Written for #newficonmonday. This is inspired by my night last night and how crap I was. Hope people enjoy. It's just a bit of fluff for your monday! :D

Emily watched Gillian pout as the heavy black ball rolled to the left, avoiding every one of the white pins lined up.

"Just not your night, Foster. Move aside and let the master show you how it's done."

"Yes Sensei." She replied while rolling her eyes at him, something only Emily saw thankfully. She glanced back in time to watch as he bent forward, right leg sliding behind the left as he released the ball straight down the lane. Gillian released an exasperated sigh as, once more, each of the pins succumbed to another strike.

Bowling just wasn't for her.

Cal swaggered back to the table, a smug grin plastered across his face, and grasped his drink triumphantly in his hands. Emily merely smiled at him, already used to 17 years of his competitive nature. She wasn't as good at bowling as Cal but she certainly wasn't as bad as Gillian. At least she had managed to knock a few pins down, whereas Gillian's score still stood at 0.

"Don't look so glum, love, you'll get the hang of it pretty soon." That was it. Gillian was going to kill him. Emily recognised the look of pure venom on Gillian's face and decided to quickly intervene. Deciding to take pity on Gillian she threw the ball slightly to the left, watching it tumble into the gutter. A smile fluttered across Gillian's features in triumph.

"See? I'm not the only one that's bad at this."

"I'm gonna get a drink, anyone want anything?" When both adults shook their heads she turned on her heel, walking away from what was bound to be a fight soon as Gillian pouted and reached for the ball, grasping the heavy object in her hands.

"That ball is too heavy for you." Hearing her father's words she turned around. She was halfway between their lane and the vending machine but something about the way her father had spoken made her watch him carefully.

He sidled up beside Gillian, taking the ball from her and handing her a lighter one. Manoeuvring Gillian, he positioned her in the centre of the lane with him standing behind her. Their bodies were pressed together and Cal let his hand drift down her arm until it rested on the ball with hers.

Emily could no longer hear what they were saying, Cal was murmuring into Gillian's ear and Gillian seemed to be breathing a lot heavier than before Emily had left the table. With a simple grace, Cal eased her hand backwards and flung it towards the lane, bringing their bodies closer together.

Neither watched the ball as it rolled down the slippery lane towards the apprehensive pins at the end. Gillian head was turned to look over her shoulder, eyes locked with Cal, only inches from each other. Emily could practically see their breaths mingling.

A sudden crash brought them out of their reverie and both heads whipped around just in time to watch the last of the pins twirl and fall to the floor in defeat. The screen above their heads flashed strike as Gillian threw her arms around Cal's neck in triumph.

Emily grinned as she saw her father wrap his arms around the woman hugging him, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as he embraced her. The tension increased around them as they broke from the embrace, both looking around shyly and avoiding eye contact with each other.

Emily was still grinning as she joined them again. It had taken a couple of gutter balls but Gillian had finally gotten a strike.

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