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Chapter 12: More Human

Everyone sat around anxiously looking at each other in silence. It was a s though they were all waiting for the next awful event to happen.

Ava and Michael sat in the back office; she looked over at him and moved closer to him. He rubbed her leg but continued to stare off into space,

' Will we be ok?' she said quietly

' I hope so…Ava I need you to do something for me…if Gabriel comes I'll need to hold him off…will you get Charlie and the baby away from here?'

' What about you though?'

' Don't worry about me…will you do that for me?'

' If it's what you want…Michael will I see you after this is over?'

' I suppose that depends on how this ends really…I hope so though'.

They stayed silent until they heard shouting from the roof and from outside,

' They're back, stay here Ava', she sat in the office but after a couple of minutes she couldn't take the tension. She stood up and walked out into the diner and stood with Charlie who looked panicked,

' Are you ok?' Ava said as Charlie winced

' Oh fuck! Ava I think the baby's coming' Ava gaped and her stomach twisted nervously. Both she and Charlie jumped at a noise behind them, Ava turned a saw a small boy and as soon as Charlie saw him she screamed,

' He was in the car outside Ava he's one of them!' the boy lunged at Ava and Charlie and they dodged him and ran behind the counter. Charlie crouched on the floor gripping her stomach as Ava looked around nervously trying to see where the little boy had gone.

They both screamed when the boy flew at them and was just as suddenly shot out of the way by jeep.

Ava sat beside Charlie and held her hand as she groaned, Michael was with them seconds later and soon he and Ava were helping Charlie deliver her baby.

Charlie cradled her newborn son in her arms and smiled at him, Ava couldn't help envying her as she saw how happy Charlie was.

She walked back to the office and wasn't alone for long. Michael came and stood behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body back so she was resting against him,

' It would be nice if we could just stay like this forever…' Ava murmured as he buried his face in the crook of her neck,

' Ava…being close to you has made me feel more human than I ever thought I could be and I have never felt true happiness like I do when I'm with you' he muttered in her ear as he kissed her cheek. Ava closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip,

' Michael…if I die do you think I'd go to heaven?'

' You would definitely go to heaven my angel' she smiled

' Why couldn't we have met years before all of this?'

' I think my wings would have put you off' he said kissing her cheek again

' Nothing could put me off you' he squeezed her tighter to him and sighed, enjoying the rare moment of peace.

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