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Stranger – Chapter 1


I'm fourteen, still living with my mom, not knowing what happened to my dad. I had seen one or two pictures, of him, my dad, but mum had ripped the head off of every single photo, so above his shoulders, I had no idea what he looked like.

I didn't know if I had his eyes, his chin, his whole face. It was a mystery, to everyone, except my mother. It was a summer holiday fling, she went to America for the summer with friends, met this man, fell in love, had sex, got pregnant, lived in America for a year, the man left her for some circus freak act, she came home with a baby and ripped photos.

I'd gone over the story many times with my mum, but she never told me his name. She thought I'd go straight to facebook and try and track him down… but, of course, I would never do that… would I?

I don't know what I'd do if I found him, but we all know that's never going to happen. I sighed and flipped to the next song on my iPod, and waited for the long journey home to end.


I awoke, the lid of my coffin still firmly in place. I pushed at it slightly, the loud clicking sound waking me up. I stretched when my arms had full access to the night air and breathed in the welcoming scent of the cirque.

"Yo, Crepsley." Darren shouted from the table he was sitting at. I nodded, not wanting to disturb his conversation with Evra. I had asked Darren if he had a thing with Evra, but he shouted some rather foul things in my face and stormed out.

My darling, Truska, wrapped her dainty arms around my waist and planted kisses on my neck. I smiled, the scars on my cheeks wrinkling. I turned to face my love.

"Truska," I smiled, "my one and only." This made her happy, giggling herself silly.

"It's been so long since we have been alone." Truska hinted, and I could sense Darren eavesdropping.

"Hmm" I nodded slightly, gripping her hand tight and guiding her back to my tent.

Truska had sat herself on my chair, of course, the one that shows her curves off perfectly.

She was nosey, no denying that.

She searched though my draws, still laying perfectly on her side, and found a book I had forgot I owned. At once, I wanted to put the book back away.

"Um Truska, maybe can we look at something more appealing? That book is so old…" I drifted off, knowing that nothing I could say would change her mind.

The book was a photo book. It was from when I was young and foolish… yes, fourteen years ago.

Truska laughed and pointed at my hair in those days, as I rolled my eyes acted like I didn't know the woman. She flipped the page, and noticed the picture of Amanda and I. I grimaced as she ran her fingers over my first love.

"Who's that?" Truska asked, her accent slightly slipping through.

"That's Amanda." I whispered.

"How come I'd never heard of this Amanda?" She looked at me through slanted eyes.

"I had honestly forgot about her, and this photo book." I sat next to her and held her hand… she'd need it for the next part of the book.

Truska flipped the page, to reveal an ultrasound photo of a baby. I sighed, thinking about what the little baby looked like now.

"A baby?" She glared at me, "You're a dad?"

I nodded slowly, hoping she'd understand that this was fourteen years ago.

"When was the last time you spoke to this baby?" I thought back. I was there when she was born, she was beautiful. I had known her three weeks, and sent her and Amanda back to the UK. I hadn't regret it, but I was curious about a lot of things.

"She was three weeks old." I sighed.

"What was her name?" Truska smiled, I was shocked she was actually interested in my child.

"Nicola Crepsley. We decided she'd have my surname, but after Amanda and I split, she changed it back to Richards." I would have cried, but a vampire can't.

"You should find her." Truska rubbed my back with her right hand.

"Excuse me?" I was shocked she had accepted this as well as she had.

"Larten, find the child. I bet she's wondering about you too." She was correct, nearly every child without a father wants to know their father… right?

"But if she's not, and I intrude on her life? Where should I stand after that?"

"You just leave her." Truska smile was fantastic.

"What about Darren?" I was concerned for the little devil, no matter how little I showed it.

"He'll be fine." And that was it, I had made up my mind.

I was going to find Nicola Richards.

R E V I E W !