So I caved and wrote a sort of spin off/sequel to this fic. It technically doesn't happen after White Rabbit, hence the spin off part, and is more Gabriel's version of events. The details are as follows:

Title: The White Rose (Painted Red)
Warnings: Character Death, OOCness, blasphemy, disregard for any and all religion, strong language, SLASH, sexual situations between two males, violence, angst, randomness, Gabriel (he's a whole warning unto himself)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After his death by the hands of his brother, Gabriel honestly thought that was it. Until he realized he was thinking. Which, he was almost certain, wasn't something someone did after they died.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural, they belong to JK Rowling and Eric Kripke respectively. I am not making any money from any of this.
Pairing: Gabriel(Loki)/Harry(Veles)
Word Count: 47,477 words

The link is: (take out the spaces… or just go to my bio) http :/ www .fanfiction .net /s/ 7090927 /1/ The_White_Rose_Painted_Red