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Bobby watched the three younger men in his household. Two hunters and an angel. One of them carried on, perhaps every so often faltering, giving a worried look in the direction of the others, who had almost stopped functioning completely. The hunter and his angel walked around, zombified, eyes permanently red rimmed with unshed tears. They hardly spent any time together, speaking in one work syllables, unable to bring the other to remember. It would only upset them more.

Jayson had been gone all of two weeks, assuming his name as Azul, the grandson of Nina and Alonso, spending his days sleeping, crying, laughing in an upmarket apartment in Manhattan.

Dean and Castiel sat in his room most nights, clutching at the one momentum they had kept of him, reminding them both of the good times they had in the two weeks they were together. A teddy bear. Small, with blue ears and a cheeky smile, its black beaded eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

Dean smiled as he caressed the bear's fur, rubbing it up the wrong direction and then smoothing it down with his thumb. Tonight was like every other night; alone, no interaction with anyone else in the small house. He had hardly crossed words with his brother. He remembered Jayson sleeping with the tiny bear, his little hands gripping it tightly as he dreamed.

He looked up as Castiel walked into the room. The angel, unsure how to cope with the new emotion of loss, looked lost, tired. As though he had no idea how to deal with the situation.

'Hey' greeted Dean, patting the bed next to him for Cas to sit down. The angel smiled, pulling his suit jacket around his body, having been forced to part from his trench coat for Bobby to wash. He sat down, looking down at the bear in Dean's hands.

'I remember him cuddling that' he mused, turning his head to the open window, the moonlight shining on his face.

'He loved it' agreed Dean, taking the angel's hand and squeezing gently. Castiel smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Dean smiled into the kiss, deepening it. He moved forwards, pushing Cas's jacket off his shoulders and pushing him backwards onto the bed, climbing on top of him, never breaking the kiss.

The angel's nimble fingers quickly unbuttoned Dean's shirt, hands caressing the smooth skin underneath. Dean groaned and pushed forwards, desperate for the contact. It had been so long and both of them needed it. Not in a seedy way, desperate to get as far away from reality as they could get; more for a way to seek comfort, a way to realise just how the other felt.

Castiel smiled as he watched the human above him, pressing his hand in the perfect mark on Dean's shoulder. He reached up and touched Dean's face, liking the feeling of friction the stubble gave him.

'I love you' he whispered, watching Dean's face soften.

The hunter leaned in for another kiss, this one chaste, gentle.

'I love you too'


'Hey, boys' greeted Bobby, waving the coffee pot in the direction of Dean and Castiel, who had just walked into the kitchen. They looked tired, but in a good way. They seemed to have had a good night.

'Morning, Bobby' smiled Dean, plonking himself down in a chair, Cas sitting next to him, reaching for his own mug of coffee.

'Good night?' Sam grinned, eyes darting from one to the other. Dean looked at him and shrugged.

'Yeah, I guess. How was yours and Bobby's night?' he grinned slyly, ducking the ball of paper Sam lobbed at his head.

There was a rattle as the letter box clanged, something falling onto the ground. Bobby was on alert, knowing he never got post.

'I'll check it out.' Dean cautiously got up from his seat, moving quickly to the door. Although, he thought, if demons or God forbid the vampires had come back, he doubted they would knock with the letter box. Reaching the door, he knelt down to pick up the letter. Now he knew why it had come through the letter box. It was hand delivered.

In pristine, curly handwriting on the front, in a very neat line read the words,

To our angels

Hardly able to breathe, his heart beating a thousand beats a minute, he hurried back to the table, Castiel looking up at him in alarm at his fast pace.

'Dean, what's-'

'Cas, look' Dean thrust the letter under his chin, the angel taking it and reading who it was addressed to.

'Our angels?' he read, glancing up at Dean. Sam and Bobby now looked at the pair with interest.

'Read it' urged Dean, sitting back down with anticipation.

The angel opened the letter carefully, making sure he didn't rip it.

To our God sent angels,

In our short meeting in the mall, we never got a real chance to say thank you. It was rushed; we were so happy to have our grandson back.

We know and understand what a wonderful job you did taking care of him. There was not a scratch on him and he was as happy as a song bird. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude, if it was not for you, Azul would be with his parents in heaven.

We therefore wish for you to be involved in his life. Not in a physical way, but emotional. We enclose an address for you to send Christmas cards, birthday cards. That is, if you wish to send them.

Know this, as long as you live, you will have the wonderful gift of knowing you saved a child's life. And made ours worth living. And for that we will be forever thankful.

Yours truly and forever,

Nina, Alonso and Azul.

Dean sniffed and wiped a tear from his eye. The angel's low, monotone voice made the letter haunting.

'There's something else here.' Castiel shook the envelope. Out slid a photo, printed in black and white. It was a passport sized photo, barely fitting into his palm.

Cas gasped as he touched it.

His and Dean's smiling face looked up at him, a giggling Jayson between them, cradled in Dean's arms. It was the last moment they had spent with Jayson in the mall, the baby leaving them forever.

There was another note scribbled on the back of it.

My oldest granddaughter took this picture with her phone. She was waiting in one of the shops when we collected Azul, and thought the moment seemed appropriate to take a picture. We hope you take this as a treasured memory.


'That was nice of them' commented Sam, looking over Dean's shoulder.

'Yeah' agreed his brother. 'It was'

They were all startled when one of Bobby's many phones rang again, a low ringing this time.

Bobby groaned, striding over to his line of phone.

Castiel turned his head, watching the older hunter's expressions, finding them fascinating.

'Yep. Uh hu. Oklahoma. Thanks Rufus' Bobby hung up.

'Boy's ready for a hunt?' he called.

'Yep' Dean saluted his surrogate father, standing up and grabbing his bag. Castiel stood too, Sam following.

They all filed out the door in single file, Dean being the last one out. He pulled his wallet from pocket and carefully slipped the photo inside.

Now, wherever he went, he and Castiel could always carry Jayson with them.

And that's all that mattered.


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