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Warnings: Explicit Violence (probably not the warning some of you were hoping for, but it did get a bit gruesome, I think I was venting)

Chapter VII

Harry relaxed on the slowly rising and falling chest of his sleeping mate. Content to be lost in thought about the night they had just shared, their bodies and minds in complete sync with each other. He would be quite content to remain in their sacred place in peace, without the responsibilities pressing down upon his mate. Unfortunately he knew that was not feasible, and part of what he loved about his mate was his endless desire to fight for his people. Tsu'tey would never be satisfied hiding away while the Na'vi suffered. He would never truly rest until the humans were gone.

Harry began to close his eyes again, so he could allow his thoughts to drift while he waited for his mate to awaken, when he sensed a growing tension. He reached out towards it and felt Eywa's uncertainty and caution. Something was happening with the Omaticaya, meaning Tsu'tey would be needed.

Indulging in a sigh of exasperation Harry stretched out along his mate's body. Tracing the muscles below him, regretful that he would have to disturb this moment. He slowly kissed and licked up his mate's neck, finally reaching his destination where he could nibble on Tsu'tey's ear. An action he'd discovered elicited quite the reaction from the normally controlled warrior.


Tsu'tey groaned and wrapped his arms around his mate to pull him flush against him when he felt Harry teasing his ear once more. His mate learned far too fast and all of his knowledge was put to causing more mischief.

His mate. Harry was his mate. Tsu'tey would never get tired of that thought.

Tsu'tey enthusiastically welcomed this wake up call, grabbing Harry's hair to claim his mate's mouth once more. Never would he have enough of him. Tsu'tey was more than ready to begin teaching his mate what more their bodies could share when he felt Harry begin to slow their interactions and reluctantly allowed him to pull away.

"Your people need you my mate." Harry said softly. His silky voice distracting Tsu'tey for a moment from the actual words. He could feel the reluctance and disappointment softly through their new bond and he sent an echo of his own, followed by his love and wish to remain there. Unfortunately they both knew their responsibilities.

Sharing one last kiss, Tsu'tey stood, pulling his mate up with him, neither of them embarrassed by the other's nudity. He took one last moment to remember the feel of his mate before they reluctantly released each other and Tsu'tey reattached his loin-cloth and Harry grabbed the cargo pants he had adjusted to fit his Na'vi form.

A whistle from Tsu'tey brought a direhorse to his side. He easily swung atop the tall beast, initiated the Tsaheylu with it and then pulled Harry up behind him before setting off back towards HomeTree.

Harry gladly wrapped his hands around Tsu'tey's waist as they set off, slowly exploring his mates' abdomen. He found he couldn't stop touching Tsu'tey, he felt high on life and wanted to share that joy and pleasure with his mate once more.

Far too soon they were ridding into the center of HomeTree and Harry had to behave. Tsu'tey arrived just as Jake and Grace were running down from where their avatars had been kept safe. The sight of Tsu'tey riding up with an unknown Na'vi male shocked whatever the two were going to say into silence, the rest of the Na'vi watched silently as well. As Harry and Tsu'tey stepped closer his eyes met with Mo'at and he saw them widen in recognition.

"Harry!" She shouted, causing a chatter of surprise as everyone tried to peer closer at this continually surprising being.

"Evan?" Jake asked confused as he stepped forward to get a closer look at his friend, spotting the similarities with what he knew his friend to look like. "When did you get an avatar?" He questioned, looking over the entire body before taking in the four fingers. Four? Na'vi had four, avatars and humans had five.

"This isn't an avatar Jake." Harry confirmed while stepping closer to his longtime friend, allowing his appearance to slip into his base form. Close to a human, with his unnatural eyes. He was feeling uncertain about how his friend would react causing the more aggressive beings of magic to draw forward inside him, ready for any threat. He felt his nails grow, scales and then fur shift over his back and his teeth grow sharper. "I am a part of the all the magical essences that existed on Earth, essences similar to Eywa. Unfortunately the majority of those on Earth lost their way to speak or listen to her long ago. She knows her time has come to pass, but she wished that I come here to continue existing. I'm not human Jake. I haven't been for a very long time, but I am still your friend, and I do still consider you as a brother. If you do not wish to interact with me any longer I will accept your decision." Harry could feel Tsu'tey's tension behind him. His mate knew what Jake meant to Harry and how a rejection from the man would hurt him despite his blasé attitude.

Harry could practically hear his mates mind coming up with plans of revenge should Jake hurt him. Plans that would be suitably punishing while not cause any true damage that would in turn upset his mate.

"I… just hold on for a second. You might not be quite what I believed, and your name might be different, but the relationship between us, it hasn't been a lie right?" Jake asked tentatively

"I see no purpose in that type of deception, it's illogical." Jake smiled at a response that was so typical of his friend. When he looked again he didn't see the creature that was a strange Chimera of odd creatures, he saw Evan. The same clueless Evan as usual, or Harry he now supposed as all the Na'vi were calling him.

Jake pulled Harry close, startling the immortal being until it returned the embrace.

Tsu'tey glared furiously at JakeSulley who was holding his mate tight against his body. He glanced at Neytiri for confirmation that this behavior should not be allowed, only to see her looking at him with amusement causing him to blush and turn from her.

It wasn't like him to be so irrational. He knew that both men saw each other only as brothers, but…

Tsu'tey glanced again to his mate. The embrace between the two had ended and Harry had joy and life in his eyes as he looked at his chosen brother. He knew he shouldn't be jealous, but how could he not be?

With his blush under control he strode closer to the pair and wrapped an arm around the currently human chest of his mate and pulled him against his chest. He gazed challengingly in Jake's eyes and saw surprise, confusion, understanding and acceptance flash over his face. Jake took a step back with a subtle nod, clearly understanding Tsu'tey's feelings far better than Neytiri was which surprised and unnerved him.

"You had some news to tell us JakeSulley?" Tsu'tey said. Drawing everyone attention to whatever matter it was that pulled him and his mate away from their peace so soon after bonding.

"Yes. Please my brothers, my sisters, hear my words. The sky-people are coming to attack HomeTree!"

Jake paused as cries of anger and panic spread among the Na'vi, only brought to a halt when Eytukan raised his staff. "How can you know this?" He questioned sternly.

Jake glanced to his side. Locking eyes with Neytiri for a moment and gaining strength from her.

"The sky-people sent me here so that I could understand you. To understand what you want and desire so that there could be an agreement between the sky-people and the Omaticayan for the stone that is beneath HomeTree."

"We will never give up our home; there is nothing they have that we would ever desire." Tsu'tey snarled, infuriated by the very idea. Shouts of agreement filling the air from the other Na'vi.

"I know that. I tried to hide the information but they stole it. Now they're not looking to negotiate; now they come to destroy and take what isn't theirs." More angry shouts began to fill the area as the Na'vi were infuriated by this idea. "Hold!" Jake shouted trying to keep some control. "I know you want to fight for your home, but they are coming now with missiles and fire that cannot be stopped. We need to evacuate people to safety."

"We will fight! We will not allow this!" Tsu'tey snarled, stepping forward and moving his mate safely behind him.

"We don't have a choice! There is no time, we must move now!" Jake yelled back.

The two warriors stared at each other, chests heaving in their anger and panic, but at a stalemate as to what to do.

Eytukan slammed his staff into the ground, drawing their attention and the silence of the area once more. Tsu'tey stepped back, lowering his head in acknowledgement of Eytukan's leadership. Jake stepped back as well, following Eytukan's lead and opening the floor for him.

"The sky-people come to attack us, to destroy our home. We cannot allow this, we will not bow to these invaders who do not listen to the land and destroy worlds."

Jake moved to step forward and argue, but Neytiri quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back, her eyes remaining fixed on her father and taking in his words.

"Tsu'tey will gather our warriors, we will prepare. But our brother JakeSulley has informed us that an attack directly on our home is coming and we will take head. We all must gather what supplies we can, the children need to be moved out immediately. We will head towards the Shelter of Stones, the sky-people do not know of it and we will be protected there. JakeSulley?"

Jake looked up to meet the clan leaders eyes, finding new respect for the power this man held. His face was stern and his body tall and proud despite its age. The long feathers surrounding his armor splayed out reminding Jake of a lion's mane.

"How soon will this attack come JakeSulley?"

Jake, still caught in his awe of this man, took a moment for his mind to catch up before speaking. "Ten, fifteen more minutes. No more."

Eytukan hardly looked pleased by this news, but refused to show his dismay to his people. "Move swiftly, take only what is needed. Be strong my brothers and sisters, no matter what happens today, Eywa is with us!" A cheer went out among the Omaticayan and within seconds it was almost deserted around them asides from Tsu'teys' warriors, all the Omaticayan moving swiftly and efficiently.

"My warriors, prepare for battle! Ensure that your families are away and call your Ikrans, we will meet these demons in the sky!"

The efficiency of the Na'vi was a sight to see and left Harry feeling unneeded. There was no panic or selfish desire to save yourself and run. Everyone to the youngest child was working together seamlessly to accomplish everything that was required to begin moving out. There was no doubt that there was fear for their loved ones and their home, but it didn't rule them. Less than ten minutes later almost all of HomeTree was cleared out. Tsu'tey was ready with his warriors, mounted up on their Ikrans, along with Jake and Neytiri, but still took one last second to meet eyes with his mate before launching into the air.

Less than a minute later everyone froze, uncertain and unwilling to admit they heard it; the echo of helicopter propellers in the air.

Eytukan and a few other stragglers stared up at the offending force, stunned and barely believing that this threat had come to their home.

Tsu'tey's warriors swarmed around the attack fighters, staying close to the enemy so any attack they made had more chance of hitting one of their own than one of the Na'vi. Besides a few evasive maneuvers the humans were paying them little mind. They sat in the air, looming over their nearly defenseless target, contemplating how best to annihilate it.

The sudden release of gas canisters stirred everyone into action again. Harry stepped forward and threw up a shield, blocking the canisters and gas from penetrating into HomeTree while Eytukan shouted to the last of his people to run.

Tsu'tey and his warriors had taken down three smaller fighters, another four were actively pursuing them, but the main force was still focused on its target.


Harry startled, his shield wavering for a moment before he let it drop as no other attacks seemed forthcoming.

-Harry/brother/changer I need you-

Harry had never heard or felt such uncertainty from Eywa before, and felt his own nerves building in response.

-I am protecting…-

-No, come.-

-Elsewhere? The Omaticayan…-

-Come Brother/Changer/Death Bringer, before it is too late.-

Harry glanced to the last of the Na'vi disappearing into the jungle, and then up into the sky where he saw his mate fighting, another fighter shot down at his hands.

-Where?- Harry asked. If Eywa needed him, he would go.

-Come.- Echoed through his head again and he felt the tug on his magic, guiding him away and let his own latch on and follow behind where Eywa guided.

He opened his eyes to find himself on the bank of a large swift river, and instantly recognized the area. It opened into a large waterfall just around the next bend and then less than a mile beyond that was HomeTree, the white-grey smoke from the canisters visibly rising in the distance from its location.

A noise and a cruse drew Harry's attention back around and he quickly realized the reason and then paled at the implication of what was about to happen, what would have happened if Eywa hadn't called him.

A burning rage clouded over Harry's mind, beyond what he remembered having ever felt. Before he realized it he was in the middle of the six men, who, despite the four on guard with guns ready, could never be prepared for what hit them.

The snapping and shifting of bones and muscles in Harry's arm happened within the millisecond that he moved. Allowing a fully formed werewolf arm to plow through the chest of one of the two men holding the container, ribs snapped list twigs beneath his claws, his entire arm going through the man's chest, heart squeezed into pulp behind the man's back. The soldier had barely a moment to look on the snarling face of the monster before him, and to feel the agony before collapsing dead.

There was a terrified scream from one of the remaining five, a sudden scrambling and the container marked with the symbol of a chemical weapon fell to the ground, sliding for a moment before coming to a rest against a small rock beside the river.

Harry eyed it for a moment, arm coated in blood and a mangled organ still clenched in his fist.

The ground trembled beneath him with his fury as he turned his eyes back to his prey. A man was before him, fallen on his back from his scramble but his assault riffle was already pointed at him. He moved again, inches from the man and past the barrel, gun shots shooting harmlessly past him. Harry's still human arm took hold of the soldiers wrist still outstretched holding the weapon; he braced one leg against the man's chest and pulled, slowly. The long and terrified scream that was pulled from the man as his arm was stretched, skin split open, tendons extended before snapping apart, brought an unearthly stillness to the air. The sound of retching and clinking shift of a weapon was registered in the back of Harry's mind beyond the continuing screams. Fire surged up from the ground, consuming the man behind Harry who had his weapon aimed at his back, reducing the human to bones before it even collapsed to the ground or could make a cry of its own. Harry moved again, reaching down and snapping the neck of the still retching soldier, leaving two to meet his gaze; green eyes glowing and swirling, reflecting his mindless rage. One of the two tried to run drawing his attention. He called to the earth, letting it shoot up and slam into the legs, shattering the knees and sending the man to the ground. He tried to crawl away and Harry fed more energy to the earth beneath him. It reached up and began to wrap around the man and then pull him down. His screams and scrambles didn't even faze Harry as he watched until the man had disappeared completely beneath the earth, uncertain if he would suffocate first or be crushed beneath it. -Harry-

He turned to the last man, still frozen from when Harry appeared just moments before. He was a large man, tattoos showing up and down his arms, shaved head, but he stood petrified, pants wet and entire body trembling but unable to move. –Harry- Harry stepped closer, nose wrinkling for a moment at the sharp stench of urine before reaching out taking a hold of the man's head with his still transformed and blood soaked arm, the blood of the soldiers' comrade smearing across his ashen face. The man trembled harder beneath Harry, but his terrified gaze was locked with glowing green eyes, and that was all Harry needed.

Harry tore through the man's mind ruthlessly. Anything he passed and deemed unimportant was reduced to shreds that not even the best mind healers could hope to repair. Not just memories but the very structure of the man's mind suffered Harry's wrath until he came across what he was hunting for. Quaritch stood before the small squad, instructing them of the mission, joking about the devastation it would cause to the surrounding land and the Omaticayan. Joking!

Something snapped in Harry and before he realized it he was by the river bank again, another dead body at his feet. –Harry-

The call didn't register in Harry's mind. He was still lost in the rage that consumed him. Lost in the thoughts of what almost happened to Eywa, to his new home, to the Na'vi and to his mate! He wanted to hurt them, to make them pay. The creatures that were a part of him snarled in agreement. Such actions against his territory, and most of all to his mate were unforgivable.

Completely unforgivable. Quaritch was unforgivable.


The gun shots are what brought him back. For a moment he expected to feel pain but then his eyes and mind made the connections. The soldier with his arm torn off was alive, his side arm pistol aimed not at Harry but the container, and two holes were pierced into the side of the container which was already leaking into the water.

Harry took action before he even knew what he was going to do. A rush of raw energy slammed into the last living human before it could take another shot, splattering it across the forest floor but Harry was focused completely on the water. He had to stop the poison, stop the water that was infected, stop it from infecting the earth; stop the spread. Harry ripped into what magic he held and threw it into the water, lifting all of the surrounding water into the air. A spare surge of energy went to the container to stop the spilling, and banished it away before focusing completely once more. Was he fast enough? Did he reach far enough? It had only taken him milliseconds since the gun went off to move, but how fast did the river flow? How quickly did the poison spread? More water continued to flow down before he cleared it completely, joining the thousands of gallons of infected water that were already suspended. He pulled it all away and focused on forcing more magic through himself to insure that every drop was suspended, while also reaching out into the still rushing water to insure that he had caught everything. Unbelievable agony burned through him. The lines he used to channel his magic were blasted wide open to accommodate the surge he was forcing through his body, ripping him apart physically and spiritually. He released his hold on any physical form, leaving that pain to be dealt with later, but he could not escape the spiritual and was forced to focus beyond that pain for a solution. Eywa tried to give what help that she could, but her own energies were still too alien and were like salt on a wound of his now raw and shredded channels.

-Harry? My mate, I need you!-


Harry's attention wavered for a moment and the water began to slip. He scrambled and at last could not hold back the scream of agony another pull of more energy caused him. The spots faded from his vision and he gained control again, sparing some energies to continue checking for any infection he might have missed as well as a tendril to sense his mate.

Pain. Anger. Despair. He trembled as they echoed down his bond, more salt on his torn spirit, but this he accepted. His mate needed him, and he now realized Tsu'tey had been calling him while he was lost in his rage, he had to go.

He pushed harder, gathered more energy until he couldn't even see beyond the threatening darkness of unconsciousness, focused blindly on his task. He began to isolate and gather more of the toxin, burning the infected water with more energy, and then isolating any poisonous gasses that resulted from the actions and destroying those as well. He continued in his task, well past the limit he could bare but continued to focus on each step that he needed to taking and forcing it to completion despite the pain.

At times he heard echoes of his name somewhere distantly. He could make out his mate, his brother and Eywa.

When at last the task was completed he checked it again and again, before letting the water crash back into the still raging river.

He gratefully released what energy he had and was left feeling hollow and the remainder of the overwhelming pain that had been held at bay while he worked. He must have blacked out for a moment for next he knew he was on the ground staring into blood soaked dirt, body weak and unresponsive. He had reverted back to the true appearance of Harry Potter as that was the one his spirit was most in sync with, and easiest to hold.

He quivered with the pain that continued to roar through him but sensed the tendril of worry that Eywa sent to him.

Unbelievable agony stabbed into him at that slight touch, causing his body to spasm and a scream to be ripped from his throat resulting in a further cascade of pain from the movement. When the new mindless pain began to recede he whimpered and attempted to curl his body and soul away from another probe. He could sense Ewya, feel her distress and uncertainty as she danced around him but dared not reach out again.


Death Bringer.

He remembered she had called him, finishing Eywa's call in his own mind.

Slowly he rolled onto all fours so he could look at the carnage around him. There weren't even 6 bodies left of the men that had been alive just a few minutes before. He wanted to feel something for the slaughter that he caused, but he found he couldn't. Beyond the agony and exhaustion a lingering anger still burned; there was no regret. What kind of heartless monster had he become?

Death Bringer?


Harry looked to the sky, away from what he had done, seeking peace only for his eyes to widen and his heart catch in panic.

"Tsu'tey." He whispered, his voice torn and reduced to nothing from the screams but he didn't notice. His mind was consumed in the sight of the large black cloud of smoke spiraling higher into the sky. Its darkness spreading out as it grew, and Harry knew without a doubt that HomeTree was right in the center. "Tsu'tey, Jake."

Harry tried to stand, tried to gather his magic, but his legs collapsed, knees slamming into the blood soaked ground. The small amount of magic he managed to reach for burned through him and then slipped away. "Eywa?" He croaked out and reached out tenderly for her. She danced around uncertainly for a moment before reaching for him as well. The connection was agony, digging and clawing fresh pain into his raw mental wounds. Eywa's own pain and sorrow hit him without mercy, even the concern she felt for him was horrible to bear but he held on. He could see the devastation through her, the screams of pain and desolation from the Omaticayan.

"Take me to him." He whispered and felt her waver. She knew how much pain even this small touch was causing. "I don't care, please Eywa. I have to go to Tsu'tey." She relented and grabbed him gently while completing the task as swiftly as possible. Despite her attempts the moment she began to wrap her essence around Harry the pain became unbearable and he passed into blissful unconscious.


When Harry woke it was to see snow falling above him, making him pause and wonder as to where he was. The memories of the mindless slaughter came back to him in a rush and a moment later he realized he was not surrounded by snow, but by ash.

He tried to stand, but his mind was sluggish, leaving his staring and trying to understand his surroundings and remember how his body worked. Slowly it began to respond, at last managing to stand, but his body had never felt so heavy nor weak. Harry used a nearby tree that had fallen over to help him to his feet, utterly exhausted by such a simple task. Every inch of his body why crying to remain still and allow it to fall into unconsciousness, but he pushed it away for now, focused on taking one step after another. He didn't know how long he had been passed out, nor how long since his mate or brother had last called for him.

He could hear the distress of the Omaticayan's nearby and continued to force himself in that direction. He began to walk through small groups of grieving Omaticayan. The number of injured seemed small, but the pain from their loss was no less devastating. They paid little mind to Harry who was naked and staggering around one obstacle, using it for support before going to the next. Harry paid them little mind as well, they weren't who he was looking for.

Coming around one of the few remaining standing trees, Harry leant heavily against it and felt something in him relax. He had found his mate. A moment later he took in his surroundings and began to feel a wrongness. It appeared that they had gathered the wounded around the area, most he recognized as some of the warriors Tsu'tey had taken with him into the sky. Many were injured, some were dead. Tsu'tey was bent over one of them, blood seeping past his fingers as he held them over the warrior's stomach. He was whispering something to the injured Na'vi when he stilled suddenly. Slowly he turned his head and his eyes easily sought out Harry's location.

A knife twisting in Harry's gut would have been kinder and easier to endure, anything but seeing his mate's eyes file with an intense hatred, a snarl forming on his lips.


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