HEYY! DarkeFlame here. I'm reading Tolkien's LOTR. All the names for the one person are getting on my nerves. So I'm venting with this extremely short and funny ficlet. Try to read through the whole name please, it took forever to find the random-name generator, which I don't own, along with the Lord of the Rings or anything related to it. I don't even own the book. I'm borrowing it from a friend. But I'm only a few chapters away! There is hope I will finish it yet!

"Hello. My name is Blahblah. I am king of Blahland, in the region of Blah, son of Blah, grandson of Blahblah jr., sire of Blah, and grandsire of Blahblahbla. I also have the name Sir Nonsensical, Blarg, Quertonia, ALkhjewioh, Horsa Nicolás, Kweku Oliver Sophronius, Alfred Neptunus Aias Pekko, and Foster Devaraja Dàibhidh Marius Swithin Plato Atallah Marcel Pieter Reginald Hardman Primo Gürsel Dragoslav Gabriel Herakleides Ekkehardt Halldór Purnoma Iosif Patrice Antton Huguo Ignác Hayato Ayumu Haruto Kaoru Lugaid Hotaka Myrddin Taranis Kiku Osamu Shin Izumi Fat Rock Method-D Puff-P DJ Ice Moonshinesower Cowsower Barleygreaser Pickupgreaser Bluestreak Ramhorn Grimlock Overdrive Burlappusher Bubba Jeb Junior Dementia Lucretia FeralBat Lestat Soulspirit Leaf Sunny Lovespirit Xoán Rodrigo Lino Iria Rhamantus Geraint Drystan Mari Paaie Voirrey Pherick Pickle Juan. How may I help with you on your quest to Randomville?"

"Uhh…what?" Frodo said, confused, seeing as this was how everyone else in the entire 1000+ page book had introduced themselves this way.

Sam whispered in his ear. "Just go with it, Master Frodo. After some of the other kings we have met, the long, confusing, and pointless names just blur together. The only thing shocking is they can remember them themselves."

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