The late bell had just rung as I walked into my Earth Science classroom. It was the first day of school, new teacher, old classroom, same beautiful faces of the girls, and same eyes of the guys always staring at my oversized breasts. I rolled my eyes at their peverted-ness. One face caught my eye, the face I could pick out of a crowd anywhere at any time, no matter how drunk, high, sleepy, or pissed as I was. Niki Ryan. Her face was turned away from me, talking to her friend, Grace Frankerich. Okay well if you haven't figured it out, I like girls. I guess I like guys too, just not the 'I wanna spend the rest of my life with you' kinda way, more the 'Okay I got what I wanted from you, get out'. I haven't actually lost my virginity yet, I've just done stuff.

Let's clear up right here, I am not a whore. I don't give blow jobs to every single guy I can get my hands on. No fucking way. I could if I wanted to, some guys like the way I look, or like me. I am not ugly or fat, I am average size, maybe a little underweight, and I wouldn't say I was gorgeous like some of the girls said I was. Especially Niki, she was always telling me how pretty I looked or how she liked something I was wearing. I swear my heart skipped a beat every time, but I would say I was pretty or normal.

I looked at her, she was so beautiful, her curly blonde hair fell perfectly right before her chest, her eyes blue-green eyes sparkled in the light, her pink lips lifted up to a smile that led to her adorable dimples and her beauty mark on her upper right lip. I blushed as I looked away and the teacher walked into the classroom.

"Okay guys! Time to shut up and get to today's subject" she said to us. I could already tell me and this teacher would get along just fine. "My name is Mrs. Ferreal, as you know cause not everyone in this classroom is stupid" she gave us a look "so let's go over the guidelines of this class" she was pretty, looked about 25ish, tall, long straight ginger hair. Her tummy swelled out, she was defiantly pregnant, looked like 5 to 7 months. I am an expert on that shit, I love babies, and I can't wait until I'm pregnant. I won't be for awhile though hopefully, I'm only 14, I just had a birthday 2 weeks ago.

I zoned back into her teacher babble; "also, at about the beginning of the second marking period you will have a substitute until the beginning of the fourth marking period, because I am obviously pregnant, 6 months, it's a girl. Her name is going to be Kaitee Dawn, we can get into it later if you'd like, but right now I wanna hear your names, starting with you" she said pointing at the girl 2 seats away from me. She was new, had to be, we lived in a small town where everything was in walking distance and everyone knew everyone.

"Tyler Simpson" she said. Interesting name for a girl, then Mrs. Ferreal moved her hand to Micki Carson, who was next to me and my very best friend since second grade when she moved here. She said her name and then the teacher pointed to me

"Alejandra Zile" I said and she moved on. I zoned out the rest, I knew everyone else and nothing good ever happens on the first day aside from meeting new people. It was basically that, and talking to Micki the rest of the period.

Finally, the last bell rang for the end of the day. I picked up my backpack and flew straight up to English Honors to get Micki, as usual like almost every day we were hanging out. I had some major news to give her, we were invited to the party that some rich 8th grader throws where we go to, dance, get drunk, some have sex, others make out on a chair. This year it was Tanya Kazer throwing it, she was defiantly a rich bitch, her and I have socialized a few times, but we're not in the same cliques at all. She was more in the girls who had sex every night, preppy, and rich group, while I was in the hippie, no violence, peace, good grades, loves everyone group. Just looking at me you could tell I was a hippie, my reddish, never been dyed hair came down to my thighs, tye-dye, Bob Marley, and peace shirts were a constant in my wardrobe, I always had a peace sign on the palm of my hands, I have tripped on shrooms, acid, and X countless times, gotten high almost every night and I get drunk on occasions.

I got to the English room and told Mick about the party, she was excited, of course, but we forgot about the subject quickly and started talking about our days, who we saw that was hot, who was nice, who got nice, got bitchy, still bitchy, totally different looks, style, new kids and everything. Then HE walked by, the hottest guy in my grade, closest guy friend, and the one I planned to lose it to, we almost did once, but didn't have a condom. So we didn't. We checked each other out, he pointed to his phone, meaning call me, later. I laughed and looked away.

Micki hit me

"Do you know how lucky you are?" she exclaimed

"Yeah, I do" I replied. I defiantly did too.