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Jim was sitting there with a beer watching the three boys play in the pool when his phone rang. "Hello."

"Hey, so you having fun babysitting?" Callie's beautiful voice said.

"It's not babysitting. I'm just getting ready to order pizza."

"No, Kyle's mom, Rachel, will not let him eat junk food."

"I'm sorry you must have heard me wrong, I am getting ready to make fresh pizza with them." He corrected himself.

"Better. You know, Jeff really likes you."

"Yeah, he's fun."

"Jody stopped by again today and it made me think, you stuck by me even when I didn't chose you."

"I love you Callie, and nothing can change that, even though it could have ended better."

"I don't want to think of that as an end. Maybe it was a sign that we were supposed to be together."

"You have no idea how much I wanted you to say that." She said.

"Well I have to make pizzas for three children and you have to get ready to come home tomorrow."

"Yeah," she sighed.

"And Callie," he added.


"I love you."

"I love you, too."

She hung up and mentally wished him luck with those pizzas.

Jeff was in his room doing his homework and Jim was starring at the huge mess in his kitchen.

"Jeff, are you ready to go pick up your mom?"

When he say the kitchen he was shocked. "Did we make that mess?"

"Yep, but don't worry about it. I will clean it up after we get home."

"Don't you have to go to work?"

"No, got the rest of the weekend and next week off."

"Cool, let's go."

When they got there Callie was in street clothes with a nurse by her. "Mom!" Jeff yelled as he gave her a hug.

"I just need you to sign here and here." Said the nurse pointing to the places on the page.

He signed and ushered the two to his car.

This was his new beginning.

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