Stranger – Chapter 8


Nicola had fallen in love with me. This repulsed me. My own blood had grown certain feelings for me. I'm sure she wasn't too impressed either, but come on. This was a lot to take in. And I had put it rather brutally, not giving her any sense of comfort as I blurted out that she was in love with her father.

I had told Truska that night, and she sounded concerned.

"In love with you?" She had said, "But she's your own daughter."
"She didn't know at the time, darling. She couldn't help but fall for my stunningly beautiful face and personality." I heard her giggle to herself, and if I was there, she would have slapped my shoulder softly.
"What was her reaction when she found out?" I thought back a couple of hours ago.

Nicola had started crying. She was confused and just needed to let it out. I pulled her into a hug, and let her sob into my white silk shirt. Her hands were tucked up next to her face and if I weren't a vampire, her nails digging into my chest would have been rather painful. After a while, she pulled away, her eyes red from all the tears and pulled her bag over her shoulder.
"Are you coming round tonight?" Her mascara had smudged, and she tried rubbing it away with the sleeve of her jumper.
"If you want me to." I had to be careful.
"Of course I want you to come over. You're my best friend. You're my dad." She smiled, one silent tear sliding down her cheek. I smiled back at her words. I was her dad.
"I think we should do what you want to do tonight," I smirked, "I've done enough bragging about vampires." She laughed, and nodded. She left the class room quietly, mumbling the time I should come over to herself, but of course, I heard her.

Truska seemed to be thinking.
"Play it safe, Larten." Suddenly, I heard something smash on the end of the line.
"Truska?" I hear someone curse, "Truska? Is everything okay?"
"Yes, yes. Darren smashed another vase."

"Oh. Is that Crepsley? Let me speak to him." Truska was just about to object, when something ruffled against the speaker. "Crepsley! Hello!"
"Hmm. Darren. How're you?"
"Yes, not so good. Octa bit and I didn't die. Am I normal?"
I sighed. Did he seriously want me to answer that? "No Darren, you are not normal. Truska told me about Octa biting you and I gave her instructions on how to get the antidote in you. She did it while you were sleeping."
"You bastard." Darren laughed. "Hey, have you spoken to Nicole yet?"
"Its Nicola." I had a headache already.
"Yeah, her."
"Yes, I have spoken to her. And she knows about Vampires and our relation." I smiled.
"Cool. Tell her I said Hi. Bye." I was about to object, but the boy had already hung up.

On that note, I decided to get ready to go meet my daughter. Oh, how I love the sound of that sentence.

I was wearing a modern outfit. I looked a picture, let's just say that. I was wearing some of Richs' trainers, (yellow with a red tick on the side) ripped jeans and a hoodie. I was wearing my best suit, but Nicola wanted to go to the cinema and didn't think my outfit was fitting.

We were going to watch a film named 'I Am Legend'. I wasn't particularly excited.

I bought her pop corn, which was un-believably tasty and addictive, and then we sat at the back of the cinema.
The cinema went dark, and some awful advertisements started playing. Nicola laughed at all the corny jokes that we told. There was one in particular that I found funny; one with a small koala that was attracted to softness. I started laughing, chocking on my popcorn, and got some angry looks from other people in the cinema. Nicola on the other hand, though that I chocking, was the funniest thing she had ever seen. She, too, chocked on her popcorn laughing.
"Could you please control your daughter? She is interrupting the film." The woman sitting to my right whispered.
"Might I add, the film hasn't yet started . It is still in the advertisements." Nicola snorted rather loudly, covering her mouth as coke dribbled down her chin. She thought it was hilarious.

Soon after that episode, we were thrown out of the cinema.

"Okay. Now, we go to the electrical shop." She grabbed my hand, and dragged my into a shop that music was banging through my sensitive ears.

"Touch it." She pointed to a small, square idem. It was ugly.
I touched it, and a pebble background appeared on the screen. It instructed me to 'scrowl to open.' Well, I didn't know what that meant, so Nicola did it for me. A couple of minutes later, I was playing the piano… on the small item.

Later on in the shop, I had a small remote in my hand, and Nicola and I were battling, as small characters, to win a race. I was playing as a character named Baby Peach. Of course, she won hands down. I wasn't even close to winning. I had met my match with this girl.

"Ah. I win again!" She high fived the group of people sitting behind us that had formed the fourth time she had won, "Why you so bad at this?"
"Why do you think?" I laughed at the face she pulled. I was along the lines of 'Whoa. Why did I ask that because the answer was so flipping obvious?'

It was around a two hours after out battles in the electronic hall. We were sitting in a tree outside her house, high enough for her mother and Rich not to see us from the window. We were talking about out past.

"So you blooded him? Knowing he was too young?"
"Yes. I was taking advantage of him, and I shouldn't have. But, I do admit, I don't regret it. He's a son to me." She smiled.
"What did the police people say?"
"The Princes?" She nodded, "Darren had to do some trials, to prove himself…" I thought back to that time. It was very stressful for Darren, and I.
"What happened?" She sounded genuinely interested.
"I think you should be asking Darren those questions. He loves talking about himself." She smiled. "What about you?"
"What about me?" She suddenly looked scared, like I was about to jump on her.
"Tell me about your past. What's happened to you since you were a baby?"
"The usual. Loosing teeth, growing hair, being disgusted about the sight of boys and then being obsessed with it. I was a normal child." She laughed, but failed. (Oh my gosh, I was talking like Darren.)
"You're hiding something."

"I… I've always been… different, from everyone else. The kids, I was stronger, more alert than them. I'd scare them with how fast I was. And, it's only now that I realize it wasn't skill. It was my genes." She smiled faintly.


Minutes later, she blurted out in a mumble that not even I could comprehend the first time, "Okay, I'm just going to ask you. Will you turn me? Into a vampire?"
"Will I what?"
"You heard me. I want to be a vampire. I want to see what Vampires can see, I want to breathe out that shit that you can. The idea is so appealing to me. Its like I was destined to for this. Vampirism will be like a gift." She went on for what seemed like hours, rambling on about vampires.
"Please. You've got to turn me."
"Why should I turn you? I'm not risking under-aged turning again."
"Then I'll be your assistant. It'll be awesome. Training me. I need to get out of this place. I've been living here for my whole life, with that woman. I need a break from her, and a new start with you."

I gulped. If my heart was beating, it would have exploded.

"Dad, please."

That was enough to send me over the edge, and I agreed.