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The Difference Between Us

Chapter 1


Making my way thought a late, dark and damp Seattle, I moved quick as I fought to keep my Nike backpack on my shoulder. The heavy weight of its contents slowing me down as I went.

My pacing against the ground was the only thing I could hear as I scurried through the streets, heading home after finishing work, late. Just before I had finished, there had been a small disaster of copious amounts of coffee beans being spilled all over the floor. It was ridiculous but so like me. I had rushed to get out a little early and in my doing so, had made myself even later out the door than normal after having to sweep deep under every counter, collecting them back up.

It was then I heard some one behind me.

Their footsteps was almost in synch with mine, with it, a nervous feeling hit the pit my stomach, at my empty environment. I began to walk faster, intent to get to a busier street, somewhere safe that had more light and hopefully some people.

I gripped on to the pepper spray in my pocket, ready in case they tried to grab hold or mug me.

Their footsteps picked up too and I began to feel unsettled at them possibly confronting me in the quiet, empty street. Could I spray them if they came up from behind me? I didn't feel too sure of that one.

A voice behind me called, it was friendly...knowing...male. "Isabella..?" I faltered in my stride at the calling of my name into the night air. But I still continued, worried of who he was.

I had walked this route so many times in the daylight but I had almost never attempted it at night. It was dangerous.

"Isabella." Much the same tone called to me once again and I slowed, as I looked over my shoulder to the person who appeared to know me.

He was tall and held a strong build. His eyes sparkled in the street light as it highlighted his long blond hair. He was dressed similar to me. Jeans and a zip through hooded top. His hood was down though, showing his face to me.

"Yeah, it is you. Isabella Swan..." He seemed sure that he knew me. "Right..?" He looked at me as if he had got the wrong person. He was waiting for me to clarify to him who I was.

I stopped completely and turned to face him, still a little suspicious. "Do I know you?" I asked honestly with a raised eyebrow. I couldn't think of who he was. The hood of my jacket slipped down and I fought with it to right it once again, to protect me from the weather.

The night was wet but it was still mild with summer time ending.

It was the end of August and despite the cooler, wet night, it had actually been pretty nice weather for the past couple of weeks but the rain had passed thought, soaking the city. Which wasn't too unusual being the wettest city in the continental US.

"Sorry..." He apologised. "I know Charlie. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm James." He smiled at me and I felt myself relax a little more.

"Ah, right." I shook off my stupidity and my suspicion. "Have we met?" I asked confused.

"In passing, a while back." He shrugged. I still couldn't think of who he was though and how he knew my dad. "Do you need a lift?" He asked politely as he gestured to the drizzle. "My car is only around the corner. I'm just heading home." He put his hands deep in his pocket, relaxing his shoulders and relaxing me a little with his easy nature.

"It's fine. I'm not to far from home." I rejected his offer knowing that I still actually had some distance to walk after missing my bus but I didn't want to get into a car with someone I didn't really know.

He laughed. "Really, it's no trouble. I know where you live. Up Clearwood drive, its pretty far to walk in a night like tonight." He knew my address. He must have known Charlie relatively well.

Before I could speak, he had put a hand up in his defence. "I'm sorry. This is really...shady. I come up to you up some dark street trying to get you into my car...I understand. I just know the chief would have me if her knew I passed you in the street and never offered you a ride back." He smiled a small smile at me and took a step back.

"Do you play poker with my dad?" He knew where I lived, surly he had been to my house but I still tested him to see just how well her knew Charlie or if he was just simply trying his luck.

Charlie never played poker – he was terrible at card games and refused to play me.

If he had said yes, I was backing away from him sharply.

"Your old man plays cards? I never knew that." He laughed a little as if he knew I was testing him. "Na, I know him from some fishing trips. I know the Blacks, too." He shrugged.

I let out the air I never realized I was holding; as it clicked that he must have been a friend of Jakes.

My smile widened at my own stupidity and delusion that the streets of Seattle weren't safe. Growing up with Charlie, he had always put suspicion in my mind that everyone was a danger to me. It was all I heard and now I was beginning to grow as irrational as Charlie.

"I saw your picture from graduation." His smile mirrored mine as I turned red. "You looked beautiful. Your dad was so proud. He couldn't help but tell everyone."

I cringed at Charlie going around with pictures of me, he always seemed to be doing it. I never quite understood it. Surely, everyone was bored of me by now.

I had graduated a couple of months ago from college; and at the ceremony, Charlie had been constant in snapping away on his camera.

Charlie has never really understood technology. He could hardly turn on the flat screen. But that camera...

"He showed you that?" I asked completely embarrassed and a couple of octaves higher than I had intended.

He only laughed at my tone. "Yeah." He grinned at me and I felt my face burn even more. Why did I have to have Charlie as a father? I was sure he was only created to humiliate me.

A moment passed between us before he spoke once again. "I'm sorry to push you, but I need to be getting to bed, I have work early in the morning...But that ride still stands..." He walked a step in my direction and I felt like it was okay. That he knew my dad well enough for me to be safe. And honestly, I was liking the smile that played on his lips.

"Thanks, I'll take you up on that offer after all." I nodded with certainty. "I like to walk but this rain is doing nothing for me." I placed my hand out in the air, letting the misty drizzle dampen my palm.

He laughed as he jutted his head in the direction of another little street. "Me either. I think I need to move to a sunnier climate." he agreed.

I followed him instantly and I relaxed as I saw the lights to his car flash before he rounded to the drivers side of the car.

I looked down in astonishment. It was a black four door Bentley GT. I knew little about cars, other than what Jake had taught me, but this was something. I knew this car and I knew its price tag was anything but small.

"This is your car?" I asked amazed. "Where do you work?" I asked automatically and a little rudely. I was just shocked. It was a beautiful car. Exquisite.

He laughed at me and shook his head, showing no offence to my question. "DEA with the SPD." He shrugged so nonchalantly.

"And this is the car you buy?" I asked rhetorically.

"Na, part of the job. We had a job the that finished up the other day. I just haven't handed the keys back in yet."

I smiled. "And I bet you wish you didn't have too?" I asked with a small giggle.

"Damn right." He agreed with a wide grin as he looked back to the car as if he really did adore it.

I pulled down my hood, as I walked to the other side of the car, intend to get into the nice dry passengers seat. I was desperate to feel the leather and relax into it.

As I stepped to the side of the car I glanced over and saw James giving me a smile as he opened the door and got into the drivers seat without a word.

What I didn't see was the hand that came from behind and covered my mouth.

I felt myself being pressed up against a solid chest. The tips of my chucks were dragging the pavement as I was pulled a little ways from the car.

My heart raced. Panic built.

Where was James?

Why wasn't he stopping this?

Someone was out to get me.

My backpack fell to the ground and I wriggled in the strong grasp as he pulled me round to face him, his hand still secure over my mouth as he pushed my back against the car.

I couldn't escape him.

I tired.

Tears formed in my eyes, desperate to make their escape.

The figure was tall and muscular, more muscular than James was.

His face was cloaked in darkness with the hooded jacket he wore, again similar to mine.

A needle was pulled up to his face and I could make out the skin of my attacker. He was black.

The little light in the street highlighted the bottom of his face, his mouth. His lips were dark and full but his perfect white teeth drew in my attention as he used them to help pull the cover off of a needle.

He held it there, never dropping it and from there, I followed the tip of the insecure needle in his hand.

It seemed slow and for some reason I never tried to fight.

I knew I was gone.

No one was here.

No one could help me.

I thought I had been wise to take a lift from James. Now I was beginning to see how very wrong that choice was.

From what I could tell he was still in the car. The beautiful car that I had thought would have made Jake jealous.

James had never intended to give me a ride home, he was taking me somewhere else. Somewhere that I wasn't safe, that wasn't home.

The needle had made it to my arm and my attacker easily pushed the sharp metal through the material of the thin jacket I wore.

I watched him empty the needle, mesmerised at how I had been foolish enough to be tricked.

There was not even an attempt to fight him with the pepper spray. It sat deep in my pocket and not in my hand.

I thought I was safe.

I was in awe of his smile and the Bentley.

I was stupid.

The substance was placed into the muscle at the top of my arm and slowly I felt it pass through me. My skin warmed and my mind clouded over.

I could hardly focus on what was in front of me.

He released my lips from his palm but I was unable to call out.

My knees weakened and he grabbed at my waist, drawing me into him. I could smell him, the strong whiff of testosterone. No aftershave, just him. His strong pheromones, repulsing me.

I was still awake as he pulled me back form the car a little before he opened the nearest back door of the car. I felt my body being thrown in across the back, leather seat, my face bouncing off of the cold material.

Rolling me around I felt him run his hands up my thighs. I panicked of what he could do to me, that I was completely unable to fight him off of me.

Suddenly a voice snapped. "The boss said we weren't to touch her." It was James.

Who was the boss?

Who were they?

My attacker sighed. "Yes, but when we can, I am first in line." His accent was foreign, French perhaps.

I felt like I was choking with panic.

What would they do to me?

His hands still sat high on my thighs, his fingers kneading my jean clad flesh.

Suddenly he was gone and a little light shone through the opened door. He had pulled away sharply.

Where did he go? Not that I cared.

There was some commotion, scuffs off shoes on the tarmac of the street. Some deep groans too.

I heard the faint sound of weight fall to the ground before I felt a tug on my legs once again.

My clothing bunched up behind my back as I was dragged from the car. I could feel the cold damp air on my exposed skin as the man fought to get a better hold on me.

Even though I was unable to hold myself upright, I could see my attacker. His hood was still covering his face.

My head rolled back and as I tried to focus on him, I saw his face but it wasn't bare any more. It was covered.

I was unable to see his lips like I had. All it was, was black. Shadows...

I could see nothing of him at all.

It scared me.

It was as if I was being captured by the grim reaper.

I heard more shuffling, the arms that gripped me stumbled and I fell out from his clutch.

Smacking my head off the ground I did all I could to focus on what was happening.

The bash I took disorientated me and I could see two of my attacker.

Screwing my eyes shut, I tried to focus once again struggling to fight the drug I had been given.

But I was already focused.

These were two separate men. My attacker and another.

James was quick to join in, but not before the new person had struck down his opponent.

The hood of my attacker fell and I could see his black skin and long braids. The braids lay sprawled across the ground and he was as useless as I was. He was unconscious.

James squared up to the other and my clouded state got worse. My eyes fluttered shut and there was nothing that I could do to will them to open for me once again.

The scuffles of the two men carried on as they blurred out, my world turning to a silent Black.

I tried to fight my numb state as my ears began to try to tune in on the voices in the background.

Where was I?

Who had me?

The realization of what had happened came flooding back to me, so I stopped my attempts and stayed still. Not that it was hard, my limbs were like concrete. I had been given something strong and I was sure it would take a while yet before it was out of my system.

"We need to call some one." I heard a female hiss in a low tone. She was so quiet it was almost impossible to make her out, but I had heard her.

"We can't. He said not too, that he was dealing with it." A man's voice called this time, and a little louder, too.

"Dealing with it?" She yelped in response. "Does this look like he's dealing with it? What did they give her?"

"I don't know." He snapped back, exasperated. "Just trust him." He argued.

"I don't trust him. That's the thing. He's scum." She spat back.

Fear peaked in me at her obvious distaste for the man that they were talking about. It sounded like she had been dragged into whatever this was.

"Just stop." He told her firmly. "You don't need to be here. You don't need to be involved if you don't want too."

"Yes, I do." She growled, her voice climbing. "I'm not letting him near her. You involved me and now I'm going to make sure she's okay. I'm not leaving her in a house full of men. She will be petrified." She growled at him.

But I already was petrified. Was she that concerned of there possible actions towards me?

I knew I had to learn my fate. I couldn't just lay there, not knowing.

I fought to move, to open my eyes.

My hand moved along the soft material below it and I heard the girl gasp at it.

"She's wakening up. Do something." She ordered.

"Like what?" He snapped at her. "She needs to come too. Don't crowd her, Alice."


The name meant nothing to me. I couldn't place it all. I knew no one of that name.

There was a gentle rub on my forearm and her voice twinkled in my ear. "Don't panic. You're alright." She assured me but it did nothing for my mental composure.

"Don't touch her. Give her space." He ordered again with a groan.

"Piss off Jasper. I'm trying to keep her calm. I thought you were the doctor..." She sighed impatiently.

"I am. She will be frightened-"

She interrupted him, quite clearly annoyed. "And I'm just trying to sooth her."

"You're impossible." He argued with her.

"I thought that's why you loved me?" She asked with a little humour to her voice, her tone softening.

Were they partners? Together?

A sigh came from him. "I just hope he knows what he's doing."

There was a hand at my wrist, cold dry fingers caressed the skin on the inside. "Her pulse is strong. She will be fine, she'll feel a little hungover, but fine." He told her.

I relaxed a little with the comfort that there was no damage to me from what they had injected.

The girls hand still lay on my forearm and she stroked it, seeming to try and offer some form of relief.

I had to fight the dark. I needed to see where I was. Opening my eyes, I squinted at the bright light shining through the window.

The girl, Alice, jumped in my view, blocking the daylight a little. "Are you okay?" She asked a little worriedly. Her hair was almost black, short and spiky, she had a warm smile on her face and I eased a little, feeling that someone here appeared to be on my side.

I never answered her, instead I tried to lift myself up, to which a blond guy came rushing at me, pinning me back down.

I gasped at his contact, his forceful ways...

"Shit, sorry." He apologised with a crease to his forehead. "I was just trying to check you over. I'm a doctor. I wont hurt you. I'm just trying to see that you are okay." His words were slow and clear, he obviously was a little concerned that I wasn't taking all of this in.

I nodded, accepting the help that I didn't know if I could refuse.

Who was he to answer to if something happened to me?

"Alice, get her some water." He ordered with a little firmness to her tone.

I worried that we would be left together and of what he was capable of. I was still weak, he could have done anything to me.

Relief swept through me when I saw the girl bounce to the side of the room and beginning to pour from a large crystal jug.

I heard the ice plop into the water of the glass and I was grateful it was cool and that it seemed fresh.

She stood off to the side as the boy, Jasper, tried to help me sit up a little. "I'm just helping you take a drink." He warned me as he carefully placed his hand on my shoulders, gently guiding me up off of the bed I had found myself in.

Looking around the room it was beautiful.

It was a light dove grey with an accent wall of a deep teal colour. Modern and fresh, masculine but still feminine at the same time.

There wasn't any lacking on amenities either. There was a wall of shelves, filled to capacity with all manner of books. It was an impressive collection.

On another wall, hung a sleek Bose CD player in a shiny black casing, a collection of music balanced on racks, standing up off the floor, there was four of them, each containing about fifty discs each.

My eyes landed on what I was lying on. A large bed covered in a champagne coloured sheets. They looked to be made of rich satin.

A beautiful collection of furniture in dark wood filled the room in drawers, side tables and a desk. It was thick heavy wood. Expensive.

It reminded me of the expensive car, the Bentley. Had it brought me here?

The glass touched my lips and I jumped back in fright, not realizing what was happening. My brain was trying to comprehend what had happened to me.

With great struggle I helped hold the glass, along with the man's hand, sipping it.

He smiled down at me, as if I had just managed some great feat. The girl only tried to get closer as she placed the back of her hand across my forehead, assessing my temperature, I think.

"You've cooled down." She told me with a smile.

I looked at her wide eyed, wondering how she could appear to be so normal when I had been kidnapped.

Was she psychotic?

I didn't know where I was or who these people were or what they even wanted with me. I had to ask, to hope that they would give me something. An ounce of truth.

"I found my voice. "Wh..Where am I?" I asked so quietly, I was sure I would have to ask again.

"Don't worry, you're safe." The girl crashed to her knees at the side of my bed and reached for my hand as if to reassure me once more. She did seem awfully keen to show that I was in no danger. But I had heard her talk of another man, who might not be as caring as she was.

The man only looked on before he began to speak. "We won't hurt you." He promised in that slow articulated voice that he had used earlier. "Our friend, he saw what was happening. He helped you." He smiled down at me but I didn't know if I should believe him.

Surely, if he had helped me, he would have taken me to a hospital to be checked over. I had been drugged. There was no doubt about it.

I remembered the needle going it my arm.

It was then I realized the small dull pain at the top of my arm. The muscle was sore.

My hand went to it, gently rubbing the spot.

"We don't know what they gave you, but you're okay. It was to keep you from trying to put up a fight." His gentle voice told me.

I remembered that. I tried to fight a little but then I felt defeat. Once I saw the needle, I knew I wasn't going to get away.

My backpack.

Where was my backpack? I had dropped it.

I hoped it had been left where it had fell so someone could begin to try and find me.

I looked around, checking if it was in the room with me. "My backpack..." I mumbled to myself as I pulled myself to the side of the bed to look for it.

A rush of tingles swept up my neck and up the back of my throat and to my face. Dizziness plagued me and I swayed, my arm buckling from under me.

The blond reached for me, his hand ghosting my face.

Bouncing on my side onto the mattress I felt sick. My gut swirled. I began to retch and instantly the girl had a trash can in front of me, letting me heave the little contents of my stomach.

The girl pulled my hair back as the guys hands gently rubbed at my neck and back. His touch was soft and gentle and I felt my stomach relax.

"Easy." He told me off gently. "You need to take it slowly. No sudden moments."

"Or what?" I asked feeling a little threatened by his words. My watery eyes looked up from him as I looked up from my crouch forward position.

"What?" He asked confused before realizing his words. "No. I told you. We won't hurt you." He promised once again, but it was falling on to deaf ears. I knew nothing of these people. Why should I trust them?

He began again. "Edward has your backpack. You'll get it back later."

"Why?" I snapped at him as I tried to sit back up on my heels to face him.

He sat at the edge of the bed and he looked like he was in more discomfort than I was. How was that possible? He held me captured.

He sighed, gaining his composure. "He was looking for your details. He needed to know if you were on any medication, or any important information."

"Why?" I snapped again. "I thought you were the doctor?"

He shuffled in his spot, seeming to struggle with the same question I gave him.

He wasn't part of this. He wasn't some thug. Someone had dragged the two of them into it. The question was who was that and where was he?

The girl moved to sit beside me on the bed, her hand released my hair and took my hand gently in hers. "Someone came at you. " She was slow with her words, trying to make me understand, so I listened. "We don't know who. Our...friend..." She seemed to struggle with that word and I couldn't help notice the venom that laced it. "...he saw it. He saw what they did to you. He brought you here to keep you safe. He's a doctor, too." She informed me.

I suddenly began to feel worried about who had tried to take me. What had they wanted with me?

"Who were they?" I asked as the first tear made its way from my eyes.

Who knew I was here? Did anybody even notice I was gone?

My dad must have been worried. It was daylight and I hadn't been home.

Was he looking for me?

"We don't know who. We don't know anything." She motioned between herself and the boy, implying that they were in the dark as much as I was.

Air stuttered in my lungs. "Who is the other man? Who...helped me?" the word 'helped' match the tone of Alice when she had used the word 'friend'. It seemed both words were being used very loosely right now.

"Edward. It was he who brought you here." She told me with a small smile. "He's a prick, but he seemed intent on keeping you here." She told me a little rushed.

"Alice." Jasper snapped at her. She had obviously said too much.

"What? She deserves to know. I'm not lying to the poor girl. He's up to something and I need to know." Her eyes narrowed at him. She was furious.

"He won't hurt you." She quickly told me once again. "None of us will. But I just don't know what's going on. I'm in the dark as much as you. But something must be worrying him, to keep you here."

"Do you know Edward?" She asked intently, desperate for me to confirm a connection.

"I...I don't know any Edwards." I couldn't think at all.

I thought through the names of Jakes friends.

"James?" I put out there. I wasn't even sure if I knew what I was saying. But did they know him?

"Who is he?" The blond asked sharply.

"I thought..." I sighed at my idiocy. "I thought he was a friend of my dads or Jake-"

"Who's he?" he quickly asked.

I shrugged. "My best friend." I felt so jaded it was unbelievable.

A silent moment passed before he pressed me again. "James..? Was he the one that drugged you?"

I shook my head. "No. But he was part of it...I think." I had no idea what had really happened. Did someone go for James.

"Wait." I shouted, understanding it all. "He's in DEA. He said that he just finished a job. Do you think someone was after him and I got caught up in it?" I looked between the two for an answer. For someone to tell me I had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"What's the DEA?" Alice asked confused.

"Drug Enforcement Agency." Jasper told her blankly.

"Drugs?" She shrieked. "Someone did that for drugs?"

"Alice, its a lot of money for those guys to loose. They'll be wanting it back." He seemed like he was stressed. He was struggling like I was, to put the pieces together.

"So, someone called James is with the DEA. What did he look like?" He focused on me, paying strict attention.

"Tall, long blond hair...Like really long." He did seem to stand out a little.

Jasper nodded thinking. "And what were you doing with him?" He asked.

"He said he knew my dad. That they went fishing together. He was giving me a ride home." The words left my mouth is desperate gasps. "You don't think that they did something to him do you?" My mind raced constantly, trying to solve the mystery and to figure out who James was.

The room was silent as I tried to think. "Wait. James, he was fighting with someone..." I didn't know who had taken me out the car. I remembered James, my attacker and the other hooded man. But I hadn't saw his face. I had no recollection of him. "Also, James had been talking to the guy that drugged me. I was passing out, but I heard them." I had tiny flashes of sound in my ears, of him warning the other to keep his hands off of me.

"Who's Edward?" I snapped, infuriated that I was being held by innocents. " I need to talk to him. What the hell happened?" I demanded furiously. I wasn't being kept in the dark any longer, not when they said I could trust them.

"I need to know, now." I wasn't staying here a moment longer if they were still claiming to be helping me.

The blond looked down at me, shaking his head. "No, you have to stay in here."

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