Okay, yeah, I know, you're probably hating me for this even before I start.

Just blame the fact that I'm at university, okay? I have to pare down the fics I'm working on or my GPA will suffer, and that's unacceptable. Someone with my IQ
cannot flunk out of college (or, y'know, get anything less than a 3.9 on a 4-point scale, because all things considered, it's the same thing in my eyes).

Long story short, I just don't have the dedication to write an entire Key To Time quest.

I might return to this over the summer, when I have lots of free time to write. In the meantime, however, I'll continue to work on my JE + Romana and Runaway Bride + Romana fics, as well as my other ongoing Jenny story (and yes, I know that I promised the update on that months ago, and the next chapter is almost done, but there's just something bothering me that I can't quite put my finger on, so until I know exactly what needs to be fixed, I'm holding off. Perfectionist? Me? Naaah...)

Long story short, I'm really sorry, but this story is on indefinite hiatus.

And to those of you who guessed that Laura "Compassion" Tobin, the living TARDIS, was going to be Jenny's new form of transportation... well, you were right. And maybe we'll still get to see that yet, but it all depends on if I have the time at some point in the future.