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"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Nikki, happy birthday to you!" Harry sang as his best friend walked over to his desk, signalled for him to move and sat herself down on his chair.

"But it's not my birthday." Stated Nikki, confused.

"Well I know but Leo has decided to take us all out for drinks tonight as its Friday so I thought we should celebrate. What better excuse than your birthday!" He grinned, as if he had just come up with the most brilliant plan in the universe.

"You're insane."

"But you love me for it" Harry winked as a ball of screwed up paper hit his head. "Hey! What was that for? I even let you sit at my desk today"

Just then Leo shouted from his office, obviously being about to see the pair. "I know we are going out tonight but that doesn't give you an excuse not to work. If anything you should be working double as hard to pay me back"

Nikki giggled at the look Harry gave Leo once his back had turned. After regaining her composure, she attempted to turn the topic of conversation back to work and said, rather loudly so that her boss could hear: "So, have you found out any more about out latest John Doe?"

"Urmm... not sure yet but I think the cause of death was the blow to the head, but we'll have to wait for the tox results"

"Still not got a name for him?" She asked, and Harry shook his head.

"No but I have a feeling that DI Marson will want to drag this case out as long as possible. He fancies the pants off of you!"

Just as Nikki was about to throw a second paper ball in less than 10 minutes at Harry's head, they heard the phone ringing in Leo's office. Hoping for a new case to get them out of doing paperwork for the rest of the afternoon they rushed over to outside the door and attempted to act nonchalant whilst their boss took the call.

Leo walked out of the office, rolling his eyes at their childishness, and held a post-it note with details of the latest scene on up in the air and waved it about. When they eventually shut up he asked who wanted to take it, even though it was quite clear they were both absolutely desperate.

"Harry you can take this one." He said, after a lot of pleading from both of his younger co-workers. Nikki pouted and Harry stuck his tongue out at her. "Don't look at me like that!" The older man said in response to Nikki's best 'puppy-dog' look "You got the last one"

"Fine" she said as she stormed off back to the desk she was sitting at before, which (of course) was Harry's.

Leo returned to his office wondering how two people could get so excited over someone dying. Admittedly it was part of their job, which he knew they both (albeit rather secretly in Harry's case) enjoyed, but he was still a bit worried about their enthusiasm. Well, at least they were happy, he thought.