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They hadn't been friends long when Kurt fell for him. He didn't mean to fall in love with the jock. He really didn't mean to. He didn't want to. Not after his crush on Finn. That had hurt enough. But this time, it was real 'I'd die for you' love and he was in constant pain. Since the jock was a womanizer and loved to share his sexual experiences with Kurt, he would have to sit there and listen and pretend to be happy for him when every little detail was another blow. Yes, Kurt loved Noah Puckerman. And it was killing him.

Puck flopped onto Kurt's bed one day after glee and work and groaned out loud. Kurt sat down next to him and looked down at his face curiously. "I'm going through serious withdrawal, babe," he complained. Kurt felt a pain in his gut, knowing the affectionate term meant nothing. Puck called everyone babe. "I haven't had sex in nearly a month. That combined with stress sucks ass. I'm tense. I can't sleep. I can't make myself come. What the hell is wrong with me?"

Kurt patted his arm soothingly and Puck rolled to rest his head in the smaller boy's lap. "I'm sorry. Wish I could help." Puck sighed and thanked him softly. "What happened to Mrs. Lane? You said she sounded horny on the phone."

"Her husband was home," Puck grumbled. "He was at least a half foot taller and much broader, even though he was old. I wasn't going to take the risk. I'm runnin' on an hour of sleep I grabbed in math, Kurt." Kurt stroked his little bit of hair comfortingly. "I'm sorry. I'm complaining when you've never –"

"Even kissed a guy? Thanks for reminding me. And actually, I can't complain because I'm a virgin. I'm not used to getting release whenever I want it with someone. You're fine to complain, I promise," Kurt cut in gently. Puck sat up and kissed Kurt's forehead in thanks. He suddenly felt like he'd just been stabbed in the heart with a needle. He smiled slightly and patted Puck's cheek. "Pizza?"

"I'll order, you find a movie," Puck replied eagerly, jumping up to retrieve his cell phone from the floor next to his shoes.

A few seconds later, Kurt realized something he kind of wished he hadn't. If Puck needed release that desperately, he could give it to him and, at the same time, be allowed one night of being with him intimately. One blissful night that would probably hurt like hell the next day but worth it at the time. He decided to go for it.

They ate and relaxed settled in to watch Hancock. It was what Puck wanted and Kurt was too nervous to argue. Puck lay in the center of the bed with one hand over his head and the other draped across the pillow next to him for Kurt to rest on. When Puck had used the restroom after eating, Kurt had removed the handcuffs Santana had given him for his birthday from under his bed and he was trying not to fiddle with them. Half way through the movie, Kurt sat up and looked at his friend, chewing his lip anxiously. "Put your hands over your head," he requested gently. Puck frowned but did as told trustingly. Kurt lunged and, before the jock knew what was happening, his hands were linked together around one of the bars on the headboard.

"Kurt! What the hell? Why do you even have there?" Puck cried, struggling against them.

"Just hold on, okay? Don't freak out! It's to keep you from hitting me!" Kurt told him, fidgeting fretfully. Puck froze out of curiosity alone. "I…I h-h-have a-an offer to m-make."

Yeah, that sounded sexy, Kurt, he thought bitterly. Puck frowned but nodded. "You n-need release, right? It's driving you insane." Puck nodded again. "Well, I could, um, you know. Help."

"Have you completely lost it?" Puck hissed, beginning to struggle again. "I'm not gay, Hummel!"

"I know!" Kurt cried. "But I have scarves! You can where one as a blindfold and pretend I'm a girl! Anyone you want! It'd only be a blowjob, I swear!" He backed away to let his friend think and Puck shifted uncomfortably with a thoughtful expression on his face. "If you don't want to, I'll let you go and we can pretend I never said anything."

Puck scoffed. "Yeah, that'll be easy to do," he muttered before swearing and testing the cuffs out. "You'll undo these?"

"When you've come, if you agree," Kurt muttered. "If you don't, I'll undo them now." He couldn't even look Puck in the eyes.

"Better pick a scarf then," Puck said with a nod. "Don't be ashamed if you can't make me come. I think I'm broken." Kurt chuckled awkwardly and jumped off the bed. Puck watched him try to walk calmly to his closest and remove a scarf from the hatbox he kept them in. He took a deep breath and walked over to the bed again. "You sure about this?"

Kurt nodded and Puck sat forward the best he could so the black silk scarf could be tied over his eyes. "I won't talk," Kurt promised.

Puck nodded. Kurt found himself fighting back sad tears despite his eagerness as he unbuttoned Puck's shirt and began to kiss Puck's neck and chest down towards his stomach. He learned every spot that pleased the jock because he knew he would never get another chance. Puck didn't say anything, just moaned and groaned and shivered. When Kurt sucked on his nipple ring a bit, however, he uttered a soft, "Oh, shit," and a low groan. Finally, Kurt took the big step and began to undo Puck's belt. He rubbed the bigger man through his jeans as he did so and received several moans for his trouble. Puck began to breathe heaver, little pants coming out of his mouth.

Kurt removed his pants – he wasn't wearing underwear – and took off his socks because he wasn't attracted to the idea of Puck wearing nothing but those mix-matched socks, for some reason. When he delivered the first lick to Puck's large erection, Puck spoke. "Damn," he gasped, arching off the bed. "What? No kiss?" Kurt mistakenly kissed Puck's tip but the larger man laughed and shook his head. "My lips," he demanded.

Kurt suddenly felt very joyful. He got to kiss Puck! He crawled up Puck's body and gently kissed him. Puck struggled against his binds as he kissed Kurt back passionately. Kurt resisted the urge to order him to stop and just touched his forearms to get the point across sadly. He had promised not to talk, after all, and it would definitely ruin whatever Puck was picturing. Puck's jaw clenched and he forced himself to stop moving.

Kurt returned his attention to Puck's rock hard member. He stroked and licked before finally sucking on the head. Pre-cum leaked from the tip. Kurt licked all of it up then slowly took the entire thing into his mouth. Puck arched off the bed. "Shit, baby," he gasped.

Kurt grinned then returned his mouth to Puck's cock. He took it back into his mouth and fondled his balls as he began to suck. Puck shuddered and moaned his pleasure enthusiastically. Kurt's pants grew so tight they were painful. He reached up and toyed with Puck's nipple ring gently as he sucked as hard as he could on the hard, leaking member he decided he really liked the taste of. Puck came in his mouth after that hard suck and Kurt milked him for more. He decided he kind of liked the taste. Then he sat up and watched Puck pant and relax in the aftermath of his orgasm. After a while, Puck jiggled the handcuffs to indicate he wanted to be let go. Kurt crawled up to unlock the cuffs then ran into the bathroom to hide from him, a little bit ashamed of how he had manipulated the situation to get what he wanted from Puck. A moment to feel like he had the right to touch Puck.

He heard clothing rustling then there was a knock on the bathroom door. "You okay?" he heard Puck call. "You wanna talk?"

"No. I just need some time alone," Kurt replied softly. He heard Puck groan and sit against the door. "Alone, Puck."

"What happened to Noah?" Puck asked. "Look, baby, let's just talk about it. I can make it better. Did you get turned on? Is that it? Kurt, that's normal. You're a gay, red-blooded male. You don't have to hide from me." Kurt drew his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them.

"Just go away," Kurt pleaded desperately. He heard Puck sigh.

"What's wrong, Kurt? We can't fix it if you don't talk." Kurt looked down at the tiled bathroom floor and sighed. With a steadying breath and all the courage he could muster, he stood up and opened the door. Puck stood up and reached out to cup his face. "Talk to me."

"I just got at a little freaked out," Kurt said with a shrug. "I've never done anything like that before." Puck nodded and pulled him close. Kurt, however, pushed him away. "Just out of curiosity, who were you picturing?"

"I said their name when I came," Puck muttered, suddenly looking awkward.

Kurt thought back but couldn't remember. He was so focused on what he was doing he hadn't been listening. "I didn't hear. I was busy."

Puck chuckled. "I remember," he said, leaning against the wall. "You've got one amazing mouth, Kurtie. Very talented." Kurt blushed and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "All right then." Puck leaned forward and grabbed Kurt's hand. He gave him a hard yank so he ended up with his back pressed to Puck's front. "Let's get rid of that boner of yours. Hold still or it'll be you cuffed to the bed with those ridicules fuzzy things."

Kurt chuckled awkwardly. "Santana thought they were funny. She gave 'em to me as a joke. I don't know why she picked pink though. Pink hardly goes with anything. Ah!" Puck rubbed Kurt's groin gently and Kurt bucked against him uncontrollable. "Tell me who you thought of. I'm dying to know."

"After you come," Puck promised. He unzipped Kurt's pants and Kurt unbuttoned them for him. "Eager?" Kurt nodded. "Good. I'll be good to you, I promise." He reached inside the smaller boys pants and extracted his hard member carefully. "You're big for such a little boy."

"Can we not do this?" Kurt pleaded fearfully. Puck grasped the bottom of Kurt's staff and began to pump him. "Ah," he gasped in pleasure, leaning back against the bigger man. "Noah."

"That's it, baby. Give yourself to me," Puck urged. "Come for me." He pumped him harder and faster until, finally, Kurt's back arched and he released himself onto Puck's hand with a cry of, "Fuck, Noah!" Puck supported him as he worked him through the orgasm. "That's it, babe. Feels good, right?"

"So very good," Kurt agreed. He felt boneless and sated. Puck lifted him up and placed him in a chair. "Thanks."

"Ha! You're thanking me?" Puck said, obviously very amused. "I should be thanking you. Baby, you could make millions with that mouth." Kurt blushed and shook his head modestly. "Could too. I'm gonna get something to drink. Want anything?"

"Soda. I can still taste you in my mouth." Puck apologized but Kurt waved in dismissal. Then Puck headed upstairs. Kurt ran to him and grabbed his shirt. "Can I wear your jacket?"

"Of course, baby. Anything you want," Puck told him happily, stroking his cheek gently. "Why don't you pick another movie?" Then he headed upstairs.

They settled in to watch another movie before Puck had to go home and Puck set Kurt in his lap to hold him. Kurt snuggled into the warmth of the jock's letterman jacket and smiled at how large it was on him. Puck zipped him into it and kissed the back of his head. All in all, there was no awkwardness, which made Kurt happy. But he wanted to test the waters a bit more. "You know, if you're every in need, I'd be more than willing to help you again."

"I'll definitely take you up on that," Puck agreed easily. Kurt smiled and snuggled deeper into the jacket. He was happy. He would be allowed to pleasure Puck as if they were boyfriends, at least for a little while. Then a realization hit him and his joy was dampened slightly. It wouldn't last and he would still sleep around, even with his offer. He managed to hold in his tears until Puck left, then he broke down and not even Lady Gaga's music could soothe him.

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