Summary - It has been said that in order for a god to exist, he must be believed in. Harry defeated Voldemort and then disappeared. He became a legend over the years. And then became a God. With a whole world believing in him.

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural. They belong to JK Rowling and Eric Kripke respectively. Therefore I am not making any money from this, mores the pity.

Pairing – Gabriel(Loki)/Veles(Harry)

Warnings – Slash. Explicit scenes of a sexual nature, historical references, scenes which may cause distress, scenes of abuse/torture/death, somewhat imaginative use of religion, strong language, SPOILERS FOR SEASON FIVE, Death. A lot of death. Loads of it. Oodles. Dead bodies for miles. Everywhere you look.

White Rabbit

Harry glanced down at the dead body of the man that had been haunting his steps since his birth. He could feel the weight being lifted off of his shoulders as he stared at Voldemort's body, but then looked up and saw the adoration in the eyes of those around him. He shuddered and knew that with the passing of one burden, this world would find a way to place even more upon him.

Gathering his magic around him, Harry cast one last glance at the body of the most feared Dark Lord of the sixteenth century and then disappeared.

What Harry didn't know however, was that even with his disappearance, those people he had strove to escape, kept their adoration of him. He became a legend told to the new generation and magic began to work. It only took ten years. Ten years before the legend became a God and Harry Potter ceased to exist, becoming Veles instead. The vengeful trickster god, God of Magic and Death. The protector god of departed souls and supposed watcher of the underworld.

It was told to naughty children that they should behave, or the God, Veles, would come and take them to his home in the underworld. And it wasn't long after that, that the people of the wizarding world began rituals to appease their God. And those that travelled spread the word of the almighty and powerful Veles. Until eventually, no one remembered Harry Potter, and Veles was never believed to have once been a young, scared boy in a new world of magic and danger.

Ten years after the defeat of Voldemort

Harry had been feeling a little out of sorts for nearing on four years now but no one had explanations for why. And now it all seemed to be coming towards some sort of conclusion that he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know the end of.

Harry was hidden away in a small log cabin in Slovakia, hiding from the fearful muggles in the nearby village. Apparently having skin that appeared to glow a pale, sickly yellow in the dark, and bright lime green eyes wasn't normal and was, in fact, something to fear. Of course, that was the last of Harry's problems right now, however. He was more focused on the excruciating pain going through his body as he felt like each of his organs were shrivelling up, only to be regrown. One by one. He had long passed trying to hold back his screams and tears of pain and he was pretty sure that and silencing wards he had cast around the cabin, had fallen.

Harry gave another heart wrenching scream of pain as his heart gave a painful clench and then felt his vision blackout, whilst all he could hear was white noise. Until someone spoke to him, making him jerk, and then whimper at the added pain that movement caused.

"You have passed beyond being a legend to your people, little wizard saviour. The fates of all religions have stepped in to male you what they see you as." The voice was hushed and made it difficult for Harry to decipher whether the owner of the voice was male or female. The voice, however, held a hidden power to it that made Harry's jaw ache.

"What's happening to me?" Harry asked out in a pained, quiet voice, arching his back as another wave of pain wracked through his body.

"Hush now, Child of the Fates. Your body is being changed. Slowly your mortal flesh is being turned into pure magic, as is befitting for one of your status."

"What?" Harry asked, whimpering at the pain in his body, and trying his hardest to focus on what the voice was trying to tell him.

"Soon the one known as Harry Potter will fade from memory only to be replaced with whom you are becoming. You are to take your mantle as Veles, Trickster God of Magic and Death, and the protector of departed souls."

"No!" Harry cried out, shaking his head in denial of what was to become of him, knowing, however, that it was futile.

"It is too late, Veles. It has already happened. You are no longer human. Soon, you will be used to what you have been given and will learn how to help those that believe in you, and those that know of you but cannot believe."

"I don't want…"

"It is too late. All that is left for you to do is accept it and then gift those you deem worthy, with your magic and protection."

"Why me?" Harry whispered, tears running down his cheeks as he began to accept his fate, however reluctantly that may be.

"Who else could we entrust with this task? All one needs to happen, to become a god, is to have believers. You have whole world believing in you. There was no other path for you." Harry gave a small nod in acceptance and then arched and screamed when burning pain rushed through his body, changing every last cell left into solidified magic.

Ninety years later

Veles silently wandered through the streets of a magical shopping district in Rome, a little bored if anyone had bothered to ask him. His navy blue robes occasionally getting caught in the warm breeze and making people passing him, turn to stare at his obvious otherworldly features.

Over the decades, he had come to accept what he was, or at least, he no longer whined about it unless he was having a particularly bad day and had imbibed enough alcohol for it to start having an affect on him. It was on those days that he wondered if a god could worship another being or country, as he truly considered worshipping whoever first came up with the idea to make whisky.

It was, in fact, for that reason that he was striding through the small town, heading towards the nearest bar to get drunk. It was coming up to the second turn of the century that he had lived through and he had just witnessed the end of his second large wizarding war, this one having had the unfortunate consequence of wiping out an entire species. Veles just wanted to drink enough to forget about what the people he had chosen to give magic to had done to one another, and to try to drown out the guilt that was eating him up inside.

Walking into the pub, he headed straight for the bar and sat down on rickety stool. As soon as the bartender saw him, he walked over, still cleaning a mug in his hands and looked at him expectantly.

"Whatever you have that is strongest, please." Veles told the man, and then let his head fall down onto the bar when the man in front of him nodded his head and turned to get him his drink.

"Whoo! Whatever is wrong in your life, surely it can't be bad enough to pickle your liver!" Veles turned his head to look at the man sitting by him. He had dirty blond hair and a cheeky smile on his face as he looked at Veles. More importantly he was powerful enough to make the hairs on the back of Veles neck stand up.

"How about genocide?" Veles asked the man dully, absently thanking the bartender when he passed him a drink that was smoking and hissing.

"Really? Huh, in that case, I'll have what he's having." The man stated and the bartender gaped at him, then shrugged and turned to make the drink for the second time. "So what's your name?"

"Why?" Veles asked suspiciously, looking at the man with narrowed eyes, then downing the drink and wincing when it fizzed it's way down his throat and into his stomach, where it began to heat up uncomfortably, before settling down. "Another, please."

"So suspicious, if it helps, I'll tell you my name!" The man said cheerfully, downing his own drink and then choking in surprise. "What in God's name was that?"

"Which God?" Veles asked dryly, making the man turn to look at him with wide, amused eyes.

"Which God would you like? I'll be your God, if you wish." The man said with a wink, making Veles snort and then shake his head in amusement at the man.

"I follow no god." Veles informed the man, then took the second drink from the wary looking bartender with a smile and turned on his stool to fully face the other man. "I go by Veles."

"Veles? Great to meet you! I'm Loki!" The man, Loki, said, holding out his hand for Veles to take, which he did, cautiously, and shook it, ignoring the bolt of lightning that shot down his spine when their skin touched.

"Good to meet you too. Why are you drinking the same things I am? What do you wish to forget?" Veles asked as he took a sip from his new drink, and looked at the man in front of him.

"Nothing! I've actually had a fine day! Caused some chaos, had a good laugh, found a new sweet treat! You should try it! It's called chocolate." Loki told him, eyes shining in excitement and Veles eyed him warily.

"Chocklit?" Veles asked, raising an eyebrow and Loki nodded enthusiastically in his seat and then began to rummage around in his dark brown robes for something, then pulling out a small, crinkled paper bag.

"Here!" Loki said, offering the bag to Veles, who eyed him warily and then pulled out a strange brown solid ball from the bag.

"What is it?"

"Eat it! Go on!"

"Why are you offering a complete stranger food?" Veles asked him cautiously, looking down at the dark brown ball in his hands. He looked up in shock when Loki huffed and took the chocolate from his hands, and before he could do anything to stop the man, Loki stuffed the chocolate into Veles' mouth.

Veles looked at the grinning man with wide eyes, whilst Loki placed his hand over Vele's mouth so that he couldn't immediately spit the treat out. Narrowing his eyes at the man, he bit down on the sweet in his mouth, and the groaned in pleasure as his mouth was filled with a rich, milky taste.

"Good, isn't it? I think I have found my reason to carry on in this world!" Loki told him, making Veles open his eyes and nod, gently removing Loki's hand from his mouth.

"It's very good. But doesn't help me forget. Which is why I'm here. Barkeep! Two more of those smoking drinky things! And er… whatever the man beside me wants." Veles told the shocked bartender, who nodded his head cautiously and turned to Loki.


"Ah, whatever he's drinking is good with me!" Loki said with a wide smile, digging another chocolate from his bag and popping it into his mouth. The bartender nodded his head, and with a weary sigh, turned back to making drinks.

Four and a half hours later and more drinks than the bartender ever wanted to sell in his whole career, Loki and Veles were well on their way to forgetting pretty much everything. Except the fact that chocolate was good and they had run out of it three hours previously.

"Youateallmychocolate." Loki slurred, even as he waved the bartender down and blreaily pointed in the general direction of where he was sure his empty glass was.

"More, sir?"

"Yez'pleeze." Loki told him, nodding his head vigourously, before stopping and moving his hand to grip at his hair. "Ow."

"Dun move. 'Urts." Veles told Loki from his slumped position at the bar. "S'more f'me too." Veles added when the barman glanced at him, making the poor man sigh but nod his head.

"You glow. How'd'you do tha'?" Loki asked, squinting at Veles, who attempted to shrug, but actually looked like he had lost control of his limbs for a brief moment.

"S'oo y'am" Harry muttered, looking over at the man next to him and tilting his head slightly. "So d'you."

"I do?" Loki asked him in shock, looking down at his own hands and then frowning. "Don't see't."

"I do. You glow. S'all bright 'n'… shit." Veles finished lamely, waving his hand in Loki's general direction.

"Huh. M'I pretty?" Loki asked, still looking at his hand as though the power of his mind would make him glow.

"Yup." Veles agreed, nodding and getting a wide smile from Loki, who slid off his stool and moved to stand right next to Veles.

"You're pretty too." Loki told him with a nod and then surged forward and kissed Veles, missing his mouth slightly and getting the corner. Veles blinked in surprise, before turning his head and pressing his lips fully against Loki's. Pulling back, he looked at the grinning eyes of the strange man and tilted his head.

"We should go s'mewhere private." Harry told him and Loki nodded his head.

"Yeah, you should. Leave my bar before you scar any more of punters for life with your bizarre stories." Loki and Veles both turned to look at the barman, then Loki snapped his fingers, Veles winked and they both disappeared from the bar, leaving chaos behind them.

Veles blinked slightly as they reappeared in a large bedroom, and tried to will away the wave of nausea that threatened to take over, just as he was pushed onto the bed behind him. He lay sprawled across it and glanced up at Loki who was standing over him and smirking.

With a blink, both their clothes were gone, though both were too drunk to notice who did it, nor that the person they were with shouldn't have been able to do it in the first place. Loki crawled between Veles' legs, smirking at him, whilst Veles shuffled to lie on the bed completely, as opposed to hanging half off it.

"S'lube?" Veles whispered huskily, watching Loki kneel between his legs and then forgetting his question and throwing his head back with a moan when Loki swiped his tongue up his shaft.

Veles whimpered slightly when he felt a warm, wet heat engulf his erection and hands held his hips down to prevent him bucking up. He moved his legs further apart when he felt Loki's hands rub at his thighs, then cried out when Loki both sucked his erection and thrust a finger into him at the same time.

"S'goo—ack!" Veles cried out, pushing down on the digits stretching him, moaning and pouting when Loki pulled off of his penis with a small pop.

"You ready?" Loki asked him, still hastily preparing him and pushing a third finger in him and pressed his prostate, smirking when Veles yelled in pleasure and arched off the bed.

"M'ready! Pleez'ki!" Veles begged, whimpering slightly, and then smiling a little drunkenly when he felt Loki remove his fingers, and moved Veles' legs over his shoulders. Loki to locked eyes with Veles as he began to push inside him.

Loki paused slightly once he was inside to the hilt, allowing Veles the time to adjust. As soon as Veles nodded, Loki was quick to pull out almost completely and then slam back inside, making Veles practically scream his pleasure, and begin to see sparks behind his eyes.

Given the amount of alcohol both had imbibed and the state they were both in, it came as no surprise to either when they didn't last very long. Veles came first, crying out a garbled word that no one could understand, and Loki soon followed behind him, with a wordless shout, then fell heavily on Veles.

"Muv." Veles muttered, weakly pushing at Loki's shoulder, who just grunted and shifted just enough that he wasn't smothering his bed partner. "Thnkss."

Veles groaned and opened his eyes, hissing in pain as the sunlight burnt his retinas from his skull. He slowly turned his fragile head to the side and took in the form of the snoring man next to him and frowned.

"What are you?" Veles whispered, raising his hand to tuck a stray piece of hair behind the man's ear and then gently got out of the bed he was lying in. He glanced at the sleeping man and smiled, well it was more of grimace, but the thought was there, and leant down to press a kiss to his forehead. "Sorry, but I can't get involved with a mortal."

Veles straightened, glanced around the opulent room, and then winked and disappeared from the room.

Minutes later, Loki grunted and then opened his eyes, before groaning in pain and throwing his arm over his eyes.

"Those wizard people managed to get an angel drunk. I'm impressed. Knew I liked them for a reason."

Thirty years later

Veles scowled as he walked through the streets of Washington DC, glaring at everyone he passed, and then walking into the wizarding quarter and heading straight for the main Ministry building of the country. Once there, he stalked past the stunned wizards and headed straight for the Minister's office, walking past the receptionist and heading straight inside, ignoring her protests.

"Excuse me! Who do you think you are, just bursting into my office like that?" The Minister, a tall, skinny man, demanded, making Veles sneer at him and drop his glamour. The man gasped and collapsed back down into his seat. "You…"

"I am Veles, the God of your people. Do you know how disappointed in you, I am? You have turned against a whole race of your own people! You have denied them of their own right to practise magic! You took away the magic that I gave to them! And the worst part, you didn't even give it back to the earth. You kept it for yourself." Veles said in a sad, disappointed voice, shaking his head. He then sighed and looked up, locking eyes with the terrified Minister.

"Th-they don't deserve magic! They are the reason for the hunts!" The Minister exclaimed, and Veles growled under his breath and held up a hand to stop the man's whining.

"Did you not learn from past mistakes? From the war of 1609? Did all those people that died, so that muggleborns could be accepted in this world, did they die for nothing?"

"N-no! But… that is not here! You don't understand! We have been persecuted! Forced to hide from everyone for fear that the hunts will start up again."

"Well, you will not have to worry about that anymore." Veles informed him, making the man look at him with wide eyes.

"W-what… what do you mean?" The man asked in a shaky voice.

"Do you have a way of contacting every wizarding home in this forsaken country? You have a week to inform everyone of what your actions have done. At the end of that week, every wizard and witch in this country will be stripped of their magic permanently. No child born on these shores will have magic and I will send all of the magic I took from you and put it into the earth. It will mean that any wizard or witch coming to these shores in future will experience problems with their magic. This will become a dead-zone to magic. And I vow to never return it. Perhaps I have been too lenient with you, perhaps people will learn from past mistakes from now on." With that Veles spun on his heel, dark blue robes fluttering around him, as he walked out of the office, leaving a pathetically sobbing man behind him.

He glanced at all the people as he passed them, feeling a small twinge of regret and guilt, knowing that many of them were innocent victims in all of this, just living in the wrong country at the wrong time. However, the poor muggleborn children, who he had specifically chosen to gift with magic, were innocent of all crimes, when they were taken from their families and drained of their magic. Many of which did not survive the process. He knew that he had had to do something drastic, to remind his people that he did exist and that they were not worshipping some imagined entity.

If taking the magic from the citizens of an entire county was the way to go about it, then so be it. If it made many people try to flee the country, he would allow them to leave and keep their magic. After all, the message had to be spread to other countries.

Sighing, Veles sent one last look at the people bustling around the magical building, completely unaware of what the actions of their Minister had brought them to. Then, with a shake of his head and a wink, he disappeared from the building for the last time.

A week later, only fifteen people managed to escape the country with their magic, on time. Veles watched as his people suffered the pain of no longer having any magic, and stayed for a year to ensure that they would be able to survive amongst those they had previously scorned. Then, once satisfied that they would be fine, if not a little empty, he left the country, not to return again for over a century.

The magical citizens in all other countries around the world, whispered about the fearful God, Veles. The people of America became a legend, that was told as a cautionary tale to all students in their history lesson, and everyone prayed that they would not do something to bring about their God's ire, down on themselves.

Six Years Later

Veles was walking around Germany, having not been there for a good fifty years at least, and was absently watching a couple of non-magical children, playing catch in a park. He smiled softly and then turned his head away, frowning when he over heard two men talking to one another in low voices.

"I warned him that he was starting to get above his station in life. But he didn't heed my warning. I told him that there was whispers of one of those Tricksters hanging around." The man said, spitting the word Trickster and making Veles take a discreet step closer, intrigued by what the man was saying.

"I know, shame he had to go like he did though. Neighbours said he was heard screaming about the wolves of Thor on his door. Of course, his door was still intact, but his body was ripped to shreds." The other man said and Veles tilted his head to the side in confusion. Was there a witch or wizard around that was terrorising the local muggles?

Veles nibbled on his lip and wondered whether he should intervene or not, then shrugged and decided to check it out anyway, he was getting a little bored with the monotony that was his life recently, anyway. Popping a chocolate in his mouth, and mentally cursing that strange mortal man, whose name he refused to admit he could remember, for getting him hooked on the bloody stuff, he passed the gossiping pair and headed to where the unfortunate soul had been killed. The victim hadn't been a wizard, he would have been around to ferry his soul over, after all. He pondered over making a couple of lackies, like all the other Death Gods had, but then decided against it, his race wasn't that large in number anyway. He could cope.

When he arrived at the house, he could sense a strange, yet familiar, magic coating the small house, and frowned, before he glanced around him and walked inside. The body, not surprisingly, had been removed from the house and someone had come along and tidied the place up, presumably a member of the victim's family.

He tried to place where he had sensed this magic before, but it was escaping his memory and was driving him a little insane. It seemed to fizz on his tongue and, if he was completely honest, turned him on a little. Which was bizarre. Magic didn't normally do that. He was made of magic for crying out loud. Wrinkling his nose and then huffing in frustration, he shoved another chocolate into his mouth and glanced around the room in disinterest, not finding anything that was going to refresh his memory.

"Well… you weren't a very bizarre dream of mine." Veles shrieked in shock and then spun around, choking on the treat in his mouth and looking through the tears gathering in his eyes at the person that had spoken.

"You! This… you? What? Who are you? What are you? You're not one of my people." Veles demanded, narrowing his eyes at the smirking man, leaning against the wall by the door.

"I told you. I'm Loki. Don't tell me you forgot about our night of passion. It was magical. It was awe inspiring. It was the best night of your life. It was also the first time I ever passed out. Those wizarding folk make some brilliantly strong drinks. Got to commend them on that." Loki added absently, then locking eyes with Veles and smirking again, smirk growing wider when Veles gaped at him and then shook his head.

"Thank you." He deadpanned, and then sighed and rolled his eyes. "What are you? You haven't aged at all since I last saw you, over thirty years ago! So? And how have you got magic. I didn't give you any." Veles added, narrowing his eyes at the man in front of him, said man eyed him and then frowned.

"You give me magic? Why would you give me my magic?"

"Just answer my questions, you infuriating man! And stop answering them with more bloody questions!" Veles demanded and Loki chuckled and pushed off the wall, walking over to stand in front of Veles and looking down at him slightly.

"I'm Loki, the Norse Trickster God. I enjoy…messing with people's minds. Didn't work on you though. I tried, I really did, just… fell flat. It was a little annoying. Now, back to my questions, what are you, and what did you mean by you didn't give me my magic." Loki asked, standing so close that Veles could feel his breath against the side of his face, making his body begin to react to that, combined with the magic Loki was seemingly generating.

"Veles, Trickster God of Magic and Death, and protector of souls. I choose who gets magic and who doesn't, normally. But I guess, being another god, that you got given it by the same people that gave me mine." Veles told him, eyeing the man speculatively and resisting the urge to take a step back.

"Possibly. Another Trickster God, huh? I have competition! Can't have that!" Loki told him, grinning and placing a hand on Veles' waist, making Veles narrow his eyes at the man.

"I am also a God of Death, do not annoy me, Loki." Veles warned, moving to place a hand on Loki's chest, to prevent the man from getting even closer to him. Or at least, that was what he told himself was the reason.

"Ah, you don't scare me. You're tiny." Loki told him and then leant forward slightly so that his mouth was by Veles' ear. "And I know how to make you beg."

"Er! Don't try to seduce me! I don't trust you to not… do something nefarious or something." Veles told him with narrowed eyes, pulling back slightly so that he could look up at Loki and mentally cursing that he was so short compared to the taller god in front of him.

"Aw, nefarious? Why… that's practically against my nature! I wouldn't know how to be… nefarious!" Loki told him with wide eyes and pout, which had the opposite affect intended and just made Veles scoff.

"You're a damned Trickster God. You're very being is nefarious. And your eyes are too close together. Sure sign of nefarious… ness."

"Nefariousness? Is that even a word?"

"Yes. Don't argue with me. Don't make me drag your soul down to my underworld and leave it there for all of eternity." Veles warned him, making his own magic flare up and Loki to smirk and press even closer to Veles, despite the hand on his chest.

"Ooh, don't be making promises now. What shall you do to me when you get me to your lair? Will it be…. Nefarious?" Loki asked him, moving a hand to curl around the back of Veles neck and moving to press his nose to the patch of skin behind his ear. Veles gasped and then coughed to cover his reaction, pressing on Loki's chest to try and make him move back

"Loki… look, we wouldn't work out. We're both too… different." Veles told the god, though he gave up on trying to shove the taller, and apparently stronger, man away from him.

"Different? We're both Tricksters! How is that different?" Loki asked him, scratching his nails slightly against Veles' neck and making his breath hitch, whilst Loki moved away from Veles' ear slightly and turned Veles' head so that their noses were touching slightly.

"We're… we shouldn't… what was I saying?" Veles asked, looking at Loki and moving to tangle his fingers into the god's hair.

"You were agreeing that my idea to go back to my place is a brilliant one." Loki told him, dipping even closer and pressing his lips to Veles', just in case the stubborn God decided to deny it. Veles went to protest, but ended up fisting his hand into Loki's hair and pressing closer to the man, moaning as he opened his mouth for him and brushing his tongue against the one thrust between his parted lips.

"I agree. Brilliant idea. Let's go now." Veles agreed when he pulled back slightly, breath mingling with Loki's as he glanced up at him. Loki pressed a sharp kiss to his lips and then moved his hand from Veles' neck to click his fingers.

Veles blinked and noticed that he was in a new room, the same one from all those years ago, if he wasn't wrong, He didn't have that long to be certain however, as Loki soon latched onto his neck and began to nibble and suck at the skin there, making Veles groan and grip onto his shoulders.

Veles pushed the robe off of Loki's shoulders, shrugging to get out of his own and letting them both drop to the floor by their feet. He then ran his hands down Loki's chest, breath hitching when Loki nipped at his throat and dipped his hand down the back of Veles' trousers.

Veles groaned and pulled back slightly, moving his head to kiss Loki's lips, as he untied the ties on Loki's shirt and then pushed that off his shoulders, moving from Loki's mouth, to press kisses to the skin as it was revealed. He smirked against the man's salty sweet skin as the god's hands got caught in his sleeves. Veles quickly twisted the shirt and then pulled his hand, holding it, down, making Loki's arms straighten behind his back.

"Knew you were kinky."

"Knew you couldn't shut up." Veles muttered backing Loki over to the bed and the pushing him down on to it, smirking at the wide, lust-darkened eyes staring up at him. "I should make a gag."

"Didn't think you were that kinky." Loki told him, smirking as he fidgeted to try and get comfy, whilst still being trapped. Veles grinned and then winked, making a silk black tie appear in his right hand. He moved to straddle Loki and then helped Loki get out of his shirt. However, before Loki could actually do anything, Veles tied the cloth around his wrists and then connected them to the cast iron headboard. "Thought that was a gag."

"You want a gag? I can make one of those for you, dear." Veles said in a sugary sweet voice, and Loki shifted and narrowed his eyes at Veles.

"Will you do something?... And how have you blocked my magic? How did you do that?" Loki asked him, struggling with the bonds around his wrists and then gaping at a grinning Veles.

"God of Magic." Veles singsonged, wiggling his fingers at Loki and smirking when Loki's eyes widened. "So now… you have no choice but to let me take control." Veles moved to rub their crotches together and moaned when Loki thrust up into him. He groaned and then waved his hand, getting rid of their trousers and making them both gasp at the sensation.

Veles leant down and pressed a kiss to Loki's lips, reaching a hand back to begin to prepare himself hastily. He moaned into Loki's mouth and gripped the other man's hair with his free hand, feeling Loki groan against him and arch up to make more contact.

Veles soon removed his fingers and then covered Loki's erection with lube, pulling away from kissing Loki and looking down at him with almost black eyes, moving so that the head of his erection was just penetrating him, making his gasp and lock eyes with Loki. He smirked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Should I move?"

"You're evil! Move!" Loki gasped, thrusting up as far as he could and making Veles gasp and thrust back down until Loki was fully inside him. Veles let his eyes shut and moaned loudly, not moving and just letting his body adjust slightly. "Move."

Veles opened his eyes and then moved, slowly pulling up and leaning forward to bite Loki's bottom lip, moaning breathlessly when Loki hit his prostate, and pressing a sharp kiss to Loki's lips before he pulled away and sat up. He moved his hands to lean them against Loki's chest, biting his bottom lip as he and the trickster god began to move faster, making the magic in both of them slowly begin to rise and clash. Veles cried out, dragging his nails down Loki's chest, making the other man groan and throw his head back, thrusting up sharply and getting a gasp from Veles.

Loki tugged at the bonds around his wrist, and then stopped when he felt his orgasm rushing through him, curling his toes and making him thrust up into Veles, just as the other god cried out and arched his back, eyes clenched shut as he too climaxed.

They stayed like that for a few moments before Veles slumped forward onto Loki's chest, letting his magic run over them to clean them and also get rid of the tie around Loki's wrists. Loki brought his arms down and wrapped them around Veles' waist tightly. They moved until they were lying on their sides, cuddled together, Veles hissing slightly when Loki pulled out and then moving to entangle their legs.

They lay like that, basking in the others magic humming under their skin, for a few hours. Neither one having the need to sleep, and just lying in silence, enjoying the after glow. After a few hours, however, Veles shifted and moved to sit up in the bed, making Loki open his eyes to look at him questioningly.

"I've got to go." Veles muttered to Loki as he got out of the bed, pressing a kiss to Loki's lips and moaning when the other god dragged his nails down his chest. "No, gotta go. Sorry. If I bump into you again, we should definitely do this again." Veles told him, pressing another kiss to his lips and then turning around and getting out of the bed.

"Well… I may have a way for you to find me. Should you need me." Loki added hastily, when Veles turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"And how is that, exactly?" Veles as him, and Loki floundered for a second and then smirked, making Veles have to mentally hold himself back from throwing himself at the trickster. Judging by the glint in his eyes, Loki was well aware of that fact.


Twenty-Seven Years Later

Veles smiled as he walked down Diagon Alley, watching the hustle and bustle of the passing wizards and witches. He hadn't been back to England for over fifty years, having decided that other wizarding communities needed him more, and he would admit to being pleased with how his home country was dealing with everything.

So far he had not witnessed much bad feelings towards any muggleborns or half-bloods, but he knew that that was only because people were still talking about what had happened in the Colonies all those years ago. He wasn't holding his breath that this apparent accepting state would stay that way. He could feel that something would happen in the future that would change things. It was the advantage of being a God (upper-case G, thank you very much), you got to sense anything that may happen that would affect your people, whether good or bad. Whatever he was sensing, was going to be bad. Very bad. However, he couldn't sense when it was going to happen, just that it was sometime in the future. Quite some time away.

He frowned when he noticed that the witches and wizards all seemed excited about something, but wasn't sure what had them all whispering to one another in excited voices. Moving closed to two women, one of which was holding the hand of a small child, he casually leant against the wall and listened in.

"Oh no, we're just making a small family thing of our ritual. Nothing fancy for us this month. What about you? Will you be going to the homage to our Lord and Saviour in the Alley?" The woman with the child asked, making Veles frown in concern, for one, he was fairly certain he was the only God that the wizarding world, therefore, the rather ominous sounding 'homage' would be for him. And for another, he hadn't ever been invited to one of these things. Which was just rude.

"Oh yes, we've decided to make a night of it. We're going with Alan's parents. Apparently they go every month and decided that they wanted us to go with them this time, introduce their new daughter in law to some family friends." Veles wrinkled his nose, quite happy that he'd never have to deal with family or partners. He was, however, now insatiably curious about what the whole wizarding world in England, apparently did to appease his, well he wasn't sure what. Wrath? Veles gave a small chuckle at that, which happened to grab the attention of the two women.

"Oh! Hello! Didn't see you there, are you coming tonight?" The woman with the child asked him, and Harry cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow in question, though mentally he was deciding on the accent to use. Remembering another certain god, he mentally smirked and decided on imitating Loki's accent. Or at least, the accent the trickster god used whenever talking to him. "To the Homage?"

"I do not understand." Veles said, looking at them with wide eyes, though his hood cast a shadow over most of his face.

"Oh, not from around here then? Ah, well, you should come tonight, say your thanks to our God Veles." The other woman told him and Veles shrugged his shoulders and looked around him, trying and hoping he gave off an air of confusion.

"In Scandinavia, we do not have to give thanks to Veles. Why must you?" Veles asked, wincing a little as he thought about what Loki would do to him, should he hear what Veles was doing to his accent.

"Oh no! You must! You don't want to bring Veles' wrath down on you now, do you? Did you not hear what he did to the Colonies? Terrible. Stripped them of their magic! No warning, just took it from them!" The mother told him and Veles frowned and shook his head.

"He must have had reason. Veles would not have done such a thing without due cause." Veles insisted, feeling a small tendril of anger burning in the pit of his stomach. "When was this incident?"

"Oh, well, it was quite a while back, over thirty years ago. But you never know when something may anger him, I've heard he has quite the temper over some things. Come tonight, see how we appease him, perhaps you could take it back to your country." The other woman told him and Veles narrowed his eyes at them, then tilted his head in acquiescence.

"What time will it be?"

"Oh, you just come to the Alley at eight thirty tonight. Bring someone along if you wish. It's a time to be with friends and family, and to make new friends." The woman told him happily and Veles held back a sigh, but nodded his head.

"I do not think I will be bringing anyone with me. I shall see you tonight." Veles told them with a dip of his head, he then turned on his heel and walked off, smirking when he heard the women behind him muttering about him.

"He may encourage his own people to do this." The mother whispered and Veles couldn't help but snort.

"Unless it involves a vat of chocolate, Loki will not take any sort of ritual on." Veles muttered, he considered, for all of a second, calling Loki to him, but decided swiftly against it, fearing for his peoples sanity should he introduce the strange god to them.

At eight fifteen, Veles walked through the surprisingly crowded streets of Diagon Alley and frowned in confusion. He tugged his blue robes around him and made sure that no one was paying much attention to him. He dodged through the excited people chatting to their friends and families, and slowly pushed his way to the front of the crowd, which appeared to be the old Gringott's bank. Veles felt his heart constrict as he mourned the loss of the magical beings that had been one of his favourites, and then felt a wave of anger at the beings standing around him, making all the lamps fade and flicker as his magic clashed with the magic in them.

Everyone hushed a little, looking at the lighting, and then began to laugh, somewhat nervously, once Veles had calmed himself down and everything went back to normal. Veles sighed and moved to lean against a shop, keeping the large stage that had been placed in front of the abandoned bank in his sight.

At eight thirty exactly, a pompous looking man stepped on the stage and cleared his throat, before pressing his wand to his throat, beaming widely at all the people gathered around him.

"Men and women of the wizarding world, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the May celebration of Veles the Powerful. I am also pleased to be sharing my first Celebration as Minister with you all tonight." The pompous man stated, getting a cheerful round of applause from the crowd, and making Veles snort and roll his eyes, ignoring the scandalised look the woman next to him shot him.

"So, we shall get the Celebration underway with the first ritual of the night, Greene, if you could bring on the sacrifice." The minister said, making Veles stiffen and narrowed his eyes at the sneering man who Veles took to be called Greene. Greene nodded and then walked behind the stage, only to come back with a crup puppy. Veles closed his eyes in disgust and shame and then shook his head.

He pushed off of the wall he was leaning against, glanced at the small puppy and then winced when Greene gleefully shoved a knife into the puppy's stomach. Feeling sick and ashamed, Veles realised that there was nothing he could do for his people anymore. He couldn't take the magic away from another country of wizards and witches, clearly the survivors of the last time twisted their reasons for the punishment and the outcome was this.

Veles shuddered and forced his way through the crowds of people, ignoring their disapproving looks, and deciding to no longer take such as active role in the lives of his people. He refused to stick around to see what other rituals they were going to do in his honour. Glancing over his shoulder once more at the crowds of people watching the horrific show on stage, Veles disappeared from the Alley.

Twenty Years Later

Veles frowned and concentrated on where he could sense Loki, disappearing from where he stood in Norway, to appear near to where Loki apparently was. He hadn't seen the amusing god for over forty years and, given that it was coming up to his two hundredth birthday, he wanted to celebrate it for the first time. Loki, being the only person he could actually call a friend, was his obvious choice as the only person he would want to actually celebrate with. Hence why he was now standing in the corner of a large building.

He stepped out of the shadows and looked around him, wrinkling his nose at being in a place that he had never been in before. He looked up and felt his jaw drop at the huge, detailed painting on the ceiling, then looked over when he heard someone speaking Italian, giving him a clue, at least, as to where he was.

Nibbling on his lip, he tried to sense where his friend was, and then walked over to where he could see someone sitting against the wall, staring up at the ceiling. Getting close enough to see that it was, in fact, Loki, Veles paused and frowned. The look on the Trickster god's face was one of remorse and utter sadness, and something that Veles had never seen on the man's face before.

"Loki?" Veles called out in Norwegian, making Loki jerk and look over at him in surprise, he quickly stood up, brushing himself down and turning to face Veles.

"What are you doing here?"

"Er… where is here?" Veles asked, looking around him once more, and missing the small smile that crossed Loki's face.

"The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City." Loki told him quietly and Veles nodded, still looking up at the ceiling.

"Okay. Er… why? And… Lo, what's wrong? You haven't once demanded anything sugary, or even smiled. Are you alright?" Veles asked him, looking at him in concern and placing a hand on his arm.

"I'm fine, Veles. I just like this place. It's… peaceful." Loki told him, looking up at the ceiling. Veles looked at the god closely and wondered about his almost reminiscent stare.

"Yeah… I guess it is. I wonder… I wonder if their God ever feels disappointment over what his children have done to each other." Veles muttered, looking at all the people that were wandering around the large room.

"He does." Loki told him, sounding more weary than Veles ever thought he would, making Veles look over at him in question. "What god doesn't? I'm lucky, I don't have any worshippers, I am just feared as being someone that will put a person in their place. But for their God and all other gods that have given a part of themselves to the humans? Who wouldn't feel disappointment and shame. All they do… all they do is kill one another. For petty reasons."

"It's free will. They all have it, and they all abuse it. Free will… it makes people go crazy. They are filled with all these emotions and they… they don't know how to express them. Unfortunately that means that most choose to express them through violence."

"Why are you so depressed? Why did you come to find me?" Loki asked him, looking at him from the corner of his eyes, as they both stood by a wall and watched the people passing them, not noticing the two gods chatting.

"I came to the realisation that… no matter what I do, my people will twist it and do something that will anger me and make me regret what I gave to them." Veles admitted, not looking at Loki and not really seeing the people in front of him. "They felt they needed to slaughter an innocent to appease me. I'm… they seem to think their God is some fearful being that will strike them down in fury if they should put one foot wrong, but they don't get what it is that angers me."

"Huh, do they have a reason for believing that?" Loki asked, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor, Veles glanced at him, and then joined him on the floor and shrugged. He then sighed and dragged a hand through his hair.

"I punished a country for what they did to others. Other than that, nothing. I tend to stay out of most things, I learnt that lesson decades ago. Now… now I will just take the troubled and lost souls on to their destination." Veles said with a small shrug, making Loki sigh and shift so that he was leaning against Veles.

"So what is the domain of the God of Death like?" Loki asked, and Veles chuckled and leant his head on Loki's shoulder.

"Nice. I like it. I'll show you it one day." Veles told him and the two fell into a peaceful silence, watching the people pass though the building, until, as one, they both stood up and disappeared to different destinations.

Sixty-One Years Later

Veles nibbled on his lip and frowned, closing his eyes and putting all of his focus on trying to sense Loki, but sighing when he failed once more. The last time he had sensed the Trickster had been in the Vatican, since then he had felt nothing and heard nothing of Loki. And Veles was open enough to admit that he was worried. He didn't know what to do.

He had gone back to the Sistine Chapel every five years since, but hadn't seen the god there, nor had he sensed any of the man's unique magic, telling Veles that he hadn't been there since the two had departed all those years ago.

Now, for some unknown reason, he was wandering around India. He seriously had no idea why, for one, Loki had mentioned once that he never came here due to something to do with destroying something, or being a destroyer. Perhaps it was someone else that destroyed things. Still, Loki gave some sort of reason for never coming back to India, and therefore Veles had no clue why he was there.

Wrinkling his nose, he decided he'd wander towards the small grouping of people that he had given magic to. He hadn't been to check on them for a couple of decades, perhaps this was one group of people that wouldn't disappoint him.

He walked down the alley that would lead to the wizarding sector and tapped on the bricks, waiting for it to open, before stepping in and groaning. He now remembered why it was that he hadn't been for a while. No one in India actually believed in him anymore. Which was an embarrassingly short amount of time that he had been their God. A hundred and ten years. Made him want to hide under a rock just in case another god heard about it and laughed at him. Magic help him if Loki ever found out.

Of course, that route of thinking reminded him of his currently missing friend/lover/acquaintance/person and made him frown again. He spun on his heel and quickly left the magical alley of Bangalore, not wishing to stick around and deciding to nurse his wounded pride alone somewhere.

He quickly crossed the street and stepped into a pokey little restaurant, nodding to the man on the door as he passed and sitting down, refusing to acknowledge that he was pouting. He quickly ordered a water and then sat back and wondered what to do next. If he was quite honest, one of the reasons he had started searching Loki out this time, was because he was bored. Though, mainly it was because he was worried about the Trickster.

He was abruptly pulled from his morose musings when someone say down opposite him, making his head snap up and look at the Indian man sitting across from him, with a wide and knowing look in his eyes.

"Er…" Veles said, looking at the man opposite him with wide eyes. He could feel the magic coming off the man in front of him in waves, and like Loki, the magic was different to the kind his own people, and himself, had. But it was also very different to the magic Loki gave off. "You… Who? Eh?"

"You are not the most eloquent of people, are you? You feel very powerful, but you are still very young, are you not?" The man said to him, making Veles raise a disbelieving eyebrow, he'd never actually considered himself as young. Ever. Well, except when he actually was young.

"Er… I don't feel young." Veles finally settled on saying, and the man across from him gave him an appraising look before he chuckled and settled back in his seat.

"Pleasure to meet you, Little One. I am Ganesh." The man told him and Veles slumped in his seat and pouted.

"Oh. The Hindu god. Great. You stole my people. I give them magic and they just turn around and worship someone else. Who looks like an elephant. No offence." Veles added hastily, relaxing somewhat when Ganesh just chuckled deeply.

"You are the one to gift some of our subjects with magic then?"

"Yeah." Veles said with a sigh, then he straightened his back and titled his head to the side. "You don't mind, do you? I mean, I could take it back from them, but the people here? They're the only ones that haven't really done anything the upset me, besides turning to another religion. But if you want to, I will. I mean, there's only one of me after all."

"They can keep their magic. We heard of what happened to those that angered you in the Americas. We do not wish to punish those that chose to worship us. And you know, there are still a few that whisper your name. They have not all forgotten about you." Ganesh told him, looking amused.

"Really? Look… can we just er… keep the fact that a whole country of my own people turned their backs on me after only a century of believing in me, under wraps? You know, just between our two religions?" Veles asked him, making his eyes wide and trying to give off an innocent aura, knowing that the god in front of him wasn't affected by his normal glamour and thus could see his er… glowiness as Loki put it. Ganesh looked at him and then chuckled.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of. Mortals are fickle creatures when it comes to their beliefs. We have all experienced losing some of our people to another religion. You are just new, you will get used to it. Your people are just not used to having a religion."

"They've never known life without having a God though. I mean, I know I've only been a god for maybe… two hundred and fifty years, if that, but well… the oldest of my people is a hundred and seventy-six… and somewhat senile. Well… of the wizards." Veles added and Ganesh looked at him questioningly.

"Just who do you watch over? Wizards and witches, but who else? Vampires?"

"No, they're er… actually, believe it or not, they were created by the Christian God." Veles said with a small chuckle and a shrug. "No, they're not under my control at all. They don't actually have any magic besides some odd magic that is keeping them er… alive. Loosely using the term."

"Oh, so what do you have jurisdiction over? I'm quite interested as we Hindu gods only watch over humans, and now wizards and witches." Ganesh added with a grin at Veles, making Veles smile back at him sheepishly.

"Looks that way. So… what I have some say over? Veela, they're kind of er… well they're temptresses, sort of like sirens, which I also have control over. Incubi and succubae, those are mine. I'm quite proud of those. They're new and all my creation. They're called sex demons, but… they're not, not really. Well, they're not demons at least. They do feed off of sex though." Veles added in a musing voice, making Ganesh look at him and then shake his head in amusement.

"Why did you make them that way?"

"Why not? I don't have any laws or rules for my people, only that they tolerate one another, even those that aren't the same as them. I didn't think I was asking for all that much, but apparently I was." Veles muttered darkly.

"We all have that problem. It's the free will clause that we have to give them. What else are yours? What do I need to look out for?"

"Erm… to be honest, none of my children will be any danger to you or any other gods, but yeah, your own subjects might get troubled by them. I've got a whole host of magical animals that I made, I like animals. Decided to erm… embellish some already around, and others, I just completely made up. But humanoid beings that I watch over are also sprites, piskies, faeries, centaurs, merpeople, dementors and banshees. House elves too." Veles added as an after thought, sipping at the glass of water on the table and looking over the edge at the man in front of him.

"That's a lot. You have followers all over the world?"

"Pretty much. I have followers in countries in all the continents, and I created an Ankou for each continent, to help me collect the souls and help them to move on. Though I do take most of the souls. I realised I'd need help a few decades back though, have you noticed how all the mortals just seem to be multiplying? It's quite astonishing." Veles muttered, eyes flickering over to a family that walked into and headed over to a table, before he looked back at Ganesh.

"So you take the souls of the magical people here?"

"No, they believe in you, not me. They go to wherever your lot go when they die. Seriously though, can we not let this pass outside of our religions? If Loki ever found out, he'd never let me live it down." Veles grumbled, almost to himself, though going by the amused look on Ganesh's face, the god heard him.

"Loki? The Norse Trickster god?" Ganesh asked him, making Veles look at him sharply and narrow his eyes.

"You know of him then? Have you seen him at all over the last couple of decades? I've been trying to find him and I can no longer sense him. I'm worried about the moron." Veles admitted with a frown, looking down at the glass in his hands and nibbling on his bottom lip.

"I have not seen Loki for many centuries now, not since the last time he and Kali the Destroyer came to blows about something. He has not entered India since." Ganesh admitted and Veles looked up at the name of the other god and snorted.

"The Destroyer? That would be what he was rambling on about then, last time I mentioned this place." Veles said, feeling amusement at his friend, before he was over come with worry for him once more and sighed. "Look, I should go, people to watch over, souls to carry on, you now how it is? I also may prank a couple of people, just to keep them on their toes. It was lovely meeting you, and I may come back to chat with you again."

"Do that, Little One. I enjoyed our conversation, you can tell me more about your own creations on this planet and I can tell you more about mine." Ganesh told him, both of them standing up from the table and shaking hands.

"Sounds like a plan. I really do need to go. I need to head towards Ireland soon, something bad is going to happen there and really need to be there for my people there. They are my strongest believers on this planet. But… should you hear from Loki, do you think you could either tell him to search me out, or tell me where you heard he was last, please? If it's not too much trouble?" Veles asked and Ganesh locked eyes with him for a moment before he nodded.

"Of course. I would say it was an odd friendship that you two seem to have made, but I would be naïve to think that. Two Trickster's would, I imagine, have quite a bit in common."

"We do. And a fair bit we don't. Keeps things interesting. See you around, Ganesh." Veles said, winking and leaving the restaurant as his robes whipped around him.

"Indeed we will, Little God."

Forty Years Later

Veles wandered through the ash-ridden paths of Pulau Surtung and sighed as he knelt down to send another soul on. The island, thought to be uninhabited by the non-magical residents of this planet, had actually been inhabited by a few hundred of his own creatures. The sirens, incubi, succubae and his newest creations, leanbraioch had all inhabited the island, and all had been wiped out when the volcano had erupted. He had told the nearest ankou that he would send all the souls from this island on, and had told it to deal with any other magical beings that had been killed by the eruption.

He sighed as he brushed a finger over the crimson forehead of a young leanbraioch, silently mourning the loss of another species, though this time lost to natural disaster. He had almost sent on all the souls that he could sense on the island, and was preparing to move on to the next one over, to see if the ankou needed any help, when he sensed someone behind him.

Turning quickly on his heel, he reared back in shock at seeing Loki standing behind him, looking around at the destruction around him in shock and confusion, before he turned to look at Veles. Veles frowned when he noticed that the god looked no better than the last time he had saw him, the previous century.

"You look how I feel." Veles informed him, walking past Loki, brushing past him as he knelt by the last soul he needed to collect, an incubus, and sent it on with a sharp tap to it's forehead and a whispered word of encouragement. "Where have you been? I was beginning to get worried."

"I know. A mutual friend of ours told me. He informed me that you might need a friendly face, and now I understand what he meant. I don't think I had ever been to this island before. Didn't even know it had occupants." Loki admitted as he looked around him once more.

"No, no one really did. It was only truly inhabited in the last century or so. When I created these tiny people." Veles murmured, running a finger down the face of a crimson skinned, silver haired creature. Loki walked over and titled his head to the side as he examined them, taking note of the long, delicate fingers and long pointed ears. Veles was right, it was really quite small, only reaching two foot in height, had it been standing.

"What is it?"

"They were a kind of sprite, I suppose would be the best description. They thrived in hot climates, but needed to be close to water. This place was ideal. Clearly not as ideal as I had hoped. This is the second species I have lost to extinction now. I really quite liked them." Veles muttered, then he sighed and stood up, turning to face Loki. "Enough about my troubles however, we need to talk about you. It's not good for a Trickster to be walking around with a bottom lip he might soon trip over. Lo, what's wrong?"

"I don't – I can't say. It's nothing really. Nothing important at least." Loki insisted, looking away from Veles to glance towards the islands in the distance, where the volcano had erupted, ash and smoke still billowing from it.

"Nothing important? You've been like this for over a century. I think that would suggest you were lying." Veles told him dryly, then narrowed his eyes at the stubborn god and stepped up to him, almost touching and forcing Loki to look at him. "Come with me. I know somewhere we can talk that will be safe from anyone that may feel inclined to listen."

Loki looked at him in confusion and Veles smiled at him softly, placing the palm of his hand to Loki's head and closing his eyes. Loki closed his own eyes and had the sensation of being squeezed through a straw, before it stopped and he opened his eyes.

He looked around him in confusion, taking note of the high ceiling of the room they were in, the walls seemingly made out of obsidian or something similar. There was a large bed in the room, with a deep blue cover over it, and two blue sofas facing a fireplace.

Veles stepped away from Loki and clicked his fingers in a way very similar to Loki, making the fireplace come to life with blue and silver flames, which made Loki frown and then look at Veles.

"What? It goes with the theme. Red and yellow would have messed it all up. This, Loki, is my realm. Well, my home within my realm. The whole realm is somewhat larger, having to host spirits and such. And nothing and no one can eavesdrop on anything said within this room."

"So this is where you live?" Loki asked, still looking at the fire with a bemused look on his face, before he wrenched his eyes away and looked at an amused God of Magic.

"Sort of. Mostly I live up top, got a small cottage in Moscow. Nice place, locals are delightful. Sometimes." Veles added as an after thought, then he moved and sat in one of the couches, looking at Loki, who quickly did the same and sighed, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. "You don't have to tell me. But I am here to listen."

"I know. It's just… hard. Everything is hard. And recently it's become harder for some reason. I don't really know why. It happens every so often. I get melancholy and think about what things were like before…" Loki trailed off and Veles looked at him in confusion and concern.

"Before? Before when? Before mortals seemed to get more and more inventive with their reasons to hate one another? I know that feeling." Veles grumbled and Loki chuckled mirthlessly and shook his head.

"No. I'm not… I don't – I'm not a God like you. I can't create beings, I don't have any followers anymore and… well I'm not like you." Loki muttered, scrubbing at his face with his hands, whilst Veles just continued to feel confused.

"Well no, I never thought you were. For one, you're Norse and most seem to think I'm Slavic. Which I've never understood, can I just say. My people are all over the world. And well… you're a heck of a lot older than I am and your er… your magic is different to anything that I have ever come across. It's amazing to be honest." Veles told him with a small smile, getting an even smaller one in return from Loki.

"There's a reason that my magic feels so different to yours. Like I said I'm not like you. I don't…" Loki trailed off and sighed, looking around the room and then back at Veles. "No one can hear us in here? Nothing? No other gods or creatures?"

"No." Veles told him, frowning in confusion and then looking around the room. "This is separate from the mortal realm. This is all mine, you are the only other god that even knows of this place. No one can enter this realm without my say so, I know everyone and thing in this place. That includes gods from all religions. Even the Judeo-Christian God can't get into this place without my say so."

"So I can tell you anything and no one else will hear it?"

"Precisely. Loki, what's going on?" Veles asked, standing up to sit on the same sofa as Loki, placing a hand on the Trickster's arm.

"I wasn't always known as Loki, Norse trickster god. I went as something before I took up that role." Loki muttered, snapping his fingers and then looking disappointed at something.

"I'm the only one that can use magic in this room. What did you want?" Veles asked, deciding to go with that one before he tackled who Loki was before he was Loki.

"Chocolate. I'm going to need lots of chocolate. And anything else sweet." Loki grumbled and Veles chuckled but snapped his fingers together, making a bowl full of sweets and other candies appear in his other hand, which he then passed over to Loki.

"Okay… so you have your sugar intake now." Veles said, watching as Loki nibbled on a chocolate truffle. "Want to tell me who you were? What name you went by before you chose Loki?" Veles asked, shifting so that he was sitting sideways on the sofa and was looking at Loki.

"Gabriel." Loki muttered around a chocolate bonbon that he had shoved in his mouth. Veles looked at him and tilted his head to the side, the name seemed familiar to him, but he couldn't place why.

"You were human? Before becoming a god, I mean. You were a human called Gabriel? I was a human before this, you know? I was called Harry though, which is slightly more boring than Gabriel, though less... gender ambiguous. Is that what's wrong though? You're upset about something from your human life?" Veles asked and Loki shook his head and then sighed and clutched the bowl tighter. Veles was amused to see that Loki was either trying to protect the chocolates or was hiding behind the chocolates.

"No. I was something else." Loki told him and Veles looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "I was an archangel. The Archangel Gabriel."

Veles was silent for a few moments before he nodded and then grinned widely. "If I were Catholic, I'd so be kneeling at your feet right now."

"You have to be Catholic to kneel at my feet? Since when? Never stopped you before." Loki pointed out, looking a little relieved that Veles hadn't made a bigger deal of it. Veles chuckled and moved so that he was kneeling on the sofa and moved to almost press against Loki's side.

"So do you have wings?" Veles asked, lips brushing against Loki's ear. He smirked when he felt Loki shudder.

"I do, yeah." Loki admitted in an equally low voice as Veles, tilting his head to the side to give Veles access to his neck, and bringing his hand up to grip the God's hair in his fist.

"Can I see them?" Veles asked, brushing his nose against the skin behind Loki's ear and then pressing a kiss to it, he brought and hand up and trailed it down Loki's spine. He smirked against Loki's skin when Loki gasped and clenched his fist tighter in Veles' hair.

"Sure." Loki gasped, before he moved quickly, dropping the bowl of treats to the floor and dragging Veles to straddle his lap. Veles gasped in surprise and then moaned into Loki's mouth when the trickster pulled his head down to kiss. Loki pulled back slightly and locked eyes with Veles, smirking. "Now?"

"No." Veles told him, rocking his hips down into Loki's, breath hitching in pleasure when their erections brushed. He moved his head to suck at the skin on Loki's neck, groaning when Loki moved his hands to grip Veles' hips and bring them closer together. "Right now I have other plans."

"I think I like where these plans look to be going." Loki muttered, groaning as his hips bucked up into Veles, causing the God to bite his neck.

"Oh, you will." Veles told him as he licked at bite mark on Loki's neck and thrust down into him. He then pulled back to look at Loki and winked, making their clothing disappear.

"Neat trick, you'll have to teach me."

"And make you lose your trademark finger clicking? Definitely." Veles smirked, then gasped when Loki gripped both their erections and began to stroke them. Veles moved his hands to grip at Loki's shoulders and pressed his forehead against Loki's. "Shouldn't you be all virginal and pious? Being an angel and all?" Veles asked, voice hitching when Loki's other hand moved to brush against him.

"Not an angel anymore. It was too boring for me. Lube?" Loki asked, pressing the tip of his finger into Veles, and making Veles gasp and press back, even as he waved his hand and made lube appear on Loki's fingers.

"We really need to talk after thi-iss." Veles said, voice hitching and making him hiss out oaths in Parseltongue when Loki immediately pushed two fingers inside of him, and began to search for his prostate. Veles yelped and thrust down onto Loki's fingers when he found it.

"We don't need to talk about anything, Vel." Loki whispered, brushing almost continuously against that spot in Veles, and making the God keen as he pressed himself as close to Loki as he could get.

"Okay! Fine! Stop teasing me!" Veles finally cried out, when Loki pushed a third finger into him and continued to brush against his prostate, whilst his other hand moved from his erection to grip the back of Veles' neck and brought his head back down so that he could kiss him.

Loki smirked against their lips and withdrew his fingers, before he spread the rest of the lube over his own erection and then slid his hand down Veles' back and gripped his hip. Veles moved so that the tip of Loki's erection was pressing against him, but not penetrating him, and then pulled away from the kiss and looked into Loki's eyes. He smirked and lowered onto Loki, bringing a groan from them both, and stopping when Loki was in completely.

"You can tell me anything, Lo." Veles told the Trickster breathlessly, looking right at him and then lifting and thrusting back down, almost as quickly. Loki didn't reply to Veles' statement, instead he gripped Veles' hips and began to quicken the pace of their thrusts.

Soon, neither one could remember what they were talking about, both lost to the pleasure of their combined magic flowing over their joined bodies, increasing the pleasure and making them both gasp and moan. Veles was almost completely leaning against Loki's chest, as his legs started to turn to jelly, pressing open mouthed kisses to Loki's neck, and gripping his shoulders tightly, Loki's own grip tightening on his hips as he began to thrust even quicker.

Veles nipped and bit at the skin of Loki's collarbone, a hand moving up to wrap into the ex-angel's hair as he felt his orgasm building in the bottom of his stomach, making his toes curl. He pulled back, breathing heavily as he moved in time with Loki, moving to kiss him and moaning into his mouth, before he pulled back and cried out, his orgasm crashing over him and making his clench around Loki, causing the other cry out his own orgasm.

Veles slumped against Loki's chest, feeling completely boneless and breathing heavily, feeling Loki's chest moving in time with his own deep breaths. He slowly unclenched his fist in Loki's hair and moved his hand to rest against Loki's neck, feeling the other god move his arms to wrap them around his chest, and nuzzling his face into Veles' hair.

"I'll always be there for you, should you ever need to talk." Veles whispered, breath brushing against Loki's skin and making the other man shudder. They shifted and Veles groaned when he felt Loki pull out of him, Loki rubbing his hand up and down Veles' spine.

"I got fed up of the fighting. I had to leave."

Twenty-Nine Years Later

Veles growled when he read the news about the Titanic sinking, and quickly vanished from where he was standing in Bruges and appeared in Diagon Alley, narrowing his eyes at the wizards and witches there, looking at them all for something suspicious.

It was fifteen minutes later that he spotted a small group of four people walking down the alley towards the Leaky Cauldron, talking in low voices and occasionally laughing. Veles pushed off of the wall and followed behind the group of wizards and entered the dingy pub.

He sat down in the booth behind the group and leant back, closing his eyes and focusing completely on the group of wizards.

"So it worked then? You've heard back that it worked?" One of them whispered in a hushed voice and Veles frowned, a sinking feeling in his gut, that he had had since he had first read the headline.

"Well it is all over the muggle newspapers. How else could it have happened?"

"Well, however it happened, it means that thousands of muggles have just died. So really, we should be celebrating." Another man said, and Veles scowled and growled under his breath.

"Shh. Don't say that. You know what happened to those that had settled in the America's. You don't know who might be listening." The first man hissed, looking around them nervously, and Veles sighed and shook his head.

"Veles does not exist. It is a fairy tale we tell children to scare them into eating their vegetables. Everyone knows that the natural wild magic of the Americas is the reason all those people lost their magic." The man said with a sneer and Veles narrowed his eyes at the table in front of him and then stood up abruptly.

"Still, do not tempt fate."

"Veles doesn't care about you or your petty ideals anymore. He has wiped his hands of all wizards and witches." Veles informed them, getting startled looks from all four men, before he tilted his head in a mockery of a greeting and then disappeared.

He had no idea why he had given his magic to such selfish, undeserving creatures. He had learnt his lesson from the last time he had ripped the magic from them though. He wouldn't do so anymore. He just wouldn't do anything for them either. He'd only go to them when they truly needed his help from now on.

Sighing, he appeared back in the town centre of Bruges and headed for the church where he had agreed to meet with Loki and catch up. And probably field off the annoying god's attempts to get him to move to America for a while with him.

Four Years Later

Veles didn't know what to do. He may have been disappointed in his people, and may have even claimed that he would no longer help them, but they were being killed. They were killing. And it was horrific.

It did not shock him to find that it was mostly muggleborns and half-bloods, the ones with a connection to the muggles involved in the fight, that were mainly signing up for the war. But the occasional pureblood would also sign up, though Veles wasn't entirely sure on all of the reasons for it.

What worried him about the whole mess, was not the deaths, and the affect it would have on everyone. It was the fact that this was not the huge event that would be happening soon. He wasn't sure he wanted to know what the niggling in the back of his mind meant, especially if it meant it was worse than what was happening right now.

Veles was one of the many Gods of Death that religions had wandering around, so he was used to the horrific ways that humans and creatures came up with to kill one another, but the use of hand grenades had never been in any of the wars that his people had been involved in before. And the damage that the shrapnel coming from the explosions caused, was devastating.

Veles stood to the side, and watched with a blank face as a piece of shrapnel had killed the soldier he had been waiting on just by glancing past the victims head as whizzed past, ripping into the flesh and causing a fatal bleed on the brain. The soldier's soul had just stood next to Veles, watching his comrades watch his falling body in horror, before sighing and looking at Veles.

"So the purebloods were right, you do exist. I'll admit… I didn't really believe them. But then, I didn't believe in any other god either." The soldier, Sidney Burton, told him with a sad sigh, eyes going back to look at his body, which the other soldiers had dragged into the trench with them. "At least my parents will have my body to bury."

"Yes, there is that at least. I'd imagine it still leaves you feeling hollow inside." Veles commented, not bothering to comment on the soldiers beliefs, or lack there of. He had known about the young man's beliefs, given that he didn't expect anything of an afterlife and Veles had claimed him as his own when he gave him his magic, it fell to Veles to take the man on. "Come, there is nothing for you here anymore, you need to move on."

"Do I have to?" Sidney asked him, and Veles blinked at him, which was his only show of shock at the not entirely unexpected question.

"No." Veles told him honestly, then glanced back at the fight still raging before them. "But you can't go back to your body. Eventually, should you come with me, you will be reincarnated, but if you stay… you'll just be a spirit wandering these fields until someone finds your remains and burns them. There are no good choices left to you once you're dead."

"No, I guess not. It was a stupid war. Don't even know what I was fighting for." William muttered, and Veles sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Freedom. You were fighting for freedom." Veles told him bluntly, then took him down to the underworld before the man could change his mind, not that he had actually made up his mind in the first place.

Veles made his way back to the mortal world and sighed as he made his way to the Somme to see if there would be another soul for him to collect, he had made three of his ankou just focus on the victims of this war, leaving only two to deal with the people that died of natural causes or of causes that were not brought on by this war. Veles had decided to put most of his focus on the war, but would occasionally go back to the civilians, he had not had a break however, since the war had broke out.

Which meant that he hadn't had a chance to see Loki at all for the past two or so years. Since the war had broken out, in fact. Loki had decided that he would wreak havoc on the main instigators of this war, and also pull petty pranks to at least inject some cheer into the lives of the children most affected. Veles had other commitments however, and a small part of him had felt a flash of jealousy that the ex-archangel could find some escape from all the death. The shame that followed that feeling quickly smothered it.

Still, he hated this side of his existence. Though he would always admit that the increasingly inventive ways that mortals came up with to kill and hurt one another never stopped to amaze him in a slightly morbid way.

He walked through the dead bodies left on No Man's Land, glancing to either side of the war and noticed another ankou, Prentice, attending to another German wizard, possibly calmly explaining his choices, or lack thereof.

"So this is what I've been missing? Looks… messy." Veles spun around and raised an eyebrow when he saw Loki standing not that far behind him, looking at the bodies scattered around what used to be a field.

"Hmm. Messy is one way of describing it. How goes your own task?" Veles asked, turning back to face where he was going, leaving it up to Loki as to whether he would follow him or not.

"I've had a break in things. An old family member was lingering around a bit too close to where I was staying. Didn't want to be found." Loki muttered, and Veles stopped and looked at his friend in concern.

"Well… shit. Did they sense you before you left?"

"I don't think so." Loki admitted with a shrug, rubbing the back of his neck and then shoving a bright red, shiny stick in his mouth and snapping a piece off, before chewing on it.

"You don't… what is that?" Veles asked, watching the other god nibble on the strange coloured object.

"Huh? This? It's a Twizzler. Like… a liquorice stick." Loki told him and then passed one of the red sticks to Veles, who warily took it and looked at it strangely.

"Liquorice doesn't tend to be red." Veles pointed out, still not putting the sweet anywhere near his mouth, and noticing that Loki was watching him in amusement.

"Have you noticed we have the most random of conversations in the most inappropriate of places? And it's strawberry flavoured. I think." Loki added hastily, with a small shrug, finishing off his own Twizzler and pulling another out of his pocket.

"We do. But recently, there hasn't actually been anywhere that is appropriate for any light-hearted conversations. Back to the original topic however, are you certain they didn't sense you?" Veles asked him and Loki paused with the Twizzler in his mouth and then shrugged, pulling it out and sighing.

"I don't know. I hope not, but I'm not too sure. If they did, chances are we don't have long until they will be here." Loki admitted with a sheepish grin.

"Why did you come to me then? I mean, why didn't you go somewhere they wouldn't be able to find you?"

"I don't know of anywhere and I figured, who better to hide me than a god of death?" Loki asked with a cheeky grin, making Veles roll his eyes and nod his head.

"I'll take you to my underworld. You'll be safe there. Let me go grab that soul over there, Friedrich Wewer is about to come to an unfortunate demise." Veles commented lightly, making his way over to where a German soldier was getting ready to charge over the trenches.

Loki walked after him and watched, flinching when the bullet hit Friedrich in the chest and made him drop to the floor, his comrades having no choice but to fall back and having to leave the body behind.

"Friedrich, come, its time to leave here. You are of no help to your friends any longer." Veles told the soul quietly, and Loki watched them then hurried to stand next to Veles when the God looked over at him.

"Will they be okay without me?" Friedrich asked him, looking over his shoulder at the soldiers behind him. Veles sighed and placed a hand on the souls shoulder, getting his attention back.

"They will be fine." Veles lied, gripping Loki's wrist with his other hand and then locking eyes with Friedrich. "It is time for you to move on now, let's go." And with that, Veles took them all down to the underworld.

Veles led Loki into his rooms after he had left Wilhelm in the hands of his very competent Soul Manager, who went by the name of Charon for the sakes of unimaginative thinking, and the fact that the soul really had some odd obsession with Greek mythology.

Closing the door behind them, Veles gestured for Loki to take a seat and then made a sweeping gesture with his hand, which made a bowl of different sweets appear on the coffee table. Which made Loki make an interested noise and then pounce on it like a starving tiger would pounce on an injured lamb.

"So do you know which family member it was?" Veles asked, moving to sit on the chair opposite Loki.

"I don't know, no. Why? Would a name actually mean anything to you?" Loki asked him curiously, chewing on whatever he had just shoved into his mouth.

"Not really, no. I know your name and er… Hmm… Michael? That's one, right? He's an angel thing person?" Veles asked, making Loki snort and then choke on the sweet in his mouth.

"Michael? Yeah, he's an angel. He's a dick, too." Loki muttered, once he had stopped choking. Veles raised an eyebrow and then snickered.

"Such a loving family. Aren't Christians all for family love and stuff?" Veles asked with a negligent wave of his hand, whilst Loki just looked at him in amusement.

"What about you? You don't have any siblings?"

"Nope. I'm an only child. Per se. Uppercase G God, that's me." Veles told him with a very proud look on his face, making Loki snicker and shake his head.

"I'm a god too, you know."

"Lowercase g, makes all the difference. I'm more important. It's a proven fact. You have other gods to contend with and all that. I have all my people to myself, no one else to share my delicious little worshippers with." Veles informed him with a smug smirk, whilst Loki gaped at him.

"Yeah? Well… I'm an uppercase A Archangel! Beat that!" Loki exclaimed with a proud nod, and Veles scoffed at him.

"God beats Archangel… and technically, you're only uppercase A when someone is referring to the Archangel Gabriel… otherwise… still lowercase I'm afraid." Veles told him and Loki huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Oh go choke on a dictionary, you freak!"

"Don't get your Twizzlers in a knot, dear." Veles said with a smirk, before he frowned and shifted in his seat. "Upper or lowercase g, you're still a god. You feel when something bad is coming, don't you?"

"If it's going to be really big, then yeah, I do. Why?"

"Because I feel like something really big is coming. I've been feeling it for over a century now. And even with this stupid war going on, it's still there." Veles told him, nibbling on his lip.

"Ah, which means that it's going to be even bigger and more devastating than this. Yeah, I'm getting the same feelings as well." Loki admitted with a sigh.

"Well shit. So what now?" Veles asked, standing up from his chair and moving to sit on the same sofa with Loki, sitting sideways to look at the other man.

"Nothing we can do." Loki admitted with a shrug, looking uncomfortable with the fact.

"So I go back to convincing dead soldiers that they don't want to become future victims of hunters, and you go back to driving the leaders of this war round the bend?" Veles asked, looking at him with a completely unimpressed look on his face.

"Ah… actually, think I can hide out down here for a little while? I have no idea how long they're gonna be in the mortal realm for and really don't want to go back." Loki told him with a pout, and Veles rolled his eyes.

"Fine, stay here. Wander around, chat up the unsuspecting souls waiting for reincarnation, terrify the creations I have yet to send up. I really do need to go back up though. My ankou are becoming overrun." Veles said with a weary sigh, making Loki reach out and grab his wrist before he could stand up from the table.

"You have to leave right now? Because I can think of something that we could do that would take your mind off of everything for a short time." Loki told him wtih a smirk, making Veles snort and shake his head.

"You're absolutely certain you weren't lying to me when you told me you're actually an angel? Horny buggers, aren't you?"

"You've met other angels?"

"Well… no."

"Ah, see. Not all are horny. You should meet some of my younger brothers. I doubt they even know the meaning of the word horny." Loki told him, still grinning his Cheshire Cat grin.

"Really? And you haven't taught them the meaning? No corrupting the little fluffy angels of the Christian Heaven? No tarnishing their halos?" Veles asked with a sly grin on his face, making Loki chuckle and shake his head.

"You do know that we don't have halos, right? Where did that even come from? What is practical about having a metal hoop hovering above your head? Hardly inconspicuous." Loki told him, giving a small tug and making Veles snort but move and lean against him.

"Hmm, never know if some random demon is going to pull it down and throttle you with it. How about you try to corrupt me instead?"

"Corrupt you? I'm the innocent angel here, you're the one corrupting me."

"Loki, that would be akin to corrupting a whore." Veles told him, then yelped and began to laugh when Loki pinched his side.

"I'm ineffable, I'll have you know!" Loki exclaimed, whilst Veles was still giggling, leaning heavily against him.

"Sure you are. I guess I should get to work on corrupting you then?" Veles said, once he had stopped laughing, moving to press against Loki's side and pressing a kiss to the archangel's neck. "That will be fun."

Twenty-Seven Years Later

Loki blinked and glanced around Veles' rooms in confusion, before looking at the God himself in question.

"Did you just reap me?" Loki asked, making Veles scoff and sneer at him, waving his hand once more to make the usual bowl of sweets appear on the table, then moving to take a seat before he answered Loki's accusation.

"I don't reap. I'm not a damned Grim Reaper. I'm Veles, God of –"

"Yes, yes, God of Magic, Glitter and all other sparkly crap. I know. Still doesn't explain why you've dragged me down here. I was just setting up a brilliant prank on Hitler." Loki told him with a pout, then threw himself onto his normal spot on the sofa.

"We need to discuss what will be happening upstairs because… this? This isn't the bad thing that I've been getting butterflies about. And that really worries me." Veles muttered, watching Loki grab something from the selection in front of him and pop it in his mouth.

"Oh now, what's this? I've never had this before! It's very nice! All crunchy and sweet." Loki said, popping a pale yellow cube into his mouth and moaning in delight, whilst Veles watched him in amusement.

"It's turnip." Veles told him lightly, quite thankful at the abrupt topic change, smirking when Loki spat the chewed up remains out of him mouth and then began to wipe his tongue, glaring at Veles in disgust.

"Healthy? Vegetables? Why? Why would you do that? Don't you love me anymore?" Loki asked him, grabbing the glass of orange juice that Veles made appear next to the bowl, and washed his mouth out.

"What? It's very popular in England right now. Okay… popular isn't the word I'd use. Erm… well, it's rationing, you know? The little kiddies can't have their sweets and sugary things, so… turnips are always at hand." Veles said, shrugging when Loki just gaped at him.

"'Turnips are always at hand.'? You're odd. So very odd. Fine, what is it that you dragged me down here for? You know, for an immortal being, I don't half spend a lot of time in the afterlife." Loki commented lightly, flicking a cube of turnip away from the bowl in disgust and then turning to look at Veles.

"Oh don't worry, you're not one of mine, so it's not like I'm taking your soul to have my nefarious way with. Now, my plan is to really mess with them up top. We are the best Tricksters around, so who better?"

"Aren't we the only Tricksters around?" Loki pointed out and Veles looked at him, and then shrugged.

"Not a clue."

"Okay. Still, how are we going to do this?'

"We're going to set up in one of the main concentration camps in Nazi Germany, I kinda decided on Auschwitz, seeing as the only other one I could think of was Dachau, and Prentice gets a little pissy when I step on his turf."


"Yep. Look, do you know how many concentration, POW, re-education and relocation camps there are all over the damned world? Hundreds. I've created an ankou for each of the main ones that kill the most, and placed other ankou to base themselves between a few that still kill their prisoners but not at prolifically as others. They aren't to collect souls of anyone other than those prisoners. And should the death gods of other religions ask for their help, they're to give it. Auschwitz is one of the biggest killers. I have two ankou situated there, Prentice is the main ankou situated at Dachau, there is another there as well." Veles explained, ignoring Loki's somewhat dazed expression.

"So… we go to Auschwitz? And do what? I don't collect souls, Vel." Loki pointed out and Veles smirked at him and grabbed a chunk of turnip.

"Oh no, we won't be taking any souls. Told you, I have enough ankou for that. We are going to fuck with the Gestapo's heads!" Veles said with a maniacal cackle, before placing the turnip in his mouth and crunching on it, grinning at Loki.

"Okay… I'm in. But… how can we avoid the most awkward family reunion of the past six millennia?"

"Hmm? Oh, don't worry, I know how to sort that one out. Just trust me."

"I always do, my little Death God."

"I'm not the little and there had better have been a capital G in that title." Veles added, eyes narrowed on Loki, who just sighed and rolled his eyes.

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