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Set: Just after season 5 where Lucifer was put away, Sam and Cas still on Earth and everything else pretty much the same.

Just so you know, Cas, although still an angel, has to eat, sleep, drink. It's just a small continuum from my other fic Simple Pleasures.



'Dean, your left!'

Dean turned widely, his machete swinging in a wide arc. The vampires' head flew away, hitting the back wall with a sickening crunch.

There was blood everywhere, up the walls, on the floor. The damn fangs had really let loose with this family of innocents.

There was a crash to his left, and Dean spun, catching out of the corner of his eye, the second vampire climbing out of the window. The wiry vampire was young looking, with blond floppy hair. He watched helplessly as it jumped the two stories to the ground below, before running into the woods bordering the house.

'Damn it!' he growled, running to the window and scanning scene. The vampire was gone.


'It's gone, Sammy' he sighed, turning to his brother. The youngest Winchester had a cut to his temple from an earlier fight, blood trailing down his face. But that wasn't what caught Dean's attention.

It was the baby in his arms.

He looked in shock back to his brother, who was staring at him. Dean turned around slowly. There, lying next to each other were the bodies of two other people. The woman had dark hair, her throat slashed. The man, a ginger haired man had his neck snapped at an odd angle.

The baby's parents.

'Aw, crap' muttered Dean, a hand going to his head.

'Yeah, crap Dean! What the hell are we gonna do?' Sam's voice bordered on the hysterical. The adrenalin had hardly worn off after the fight and Sam looked shocked.

The baby in his arms was fast asleep, which was a miracle in itself after all the noise they had made during the fight. It had a little tuft of black hair, and its mouth was curled up in a content smile.

Dean couldn't help but crack a grin.

'Dean, this is serious!' reprimanded his brother.

Dean looked sharply back at him. 'Yeah, Sam. What the hell are we gonna do?'

Sam carefully put the baby down on the sofa, on one of the small parts that wasn't blood spattered. The baby curled in on its self, finding another comfy spot.

'It's asleep.' Stated Dean.

'I can see that, Dean' snapped Sam.

Dean looked sheepishly at his brother. Out of the two of them, he was the only one with any parental experience. Sam had been quite a handful when he was growing up.

The baby coughed in its sleep, and Sam and Dean watched with baited breath in case it woke up.

The baby simply made a little 'mm' noise and went back to sleep.

'Phew' Sam let out his breath.

Dean looked at him sideways. He dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

'I'll tell ya one thing'

Sam looked at him. 'What's that?'

Dean pressed his speed dial button.

'I'm calling Cas'

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Don't worry, Cas to the rescue!

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