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'What? No, that couldn't happen. He couldn't get out of jail now. At this time.

"Callie?" Jim's voice broke her trans.

"He's out of jail, he wants me to pick him up." She said in disbelief.

"Well, then, I'll just go." Disappointment coating every word.

"No, Jim, wait."

"No, Callie, we both know what will happen. Ray will come home, Jeff will be happy. Which will make you happy. Pretty soon this whole thing will be something you want to forget but me, I'll never go to sleep at night without thinking how much I want you there next to me and Jeff in the room across the hall."

"You really love him?" She asked. "He's not just something that you used to get to me."

"Callie, I will use your friendship, even your invitations, but I will never use your son or family to get something I want." With that he took the shirt from her and left.

Later at the station he was in the morgue with Carlos talking about what happened. "So, my autopsies with Callie will probably be more awkward than ever." Carlos said, hopping to lighten the mood. But no such luck.

"Well, there's a dead person. Let's go." Jim said.

When the got to the crime scene it was across the street from Callie's house and that fact was not lost on Callie. Jim watched ray get out of the car followed by Jeff. Callie had gotten him out of camp early.

"Jim!" Yelled Jeff as he ran across the street.

"No, Jeff. Jim is working." Callie called but he ether didn't hear or didn't care.

"Dude, what's up." Jim and Jeff did that weird hand shake/fist pump thing over the yellow tape.

"Hey, your dad's back." Jim aid with as much enthusiasm as he could spare.

Then there where shots and both Callie and Ray where on the ground across the street.

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