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Hotch and Morgan sighed, Garcia found no records of Spencer at all. But it made no sense. Where did he live, he surely wasn't homeless after all he outran Hotch in a heartbeat so he must be healthy. Still they dreaded the thought of him living on the streets.

Garcia was still having a hard time getting over the fact that Spencer just got up and left. She still didn't understand it. Yet Hotch was still sure that he saw Spencer but…his eyes…why were they blood red?

No it must have been his imagination, people don't have red eyes.


Night finally fell and Spencer opened his eyes and stared at the night sky. When the wind picked up he couldn't feel the cold air on his cheeks or through his hair. He felt virtually nothing. He knew that it wouldn't be long until that morning came when he would not appear at sunset. That's what the group standing around him was waiting for. Their newest member to join the ranks.

Spencer sighed as he walked through the shadows next to the very person that made him this way. He called himself Bill and nothing else. The reason how and why he changed in the first place, he would never speak about. Yet he "helped" many but this was the price they paid.


Jack Hotchner, a fourteen year old high school student, was walking down the street, he has just left the library and was headed home to finish his paper and have dinner with his dad.

It wasn't too dark out yet but he had time to reach the house before nightfall hit. Jack walked down the lit street, while few people passed by him. However a man with an evil grin was watching him from a dark-blue van. He stayed and waited until Jack left the library.

The man got out of the truck and went into the back; he opened the doors and took out a few heavy boxes. As Jack walked by, the man purposely dropped the box.

"Oh darn this is heavy."

Jack stopped, "Do you need help Mister?"

The man looked up and gave a soft smile, "Oh that would be wonderful, I just need to move these three boxes onto the curb. They took out the two boxes but Jack noticed that the third was all the way back. When he tried to reach for it, the man pushed him in and locked the van doors. He looked around and saw that the street was deserted. The man quickly got into the van, he made a steel cage behind the front seats to prevent Jack from escaping through the front door.

The man started the van as Jack shouted for help but so no avail.

End Flashback

Spencer sighed at the horrid memories that led to the point of his…transformation…he began to wonder about his mom and if she was still thinking about him after so long. Secretly, he didn't want to fade away. He wanted to live and then die so he can join his loves ones in the afterlife, but without a soul he would simply cease to exist.