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World War III

A Prologue to War,

Moscow, Russian Federation,

22nd December 2021.

It has been a year since World War III began, tension were high after the current administration of the Russian Federation has been taken over by the Russian Orthodox Church. The situation in Europe is under control thanks to the Roman Catholic Church (under the influence of Fiamma of the Right) whom is working together with the Orthodox Church.



Moscow, Russian Federation.

In a meeting room inside the Kremlin, a group of men whose comprised of the President of the Russian Federation Viktor Konstantin Kapalkin son of the late Vselovod Kapalkin and his chief of staff.

"Tovarishch President, the situation has changed dramatically since the war began one year earlier," said General Pavel Kruchevskii, Director of the Glavnoje Razvedyvatel'noje Upralvenije (GRU) a Russian Foreign Military Intelligence Agency and also act as the head of the Russian Armed Forces.

"The European is now in our control thanks to the help of the Roman Catholic Church," he looked at the President before his continued his briefing.

"With the European mainland in our control, only one nation left standing, the Isle of Britain," he ended with a concerned voice.

"You seem pretty concerned about it General, what is the problem?" President Viktor inquired.

"Well tovarishch President, as we know, Britain is the center of a powerful Christian organization known as the English Anglican Church and have a powerful Christian magic organization known as Necessarius which is equivalent to our Annihilatus and also the Catholics 'Gods Right Seat' and from our intelligence report, the Anglican Church is now cooperating with one of our enemy which is Academy City that are secretly helping the American forces to defend their homeland against our assault." General Pavel finishes his explanation.

"If that so," President Viktor took a deep breath before continuing. "What are our options?" as President Viktor looking at his chief of staff to find any suggestion to counter these problems.

"I think I have a suggestion." A certain Bishop named Nikolai Tolstoy whom has been promoted to Arch-Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church due to his effort of allying with the Catholics during the Invasion of Europe suggesting with a sinister grin on his face.

After Tolstoy finished his suggestion (you will know what Tolstoy is suggesting), President Viktor moved into a deep thought before finally said "Alright gentlemen, we need your approval of the plan so who is agree to these plan?" Just after President Viktor asking for agreement, all of his chief of staff unanimously vote an agreement to his plan.

"Alright, like the Arch-Bishop Tolstoy said, we will keep the English forces and the Anglican Church preoccupied by ordering the Roman Catholic Churches, Annihilatus and our main forces to spread the Western Front to the British Isle. With the English and the Americans are busy to defending their homeland, we will organize an invasion force to invade our enemy, the 'Academy City'."

President Viktor ended his speeches with a date. "The date of the invasion will be on 31st and this operation is codenamed Operation: Dark Sea."

With that…the Invasion of the Academy City is set into motion.

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