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CHAPTER 1: Arrival

I'm sure you have heard or read about many crazy or unbelievable stories in your life. Well, I'm pretty sure mine is weirder than any you already know of. Yep, my life was filled with loss, friendship, torture, blood, fighting, and super violent crazy girls that want to end human life... interesting huh?

Some people say that when your life is about to end, you see it passing by your eyes like a movie well I can tell you that its real, cause I thats exactly whats happening to me right now. Oh yeah I forgot to tell ya that I'm dying. Many humans would really be happy to get rid of someone like me, a so called "freak". Confused? Very well then I will tell you the story of my life and for that we need to go back 7 years in the past when I lived in a hellhole that was supposed to give a happy life to homeless children...

7 years ago

"This is where you'll be staying, be a good boy and all that crap and don't even think about coming near my house again, got it?" thats my uncle, he doesnt like me that much but I think you could figure that out by yourself.

I simply nodded in return, after living with my uncle for most of my life I understood that it was better not to reply to his rude remarks, or it would end with a beating on my part. Its not like I was weak, in fact I was involved in many fights when I was a kid, but not so strong to take down an adult.

"Oh and try not to use your stupid tricks on other children freaky monster!" what my uncle means by "tricks" is some mysterious ability I had for as long as I can remember. To be honest back then I didnt even know how to use it, it just happened when I lost my temper. You want to know more about that special power? Sorry but that will have to wait, I hate to spoil surprises.

So since my dear uncle never really liked me (I got the bruises to prove it) and I always ended up unintentionally murdering someone when I used my powers he decided that I would be better off in an orphanage, not that I would miss him.

Anyways, after my so called guardian had finished all the paperwork he left without even looking at me.

"So you are Alex right? Dont worry I'm sure you will have fun and make lots of friends here" She said with a lot of kindness... and yet all that kindness sounded almost... fake?

"Thank you Miss, could you please tell me where my room is?" I asked as politely as I could.

"Of course! Follow me"

So I just went to my room and emptied my luggage, it wasnt much, just a few posters. Apparently I wasnt going to share the room with anyone but that didnt bother me. A few minutes later I went to the dining room for lunch. The food was really horrible so I just grabbed a fruit juice and was about to leave when three kids stood in my way.

"Hey, so you are the new kid right?" asked the one in the middle.

"Thats me alright. The name is Alex, what can I do for you?" I said grinning.

"I'm Tomo, you see me and my friends here would like to make you understand how things work around here." I narrowed my eyes suspiciously after hearing that.

"First of all" Tomo continued "We like to ask other kids to... "share" their lunch with us. Usually we like it better when they do as we say, but we dont mind asking a second time a bit more... roughly. So I hope you uderstand what we expect you to do."

I hated bullies, not because they hurt people, but because they apparently thought they were superior to others because of it. I would never lower myself to their level and fight over a simple fruit juice.

"Whatever, if you like it that much you can have it." I said handing him the juice.

He took it with a smug grin "And here I thought you were going to put up a fight, instead you are just a little pussy like everyone else in this place."

"Yeah yeah, whatever can I go now? I really dont wanna listen to you boasting about your success in taking a fruit juice away from me" His facial feature started contorting in order to form the expression I loved seeing on bullies: anger. Anger formed because of their failure in intimidating another kid.

The annoying bully grabbed me by the collar of my shirt."Listen brat, you'd better pay some repect. It's not very smart to try and anger me and now I'm getting really angry!"

I sighed "Ok ok sorry, happy now? If you dont mind, moving here was kinda tiring so I would really love to get some sleep"

He recoiled in surprise at the fact that I still wasnt getting scared. Well he was probably a stuck up little bully, but he was smart enough to understand that it is impossible to beat up anyone if you cant intimidate him, so he let me go.

"You are lucky that I'm in a good mood today, I'll let you go this time, but the next time I fell like it I will definitely kick your sorry ass" Then he started laughing and left with his two personal lapdogs.

I made my way to my bedroom, not giving a thought to Tomo. I lied on my bed, a very uncomfortable one at that, and tried my best to sleep.

I never was and probably never will be one of those people that get to sleep in 30 seconds, as a matter of fact that night I waited for one full hour before closing my eyes. What I also am not is a morning person. So the next day I was so tired I could hardly tell where I was going, hoping my legs would bring me straight to the dining room.

I almost reached my destination when I bumped into someone. I was about to stand up and apologize, when I took in the stranger's appearance. She was a girl, but not just any girl. This one had pink hair... and pink eyes... and... horns. Yep, bumping in that unique girl would start a set of events that would change my life.

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