Part Four

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Harry woke up slowly, wading out of his dreams with soft blinks as the morning light fell into his bleary eyes. He had a feeling he'd been dreaming something pleasant, something sweet… He sighed, rolling out of bed. He had things to do. He worked his way slowly through his morning routine, setting a hand on the extra perch that had been his chair last night he sighed a bit. So much to do.

He sat down at his own chair and sipped his tea slowly. The clock on the wall read eight, and he nodded, apperating out of his house. He smiled softly, starting to enjoy the look of the large three story house. It was… homely. He knocked lightly on the door and it sprang open, a flustered looking Draco's face lit up.

"Good! These Aurors we saying they were going to drop off the ingredients but you weren't here yet. And I know you wouldn't want to do this again." Harry laughed lightly as he was led into the house.

"It's fine, I trust the Aurors, but I'll sign off on the delivery." He smiled softly again, watching Malfoy hurry down the stairs and start screaming orders at the Aurors who, flustered, were doing as he said.

"Potter." One man said, handing him the list.

"All of them have been cleared by the potions specialists?"

"Even the unicorn horn. Don't know how that passed, it's borderline illegal, but I guess he's got a permit for it." The man grunted and Harry shook his head, signing the paper.

"You should get those who aren't needed out of here, I have a feeling that they're only going to get in the way." Harry said and the Auror nodded again, some one Harry should know, undoubtedly, and he did know a few of the witches and wizards scurrying about, but not all of them. After the War the Auror department had grown to a ridiculous level. There was never any call for all of the Aurors to be at work, and most were lent out to less popular branches of the ministry. Draco gave a relieved sigh and four of the Aurors apperated away.

"I'll have the rest set up in a moment, do keep them from swirling those ridiculous robes around and disturbing the ground pixie wings." Draco muttered, casting with his wand as he moved quickly to and fro, gathering and arranging ingredients. "Substandard, I've never seen such lousy wolfs bane, but it will do."

"We got it from the place you suggested." The Auror seemed a bit insulted.

"Yes well Rodgers doesn't care to give out his good plants to just anyone. Never mind though, wolfs bane isn't all that important, just a stabilizer really. The bezoars will do though."

Harry sat down in the chair that only a few nights before he had drank fire whisky in, motioning for the others to sit as well.

"The more you get in his way, the longer we'll all be here." Harry smirked, casting a watchful eye over Draco. Most nodded, sitting on the chairs available or leaning on the walls, but one small witch hurried back and forth over Draco's shoulder, and Harry was sure that if it had been anyone but an Auror in a room filled with Auror's the witch would have a pair of horns growing out from her armpits.

"There, now I assume there's someone here from the potions branch to watch? Ah good, you stand there, no to your left. Right, don't move, you'll be able to see everything there without getting in my—oh for Merlin's sake, really anti-spell wards? Keep them three feet from my cauldron, I don't want your magic getting involved with the brewing, no that's not far enough… there. Now don't go moving it or I won't be responsible if the pot explodes." Draco huffed and Harry smiled, moving to the outside of the group of gathering wizards. He smiled, noting Draco already had his hair tied back with a small black ribbon and was hurriedly casting spells to shrink his sleeves. "Now watch carefully, I don't want to have to do this twice."

With a small hand gesture, Draco began, the ingredients all floated into the air at once, and slowly began their dance, now and then one would bob from the pattern, and Draco would cast another spell at it, chopping or grinding it, and then with a small flick of his wand, the potion was filled with…

"Mercury." The wizard behind him said with a bit of aw. "Only used in high level potions… It has to be stabilized and purified…"

A handful of ingredients immediately plopped into the silver brew, but when Harry stood on tiptoe, he could see they were still doing their dance.

"No stirring… fascinating…" A witch beside him murmured.

Draco himself had a knife out and was chopping ingredients as they passed by him, his face was blank with concentration, and the dandelion seeds were starting to separate out around his hair, the fluffy bits were sticking to his robe and the seeds were continuing on their dance.

"A sticking charm to keep the fluffs in place…" Another witch murmured.

Draco cast a small charm and suddenly the fluffs on his body all few off at once. They joined in the air in another small ball and lit on fire. The ash dropped directly into the cauldron. The seeds, Harry saw when he looked back, were suffering under Draco's mortar and pestle, until they were finely ground, then they too joined the fluffs, but only after the diamond had been dropped into the brew, turning the whole pot the color of molten gold. Malfoy paused, looking the potion over and dipped his wand into it, murmuring softly. He smiled then, as it turned soft pink, and a few more ingredients dropped in, stirring themselves to oblivion. Draco turned back with the bottle of dragon flame in hand and very carefully poured half of it into the potion. The liquid lit, and white flames danced on the top of the mixture. Then Draco added the other half of the liquid to the firewood underneath, Harry vaguely noted that too had been brought in from an apothecary shop, and it burst up with blue flames like opals.

The ingredients all settled down on the table in a nice line then, and Draco addressed each in turn, grinding the unicorn horn, boiling the bezoars in a small cauldron on the table, lighting the phoenix down on fire until the feather turned a golden red. He nodded at each in turn, and then turned back to the potion. The flames had dropped down a bit, but they still licked fiercely at the silver cauldron and snapped at the air. Harry couldn't even tell what color the potion was right now, the light of the flames was too bright.

Draco nodded at the potion again, and with a swish of his wand three of the ingredients flew into the potion. This time he stirred it with a small black bow of some tree, which Harry didn't know. The wood dissolved as it stayed in the potion too long and finally Draco dropped the last of his hand hold on it.

"Look! It's eating the cauldron itself!" A wizard next to him gasped, and Harry turned to see that the potion, now a spring leaf green, was showing though the now nearly transparent cauldron.

"Will it spill?" Another asked, looking frightened. Harry rolled his eyes, as if Draco would let his potion spill. He snorted at the very thought and turned his attention back to Draco. He watched as Draco pulled the phoenix down from the air and set it on fire. The down fluffed up like popcorn at first, growing longer and wider, changing from a soft golden red to a brilliant blue white. While it was still burning Draco let it drop into the fire.

The cauldron began to hiss and sputter, green and black sparks flew into the air and Draco pointedly ignored them, continuing about his work. He pulled the last of the rare ingredients from it's containment bag and licked the sphinx hair before dropping it into the pot. He quickly sucked on a bezoar before he added it too, along with two others, to the cauldron.

"It has to percolate for an hour, but then it will be done." Draco explained. Harry smiled mildly, watching as various wizards and witches walked up to the barrier, pointing out the places where holes were worn completely through the cauldron, others muttering about how stupid licking a sphinx hair was.

None of them noticed that Draco had slouched down hard on the table, nor did they notice the sheen of sweat on his forehead. Harry did though, and moved to his side. Draco looked up at him with a small grim smile and allowed Harry to move him gently to a chair.

"Worst part about the potion." He smiled, his face more pale than normal. Harry gave a sympathetic nod.

"Can I get you anything?" He asked.

"Besides a shot of fire whiskey, which I don't think is appropriate under the circumstances, no." Draco chuckled slightly. Harry nodded and sat down across from him. He watched the way Draco's face didn't change, the way that it didn't move into a smile when his work was complimented, and didn't move into a frown when it was insulted. His mask seemed perfect to the Aurors and potion wizards, but when he looked back at Harry, he could see a bit of light in those steel eyes.

"An hour is up." The witch, who must have been grating on Draco's nerves, announced loudly. Draco nodded and walked to the potion, with a motion of his wand the liquid formed a stream and poured into the waiting bottles. It filled exactly twelve. "If you'll contact me when I'm allowed to sell again…"

"Not so fast. We've been ordered to wait with you until the potion has been tested." Harry nearly gasped, not at the statement, but at the sudden loss of color in Draco's face. The witch smiled, she had been the one to announce the orders, and now her smirk was predatory. "Not feeling well Malfoy?"

"The potion drains me." He muttered. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to retire until judgment has been passed."

Harry started to go after him but stopped. This was still his job. He was on a case. He nodded to himself and sat down in Draco's chair. He closed his eyes, blocking out the world, as he started to plan the bachelor party, the current bane of his existence. He would hold it at that place in Hogsmeed he'd heard good things about, couldn't remember the name now, it wasn't too classy but it certainly wasn't trashy, he'd get the place reserved, that would cost a pretty knut or two, maybe get a cake witch, he'd heard that was common practice. He didn't quite find the same amount of appeal of having a witch transfigure from a cake to a witch as he did to having a woman jump out of a still edible cake, but he supposed it was one of those culture things. He was debating on when he would ask to reserve the place for when a wizard popped into the room. Harry frowned a bit, wondering how they had convinced Malfoy to drop his apparition wards, but held his tongue as the wizard looked highly disappointed.

"All of the tests have shown that it's legitimate." The wizard grumbled, a few others reacted with equal disappointment, but others seemed to perk up at the news.

"Auror Potter?" The annoying witch said, handing him a bottle. Harry looked the potion over warily. In a way, the Soul Searching potion seemed a lot like a cheat. You were supposed to spend years looking for your soul mate. But then, maybe fate owed Harry one. With a small frown he uncorked the potion and tipped his head back.

All he could see was gold. Shining shimmering gold, back lit with the rays of the of a dimmed light. A soft chuckle sounded against his chest, warming his heart and soul. Gentle lips pressed against his collar bone, and the gold shifted away, letting Harry see the dark wood ceiling. Another soft chuckle and another kiss, this time moving up his neck. A nibble on the bottom of his ear, oh sweet Merlin had he ever felt like this before? A breathy exhale into his ear, a lick along the shell, he was shivering now, mewling slightly.

"Shhh…. Insatiable aren't we?" A deep voice, filled with husky lust sounded above him, and he whimpered again. His body reacted on it's own, pushing up into the heat of his tormentor, his lovely, wonderful tormentor.

"Please…" He heard himself beg. Another soft laugh, and this time he felt a hand grasp him and… Oh… "Draco!"

His conscious mind shot backwards, leaving his potion body behind. He saw himself naked, sprawled under the blonde, his arms tied to the bed post and his glasses and wand just out of reach. Even with the shock of who was his bedmate, Harry couldn't help finding the situation arousing. Draco was stroking him gently now, and he could nearly feel it with his own body. Then the man hoisted himself up, impaling himself hard on Harry's aching shaft. The blonde threw his head back, letting out a scream that would have woken the children, should they have forgotten the silencing charm. But they never did, this knowledge was in the front of Harry's mind as he watched Draco ride him. He noticed something odd on the man's penis, a shimmering like a spell, but he couldn't figure out what it was, in either form. Soon the Harry on the bed was gasping, panting, moaning for release and Draco smiled, equally flush, his eyes glazed. Harry heard himself cum, his breath hitching in a way that it only did after a truly great orgasm. He nearly moaned watching himself, but then Draco pulled off of him. With a smile, the man moved down Harry's body, licking a trail that left the Harry in bed whimpering and panting.

"Draco… Draco…" Was all that could be made out around the incoherent babbles of the Harry on the bed. A moment later though he was silenced as Draco licked a soft path down to his ass, laving it with his tongue until more guttural moans fell from Harry's mouth, and he could see his body trying desperately to recover. A moment later though, Draco had pulled away, and Harry was once more begging, whimpering, gasping for the attention.

"I love you." Draco said softly, pressing his lips to Harry's thighs, kissing a soft pattern as he pulled the man's legs up over his shoulder.

"L-L-L-o-ve!" Harry managed between shutters and a moment later he screamed as he was penetrated. Draco gasped, bending almost completely forward over Harry, his eyes wide and glazed with lust and… genuine love.

"Harry, my sweet…" Draco whispered softly, bending down to capture Harry's lips in a soft, gentle kiss. The Harry on the bed seemed… well he swelled under the attentions, his eyes and face softened and a soft smile broke out on his face.

"Love you." Harry said softly, a murmur into the kiss. With that Draco pulled back and started thrusting wildly and deeply into Harry.

The watching Harry wasn't sure how long it went on, much longer than he thought he would have had the stamina for unless he had just released, and Draco… Harry could only guess how Draco managed to keep himself from cumming when his head was thrown back and sweat rolled down his body like rain.

"Draco! Oh! OH! Love!" Harry gasped cumming again, this time all over his stomach. Draco reached down hurriedly and touched Harry's wand, and in that moment his face fell completely blank, only a few gentle murmuring sounds could be heard coming from his mouth, but from the way the other Harry was thrashing, the watching Harry knew that Draco had just had the orgasm of his life, or anyone's life by the looks of it.

The blonde collapsed on Harry, out of breath and shivering.

"H-Happy Anniversary love…" Draco murmured into Harry's neck. Harry whimpered and with a small smile, Draco managed to touch the wand and cast a small spell that unbound the Harry on the bed. "Next year… I choose."

"Of course." Harry murmured, wrapping his arms around Draco and rolling over so that he was on top of the blonde. He listened to the man's breathing, smiling as it sunk into the deep even rhythm of sleep and kissed passionately alone the man's neck and chest, even as his own eyes drifted close, and stopped only when he was asleep.

Harry's eyes flew open.

"Well?" The annoying witch asked.

"Well what?" He snarled at her, feeling almost angry enough to strike her. She took a wary step back.

"Does it work?" She asked, sounding slightly more meek.

"How the bloody hell should I know?" Harry snarled, and with a quick motion disaperated.

His apartment was cold when he stepped into it, so he lit a fire, but it didn't do much. Snarling he grabbed his bottle of fire whiskey, downed it quickly but decided he still wasn't warm. He threw on another set of robes, but it didn't help, and finally he flooed to a bar.

He wasn't sure how the night went exactly, but in the morning he was covered in what he assumed was his own vomit, lying in bed with the ugliest witch he'd ever seen. Well… she wasn't ugly, but she was a brunet, short, with brown eyes that looked as confused as he felt when she opened them. She was wrong… in ever sense, just wrong. Harry muttered an apology and hurried from the room, apperating quickly to his own apartment where he took a scorching shower to scour any of last night off of him.

A dozen ministry owls paraded about his flat, but he didn't bother with any of them. He knew what they wanted and he wasn't ready to give them an answer yet. He wasn't ready to face up to the idea that…

He shivered and threw himself into the planning of the bachelor party. It would be soon, the wedding wasn't that far out now, and he needed something to distract him. He had Ginny's letter, detailing what he would need to be a groomsman, and the groom's letter, specifying what he wanted at his party more thoroughly. Harry picked one owl at random and wrote a note to the ministry, saying he would be taking a week's paid vacation now, and should his condition not improve he would be taking sick leave after that, and wished them luck on finding him a replacement. He frowned, wondering if that would be damning to Dra- Malfoy, but he didn't ponder it too long. Even just a flash of the man's name in his head brought back memories that he couldn't have yet.

He made a few fire calls to the restaurant, and in no time had the place reserved for four nights hence. As he stood up, wiping the ash from his trousers he noticed a Prophet owl, looking a bit disturbed, sat among the other owls, waiting for it's monthly salary. Harry nodded to, grabbed a few galleons and put it in the owls purse and then picked up the paper that was dropped.

HARRY POTTER TAKES SOUL SEARCH! Harry threw the paper into the fire without moving on to see who the report was or what the paper said. He fumed for only a moment before he started working on invitations. He wasn't sure exactly how formal they should be, at Ron's wedding, Bill had sent out rather risqué cards giving a where, a when, and a what to bring (that list included promissory notes and knuts), but Harry didn't want to be quite so… lewd. Instead he made a fairly polite invitation and then copied it off a few dozen times, sending it out with various ministry owls, who weren't doing anything anyway (though they seemed less than amused to be sent out on his errands).

When Harry had sent out the last owl he turned to look through a magic listing he had bought a while back. It was like a phone book for wizards, various wizards put up false owling addresses where they would get the mail sent, and offered services. He searched for a few moments, never having gotten used to the fact that the book wasn't alphabetical but arranged by type of magic, strength of magic and general status of the wizard. He smiled though as he found a portrait of an attractive young witch under transfiguration.

He sat down to write a letter to her, asking what her prices were to be a cake witch for the night. He had never understood the draw, personally, of a woman turning into a cake and then transfiguring right before she's served. He was more partial to a woman jumping out of an actual cake, where afterwards the remains could at least be served, but it was wizarding tradition. By the time he had figured out how to pose the proposition and sent it out, a few other owls were back, each making various demands or complaints. That first day passed quickly, and by the time Harry was ready for sleep he hardly needed the dreamless sleep potion, but took it anyway just in case.

That next morning a letter from Ron was prominent on the table. Harry opened it and smiled, he was worried about the bachelor party and wanted to help, which translated to 'the bloke is marrying my sister, I can't have him being to filthy'. There was also a correspondence from the groom, who (much to Harry's chagrin) seemed to be a very nice fellow. Harry flooed Ron, who came over briefly, and then immediately sent him out to scout out the restaurant. Harry had never been there himself, but neither one of them needed to speak why Harry couldn't leave. The Prophet once again had Harry's face on it, under which a hundred witches claimed to be his soul mate. Ron hurried off and Harry sat down by the fire to have his second floo call of the day, chatting with the groom directly about some of the plans, though leaving out enough to make sure there were surprises. After all, one couldn't have the groom knowing everything, and Harry mostly managed to wheedle out the information he needed from the man.

As soon as he had hung up with the groom another fire call came in, Ron from the restaurant, saying that tomorrow Harry would have to come down and figure a few things out himself, but that he'd be off to buy some decorations and tricks from George as long as he was out. Those were just the first of a near constant stream of floo calls, and occasional patronus messages, that Harry filled his day with. Once more Harry collapsed in his bed after taking a dreamless sleep potion.

On what was technically the third day of his 'vacation' and with two full days to the bachelor party (and a half day as it was set to begin at six), Harry found himself finally unable to deal with the massive amounts of owls in his flat. He was sure they were reproducing when he wasn't looking, because there was frankly no way the ministry had enough spare owls to completely fill his flat this way. Slowly he weeded through the owls, picking off the letters and sorting them into piles. The owls, already looking more content, began to line themselves up more orderly along parts of the house. Harry opened the first letter with a sigh. It, like most of the rest, asked if he was feeling ill from the potion? Was it affecting him adversely? Did they need to arrest Malfoy? Harry sighed at the last, pushing images from his head that seemed far too eager to surface. He simply stated that he needed time to come to terms with what the potion had said before he could even begin to investigate the truth of the matter, as it was he couldn't suggest either way about the Soul Searching Potion.

After many copies of the same general letter had been sent out, and about two dozen less owls later, Ron had arrived with a trunk filled with various odds and ends and demanded Harry go with him to the restaurant so they could take proper measurements and settle the last few disagreements. Harry agreed, after performing a few illusion charms on himself, and side-alonged with Ron to the restaurant.

It was a nice enough place, wide open with pleasant seeming food and a good atmosphere. There were plenty of fireplaces to floo in with, and the room they had rented out seemed just the right size. The manager of the place was a bit skeptical about some of the entertainment the bachelor party included, but after a few galleons and a signature or two, he decided it was nothing that his reputation would suffer too much from. Harry sighed as they finally managed to leave, having avoided most of the uncomfortable situations, he was eager to be home. A flash of blond caught his attention though, and without a thought he apperated straight to his flat.

Ron followed him in a moment later, looking confused, but Harry smiled, waving it off. He told Ron to invite Hermione tomorrow, they would be looking at cakes, and he honestly didn't know where to begin. Ron nodded, and Harry smiled as his friend left. He leaned heavily against the nearest wall and slid down it, shaken. It hadn't bee Malfoy, he was sure of that now, the clothes were too shabby and the hair was too dull, but just the chance had sent him cowering like a kicked crup. He snarled at himself and went off to his shelf. He opened it to find himself plum out of whiskey. He was certain he had at least two bottles in there at the beginning of the week… Shaking his head he sent out one of the remaining owls, one who wouldn't rest until it got an interview from him, with money to get him another bottle. It was eager to do so, and Harry couldn't blame it, it had probably been trained to get the person anything they wanted in hopes to get the interview. He shook his head and slouched down on the couch. He wouldn't think about the blonde, wouldn't think about the potion…

The owl came back quickly, depositing a slightly chilled bottle of firewhiskey in Harry's hand, and nuzzled against him imploringly before Harry sighed. Tomorrow he'd write something to send back with the damned bird, nothing good, but something. Damn reporters when they knew his weaknesses. He guzzled at the firewhiskey, wondering only for a moment if he was becoming an alcoholic, before the punch kicked in, and his lights went out.

He supposed he should have gone to bed last night, or at least set an alarm. Hermione was not amused to find him slumped on the couch with a bottle of firewhiskey in his hand. He apologized and let her perform the hangover charm on him, a rather painful charm really, not quite as nice as the potion Dra- not quite as nice as the potion. He disguised himself once more before apperating out to the bakery Hermione had suggested.

The shop itself was small, quaint, looking like something out of a muggle movie, with flowers on the table, and a plump baker dressed in white, with streaks of flour through his graying hair. Hermione spoke with him at first, and when she mentioned bachelor party, he waved his wand. A selection of various cakes appeared on the counter. Hermione blushed and both Harry and Ron had to look away for a moment as a variety of obscene cakes appeared. After a few muttered objections, most of the more… scandalous cakes disappeared, and they finally decided on a pair of breast cakes. The baker, helpfully, suggested various enchantments that would make the cakes more… animated, to everyone's dismay (though Ron seemed to be muttering something about Bill being a moron). They hurriedly ordered two plain breast cakes and decided that wizards had all together too much time on their hands to create such… an array of spells.

Harry, one hand still to his head, suggested they visit the cake witch, to make sure she didn't have anything similar planned. Hermione agreed, but only after slapping Ron for his over enthusiasm, and Harry apperated out to the location the woman had her shop set up at. The witch, not expecting them, was unusually gracious. In general, she reminded Harry, for all the world of Tonks, they were both metamorphmangi, and both had the same sort of where the wind blows attitude about life. Harry asked a few general questions before Hermione attacked with a barrage of more detailed questions, but the witch smiled and took it all with a good nature. Ron seemed a bit disappointed, perhaps at the fact that the witch, Amelia, was fully clothed. Whatever it was, by the time they had left Ron and Hermione were in another spat, and Harry needed to go home and rest. He had one more day to finish decorating the place and his head was spinning, he felt sick. He waved goodbye to Hermione and Ron before appareting home and sitting down on his couch with a thump. He set a heavy hand to his head. He felt like the days were spinning by out of his control, one after the other with nothing important happening. He wasn't sure he'd ever felt like this before. One hand itched anxiously for the bottle of firewhisky, that would make it all go away.

He shook his head and pulled his legs up to his chest, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Why were the days moving like this, eternally slow and boring, yet still flying by like a greased broom? A thought lodged in his head, unwelcomed but unwilling to move.

He was depressed.

Why on earth would he be depressed?

The answer moved in just as quickly and refused to move just as stubbornly as the last answer had.

Malfoy. Draco.

He shook his head. He couldn't deal with that, not now. He had other things he needed to take care of. With a sigh he threw himself off the couch, took the last of his dreamless sleep potions, vowed to get some more in the morning, and went to bed.

He woke up to a tapping at the window, more insistent than most post owls. It must have been especially eager to have him read its message. He frowned, taking the letter from the little grey bird. It preened and hopped onto his shoulders, nuzzling through his hair.

'We need to talk'

The letter was unsigned, but it didn't need to be. Just looking at the handwriting, handwriting that he shouldn't have known so well, sent shivers through him. He crumpled the letter. The little owl looked as crushed as the parchment and it let out a baleful hoot.

"No reply." Harry said to the bird. It hopped from one shoulder to the other, as if asking if he was sure, but when he didn't say anything else it flitted to the window. It looked over its shoulder one last time, blinking large sorrowful eyes, before flying off. Harry's heart gave a start, those eyes… they were so grey.

Harry dressed quickly, not bothering to bathe, and flooed to the Ministry. He ignored the calls and the few photos, hurrying to the elevator he pressed the button hurriedly. His mind flew as he tried to recall the owl. He was sure he'd seen it before.

"I need to check the list of registered animangus." He said, frightening a the secretary seated behind the desk. She nodded and directed him to where the list was, alphabetical in order of creature.

'Horse, llama, mink… owl!' Harry stabbed his finger down on the word and trailed through it. Right in the middle of the page was listed one Draco Malfoy. His heart skipped a beat. Shaking he closed the book and left without a word. There was no doubt now, that little owl had been following him for days, he was sure of it. It must have been in the house when there were so many others, and he was sure he'd seen it when he was at the restaurant…

He apperated straight out of the ministry, his emotions in full force, tearing apart the wards as he went, and straight into Malfoy's house.

"You've been stalking me!" He snarled, finding himself right in front of a rather poorly put together Malfoy. He looked like he had been pulled through a muggle blender, his hair was a mess and his eyes were hollow looking.

"I can hardly help it!" Malfoy snarled back, his face contorting, looking distressed. Harry felt his heart leap for a moment before his anger tore back in.

"Fuck off Malfoy, I don't have time to deal with you right now!"

"It's your fucking job!" Malfoy snarled whirling around to pace. "I've got debt collectors breathing down my neck, and I can't sell the damned potion until you say it works!"

"I'm not sure it does work!" Harry growled back, and he saw Malfoy's eyes turn, looking large, hollow, and yet… hurt.

"Get out of my house." Was snarled in a low, dangerous tone. Harry started to stutter, unsure what had caused this reaction in the frazzled blonde. "Get the fuck out of my house now."

A curse whirled past Harry's head and he jumped, before he apparated away.

Setting a hand to his head he shook himself vigorously. Hermione and Ron were standing in living room, saying something about the Ministry being worried about him. He nodded and flooed the Minister, giving a brief apology, but otherwise skirting all the questions asked.

Ron suggested they go buy presents, to which Harry agreed reluctantly, throwing on extra charms to disguise himself, and keeping an eye out for a small grey owl. No matter how hard he looked, as they traveled up and down Diagon Ally, he saw no trace of the bird, and it made his chest ache a bit. By the time both Harry and Ron had found presents, neither of them appropriate for mixed company, it was getting dark. Ron grabbed Harry and side-alonged him to the restaurant, where the spent most of the night setting up decorations.

When they were finished Harry smiled and waved goodbye to Ron.

"Mate, you've been distant all week. Mione and I are here for you, whoever she is, it can't be that bad. Not like it's she can be too bad, she's your soul mate after all." Ron started to continue but the look on Harry's face dismissed him. Harry sighed and watched Ron disapperate. Screw alcoholism, he needed a drink.

He woke up at noon with a bucket of water being poured over him.

"Honestly Harry, you can't keep this up!" Hermione's voice, more shrill than normal, sounded loudly from above him.

"The hell I can't." Harry grumbled. "If I can't remember it, it doesn't matter."

"What could possibly be so bad?" She snarled.

"To start with my soul mate's a man!" Harry growled. Hermione blinked for a second and then continued on.

"So what, so was Bill's and Merlin knows he's never been happier." She yelled right back at him. Harry turned his head to the side, fuming. "What upsets you more Harry? That you could finally find happiness? Or that you let something else control your life again?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Harry growled.

"Too bad. I've dealt with you absent from us for four years, and when you finally start to get a spark back you go further into the depression than ever!"

"I don't wanna talk about it!"

"I don't care!" Hermione snarled and hit him with a sobriety charm. Harry reeled back and swore. "Now, you're going to pick up the cake and the cake witch, go to the bachelor party, and when that's done, I want you to figure everything out. I don't care how long it takes and…" She cast again. "There."

"What was that?"

"A semi-permanent sobriety charm. Until I take it off, you won't be able to get drunk, and don't bother looking for an anti-charm, I created this one myself." Hermione said and flooed out with a burst of green flame. Harry snarled after her but began to go about his morning routine. He sighed and did as Hermione told him, got to the restaurant early, and finished the decorations.

The groom showed up early, and soon everyone was there, most of them people Harry didn't recognize. He felt sick, but when he tried to drink he couldn't get buzzed. He watched as Amelia danced around the groom, looking like Ginny, and could hardly be amused at Ron's stuttering. When the real Ginny and a group of the girls from her bachelorette party walked in, he could only watch Ginny and Harold (what kind of name is Harold?) danced back and forth across the floor a few times. He stood up and told Ron he wasn't feeling well. Ron gave him a confused look but nodded.

Harry thought about checking the time but it didn't matter. He apperated through the wards and into the bedroom. Malfoy was laying out on the bed, clutching him stomach and whimpering.

Without a word Harry knelt over him, kissing his pain twisted face gently, nuzzling him until the pain went away.

"You should put that on the side effects." He murmured softly when Malfoy looked more at ease.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He huffed, turning his head to the side.

"The part where it hurts both of us to deny the truth." He murmured, leaning back down and licking Malfoy's jaw. He felt the man shiver beneath him, but found a pair of strong hands on his shoulders, pushing him back.

"I don't want this." The blonde said, looking away.

"I do." Harry murmured gently.

"Liar. I thought the great Harry Potter would be more resistant to a little bit of pain." Draco sneered, but still didn't meet Harry's eyes.

"I watched Ginny dancing tonight." He said softly, sitting back on the man's hips. He felt Draco go still under him. "She and Harold moved across the floor so perfectly, her red hair shimmering in the lights, and both so absorbed in each other that the obscene decorations of the bachelor party didn't bother them… And I couldn't stop thinking of you. Merlin knows I tried. But I saw Ginny's hair turn blonde, saw all of the guests hair turn blond, and grey eyes were everywhere, looking upset and disgusted with me. How could I ignore that?"

Draco grunted but made no other motion of acknowledgment.

"How did you know who your soul mate was?" Harry asked softly. "You said you knew before you made the potion."

"My mother," Draco muttered after a moment's thought "is descended from match makers. It wasn't a guessing game in the wizarding world, if you saw a matchmaker; she could set you up with the witch or wizard most in tune with you. The first time she saw you, she had such a thrill go through her that she knew you were it for me. She told me of course, when I was young, to befriend you, and do whatever it took to keep you near. But our rivalry grew instead of… anything else, and she told me that happens. She didn't tell me she had never felt such a strong connection until after you defeated You-Know-Who, didn't tell me that she thought we were destined to be together, but by then… I already had an idea. When you returned my wand, it never acted the same. It feels like you, because you mastered it, but it doesn't feel tainted like it should. It feels warmer…"

Harry felt his heart stilling in his chest as Draco spoke, felt his energy slow down until he was nearly a solid thing.


He couldn't help himself, he should have, but he couldn't. He plunged into the man's still questioning mouth, stealing the kiss and rutting against him. He felt confused hands flutter at his sides before they moved up and made fists in his hair. A low moan let out of his mouth and he pulled back to gasp, but only for a moment, because Draco pulled him right back into the kiss. He smiled then, rutting harder against the blonde, feeling the way the other arched up and responded to him, moaning all the more.

It was quick, undignified, messy, but the came, each still wearing their pants.

"Draco…" Harry muttered gently, lapping at the sweat man's neck.


"What did you see when you took the potion?"

"Our wedding." Draco murmured softly, turning his head a bit so that he could bite the tip of Harry's ear. "I could hardly see anything but you though, why?"

"I saw… the most erotic sex…" Harry whispered deviously. "You had me tied to the bed and rode me till I came, and after that you fucked me so hard that I came again, even though I had barely recovered. Only then did you cum inside of me, looking like you'd just experienced the most brilliant moment of your life."

"I can hardly think that would be right." Draco murmured, and Harry pulled back for a second, looking into the blonde's mercury eyes. "The most brilliant moment of my life is happening right now."

Harry twisted his face up at the sickly sweet line, but gave a soft chuckle, diving back into the sweet taste of his soul mate's mouth.

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