Fiona couldn't get Han Alister out of her head.

Ever since that first time she'd noticed him hunched over in his horse, trying to cross the border unnoticed with his copperhead friend, there had been something about him that had drew her to him.

The way he'd stood up to her when she questioned him, with that glint in his eye and devilish smirk. The powerful aura that glowed around him, matching her own. She still remembered clearly when he'd ripped the cap from his head to show off his fair hair, golden in the sunlight and in the process threatened her whole family and revealed his true identity. It had been amazingly daring, possibly suicidal. She had no idea what had possessed him to do it. It just seemed to be the way Han Alister lived. On the edge. And she found it completely irresistible.

She had been unable to stop thinking about him afterwards, she remembered his brilliant blue eyes, the challenging way he'd looked straight into her eyes, like few other people dared do.

It had completely caught her off guard and she'd become obsessed with catching him, even prepared to ride down that treacherous cliff before Wil had talked her out of it. For the next few days she'd been haunted by images of him, Wil had gotten annoyed with her constantly talking about Cuffs Alister, of ranting about how her family would get revenge on him and theorizing where he could've gone off to. She had not known it then, but she had really just wanted to see him again.

When she finally arrived at Oden's Ford she had been taken completely by surprise to see him there. It seemed he made a habit of shocking her. He'd been as arrogant as ever, as infuriatingly cocky despite how bad a situation he could've been in, surrounded by Bayars and family friends. And as irresistible as ever. She had been unable to take her eyes off him that lesson.

When he'd been stuck in Aediion for too log and had woken up she had rushed off to fetch help for him. She'd felt inexplicably worried for him, and had knelt down next to him, enjoying their limited body contact and the closeness of him to her. For reasons she didn't understand she felt drawn to him.

Whenever he was in the same room she had trouble taking her eyes off him. His blue eyes, golden hair and fine cheekbones tormented her in her dreams. She felt a mixture of desire, hate and betrayal when she thought of him, thinking of how he had nearly killed her father and gone after her brother, yet she still wanted him.

Curse that Han Alister.