Here's the final chapter. It was the hardest chapter to write. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did! Watch for the sequel to this story. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 25

I was half expecting to see Jacob waiting by the porch when we returned to Carlisle's house. I looked around and saw that everything was glowing in the silver moonlight. But there was no Jacob anywhere in sight. I was slightly disappointed. Inside the house, my mom was telling everyone how we captured Troy and converted him back into human. Well, half-human, anyway. I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't hide my despair over the fact that Jacob wasn't inside the house waiting for me. I plopped myself on the white sofa and let my fingers played with my long ponytail. The elastic band was irritating me so I tore it apart with one touch and shook out my long brown hair.

"Maybe this will fix your mood a little…" Rosalie said as she handed me a note.

It was from Jacob. This better not be a goodbye letter like the one from Leah, I thought to myself. I looked up at Rosalie for clues. Her smile was a good sign but she refused to say anything about it.

"Just read it. He was waiting for you here but you took so long to get back."

"Okay, okay."

I opened up the note and there was only one line, written in Jacob's messy handwriting.

Meet me at the willow tree by the river.

I smiled instantly. This was our special tree. It was a place just beyond my dad's mind reading zone and my uncle Jasper's mood detecting range while they were inside Carlisle's house. I looked down at my drape-neck, backless gold dress and wondered if I should change. I really didn't want to waste another minute so I kept what I had on and ran out the door.

When I got to our meeting place, I didn't see Jacob right away. I went up to the willow tree to see if the carving was still on the trunk. Jacob had carved our names on the tree a year ago. My fingers were tracing the letters when I sensed him standing behind me. I smiled and turned around. Jacob was shirtless as usual. The full moon was highlighting his broad shoulders and his chest muscles. I grabbed his belt and playfully pulled him towards me. He placed his hands on the tree trunk, enclosing me between his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stared into his smouldering eyes. It had been such a long time since we were alone together like this. The feel of his skin was igniting my whole body. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. His lips felt soft and hot against mine. It made me feel like I was going to burst into flames. I pulled him closer to me until his body was pressing me against the tree. His lips were crushing down on mine and I responded just as forcefully. Our breathing was uneven when he took his lips off of mine. He cradled my face in his hands and looked into my eyes.

"I can't lose you again, Renesmee" He whispered breathlessly, "Marry me."

My eyes widened. I was a little surprised by the sudden proposal.

"But your father and your pack…" I whispered back to him.

"I don't care." He replied quickly. "Marry me."

For a second, I was feeling uncertain. I didn't want him to have to go against his father and his tribe. Could we convince them to give us their blessings? I hope what my dad said was true. In time they would come around and accept me again. I was not allowed on their land but we could still be together on this side of the border.

Jacob was starting to look a little worried. I smiled reassuringly at him. I was thinking too much. Jacob had asked me to marry him! I nodded my head gently and whispered: "Yes."

A big smile appeared on Jacob's face and he kissed me firmly on the lips. He howled playfully at the full moon and it made me chuckle.

"Wait," He said as he pulled out a jewellery box from the pocket of his jeans.

I made a face at him. He should have known how I felt about engagement rings.

"I know you don't like the traditional engagement ring, so I got you something else."

I looked at him curiously as I took the box from his hands. Inside the jewellery box was a necklace with a 2-karat teardrop shaped diamond pendant. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

"This is the only teardrop I ever want to see on you." Jacob lifted the necklace out of the box to put it around my neck. "My wife will never need to shed a tear."

My eyes were welling up with happy tears just as he said that.

"Except for happy tears." Jacob added with a smile. I chuckled.

This moment was so perfect; I wanted to remember it forever. I leaned my head on Jacob's warm chest as he wrapped his arms around me. My hand played with the diamond pendant that was now around my neck. Across the river somewhere, I could feel a pair of eyes staring at us. In a distance, I could hear howling of an angry wolf.

The next morning, Jacob went to talk to his father about our engagement. Since I wasn't allowed on their land anymore, I stayed at Carlisle's house to wait for him. My parents thought that we should have waited a little longer.

"Humans need more time than us to process thoughts and feelings." My dad explained.

"Jacob would wait for you." My mom reassured me.

It didn't help that Jacob wasn't just anybody in the tribe. He was the chief and his business was everyone's business. I could just imagine their shock over the fact that their chief was marrying a half-vampire that had just confessed to biting a human. I covered my face with hands and let out a sigh.

It was almost noon and Jacob had not shown up yet. I was getting a little impatient. I didn't want to wait in the house anymore so I decided to go for a walk. Deep in the forest, someone called my name.


I looked around to see who it was. I could detect the scent of a wolf. Paul walked out in human form from behind a tree.

"Paul?" I asked warily. The last time we met, it was in a less than friendly situation to say the least.

"Our tribe has lost our chief, I hope you are happy now." Paul said sarcastically.


"Oh don't pretend you didn't tell him to quit the tribe." He said spitefully.

I gasped. Jacob was quitting the tribe just to marry me. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't let that happen. The tribe needed him and he belonged with them. I never thought it would come to such extremes.

"Well, you got what you want. Jacob is going to see the elders now." Paul continued.

"He can't quit! I…I have to stop him" I didn't know what I could do to stop him. I couldn't enter their land to talk to him. By the time he comes out, it would be too late.

Paul chuckled mockingly at me. "You are kidding right? YOU are the reason why he wants to leave us. He can't be with you on our land so he is taking himself outside of it. Seriously, Renesmee, can you take your evil spells or whatever it is somewhere far away from us? Our tribe has had enough of you."

I turned around so that Paul couldn't see the tears rolling down my cheeks. Paul didn't say goodbye before he took off into the forest. I felt horrible about what was happening to his tribe. Jacob was determined to be with me. As long as I was around, he would be fighting against his tribe to marry me.

I went back to Carlisle's house and started pacing around the living room. I had to convince Jacob not to quit his tribe. I had to do something before it was too late. An idea came to me and I quickly stopped myself from thinking about it. My dad was in the house and I didn't want to discuss this with him. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and ran out of the house. Once I got to the willow tree, I sat down and wrote a note for Jacob.


I love you. I can't let you quit your tribe just so that you can marry me. The tribe needs you as their chief. This was what you were born to be. Perhaps we need to give them some time to accept me in your life again. So I have decided to go away for a while. I promise I will be back.


I waited by the riverside for a wolf to pass by. It was Seth on patrol today.

"Seth!" I called out to him.

The sandy colour wolf jumped across the river and stopped in front of me. I handed the letter to him and told him to give it to Jacob right away. He nodded his head and held the letter in between his teeth.

"Thanks, Seth. You are a great friend."

No one was at the stone cottage when I packed my luggage and took my dad's silver Volvo out of the garage. I was hoping that I didn't need to leave for too long. The thought of not seeing Jacob was heartbreaking but I had to do it in order to convince him not to leave his tribe.

I arrived at the airport and got on the next plane flying out to Rio de Janeiro. My parents and I have been to Isle Esme a few times for vacation. I knew exactly how to get there. Luckily, my dad had taught me how to sail his speedboat. It was going to be a long flight and I felt exhausted. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

By the time I got to the island it was late afternoon the next day. I got into the house using the key underneath the doormat and I put my luggage down by the foyer. This was where my parents spent their honeymoon after they got married. My fingers searched for the diamond pendant around my neck. I flipped it around and around in my hand. If my parents could get married against all the challenges they had, Jacob and I should be able to do it too.

I carried the luggage upstairs and opened it up to look for a change of clothes. My mind was still preoccupied with thoughts of Jacob. What if they never accept me in his life? Could I live without marrying him? I pushed that thought aside quickly. It was too painful to consider that outcome. I decided to take a walk on the beach. Hopefully, it would help clear up my mind.

On the beach, the sun was setting and the wind was starting to pick up. It was a comfortable warm breeze. It made my chiffon white dress dance around my legs. I was glad that I braided my hair around the crown of my head. Otherwise, my hair would have been all over my face.

Suddenly, I saw a figure in a distance. Was I imagining things? As if it was a dream, I saw Jacob standing there. He was wearing a cream coloured vest on top of a white-collar shirt. The shirt was unbuttoned around his neck and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. He had on a pair of khaki pants and they were rolled up to his ankles. He looked so handsome that I couldn't find my breath. In his hand was a bouquet of red roses.

I started running towards him. I couldn't believe that he was really standing there with his arms opened. I ran straight into his embrace and buried my face in his chest. He lifted my chin and kissed me gently on my lips.

"Are you ever going to stop running away from me?" Jacob asked playfully.

"I can't let you give up your tribe."

"I am not giving anything up. Once the elders realized that I would consider leaving to marry you. They are willing to turn a blind eye. I would prefer that they let us get married the traditional way inside the reservation, but this is a compromise I could live with."

"So we can get married but I am still not allowed on your land." I concluded.

"Give them some time, they will come around." Jacob said reassuringly.

"Guys? Are we getting married or what?" A voice called out to us.

I turned to look in the direction of the voice and I was surprised to see my family gathered on the beach. It was Alice's voice. She was hurrying us to walk over to them. She and Rosalie were both wearing red strapless dresses that matched the colour of my bouquet. My mom was standing beside Esme. They were both wearing red dresses with a deeper hue. My dad was wearing a beige suit with a white shirt underneath. And then I saw Carlisle. He was standing alone with a bible in his hands.

I bit my lower lip to stop myself from crying. I couldn't believe what was happening. It was truly like a dream coming true. I never thought my wedding dress would be a white, halter chiffon dress but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered as long as I can marry Jacob right here and right now.

Jacob handed me the bouquet and we walked hand in hand towards Carlisle. He looked at us with joy in his eyes. We stood face to face in front of Carlisle as he began reciting the marital vows. When it came time for us to say our 'I do's', I could barely reply without choking up tears. Jacob's reply was much clearer than mine. Carlisle proceeded to pronounce us as man and wife. Everyone cheered loudly as Jacob leaned in to kiss me firmly on my lips. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Just then I thought I heard some howling. I turned my head to look and I saw Seth and Quil standing beside my dad. I was glad that at least some of the pack members were here.

Carlisle congratulated us and then my parents came up to give us each a hug. The rest of my family came to hug us and congratulate us. Finally, Seth and Quil came up to us.

"Seth, I want to thank you for everything and I am sorry about Leah."

Seth shrugged his shoulders. "She lives in France now. She sounds happy."

Quil and Jacob exchanged a quick hug. I thanked Quil for coming.

"You should have seen the frantic look on Jacob's face when he read your note! Luckily your dad heard your thought about coming here. We flew here right away on Carlisle's private jet." Quil said to me.

"That was so cool!" Seth joined in.

"Guys, you are going to miss your flight if you don't leave soon." Alice announced to us.

"Where are we going?" I asked her.

"Your honeymoon, of course!" She said exasperatedly as she loaded a heavy looking luggage onto the speedboat. I looked at the plane tickets that she handed to me. It was for Paris!

"Thanks, Alice!" I said as I hugged her. I had always wanted to go to Paris.

Jacob took my hand and we boarded the speedboat. With a final wave to my family, I turned on the motor and we sped off into the open sea.


Sequel summary:

Against the tribe's order, Jacob married Renesmee and went to Paris for their honeymoon. Jacob was suddenly summoned back to the tribe for a crisis and Renesmee was left alone in a strange city. With Jacob away frequently, Renesmee made friends with a local vampire. Jacob must once again choose between his duty and his love…