One Last Time

Chapter 1: Nervousness

By aznJEDI13

Disclaimer: Disney owns the Mighty Ducks. I own the plot and any original characters in this series.

Notes: This was written as pure fun. I hope that this does not offend anyone and if it does I did not by any means do it on purpose. Sorry I didn't have time to fix the grammar and all that fun stuff!

This takes place ten years after D3. Enjoy!

One Last Time: Nervousness

'…If I could change anything then I would wipe the years away

If I could change anything then I would brush the time away

If I could change anything then I would change everything…'

"Are you nervous?" He asked.

She nodded, but smiled when she felt his arm rope around her shoulder and pulled her against him. He kept one hand on the wheel and one eye on the road. His brunette hair still cut the same way it had been decades ago glided in the familiar direction and remained hidden in the starry night and dark setting. His tall frame and broad shoulder held her gently. She fit perfectly in his arm and she knew from the moment that she had settled there that she belonged there forever.

"Don't be." He whispered, placing a kiss on the top of her head, "I'll be there with you."

She smiled faintly at him, snuggling deeper in his half embrace, "I just don't know what to expect, you know?"

He nodded his head, looking deeply at the road in front of him, "Yeah," He paused breathing in and then out, "Absolutely." He pulled his arm away then so he could take the wheel with two hands.

She pulled herself back to the opposite end of the car and thus allowing herself to stare more closely at the surroundings outside her passenger side window. Finally, breathing out and talking with a slightly hushed voice she continued, "We haven't seen them in such a long time. Everything's changed, we've changed…and they've changed."

He nodded once again; his eyes focused on the rode as the car slowed down slightly to accommodate the growing traffic. She turned to look at him and though not connecting her eyes with his, she knew he could see her from the corner of his eyes, "It'll be interesting."

"Yeah," He paused, switching lanes, "I know. So much has happened."

"I wish we all could have kept in touch more."

"Is that the one thing you wish you could change?"

She only nodded and then he placed his hand on the inside of her knee. They sat that way for a long time while basking in their thoughts and drinking in the silence. Their car sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

"Did you talk to Connie?" He asked finally and therefore breaking the comforting, but nervous silence.

She sighed and then took a deep breath, "Quickly."

"She coming?"

She half-heartedly smiled, "Yes."

He too tried to smile, "That's good."

"Guy's not."

"Oh," he paused in consternation and frustration, "That's why she's coming."

She sighed again, taking an even deeper breath this time; "I wish they'd just grow up and get over it."

He nodded only half hearing as they exited the freeway, "Yeah."

She looked away, her face growing solemn.

"Hey," he soothed and reached for her hand and messaging it slightly as he looked for the appropriate streets, "Hey. Listen to me, what happened between Guy and Connie wasn't your fault."

She smiled faintly, squeezing his hand back, " I know," She paused, "I just feel like I could have down something – they were so in love."

He nodded solemnly, drawing his hand away to turn into a street, "We all are at one point."

She looked at him suddenly, finishing his thought out loud as he turned onto another street and drove up a hill, "But sometimes that love doesn't last," She paused, sighing, "I know."

She pointed to a house up the street and he nodded, "Is Charlie coming?" she asked.

He nodded, "Yeah."

"Is he bringing that cute little wife of his?" She laughed, her light brunette hair shaking with her laughter. She pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear causing her diamond ring to brush against her skin gently.

He smiled, the first genuine smile since before their sober conversation, "Uh huh."

She too smiled a real smile, not one pressed or faked, but a true one, "Oh I hope it's wonderful!"

"It will be. It's a reunion, not a funeral."

She sobered, remembering, "The last one was so sad."

He pulled next to the sidewalk and parked gently, "Here we are."

He turned to face her, his eyes coming into contact with hers for the first time since they had left the house, "Ready?"

She reached and gently squeezed his arm, "Can we wait a few seconds…just be alone?"

He smiled, reaching over to cup her cheek, "Of course."

"Hold me, please." And he did.

After a few seconds, he let go and he spoke in a normal, though regulated tone, "We should get in."

She breathed out the breath she didn't know she had been holding. "Yes of course."

He held her hand as the walked up the path to the door. After she had rung the doorbell, he took her in his arms quickly and pressed his lips tenderly against her own, "I love you, Julie."

She smiled, pressing another kiss to his lips, "I love you too Adam."

She could feel her heart beat heavily and her knee shaking gently as the door opened and thoughts of her and Adam's prior conversation fled from her mind.

To Be Continued…


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