so many of those he considered family having passed Harry no longer hesitated to give his life to end this war. What he didn't expect was for the earth and all the magic that it held to make him into hers. It wasn't a sacrifice of his life that had been called for, but his self. Harry Potter was no longer human, he now belonged to Magic, because he was Magic. Just as a unicorn or phoenix was magic, it was no longer a part of him, something to channel and tap into; he was built from it, all of him. And just like the unicorn and phoenix, he wouldn't die. Magic flowed in and out of him just as it did through Hogwarts or the forbidden forest that existed by his old school. He moved his limbs just as the school moved its staircases; he had no actual body, only the form that the magic which embodied him created. He was not flesh and bones but had learned to mimic them quite well. Because of this he aged his appearance with the flow of time upon his will. Which was why, though having become immortal at 18, he held the appearance of someone the age of 28 currently.

When the wizarding war had ended, and Harry survived the pain of this transformation he looked around to find bodies. Some he could tell we're alive but most held the stillness he'd become only all too familiar with. One of those being was Ron Weasley, the last of his friends who had still been alive. Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Remus Lupin and so many others that he cared for had all been lost long ago, and now all he had was lost.

Without hesitation Harry left, apparating away from the battle, still unknowing what it was he had become, and that he would never find peace with his loved ones again.

It had only taken moments to notice that there was a significant difference in his magic. No longer did it feel like he was forcing his body to fit a constraint of magic, instead he flowed with it. Unable to waste the time to unfold this new mystery he had hurried through his house. Harry had a moderate amount of money stashed away for emergencies, as well as a pack with clothes and other items. It pained him to do so but he left all mementos; his father's cloak, his photo album. The items which if they disappeared would immediately raise questions as to whether Harry was really dead or not. Stripping quickly he burnt his clothing that were soaked in blood and after healing his few injuries he slipped into common muggle clothes.

Taking his few provisions he walked out the front door and in moments disappeared among the muggles of London.

It was three months later that he found himself stepping off a plane and onto US soil. One month after that he had completed his research into the spell he'd used during the last battle and understood how he now embodied magic. It was eight years after that when he began to suspect that the peace of death would forever be kept from him.

He spent the next 157 years of his life drifting. He tried different jobs, in and out of various militaries under different aliases. He caught up on his muggle education and collected a few majors in various subjects, but now that he had been changed by magic it was hard for him to connect with others. He found himself restless and at those times the familiarity of battle, planning maneuvers and following orders was his reason for returning to the military time and again.

Despite his time among others he knew he was changing, in his thoughts of the humans around him and his feelings towards them. While they saw life and death, he saw the flow of energy. He could accept how the world adapted and changed and just was. Yes, he was felt some sorrow when someone he knew died, but it was a fleeting thing followed by the acknowledgement that it was natural and what must be. When he grew weary of playing the human, or those he had become acquaintances to grew too close or suspicious, he would stage a death and disappear for a while, often spending years by himself in a forest, desert, mountain range or whichever piqued his interest. He still kept an eye on those he'd meet over the years, wanting to be sure that they were safe and happy. He was even checking up on Charlie Weasley's many-times-great grandson, holding onto that one last link to who he really was. He was a bit nervous about leaving Earth and not knowing what would be happening to those he left behind. Part of him wanted to stay, but he could feel Earth dying and even she was encouraging him to go. The humans had taken too much without giving back and unbalanced the cycle. Hopefully there would be a future for him on Pandora.