An end can mean many things.

A lone helicopter soars through the skies nearing an island. On the island a single huge facility is visible.

"Have you found her?" A grey-haired man looking outside a window asked.

"We are close director, soon her whereabouts will be known to us." A scientist replied.

"Good, good, and…. How's the other process going." Kakuzawa inquired.

"It is completed sir. He should be here soon."

To many it is a painful memory of the past.

Somewhere in the city of Kamakura, a girl with pink hair stood in the wind looking at the horizon.

"Hay Kaede is everything all right?" Mayu asked the diclonius, briefly startling her.

"Yeah… it's just… I miss him." She answered with her eyes lowered.

"I know." Mayu hugged her friend. "We all do."

The past, in turn, can hold both memories and… secrets.

Inside a laboratory, a diclonius stood there surrounded by guards. The defenseless humans were falling one by one. One of them had his back against the wall in terror. The girl kept on lacerating all the bodies around her, until her cold-hearted gaze was fixed on the poor man. She glared at him through her fringe of hair and let one of her vectors reach for him. However, a figure moved the man out of the way. The figure is a young male clad in black with jet-black hair, his eyes were a feral purple. He returned the cold stare at the girl as the two gazed at each other for a time.

"What are you doing? She isn't like the others, she's dangerous get away!" The man shouted at his savior.

"So am I." He glared at the diclonius. "You get out of here and make sure Kurama is alright. I can handle her."

After a few moments of hesitation he ran towards the exit. "You'd better not die…Zale." He murmured.

The black-haired man's nails elongated to claws as he nodded.

This end is different however. It is time to connect it all…

Their past…

"What do you want to name him?"

"Why am I not allowed seeing them when they are inside the institute?"

"Queen, that's all they call me. I don't have a name."

"You, you lied to me! They are not monsters! It was all your doing!"

"When will this end?"

"Stay away from her!"

"Did you two fall from the sky or something?"

Zale stared at the moon as his eyes turned from sapphire blue to deep purple.

Their present…

Kaede grabbed a nearby photo. In it was Alex, sprawled on the bed like an animal and in the obvious act of snoring. Yuka had taken that in secret. It made her smile for a short while before she covered her face and started sobbing.

and their future.

The helicopter landed on the facility. One young man with short spiky hair, wearing a military outfit came out of it. He saluted a group of soldiers.

"I'm Leon Zoroaster, from the U.S. Marines. I volunteered to help out with the diclonius problem."

It is time to end this war.

"You are the one who connects us all. It's up to you now…"

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