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Chapter 25: End Game Part 2

Russian Mobile Artillery Position (Between 2nd and 7th Districts),

Academy City, Japan.

14th January 2022. (0855 Hours)

"Ladno tovarishchi! We need to load that artillery round! Our comrades at the firebases really need an artillery support to drive those Japanese people from our base! Bystro! Davaĭ!" a Russian Captain ordered his artillery team that is consisted of 2 KV-20 Zhukov and 2S7 Pion Heavy Artillery to load their artillery shells.

Unknown to them, a group of 20 well armed men are observing them from a partially destroyed and abandoned building that are lead by a certain blue haired teenager named Aogami Pierce.

"Ronin Flight this is Disciple Lead, how far of you over?" Aogami contact a flight of F-15J's of the JASDF that is tasked to destroy the Russian artillery to minimize the ACDF casualties during their last push.

(Radio) "Ronin Lead here. Roger that Disciple, we hear you loud and clear. We're approaching Academy City Airspace through the eastern sector. A flight of F-15's armed with HARM are ready. Waiting for you to paint the target over." The F-15J's Flight lead callsign Ronin Lead responded.

"Alright Ronin Lead, just wait for our signal. We're spotted a couple of IGLA AA Batteries surrounding the area, we're going to take them out and place a beacon for your strike." Aogami said while looking at the AA position with his binocular. Ironically, they didn't bring any explosive device since they have ran out of it during their previous secret operations.

(Radio) "Ten-Four Disciple Lead, we'll be standing by to await further orders." Ronin Lead then shut off his comms until Aogami contacted them again.

Aogami then looked at his men, "Alright guys, this is it. We're going to take out those IGLA's and planted a beacon so that the Fighters can attack them. Okay, we're Oscar-Mike" Aogami said while loading his TAR-21 and the rest of the men nodded in agreement.

Satisfied with his men, Aogami then signals the rest to move carefully and divided his 20 men strong to two groups. One group will distract the enemy and the other disabling the anti-air defense. Then they heard the first shot of the day following with the artillery returning fire.

"They've started huh?" Aogami thought as the sounds of the gunfire and artillery erupted.

One of his men then pats his shoulder and nodded at him that they should move quickly and Aogami nodded back in return.

Academy City 7th District (Nearing a Russian Firebase designated as Alpha),

Academy City, Japan.

14th January 2022 (0855 Hours).

A large group of Type 96 APC accompanied by Type 89 IFV escorted by handful of Type 90 Tanks approached the Russian Firebase. The major offensive is about to begin.

"ETA in 10 Seconds! Be careful out there!" A driver in one of the APC's informs his passenger of their estimated arrival time.

Touma, one of the occupants of the APC then said to the men, "Alright, everyone! As soon as we arrived, our artillery will begin their bombardment! After that! Follow me and stay alive!" While checking up his weapons for the last time…as as his men checks their own weapons.

Everyone is ready; they just only have to wait for the APC's ramps to open and when it did 3 minutes after… the first allied artillery fire attacked the Russian position as the rest of the attacking force heard through their comms. All hell breaks loose after that. As soon as the first soldier touched the ground, artillery shells immediately landed on the armored group.

"ALL UNITS! MOVE FORWARD!" Touma screamed as he ordered his men to advance into the hailstorm of gunfire and artillery shells.


Russian Firebase Alpha (Academy City 7th District),

Academy City, Japan.

14th January 2022 (0855 Hours, 3 minutes before)

It was relatively calm at the Russian Firebase situated at the 7th District. Built to defend the Main Headquarters after the disastrous 23rd District assault and the increased resistance from the ACDF forces. It is consists by two pillbox position built entirely of sandbag and being armed with a 12.7mm NSV Machinegun.

Other than the pillboxes, there are also makeshift Anti-Tank bunker equipped with the 9M133 'Kornet' Guided Missile Launcher together with one watchtower for defensive purposes. Soldiers who occupy the base are consisted of the Russian Regular 234th Infantry Regiment; bolstered by a division of the Russian VDV Paratroopers named the 12th Guards Airborne Division and one armored unit from the 8th Armored Corps that consisted of a handful of T-80U and BMP-3 along with their Tunguska AA vehicle. To reach the base, the attackers have to go through dangerous layer of defense consist of makeshift hedgehog (Tank Traps), barbed wire, foxholes and occasionally an anti-infantry mine for unfortunate infantry.

Several Russian troopers are digging into their foxholes; some smokes while others drinking either water or vodka.

"You know what Harkhov, this vodka is the best I had since I came into this goddamn city!" Said a young Paratrooper named Corporal Ordenko said to his partner Corporal Hakkhov.

"Well, keep that vodka aside Ordenko, who knows when those Japanese bastards attack." Hakhov said while checking his RPK Light Machine Gun.

"O, pozhaluĭsta Harkhov! At least a sip is enough, who know's when I'm not able to drink vodka anymore right?" Ordenko said to his partner.

"Ordenko, I sai-" before he finishes his word, an artillery shell exploded near their foxholes and the two immediately ducked deep inside the foxhole for cover.

At the same time,

General Pavel is supervising the defense of Firebase Alpha when the first artillery shell landed at the base.

"Lieutenant-Colonel, status report." Pavel asks the commanding officer of the Firebase, a Lieutenant-Colonel.

"General! The ACDF has begun their attacks! Firebase Bravo and Delta are come under attack!" The Lieutenant-Colonel replied.

Even the radio also broadcast similar attacks reported by other Firebase in the 15th and 18th District which also are intense as here.

Then Pavel heard another transmission,

(Radio) "Forward Defense to base! Forward Defense to base! [Sound of gunfire] The enemy is advancing to our position! [Artillery explosion] WE NEED FIRE SUPPORT AT CO-ORDINATE G7 PRIYOM!"

Pavel immediately replied, "Standby, we will call artillery fire on your location." He then turned to a radio operator next to him and gives him the co-ordinate.

The radio operator and calls the artillery unit, "Sevastopol, this is Command, requesting artillery at co-ordinate G7!"

A response came in,

(Radio) "Da! Fire for effect!" The Artillery that is callsigned Sevastopol replied following an audible artillery firing from the radio.

One of General Pavel's aide comes to him and asks, "What is your next order General?" as he saluted at Pavel.

Pavel just replied, "Man the defenses and push the enemy back." And his aide saluted at him and heads out again to give orders to his men.

General Pavel himself picks up his Holographic AN-94 and turned to the rest of his men. "Alright tovarishchi! Get to your posts! We will have a long day ahead of us!" and they dispersed along with Pavel who's accompanied by a radio operator.

GRU Headquarters, Khodinka.

Russian Federation.

14th January 2022. (0900 Hours JST)

After an attempt for his life that have failed but at a costs of one of his trusted friend, President Viktor Kapalkin are now heading to the GRU Headquarters in Khodinka. He is in a well armored Limousine, accompanied by Russian Militia (Police) Squad Car and his own Bodyguards of SGB's in 2 BTR-112 'Cockroach' IFV.

"Mr. President, you look tired sir." His limousine driver said after looking at Viktor through the rear mirror, he can see the Viktor's clothes still drenched in blood.

"I'm fine driver; just keep your eyes on the road." Viktor said calmly to the driver. He noticed that he hasn't changed his blood soaked clothes but he's just ignored it.

"Yes Mr. President." The driver obeys his order.

Inside his limousine is his acting chief of the FSB named Ruslan Mehmediyev also accompanies him after being called to the Kremlin by Viktor to accompany him to the GRU HQ.

"Mr. President, this is the list of the commanders that are still alive in Academy City." Ruslan said while handing the dossier contains the number of Russian Commanders that are involved in the Invasion.

"Thank you" the President replied while drinking his mineral water and received the dossier and read thoroughly.

The Convoy finally arrived at the GRU HQ where he is met by the director of the GRU named Lieutenant General Dimitri Vorshevsky.

"Mr. President! What happened?" Vorshevsky surprised to see the President's suit is drenched in someone's blood.

"What happened to me is not important right now. Lieutenant-General, send this message to this commanders in Academy City. Tell them that this is a Direct Order!" Viktor then handed the dossier to the Lieutenant-General along with the message that they should retreat from Academy City.

Lieutenant-General Vorshevsky is surprised after hearing what the President said, "You can't be serious sir?"

Viktor stare at him with a threatening looks, "If you don't do what I said…I will have you court-martialed and send to the Gulag! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!"

"D-Da! I'll do it immediately!" The Lieutenant-General saluted and heads inside the headquarters to do his work.

His FSB Chief, Ruslan then approaches him and asks, "What are you going to do now Mr. President?"

Viktor answer is simple, "Make a Press conference here...Now."

Academy City 7th District, (Russian Firebase Alpha Defensive Line),

Academy City, Japan.

14th January 2022. (0900 Hours)

"Damn, I didn't know they can set up elaborate defensive lines! AT Mines, barbed wire, and tank traps! This people are good I can admit that!" Touma said while leading his men into the maelstrom of the battle.

Several ACDF and JGSDF troopers advances and overrun one foxhole but ended up being killed by other Russian soldiers holding in another foxhole.

Sound of Russian and Academy City Defense Forces firearms echoed through the City itself. Explosions and subsequent artillery bombardment from both sides tear the City apart. Troops from both sides try to gain initiative by moving from building to building to attack their enemy but both eventually being repelled.

"WHAT SHOULD WE DO SIR?" A soldier comes up to Touma who are now taking cover behind a destroyed Type 90 Tank with the rest of his survived men.

"Lemme think alright! Sergeant! How's the rest of the attacking force are doing?" Touma looked at one of his sergeant.

"Not quite good sir! Other attack groups are all held up by stiff Russian opposition! It will take time to punch through their defenses" His sergeant informs.

Touma clenched his fist and then reloads his SCAR with a fresh clip rounds and then said to his sergeant, "Do we have any heavy armor in our vicinity?" He asks if there are any tanks that are remaining.

Then a crackle is heard in his head-comms,

(Radio)[Bravo Lead this is Anvil 1-9, we're loaded with HE rounds and ready to attack enemy fortifications. Just tell us where to point our guns.] A Type 90 Tank operator callsigned Anvil 1-9 reporting in to Touma.

Touma replied, "Solid Copy Anvil 1-9. First target is the watchtower 60 meters from my position" while looking at the watchtower that are full of snipers. The snipers pinned down Touma and his units and manage to kill several ACDF and JGSDF troopers that time.

(Radio)[Copy that Bravo Lead, firing] As soon as Anvil 1-9 replied, their 120 mm smoothbore cannon fired the HE round and hit directly at the watchtower, with several body parts flying around from the tower itself.

Touma felt relief as he now sees that the snipers won't be a problem for now and then he contacted Anvil 1-9, "Anvil 1-9 this is Bravo Lead, me and my men is Oscar-Mike, cover us will you?"

(Radio)[Roger that Bravo Lead, we'll provide cover for you and your men] Anvil 1-9 replied and the tank started firing their co-axial machine-guns at the fortifications suppressing the Russian to give Touma and his units to advance.

Touma then shouts to his men, "ALRIGHT BOYS! WE'RE OSCAR-MIKE!" and they advance under the cover of their tanks while their surrounding is bombarded by heavy artillery fire.

Russian Mobile Artillery Position (Between 2nd and 7th Distrcit)

Academy City, Japan.

14th January 2022. (0940 Hours)

With the Russians still fires their artillery at the attacking ACDF and JGSDF forces, Aogami's team must neutralized the artillery before it overwhelms the attacking force.

(Radio)[Disciple Lead, this is Disciple 2-3, we're ready at your command.] One of Aogami's men who lead another group of 10 Commandos inform Aogami that they are in position.

"Alright Disciple 2-3, wait for out mark." Aogami said through his head-comms and then looks at the rest of his men.

He said to them, "Alright guys, this is it!" and the rest understood what Aogami means and nodded in agreement.

"Good, now everyone…on my mark…" Everyone raises their TAR-21's and awaited Aogami's order. Then Aogami stands up and shouted, "OPEN FIRE!"

The rest of his men began open fire at the Artillery unit which is taken by surprise and the first few minutes, most of the Russians lay dead while others managed to grabbed their weapon and returning fire at Aogami's men.

"Persistent are they? Alright guys! Move forward!" Aogami ordered and the rest of his men move forward while still maintain fire discipline.

The Russians panicked and their commanding officer issue order, "Chert vozʹmi ! Vytyanite nazad ! Vytyanite nazad !" which can be describe as a retreat order.

"They're pulling back!" One of Aogami's men shouted. There was a slight relief but Aogami knows that they'll come back in full force.

Aogami then looks to his men and give orders, "Alright, Fuyuki and Odai, you two plant the homing beacons. Ishii and Kana, disable the IGLA's so that the enemy won't use it against our flyboys. The rest form secure perimeter and escape route."

Then everyone starts to do what they ordered. A commando named Fuyuki and Odai get to work on placing the beacon at one of the artillery. While Ishii and Kana disabled the anti-air position and the rest form a perimeter.

Unexpectedly, one of them saw a large group of Russian infantry and two BTR-90 APC's approaching the artillery position with the intention to recapture it from the Commandos.

"Commander! We got incoming Russians! 50+ foot mobiles with two BTR-90 approaching! Orders Commander!" One of his men informed Aogami.

Aogami then directs his remaining men to get into cover; luckily enough there was a handful of RPG-7's left in the artillery position and said to the men, "Hold them off! After we've done with the artillery, we'll pull back immediately!"

The rest of Aogami's men nodded and loaded their weapon while some immediately grab an RPG-7's and waited for the enemy to come close.

All they can hear is some random Russian chattering among themselves and the sound of BTR-90 engines coming near their position, several men then checked their RPG's and nodded at Aogami, indicating that they are ready.

Aogami then gives the order from his comms, "OPEN FIRE!" As he stands up and pulled the trigger of his TAR-21 with his men followed suit.

A commando with an RPG open fire at one of the BTR's and exploded but then a 5.54mm bullet pierced through his skull and lies dead.

"Shit! Return Fire! Get him out of here!" Aogami said as he saw one of his commandos is down. A commando then immediately lifted his comrade's body to a safe place.

"How's the beacon coming along!" Aogami said as he reloads a fresh clip into his TAR's. He then saw Odai is downed by a sniper fire but didn't manage to plant another beacon into the last KV-20 Zhukov.

Aogami curses seeing another one is downed and then a commando with an RPG-7 shouted at him, "Commander! We can't hold them much longer! We need to pull back!" as he shoots his rocket propelled grenade at another BTR-90, causing it to explode and killing several Russian infantry who is using the BTR as cover.

"This is bad, Kai! Come over here!" Aogami called one of his commandos named Kai, he comes carrying an RPD from a fallen Russian.

"What is it Commander!"

"Sound the retreat! I'll get the airstrike here immediately! Get the wounded and the dead out immediately" Aogami said while throwing a hand grenade at the incoming Russians.

"What about you Commander! We haven't plant the last beacon yet!" Kai said to the Commander.

"Don't worry about that! You guys pull out first! I'll try to plant it and then called airstrike on them as soon as I'm done! If I didn't come in 10 minutes, you guys leave immediately." Aogami told his subordinate.

Without any question, Kai then gathers the rest of the commando's and prepare to pull out. Two commandos are left behind to assists Aogami much to his dismay. Kai then look again at Aogami and said, "Okay Commander, good luck".

Aogami just smiled and said, "Remember, Leave no one behind…"

And Kai continued, "Leave none for the enemy". He then left the artillery position.

Aogami look to his remaining two men, "Alright guys cover me! I'll go and plant the beacon!" He said while moving to plant the last beacon.

Aogami immediately contacted the fighters, "Ronin Lead this is Disciple Lead, beacon planted, release the missile."

Then they can hear the sound of a jet engine roaring through the airspace and a reply came in through Aogami's comms.

(Radio)[Roger that Disciple, we got good tones, stay away from the target area over.] Ronin Lead informed, unaware that Aogami is still inside the target area.

With the Russians advancing, Aogami then shouts to his two men, "ALRIGHT! GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF HERE! WE HAVE INCOMING MISSILES!"

Then 3 HARM's from Ronin flight streaked down towards the artillery vehicle which the beacon has been planted and Aogami with his remaining men are running as fast as they could but the missiles hit the target and exploded violently, leaving Aogami with his two commandos knocked out unconscious.

5 minutes later, Aogami wakes up from his unconsciousness but the explosion caused him to suffer some injuries, the same thing can said to his two commandos but he realized that he is now on a gunpoint by Russian soldiers.

Somewhere, Aogami's remaining men that are lead by Kai watched the scene unfolds where his commander is captured by Russian forces numbered at 30 to 40. He knew things would not turn out better for the commander. He wishes that he could go there to rescue Aogami but as he saw that he and the other commandos are outnumbered. He just gritted his teeth in despair.

Back at the destroyed artillery position, Aogami then is forced to kneel down despite he may have suffered a broken ribs. He also saw the two commandos do the same too.

"*sigh* I think I just broke my ribs" He said with a chuckles, his men also laughed too and that makes the Russian soldier look at them weirdly.

Then a tall man wearing a rank of Captain came forward to Aogami while being guarded by two other Russians soldiers. The Captain then speaks in Japanese, "My name is Captain Joseph Yurilenko, VDV Paratrooper of the 4th Guards Airborne Division. State your name and your rank."

Aogami replied, "Commander Aogami Pierce, Academy City Intelligence Division, [COMMANDO] Special Operations unit." The Commando is created under the ACDF Intelligence Division, different from the Academy City Special Forces Units; it's specialized in black ops and intelligence gathering with sometimes, a sabotaging operations.

"I see…" The Captain said after hearing his identity. Then he continues, "Commander Aogami, you as the commander of this Commandos, I bet you knew where is your Intelligence Division HQ yes?"

Aogami just silent and not respond to Yurilenko questions. Yurilenko then sighed and said, "A tough one eh? Very well then… I think you wouldn't be of much use." He said as he pulled out his gun and aimed at Aogami's head.

Then a Russian soldier said to his commanding officer, "K-Kapitan! He's a POW!" As he saw the Captain is ready to pull the trigger.

"What about it Private? If we capture more POW's, it will be hard for us to maintain our already depleted supplies…" Yurilenko said and then turns to shoot the two commandos in the head and they lie dead.

Aogami is shock and angry at what this Russian Captain has done, but he knows that himself is next…he just wished a certain spiky haired boy which is his close friend rescue him but in the end, he knows that won't happen.

"Any last words or regrets…Commander?" He said as he pointed the gun at Aogami.

Aogami chuckles and smiled, saying, "I just regret that I can't be with any women I like in my lifetime…"

And then a bullet pierce Aogami's skull, his eyes began to see nothing except darkness, it his time to leave this world. His war…is over.

"Tell the Command that we lost two KV-20 Zhukov and one 2S7 Pion heavy artillery…and the bodies, hang them…let this be example for the enemy to remember." Captain Yurilenko said as he leaves the area after giving orders to his men to take care of the bodies.

Kai and the rest of Aogami's commando saw everything and angered at the death of their commander, some of them are crying for retaliation but knowing that they are outnumbered and ran low of ammunition, they have no choice but to retreat to a friendly lines. But someday, they shall take revenge for their Commander.

And the battle for the control of Academy City is still rages on, only time could tell who will be the victor.

Authors Note: Well, another chapter this time…I just wished that people should reconsider that this is actually a fanfic and fanfic means that we can altered the fact to suit our own tastes so if there is people still unsatisfied by the way Academy City is portrayed, then don't read it because I won't add the actual fact about Academy City Forces from the LN and also…for other Level 5 characters, I think I won't add them for time being. Reviews and criticisms are welcomed. - Fuji92