After waiting for what seemed like a couple of minutes which like a couple of years, I bought the pen in question. It was in a very nice looking case. I just wished I was not spotted by the person in question for the gift was meant for. I had to hurry and get ready. I told the other three that I was going to be at the club at the right time. I just wish I was a little better in the time management department.

I went back to the ISO with a couple of hours to spare. I wanted to ask a question of Doctor Nambu about my future. There was so much to talk about why he was putting together a team of sorts. I had an idea what was going on with the five of us and the ISO. Was something big coming down the road?

When I got to the front offices of the ISO, a clerk instructed me to go to Doctor Nambu's office. There was a new set of instruction that he wanted us to follow. We were going to be introduced to the world as the Science Ninja Team. We just needed a few more months of final training and we would be ready for the evil which was started to gather force.

I walked down the hall, slowly. It was like the last mile in my life of being a child. I was growing up in front of my eyes. I hoped that I could be the best fighter in which I was trained to do. I wanted at least Doctor Nambu to be proud of me.

When I came to the door, I noticed it was closed. I knocked on the door to hear the doctor's voice. He said, "Yes…"

"It's me…Joe!" I said before opening the door to let myself in. I saw him sitting at his desk with a small stack of papers in the middle of the desk.

"Joe…I have been waiting for you!" he said as he looked up at me.

"What is it that you want to talk about?" I asked, began to walk toward the desk. I noticed a small stack of sealed boxes. They could be no bigger than watch cases. I tried to wonder what was inside of the boxes when I heard Doctor Nambu's voice.

He said, "Joe…you are nearly completing your training."

I nodded quickly. I had to pick my words carefully. I knew I had an important job to do after the last weeks of my training. I wanted to be the best in what I was going to do. I knew we were training for was to save the world. From the earliest time that I was under Doctor Nambu's guide and careful teaching, I had a very important job to do.

"I know this is all going to be hard to understand at first, but I want you trust me…I had been monitoring the world and all of the conflicts going on," he said. He reached over to the stack of papers.

"And?" I questioned him with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"With the training and special knowledge that you and the others had be use to for the past nearly ten years…I am giving you a job with the others."

"What will it be?" my excitement was contented, yet I was still wondering what was going on.

"You will be the leader in the group calling themselves; the Science Ninja team. You will be the white shadow of Justice," Doctor Nambu said in a clear voice of someone who was trying to convey the idea of a group, a team who's soul idea what to wipe out evil where ever it stood.

"And who else in this team?" I wondered out loud. I remembered all the times of training with Joe and the others become a strong union of fighters.

"Joe…Jun…" Doctor Nambu started to tick off the names of my fellow team mates. He knew my look was very impressed, yet I was holding back my ideas of a stronger group of Joe was not that reckless or Jun was that girlly. "And Junpei and ryo!"

"Ryo…" I thought. He would be good in a fight for one thing. He did have a killer pouch. Then, I thought of Junpei. He was still a bit of a baby. Yet, he did have a wild struck in him. I had to smile at the time he threw a pile of little poppers down a cooling vent at the ISO HQ. He was just having a laugh at the expensive of others. Yet, I had told him that he was going to get himself into a heap of trouble the tech team. He did get a large scolding from Jun. she was not happy when she heard about Jenpei's little experiments with the poppers.

"There is a very evil group called Galaixic X!" Nambu said coldly. He was not so pleased with the new foe that was throwing themselves into our faces. "We have been watching them for some time now. They want to destroy everything that is good and pure in this world!"

There was a nerve tighten feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had heard about Galaixic X. they were nothing but trouble. Yet, who were they? I wondered.

"I hope you can understand. If we become what you had set out to do when I and the others were just kids…we could fail!" I said with a certain degree of fear. I was the leader of an untested group of people who could fall by the wayside very quickly.

"Yes," Doctor Nambu nodded. Then, he picked up the box that was going to be mines. He said, "You do have the idea in your mind. I can relate to the feeling. I was just out of college and was on my very first real job. I always prayed before I started each day with the idea of not messing up. Failure is not an option."

I was going to cut to the quick and asked, "You did mess up…didn't you at some point!"

"And we want the world to know that Evil is not welcomed!" he sighed, stroking his chin with a finger. His look of bitter-sadness was a great deal that we were headed for a lot of hardship along the way. He glanced over to me and said, "Look. I just want to know and understand why I had done this for you and the others. I have had personal stake in this outcome. I did not tell you this, but the reason why I took care of you and the others like a family as I had a newly married wife."

I was little surprised to hear that Doctor Nambu was married. How long was he married. What happened to his wife? He never talked about his home life. I never wanted to push him into telling us everything he didn't want to. I had doubt in the back of my mind. It was like he was going to aid us through the easiest of stages for this new group. I stood and listen to Dr. Nambu's story of his wife being the best there was. Then, he said as he looked up at me, "Ken…someone who later on became a linchpin in the Galactor had noticed me and my wife. We were newly married and very much wanted to settle down."

"Who was it?" I was now curious on who was this person who knew Doctor Nambu.

"A follow student," Doctor Nambu said to the point. His face was drawn tightly as though he was relieving the past. "This was a friend I knew since my college days. I thought I could trust him. I was very sorely mistaken. You were just three when your father had asked for me to look after you. My wife was thrilled and surprised at the same time. We were trying to start a family, but couldn't. She had a sickly childhood and was unable to have children."

I tried to think back to the days when I was just a young toddler. It was still hazy. I kind of remember a really nice lady with Doctor Nambu. That was it for my memory. I could remember just going to school and training after that.

I asked for the wrist commuter. Doctor Nambu gave it to me with interdictions on how to use it. I carefully unhook the wrist band. Placing the communicator on my right wrist, I felt like I was going to doing something big. What was it; I was not very use about.

"This is a new step in world peace. You and the others will become leaders in the fight for justice," Doctor Nambu said.

I nodded with a calm look in my eyes. I hope that the world was safe as I took my place in that fight. I excused myself before heading back to the shop that I went with Joe. I was going to get Jun a very special gift.

The shop was closing at eight. It was a little past five. I was doing well by my viewpoint. I was a little late; I had a good excuse for it. I did not want to be making Jun upset with me. I knew she and the others were going to have the same talk with Doctor Nambu as I did.

As I entered the shop, I could hear a radio playing in the background. It sounded like the news. I couldn't stop for now. I was on a mission. I could always catch on the late night show before the TV station shut down for the night. I ran to the stationary department. I could hear two girls talking about some new show about an American high school. It was something that I felt like watching if I had a normal life. "What was that?" I thought.

Another sales woman came up to the counter as I stood at the need. I flagged her down with a wave of my hand. She asked when she saw me, "Yes…what is it that you want, sir?"

"I bought an ink pen…I forgot to buy a refill!" I sighed as I tried to figure on how to get the refill wrapped without breaking it.

"You paid for it here?" she asked.

I nodded. "I would like to have a blue and a black refill!" I said with a small smile. I reached over to grab my bill fold from my jacket pocket. Something caught my attention. It was a new flash about someone breaking into a large warehouse in the west side of town. Who it was, I wasn't sure. I quickly paid for the refills. I wondered if Doctor Nambu had tried to get a hold of the others. I prayed that he did. I knew that we were not ready for any type of battle. We did not even have a ship. A group of engines were still working on a special ship which was made up of five different parts. Each one was a person in trouble to each one of us. I had a plane that transformed into a jet. Joe's new car that he had bought was changed into a supped up racer. Jun's motorbike was upgraded into a jet bike. A small dune buggy was made for Junpei that switched over to a funny looking moon buggy when he was G4. Finally the large cargo plane that housed everything could change into a fighting fortress. There was a special mode in the last ditch efforts if we came up to was the God Phoenix. It was high end and power transformation in which case the plane changed into a large fiery bird.

I thanked the sale's woman after I paid for the refills. There ewes nothing else outside of a card I needed. I walked over to the card isle with very little time to spare. I needed to pick a card and fast. I checked over the racks until I found one that seemed to suit Jun to a 'T".

"There was something I needed to tell you," a voice said.

My blood freeze as I believed it was Jun at first. I looked up at another girl who was standing in the opposite end the isle way.

"Are you sure you want this?" a man asked as he came up to the girl. She was a pretty thing, almost like a super model.

"Yes…but there was something else…I might have to look at another store!" the girl said.

I stared for another minute. She was very tall and terribly pretty. Her blond hair was cut short in a bob-style page boy. Her clothes were finely tailored in very manor of the word. She had a pair of round framed sun-glasses. She turned her face to noticed how was staring at her. She raised her right hand to her sunglasses and smiled. I became red faced and bowed slightly. "Sorry!" I managed to say.

"That's all right…" she smiled with a dark voice before turning a man who was dressed in a dark suit and tie. They walked away as they began to talk.

I heard the store welcoming bell. It brought me back to earth. "Aww, crap!"

I checked the store clock that hung over the front entrance way. I was going to cut in very close with Jun. I can always get a card tomorrow.

I was very lucky as I nearly ran down the sidewalk. I knew the store was not that far from Jun's nightclub. It did not take me long to get there. There was a note on the door for me hewn I got to the main entranceway. I was surprised to see it. I grabbed it and unfolded the paper. It read, "Ken…go around to the back entrance. The back door is open, Jun!"

I knew the club was going to be closed to the public. I was invited with a few of the others. They were told to go to the same entrance. I noticed Joe's new car was on the street. I was hoping that Joe was keeping Jun's occupied for the time. I was going to be either late or early. I was not sure.

I rounded the corner to the back sentence. Ryo was standing outside, talking to a friend of his.