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Time is mankind's greatest enemy.

Aaron Hotchner, a widowed, single father and an agent for the FBI. He was walking home from the grocery store only two blocks from his house. His son Jack, now a sixteen year old teenager was doing homework back in the apartment. He had a weekend off from work and planned to go a ball game the next day with his son. The others were also happy to have some time off from work. Yet since only about four years ago…things changed.

JJ left the office to work at the pentagon, so the team was pretty broken up over it. About a year after JJ left, Spencer started to act strange. Then out of nowhere, he found his letter of resignation on his desk and he was gone.

Garcia did everything she could to find some trace of Spencer but he was basically a ghost now.

Since Spencer was no longer an agent, according to Strauss, there was no need to track him down and waste time and effort to find him.

The team really started to fall apart after he left. So now they work together as always but outside of the office they were strangers now. Hotch tried to think of any reason why Spencer would leave the BAU and them as well, but he couldn't find any answers.

He was deep in thought as he walked home with a bag of groceries in his hand.

Suddenly he noticed a shadowy figure lurking around his apartment building. Hotch froze and put his hand on the gun he kept on himself.

The figure was tall and skinny, yet he didn't move.

"Are you lost" asked Hotch.

The figure looked at Hotch and he gasped, "…Reid…is that you" said Hotch, in complete shock that his old friend was standing right there after so many years.

Spencer looked at him but Hotch noticed there was something…different about him. His eyes…his eyes were blood red.

Spencer ran away as far as he could. Hotch tried to stop him but Spencer was faster than any person he had ever seen.

When Spencer stopped he was miles from the apartment and was in an abandoned building.

"You know better than to lurk around their homes Spencer."

Spencer looked up at the man who spoke, he too had red eyes.

"I now…but I miss them..."

"You know that once you did what you did, you can never go back…you signed for this and you can't change it."

Spencer nodded.

"We must go now…we will disappear again once the sun rises…we must find the others…"

Spencer nodded and they both left the building and vanished into the night.